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Full text of "Spring Hill Alumnus Vol 2 1930"

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in 2012 with funding from 

LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation 



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24, 1912. 


NIAL YEAR of the College's foundation is based 
upon information submitted to the Alumni office up to 
and inslusive of March 1, 1930- Its publication represents 
an honest effort on our part to provide the Alumni with 
such information as is generally found in a book of this 

The Directory contains the names of all those who 
have attended Spring Hill College during the past century 
with the exception of the first few years from 1830 to 
1847. The records for those years were partly destroyed 
by fire and it has not been possible to locate the names of 
students registered during that period. 

Included in the Directory will be found Graduates 
and Non-Graduates. Separate lists are made for each 
category. A complete check of old College records is 
now being made in an effort to include in a future issue 
of the Directory any names which may at present be 

Omission or incorrect information indicates in nearly 
every case that the person concerned has failed to respond 
to repeated inquires from the College. It is possible, how- 
ever, that in many cases the inquiries may not have 
reached the person to whom they were directed. 

Wherever possible both the home and business ad- 
dresses are given. The profession or occupation is taken 
from the data supplied by the Alumnus. 

No publication giving information regarding over 
five thousand persons, many of whom it has been impos- 
sible to reach at first hand, can pretend to absolute cor- 
rectness. However, in making the 1930 Directory as com- 
plete as possible, no effort has been spared and it is our 
hope that it will prove a source of information and pleas- 
ure to the Alumni. 

RONALD A. MacDONALD, S. J., Director. 



Section 1. 

Officers of General Alumni Association. 
Local Alumni Clubs. 
Spring Hill College Faculty. 

Section II. 

Living Graduates (Address verified). 

Section III. 

Living Non-Graduates (Address verified). 

Section IV. 

Living Graduates and Non-Graduates (Address 
probable but not verified). 

Section V. 

Degrees conferred. 

Section VI. 

Geographical Index. 

Section VII. 

Complete List of Students. 

Section VIII. 

Number of Students According to Countries and 


Spring Hill College Alumni 


REV. JOSEPH M. WALSH, S. J., A. B. '03. President Spring Hill 

College, Honorary President, ex-Officio. 
JOHN E. TOOMEY, A. B. '10, President. 
WILLIAM H. NORVILLE, B. S. '05, First Vice-President. 
ALVIN CHRISTOVICH, A. B. '17, Second Vice-President. 
HAROLD J. WINLING, A. B. '23, Third Vice-President. 
MILLER REESE HUTCHISON, Ph. D. '14, Fourth Vice-cresident. 
WILLIAM A. STAEHLE, B. S. '04, Fifth Vice-President. 
EDWARD D. STEWART, A. B. '29, Executive Secretary. 
REV. RONALD A. MacDONALD, S. J. Faculty Director. 



WALTER P. WALSH, A. B. '10. 
SIDNEY B. SIMON. B. S. '08. 


PHILIP D. BEALL, ex-A. B. '11. 
PAUL A. WILLIAMSON, ex-A. B. '12. 




JOHN R. HUNTER, ex-A. B. '98. 
RENE SERE, A. B. '89. 
DR. A. E. FOSSIER, A. B. '89. 







SIDNEY B. SIMON, B. S. '08, President. 
GORDON SMITH, Jr., ex-B. S. '25. First Vice-President. 
RICHARD A. FINCH, B. S. '17, Second Vice-President. 
THOMAS A. FORD, B. S. C, '27, Secretary-Treasurer. 

EDWARD POWERS, ex-A. B. '04. 
JOHN TOOMEY, A. B. '10. 
GEO. W. UNRUH, A. B., 28. 
RONALD A. MacDONALD, S. J., Faculty Representative. 


ALVIN R. CHRISTOVICH, A. B. '17, President. 
DR. E. D. MARTIN, ex-A. B. '82, First Vice-President. 
EUGENE H. WALET, A. B. '22, Second Vice-President. 
LE DOUX PROVOSTY, A. B. '14, Third Vice-President. 
RALPH R. ALEXIS, B. S. '18. Secretary. 
FRED L. LARUE, A. B. '03, Treasurer. 




W. J. FORMENTO, A. B. '89 

R. M. CRANE, B. S. '19. 

J. L. CRANDELL, A. B. '92. 

FRANK L. BARKER, A. B. '08. 


R. L. LEVERT. A. B. '08. 


EMMET L. HOLBROOK. A. B. '17, President. 
MILLER REESE HUTCHISON, Ph. D. '14. First Vice-President. 
HENRI de BONNEVAL, B. S. '15, Second Vice-President. 
LOUIS B. McINTOSH, ex-B. S. '21. Secretary-Treasurer. 
MAX. D. TOUART, A. B. '03. 



STANLEY CASSIDY, A. B. '25, Temporary Chairman. 


JOHN MERRIMAN, ex-A. B. '27. 
JOHN CONNERY, ex-B. S. '27. 
DONALD PRATT, ex-A. B. '29. 
ED RANKIN, ex-A. B. '28. 


CHARLES G. COYLE, A. B. '22, President. 

JOHN J. BROWNRIGG, ex-A. B. '24, Secretary-T-easurer. 

REV. P. H. YANCEY, S. J.. Director. 


Spring Hill College Faculty 


Rev. Matthias Loras .1829-32. 

Rev. John S. Bazin 1832-36. 

Rev. Pete Mauvernay 1836-39. 

Rev. John S. Bazin 1839-40. 

Rev. D. Bach, S. P. M 1840-42. 

Rev. C. Rampon 1842-44. 

Rev. J. P. Bellier 1844-45. 

Rev. A. Desgaultieres 1845-46. 

Rev. Francis Gautrelet, S. J 1847-59. 

Rev. Antony Jourdant, S. J 1859-62. 

Rev. Francis Gautralet, S. J 1862-65. 

Rev. Aloysius Curioz, S. J 1865-68. 

Rev. John Montillot, S. J 1868-75. 

Rev. Dominic Beaudequin, S. J 1875-80. 

Rev. John Downey, S. J 1880-83. 

Rev. David McKiniry, S. J 1883-87. 

Rev. James Lonergan, S. J 1887-96. 

Rev. Michael Moynihan, S. J 1896-99. 

Rev. William Tyrrell, S. J 1899-06. 

Rev. F. X. Twellmeyer, S. J 1906-12. 

Rev. E. Cummings, S. J 1912-18. 

Rev. J. C. Kearns, S. J 1918-22. 

Rev. Michael McNally. S. J 1922-25. 

Rev. Joseph M. Walsh, S. J 1925- 

SOCIETY OF JESUS, 1847-1930 

Achard, F. 1853-57, 1861-62. Died, date uncertain. 

Adams, J. 1848-54. Died August 20, 1855. 

Anthonioz, J. 1867-68, 1876-79. Died August 22, 1891. 

Arnold, J. 1887-89, 1892-95. Died, date uncertain. 

Arque, A. 1875-79, 1888-90. Died, date uncertain. 

Atherton, T. 1926-29. St. Louis University, St. Louis, Mo. 

Baehr, E. 1900-01, 1906-07, 1909-10. St. Charles College, Grand Coteau, 

Barker, W. 1929- . Spring Hill College, Springhill, Ala. 
Barland, C. 1896-00. 1905-08, 1909-12. Died June 5, 1925. 
Barry, J. W. 1924-27. St. Louis University, St. Louis, Mo. 
Barry, W. 1857-60. Died January 2, 1863. 
Bashnal, L. 1885-88, 1891-93, 1901-03. Died, 1923. 


Bassich, J. 1913-14, 1926-29. St. Francis Xavier's College, 30 W. 16th 

St., New York, N. Y. 
Beaudequin, D. 1850-57, 1869-75, 1888-89. Died February 10, 1909. 
Beck, E. 1928- . Spring Hill College, Springhill, Ala. 
Benausse, F. 1855-61. Died September 18, 1870. 
Bellocq, L. 1900-04. Jesuit High School, New Orleans, La. 
Bernard, E. 1885-91, 1895-96. St. Charles College, Grand Coteau, La. 
Bertels, F. 1879-80, 1890-94, 1895-96. Died, date uncertain. 
Biever, A. 1879-85, 1891-92. Jesuit Church, Baronne St., New Orleans, La. 
Blackburn, P. 1847-48. Died, date uncertain. 
Blackney, G. 1847-48. Died December 7, 1854. 
Blatter, A. 1877-79, 1883-84, 1915-18. Died November 10, 1926. 
Bogue, J. 1926-28. St. Louis University, St. Louis, Mo. 
Bonnaure, E. 1858-59. Died June 14, 1861. 
Booker, C. 1866-69. Died January 14, 1884. 

Bortell, T. 1899-00,1922-26. St. Phillips Church, Old Albuquerque, N. M. 
Brewer, A. 1894-96. Died January 29, 1928. 
Brislan, J. 1881-87. Died November 21, 1923. 
Brooks, R. 1910-17. St. John's College, Shreveport, La. 
Brown, A. 1916-17. The Gesu, Box 355, Miami, Fla. 
Brown, R. 1898-00. Died, date uncertain. 
Bryan, D. 1913-17. Died, date uncertain. 
Bryan, G. 1914-15. 

Bryant, R. 1914-18, 1925- . Spring Hill College, Spring Hill, Ala. 
Burk, A. 1907-09. Loyola University, New Orleans, La. 
Burke, M. 1909-12. Loyola University, New Orleans, La. 
Burleigh, J. 1924-26. St. Louis University, St. Louis, Mo. 
Burns, W. 1917-21. Jesuit High School, New Orleans, La. 
Butt, J. 1920-22, 1928-29. Loyola University, New Orleans, La. 
Campana, M. 1919-23. 1928- . Spring Hill College, Spring Hill, Ala. 
Carbajal, J. 1921,25. St. John's College, Shreveport, La. 
Carbajal, F. 1912-15, 1927- . Spring Hill College, Spring Hill, Ala. 
Carey, T. 1904-05, 1908-09. St. Charles College, Grand Coteau, La. 
Cassidy, E. 1929- . Spring Hill College, Spring Hill, Ala. 
Cavey, F. 1910-14, 1918-25. Loyola University, New Orleans, La. 
Chamard, J. 1891-96. St. Charles College, Grand Coteau, La. 
Chisholm, C. 1915-16. St. John's College, Shreveport, La. 
Clarke, T. 1900-01, 1910-12. Died, October 15, 1918. 
Clarkson, F. J. 1909-12, 1916-17. St. Joseph's Church, 814 Poplar St. 

Macon, Ga. 
Clements, J. 1900-02. Died February 14, 1903. 
Comes, J. 1848-50. Died, date uncertain. 
Cornette, A. 1856-62, 1864-70. Died, February 21, 1872. 
Costello, B. 1911-12. 
Courtney, J. 1924-25. L'Immaculee Conception, Rachel & Papineau, 

Montreal, Canada. 
Cox, W. 1895-97. 

Creeden, J. 1865-66. Died, date uncertain. 

Cronin, D. 1901-03, 1913- . Spring Hill College, Spring Hill, Ala. 
Cronin, M. F. 1916-20. The Gesu, Box 355, Miami, Fla. 
Cronin, M. J. 1897-00, 1909-11, 1922-24. Jesuit High School, New 

Orleans, La. 
Cronin, P. 1897-99. 


Cronin, P. M. 1894-97, 1901-02, 1907-09, 1929- . Spring Hill College, 
Spring Hill, Ala. 

Cronin, P. S. 1917-20. Church of the Immaculate Conception, 11 8 N. 
Campbell St., El Paso, Tex. 

Cronin, T. 1906-10. Sacred Heart Church, 1306 Ellis St., Augusta, Ga. 

Cummings, A. 1919-20. 

Cummings, E. 1897-00, 1912-18. The Gesu, Box 355, Miami, Fla. 

Curioz, A. 1865-68, 1875-90. Died, December 17, 1903. 

Curren, D. 1928- . Spring Hill College, Spring Hill, Ala. 

Daly, T. 1924-25. Church of the Immaculate Conception, 11 N. Camp- 
bell St., EI Paso, Tex. 

Dane, J. 1888-89. Sitka, Alaska. 

Davis, N. 1876-78, 1885-88, 1901-02, 1908-14. Died, 1921. 

Day, G. 1924-26, 1927-28. St. Louis University, St. Louis, Mo. 

De Beurme, T. 1981-83. Died January 18, 1926. 

De Carrere, A. 1847-49. Died, date uncertain. 

De Carriere, P. 1851-62, 1864-66, 1869-83. Died March 27, 1913. 

De Chaignon, A. 1851-53. Died, October 15, 1867. 

Dechambenoit, J. 1848-51, 1855-59. Died, date uncertain. 

Deignan, J. 1917-20, 1929- . Spring Hill College, Spring Hill, Ala. 

Delabays, J. 1849-51, 1855-56. Died, date uncertain. 

Delanglez, J. 1927-28. Milltown Park, Milltown Co., Dublin, Ireland. 

Delihant, J. 1881-82. 

De Monsabert, A. 1912-16. Loyola University, New Orleans, La. 

De Potter, J. 1900-06, 1925- . Spring Hill College, Spring Hill, Ala. 

Desribes, J. 1856-62, 1869-75. Died, January 19, 1903. 

De Stockalper, A. 1876-77. Sacred Heart College, Tampa, Fla. 

Diebold, E. 1903-04, 1908-09. Died, August 7, 1921. 

Di Pietro, J. 1920-25. Sacred Heart College, Tampa, Fla. 

Doherty, A. 1909-10, 1912-18. St. Ann's Church, Box 1776, West Palm 
Beach, Fla. 

Donelan, D. 1887-88. 

Donlan, H. 1910-11. 

Doonan, J. 1923-24. Jesuit Church, Baronne St., New Orleans, La. 

Dorn, J. L. 1925-26. St. Louis University, St. Louis, Mo. 

Dorn, Leo. 1921-24. Died, August 29, 1928. 

Dougherty, F. 1925-26, 1929- . Spring Hill College, Spring Hill, Ala. 

Downey, J. 1871-76, 1880-83. Died, May 3, 1914. 

Dreane, A. 1919-22. St. Phillip's Church, Old Albuquerque, N. M. 

Duffy, J. 1923-24. Fairview, Concord Road, Weston, Mass. 

Dufour, A. 1872-77. Died, date uncertain. 

Egana, G. 1926-29. Sacred Heart Church, Albuquerque, N. M. 

Elfer, P. 1903-06, 1911-12, 1925-26. Jesuit High School, New Orleans, La. 

Eseiva, J. 1847-51. Died, date uncertain. 

FaOet, P. 1902-08. Died, February 3, 1914. 

Fairhurat, F. 1848-50. Died, date uncertain. 

Farrell, J. 1909-12, 1925- . Spring Hill College, Spring Hill, Ala. 

Fazakerley, E. 1892-94, 1902-16. Died, August 30, 1918. 

Fennelly, M. 1874-75, 1876-77. Died, date uncertain. 

Ferris, W. 1913-15. St. Louis University High School, St. Louis, Mo 

Fields. E. 1899-01. Loyola University, New Orleans, La. 

Fillinger, W. 1909-12. Jesuit High School, New Orleans, La. 

Finegan, F. X. 1900-03. Died, June 6, 1918. 

Finegan, J. 1874-76. Died, date uncertain. 


Fleuren, H. 1906-07. Sacred Heart College, Tampa, Fla. 

Flynn, T. 1875-77. Died, date uncertain. 

Foulkes, D. 1903-06, 1912-13. Berchnan Hall, Hot Springs, N. C. 

Foulkes, J. 1901-03. Loyola University, New Orleans, La. 

Fox, A. 1894-00. 1922- . Spring Hill College, Spring Hill, Ala. 

Francis, G. 1914-16. Loyola University, New Orleans, La. 

Franchauser, J. 1894-95, 1901-03, 1905-08, 1912-16. St. John's College, 
Shreveport, La. 

Free, A. 1851-59, 1867-69. Died, August 17, 1891. 

Friend, A. 1876-78. Died, June 27, 1918. 

Gache, H. 1847-62. Died, October 8, 1907. 

Gaffney, B. 1877-78, 1902-04. Died, February 10, 1923. 

Garbely, F. 1871-77, 1879182, 1883-87. Died, February 2, 1904. 

Garvey, L. 1927-29. St. Louis University, St. Louis, Mo. 

Gaud in, H. 1925-27. Fairview, Concord Road, Weston, Mass. 

Gaul, R. 1928-29. Sacred Heart College, Tampa, Fla. 

Gautrelet, F. 1847-51, 1862-65, 1880-84. Died, December 20, 1894. 

Gerlach, J. 1871-72. Died, 1929. 

Gillow, S. 1902-05. St. Joseph's Church, 1308 Travis St., El Paso, Tex. 

Grace, M. 1920-23. Berchmans Hall, Hot Springs, N. C. 

Graves, J. 1864-67. Died, date uncertain. 

Greeley, J. 1915-18, 1926-27. 329 W. 108th St. Ameria Press, New York, 
New York. 

Green, L. 1889-91. Died, September 10, 1905. 

Guyol, A. 1879-82, 1887-88, 1903-09, 1911-13. Jesuit High School, New Or- 
leans, La. 

HaOgerty, T. 1919-21, 1922- . Spring Hill College, Spring Hill, Ala. 

Hanhauser, L. 1926- . Spring Hill College, Spring Hill, Ala. 

Harley, J. 1866-67. Died, date uncertain. 

Harty, W. 1923-24. Sacred Heart College, Tampa, Fla. 

Haverkamp, J. 190608. 

Hayes, Alvin G. 1922-24, 1928-29. St. Stanislaus, Brooklyn Station, Cleve- 
land, O. 

Henry, A. 1928-29. 

HiQQlns, J. 1907-10, 1911-12. 

Hogan, J. 1881-82. Died, December 9, 1907. 

Holaind, R. 1864-66, 1869-78. Died, April 20, 1906. 

Hubert, D. 1859-60. Died, June 14, 1893. 

Hugh, A. 1875-76, 1880-81, 1882-83, 1886-09. Died, February 12, 1912. 

Hutchins, J. 1912-14, 1926- . Spring Hill College, Spring Hill, Ala. 

Hynes, J. 1912-14, 1919-21. Loyola University, New Orleans, La. 

Imsand, P. 1847-61. Died June 27, 1880. 

Jannin, M. 1879-85, 1888-89, 1895-00. Died, March 14, 1908. 

Janseen, F. 1924-25. Loyola University, New Orleans, La. 

Johnson, J. 1922-23. St. Aloysius Church, Leonardtown, Md. 

Jouannet, V. 1858-61, 1864-68, 1871-72, 1878-79. Died, January 13, 1912. 

Jourdan, G. 1859-62, 1870-75, 1876-77, 1883-97. Died, 1926. 

Jourdant, A. 1859-62. Died, Nov. 4, 1886. 

Joyce, P. 1918-20. Sacred Heart Church, 1306 Ellis St., Augusta, Ga. 

Kearney, W. 1916-19, 1927-28. Sacred Heart College, Tampa, Fla. 

Kearns, J. 1904-09, 1914-22. Loyola University, New Orleans, La. 

Kelleker, P. 1927- . Spring Hill College, Spring Hill, Ala. 

Kelly, M. 1871-72, 1873-74. Died, July 8, 1878. 

Kennedy, P. 1878-81. Died, December 18, 1916. 


Kennely, W. 1876-78. Died, January 31, 1901. 

Kenny, M. 1899-01, 1902-03, 1924- . Spring Hill College, Spring Hill, 

Klein, C. 1876-78, 1884-85, 1920-22. Died, June 30, 1923. 

King, C. 1905-09. Died, 1921. 

King, T. 1907-10. Sacred Heart College, Tampa, Fla. 

Koss, J. 1849-52. Died, date uncertain. 

Kuhnen, A. 1876-78. Died, date uncertain. 

Kunkel, A. 1900-04. Jesuit Church, Baronne St., New Orleans, La. 

Lafarge, J. 1872-74, 190.4-0 5. Died July 2, 1891. 

Lamb, C. 1872-74, 1904-057"Died, date uncertain. 

Lambert, A. 1850-51. Died, date uncertain. 

Lambert, J. 1903-04. 

Lancaster, W. 1855-57. Died, date uncertain. 

Larnaudie, F. 1847-57, 1859-60, 1865-66 Died, March 26, 1872. 

Laurent, A. 1866-71. Died, March 6, 1892. 

Lawton, D. 1891-92, 1896-97, 1905-06, 1921- . Spring Hill College, 
Spring Hill, Ala. 

Leautier, M. 1880-88, 1892-93. Died, March 13, 1910. 

Leeuwe, C. 1907-11. Died, 1924. 

Lespes, F. 1847-62, 1867-68. Died, November 14, 1872. 

Level I, R. 1929- . Jesuit High School, New Orleans, La. 

L'Hermite, J. 1850-52. Died, October 14, 1853. 

Lonergan, J. 1855-62, 1877-78, 1880-96. Died, October 16, 1918. 

Long, D. 1925-26. 

Lorlg, 1925-27. Colegio, de San Ignacio, Sarria, Barcelona, Spain. 

Lowry, C. 1882-83. Died, date uncertain. 

Lynch, J. 1871-72. Died, date uncertain. 

MacDonald, R. 1920-21, 1927- . Spring Hill College, Spring Hill, Ala. 

MacDonnell, F. 1916-19, 1922-27. Manresa, Retreat House, Suburban 

Acres, New Orleans, La. 
Madden, T. 1890-91, 1894-96, 1897-02. St. Anns' Church, Box 1776, West 

Palm Beach, Fla. 
Maguire, B. 1886-90. Died, November 27, 1901. 
Maguire, M. 1896-98. 

Maitrugues, J. 1859-62, 1864-69, 1874-75. Died, August 18, 1878. 
Maring, H. 1886-88. Jesuit High School, New Orleans, La. 
Maring, K. 1916-18, 1926-29. St. Louis University, St. Louis, Mo. 
Martignene, A. 1855-58. Died, date uncertain. 
Martin, W. 1928-29. St. Louis University, St. Louis, Mo. 
Maureau, A. 1912-13. St. Mary's Rectory, Key West, Fla. 
McAuley, J. 1915-16. Died, March 23, 1920. 

McDonnell, J. 1886-87, 1890-94, 1909-11. Died, November 12, 1911. 
McDonnell, P. 1900-03. Sacred Heart Church, 1306 Ellis St. August, Ga. 
McElligott, T. 1880-81. Died, May 4, 1908. 
McEnry, A. 1855-56. Died, date uncertain. 
McGrath, T. 1910-15. St. John's College, Shreveport, La. 
McHardy, G. 1922-23, 1925- . Spring Hill College, Spring Hill, Ala. 
McKiniry, D. 1860-62, 1883-87. Died, December 18, 1896. 
McLaughlin, A. 1889-94, 1907-15. Loyola University, New Orleans, La. 
McLaughlin, J. 1901-04, 1905-08. St. John's College, Shreveport, La. 
McLaughlin, A. 1924-25. Jesuit High School, New Orleans, La. 
McNally, M. 1922-25, 1927- . Spring Hill College, Sprin gHill, Ala. 
Meyer, J. 1891-92, 1898-99, 1901-04. Berchmans Hall, Hot Springs, N. C. 


MinQ t J. 1876-77. Died, 1899. 

Miles, W. 1874-75. Died, September 14, 1890. 

Molina, P. 1883-85. In Emeritensi Residentia Disperso, Mex. 

Montagnan, M. 1843-45, 1853-55. Died, August 22, 1861. 

Montillot, J. 1851-57, 1866-68. Died, March 6, 1912. 

Moore, J. 1908-09. Died, 1929. 

Moriniere de la, E. 1877-80, 1893-94, 1897-99, 1905-18. Jesuit High School 
New Orleans, La. 

Morton, A. 1914-19. 

Motte, J. 1928. Spring Hill College, Spring Hill, Ala. 

Moynihan, M. 1896-99. Died, April 28, 1927. 

Mulhern, J. 1929- . Spring Hill College, Spring Hill, Ala. 

Mulherin, W. 1922-25, 1929- . Spring Hill College, Spring Hill, Ala. 

Mullen, M. 1929- . Spring Hill College, Spring Hill, Ala. 

Mulry, A. 1915-20. Jesuit High School, New Orleans, La. 

Murphy, D. 1847-48. Died, date uncertain. 

Murphy, J. 1913-17, 1924-27. St. John's College, Shreveport, La. 

Murphy, P. 1888-91, 1894-96, 1897-99. Died, December 28, 1920. 

Nachon, F. 1853-56. Died, October 1, 1867. 

Navin, J. 1895-98, 1901-02, 1913-19. Loyola University, New Orleans, La. 

Needham, D. 1916-17, 1921-23, 1928- . Spring Hill College, Spring 
Hill, Ala. 

Nicolet, E. 1888-90, 1900-02. Died, Dec. 24, 1901. 

Nowlan, K. 1898-00, 1904-07, 1913-16, 1925-28. St. John's College, Shreve- 
port, La. 

Oberholzer, J. 1903-04. Immaculate Conception Church, 609 W. Copper 
Ave., Albuquerque, N. M. 

Obering, W. 1906-08, 1920-28. Fordham University, New York, N. Y. 

O'Brien, J. 1905-08. Loyola University, New Orleans, La. 

O'Callaghan, T. 1908-09. Died, December 13, 1917. 

O'Conner, E. 1914-17. Loyola University, New Orleans, La. 

O'Connor, T. 1878-81, 1884-87. Died, September 4, 1893. 

O'Donohue, J. 1917-19, 1924-25. Loyola University, New Orleans, La. 

O'Connor, J. 1866-73- 1878-80. Died, March 27, 1911. 

O'Leary, P. 1897-00. Died, May 29, 1913. 

Olliiver, R. 1853-62, 1864-71, 1872-74. Died May 11, 1883. 

O'Reilly, J. 1880-81, 1896-99, 1903-08. Died, September 1, 1917. 

O'Shanahan, J. 1875-78, 1906-07. Died, July 6, 1913. 

O'Sullivan, P. 1903-04, 1928- . Spring Hill College, Spring Hill, Ala. 

Otis, A. 1895-98. Died, February 23, 1921. 

Paris, L. 1893-94, 1899-05. St. Charles College, Grand Coteau, La. 

Phillippe, P. 1903-05, 1924-25. Died, 1929. 

Pickel, G. 1925-27. John Carroll University, Cleveland, O. 

Plok, J. 1847-48. Died, date uncertain. 

Pont, J. 1872-73, 1876-78. Died, 1915. 

Porta, A. 1880-86, 1888-90, 1900-02. Died, 1913. 

Power, J. 1920-22. Sacred Heart College, Tampa, Fla. 

Power, W. 1886-87. St. Charles College, Grand Coteau, La. 

Prachensky, J. 1848-53, 1856-57, 1925- . Spring Hill College, Spring 
Hill, Ala. 

Quirk, C. 1925- . Spring Hill College, Spring Hill, Ala. 

Ray, T. 1921-24. St. Charles College, Grand Coteau, La. 

Reagan, W. 1911-13, 1920-21. Sacred Heart College, Tampa, Fla. 

Redmond, T 1899-00, 1906-07. Died, January 24, 1919. 


Reed, W. T. 1925-26. St John's College, Shreveport, La. 

Remy, J. 1894-97, 1925- . Spring Hill College, Spring Hill, Ala. 

Reville, J. 1889-90, 1895-96. Died, 1929. 

Richard, H. 1867-69. Died, date uncertain. 

Rigues, H. 1876-80, 1882-86. Died, Dec. 11, 1890. 

Rittmeyer, G. 1903-06, 1908-25. Died, October 25, 1925. 

Roduit, J. 1866-67, 1874-78, 1885-98. Died, July 8, 1908. 

Roche, J. 1857-62, 1864-67. 

Rogers, J. 1873-74. Died, date uncertain. 

Royd^ouse, B. 1868-71. Died, November 7, 1911. 

Rugger i, W. 1915-20. Loyola University, New Orleans, La. 

Ruhlmann, C. 1897-99, 1906-27. Berchmans Hall ,Hot Springs, N. C. 

Ryan, J. 1911-12. 

Ryan, P. 1926-27. Sacred Heart Church, 1306 Ellis St., Augusta, Ga. 

St. Paul, A. 1922-26. Woodstock College, Woodstock, Md. 

St. Paul, G. 1919-22, 1923-24. St. Stanislaus, Brooklyn Station, Cleveland, 

Salentin, W. 1909-13. Died, April 21, 1921. 

Semmes, O. 1891-92. St. George's College, Winchester Park, Kingston, 

Jamica, British West Indies. 
Semple, H. 1882-88, 1894-95. Died. June 27, 1825. 
Serra, J. B. 1853-62, 1864-65. Died, October 17, 1886. 
Shelby, A. 1923-25. St. Stanislaus, Brooklyn Station, Cleveland, O. 
Shields, T. 1925-28. Fairview, Concord Road, Weston, Mass. 
Simon, N. 1857-58. Died, date uncertain. 
Snebelen, A. 1906-08. Loyola University, New Orleans, La. 
Sonitat, Louis, 1926-28. The Tientsin University, Race Course Road, 

Tientsin, China. 
SpaldinQ, H. 1859-62. Died, date uncertain. 
Stare, J. 1850-51. Died, date uncertain. 
Stritch, John 1896-99, 1910-12, 1916-22. Sacred Heart College, Tampa, 

Stritch, Jos. 1879-80, 1885-86. Died, date uncertain. 
Stritch, T. 1891-92, 1904-05, 1907-09. Selma, Ala. 
Sullivan, F. 1906-10. Loyola University, New Orleans, La. 
Summer, W. 1867-68. Died, date uncertain. 
Tallon, P. 1924-27. Fairview, Concord Road, Weston, Mass. 
Tiblier, H. 1928- . Spring Hill College, Spring Hill, Ala. 
Toomey, J. 1927-29. Woodstock College, Woodstock, Md. 
Toups, L. 1917-21, 1927-28. St. Ann's Church, Box 1176, West Palm 

Beach, Florida. 
Tyrrell, W. 1877-80, 1887-88, 1892,99, 1906-12. Died, 1924. 
Twellmeyer, F. 1888-93, 1896-97, 190105, 1906-12. Died, January 18, 1925. 
Usannaz, A. 1848-53, 1861-62, 1864-68, 1872-74, 1878-79. Died, March 7, 

Vaure, F. 1856-57, 1871-72. Died, February 25, 1873. 
Veau J. 1904-05. Died, September 19, 1916. 
Vialleton, A. 1865-67. Died, July 20, 1908. 
Wagemans, F. 1913-17. Immaculate Conception Church, Albuquerque, 

New Mexico. 
Wagner, Albert. 1870-74, 1879-00. Died, September 2, 1924. 
Wallace, J. 1903-07, 1918-24. St. Charles College, Grand Coteau. La. 
Walsh, J. M. 1910-15, 1924- . Spring Hill College, Spring Hill. Ala. 
Walsh, M. J. 1896-97. Jesuit High School, New Orleans, La. 



Walsh, P. 1876-77, 1879-83, 1887-88. Died, date uncertain. 

Westland, A. 1929- . Spring Hill College, Spring Hill, Ala. 

Whipple, G. 1918-21. Jesuit High School, New Orleans, La. 

Widman, C. 1869-71. Died, February 16, 1906. 

Wilkinson, W. 1893-94, 1897-99. 1912-16, 1927-29. The Gesu, Box, 355, 
Miami, Fla. 

Willebois, T. 1847-50, 1853-57. Died, date uncertain. 

Williams, R. 1880-81. Died, 1859. 

Winkelried, J. 1872-75, 1882-83, 1892-94. Died, 1922. 

Wocet, O. 1905-09. Loyola University, New Orleans, La. 

Wolfe, M. 1865-70, 1891-98. Died, September 24, 1905. 

Woods. 1928-29. 

Yancey, P. H. 1919-23. St. Louis University, St. Louis, Mo. 

Ybarrachevea, F. 1900-02, 1914-17, Church of the Sacred Heart, Albu- 
querque, N. M. 

Young, A. 1900-01. 

Yenni, D. 1847-88. Died, July 18 ,1888. 

Zieman, S. 1924-27. 


Aitkens, C 1877-79 

Allen, G 1876-78 

Armbrecht, W 1926-28 173 S. Georgia Ave., Mobile, Ala. 

Austill, J 1912-14 Spring Hill, Ala. 

Barre, E 1918-21, 1927- Spring Hill College, Spring Hill, Ala. 

Bloch, J 1870-97 

Boudousquie, L 1928- Spring Hill College, Spring Hill, Ala. 

Boudousquie, P 1871-88, 1889-25 

Braund, Lt. L. K 1918-19 

Butterfield, Lt. A. S. 1918-19 

Cabrera, J 1925-26 

Callaghan, J 1924-29 

Chassaignac, B -1850-51 

Conners, E 1921-24 

Constantin, J 1849-50 

Corbini, V 1847-49 

Courtney, F 1913-15 

Couture, J 1926-27 

Cowley, W 1924-27 Toulminville. Ala. 

Crowley, J 1868-69 

Culin, Capt. F. L 1918-20 

Daly, J 1883-86 

Daly, W 1924- Spring Hill College, Spring Hill, Ala. 

De Tornos, A 1850-51 

Diaz, A 1923-24 

Donahue, M 1929- Spring Hill College, Spring Hill, Ala. 

Donahue, W ..1920-21, 1923-26 

Doyle, A 1849-50 

Dreaper, D. R 1918-19 

Ducote, R. A 1918-23 New Orleans, La. 

Gass, H 1893-95 

Gerard, G 1866-68 

Hackett, J .1850-51 

Harris, F 1915-16 

Hart, A 1851-52 



Hart, K 1928- 

Hermann, J 1866-70 

Heustis, J 1885-90 

Hoffman, W 1917-18 

Huston, F 1929- 

Kennedy, J 1884-85 

Lott, Y. D., Jr 1924-28 

Luzon, E 1913-15 

Mahorner, M., Jr 1918-19 

Major, T 1872-75 

Manucy, D 1847-49 

Mastin, W 1890- 

Maxon, E. G 1906-14 

Mcintosh, D 1922-23 

McKenzie, R 1888-89 

McLeod, H 1921-23 

Miller, F 1906-07 

Murphy, F 1919-20 

O'Brien, T 1874-75 

O'Connor, T 1927-28 

O'Reilly, B 1890-91 

Parada, J 1855-62 

Parham, W 1924-28 

Pellicer, A 1947-48 

Picherit, H 1857-58 

Poitevin, A 1855-56 

Pottenger, L 1911-12 

Prevost, P 1865-66 

Pritchard, W 1924-28 

Reese, F 1927- 

Reilly, W 1925-28 

Ressijac, C 1914-15 

Robert, P 1878-79 

Romer, F 1856-84 

Rosiere, G 1849-50 

Rush, J 1914-19 

Schlessinger, S 1876-77 

Schmidt, C 1915-16 

Scott, E 1866-69 

Staub, A 1877- 

Stewart, E. D 1929- 

Stock, M 1916-17 

Stutzer, F 1870-74 

Suffich, A 1896-28 

Taylor, G 1916-19 

Thames, E 1920-24, 1926- 

Tinsman, L 1910-11 

Townsley, L 1851-52 

Troye, E 1849-55 

Van Cura, L 1926- 

Walsh, J 1926-27 

Waters, R 1927-28 

Williams, R. D. .._ 1852-55 

Zurcher, J 1874-77 

Spring Hill College, Spring Hill, Ala. 

Spring Hill College, Spring Hill, Ala. 
Georgetown U. Washington, D. C. 

706 Govt. St., Mobile, Ala. 
2007 Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala. 

Spring Hill H. S., Spring Hill, Ala. 

Flo Claire, Mobile, Ala. 

Spring Hill College, Spring Hill, Ala. 
Spring Hill College, Spring Hill, Ala- 

155 So. Bayou, Mobile, Ala. 

2205 Old Shell Road, Mobile, Ala. 

Spring HOI College, Spring Hill, Ala. 


Living Graduates 

(Address Verified.) 

N. B. If any one finds his address given incorrectly 
let him remember that he can have it corrected in the next 
edition of the Directory by notifying the office at once. 
By giving correct address, profession or occupation you 
will help immensely in keeping the records of the Alumni 
office up-to-date. 

Degree is A. B. unless otherwise denoted. Doctor in- 
dicates Physician or Surgeon unless otherwise specified. 
When two addresses are given the business address is 
given first. Rev. indicates ordained Priest. Occupation is 
given when known. 

Adams, C. Henry, '09. Business, 1005 U. S. N. B. Bldg., Galveston, 

Adamson, Paul R., '05. Business, Breckenbridge, Texas. 

Aitkens, Charles A., '77. Teacher, 3019 Canal St., W. E. B. H. S., 1108 
Napoleon Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Alexis, Ralph Roger, B. S. '19. Business, 821 Perdido St. New Orleans, 
La., 5706 Willow St., New Orleans, La. 

Alford, James A., B. S. '01. Business, Walls, Louisiana. 

Andrews, Elmore, L., B. S. '05. Business, Alexandria, La. 

Apperious, Samuel EL, '00. Business, St. Matthews, Ky. 

Arbour, Louis J., B. S. '89. Business, Baton Rouge, La. 

Ausfeld, Walter A., B. S. '05. Architect, 820 Shepherd Bldg., Mont- 
gomery, Ala., 912 Laureace St., Montgomery, Ala. 

Austin, Dixon L.' '08. Doctor, 760 West End Ave., New York, N. Y., 
2053 3rd Ave., Astoria, Long Island, N. Y. 

Austin, David N., B. S. '04. Auditor, Room 1, Lucas, Bldg., Tampa, 
Fla. 3711 Bayshore Blvd., Tampa, Fla. 

Aznar, dabriel, '86. Teacher, 1624 Milan St., New Orleans, La. 

Bagot, Eugene, '29. Whistler, Ala. 

Ball, A. Caron, '10. Journalist, P. O. Box 1038, Washington, D. C. 3321 
Prytania St., New Orleans, La. 

Ball, R. Edwin, B. S. '14. Business, Loth and Murray Streets, Alex- 
andria, La., 1839 Polk, St., Alexandria, La. 

Ball, E. Leo, B. S. '11. Box 285, Pineville, La. 

Bandl, J. A. Jr., B. S. '27. Business, Bldg. Owners and Managers As- 
sociation, Canal Bank and Trust Co., Bldg., New Orleans, 2818 
Napoleon Avenue, New Orleans, La. 

Barbin, A. D., B. S. '27. Marksville, La. 



Barker, Frank L., '08. Business, Lockport, La. 

Barker, William E., '13. Doctor, 230 Eden St., Plaquemine, La., 706 

Eden Street, Plaquemine, La. 
Bassich, J. Cyril, '07. Capt. U. S. Army, 1423 Peters Ave., New Orleans, 

Bauer, John T., '11. Business, S. E. Broad and Dauphin Sts., Mobile, 

Ala., 57 N. Broad St., Mobile, Ala. 
Becnel, Maria O., '93. Doctor, New Roads, La. 
Bernard, Jos. E., '17. Architect, 1000 Baronne Bldg., New Orleans, La. 

1646 Jefferson Ave., New Orleans, La. 
Becker, Vernon C, B. S. '03. Business, 674 Broadway, Venice, Calif. 
Bernstein, Jacob H., B. S. '13. Business 127 W. 17th St., New York, 

N. Y., 105 W. 176th Street, New York, N. Y. 
Berthelot, Jos., '14. Business, Woodward Wight & Co., New Orleans, 

La., 6511 West End Blvd., New Orleans, La. 
Bienvenu, Lionel J., B. S. 17. Doctor, St. Rita's Infirmary, Opelouias, 

Bienvenu, Oscar L , B. S. 19. Doctor, St. Rita's Infirmary, Opelousas. 

BHleaud, Hugh J., B. S. '23. Business, Commercial Nat'l. Bank. 555 

Jefferson St., Lafayette, La., Lafayette, La. 
Billeaud, Louis M., B. S. C, '25 .Business, Broussard, La. 
Black, Clarence L., B. S. '11. Business, Austin St., Bogalousa, La. 328 

Mississippi Ave., Bogalousa, La. 
Blankenstien, F. Rawdon, '21. Business, Box 118 Franklin St., Natchez, 

Miss., Extension N. Commerce St., Natchez, Miss. 
Blankenstein, Edward W. Jr., '15. Business, N. Canal St., Natchez, 

Miss., N. Union St., Natchez, Miss. 
Blouin, Leon J., '09. Business, 2525 Palmyra St., New Orleans, La. 
Blouin, J. Louis, '04. Business, 123 N. Solomon St., New Orleans, La. 
Boagni, Joseph, B. S., '83. Business, Opelousas, La. 
Bogue, Francis E., '24. Business, 203 Springhill Ave., Mobile, Ala. 
Bohen, Wm. H., B. S. '19. Engineer, Fla. Power and Light ompany. 

Baldwin, Fla., 417 W. Connor St., Live Oak, Fla. 
BonviMain, Alcide, '91. Business, 407 Russell St., Houma, La. 
Bonvillain, Sidney A., '07. Business, Glencoe, La. 
Bordelon, Lester L , '08. Lawyer, Marksville, La. 
Bordelon, Lewis O., B. S. '05. Business, Moreauville, La. 
Bordelon, Forest, B. S.. '92. Doctor, Long Bridge La., 
Bordenave, Paul G., B. S., '01. Business, 1937 Ursuline St., New Or- 
leans, La. 
Bork, Raymond J., 16. Lawyer, 911-12-13 James Bldg., Chattanooga, 

Tenn., 1406 Chamberlain Ave., Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Bostick, Ellis H., '25. Business, Amite, La. 

Boylan, Theobald, B. S., '01. Business, 507 Wash. St., Montgomery, Ala. 
Boudousquie, Louis J., B. S.. '17. Teacher, Spring Hill College, Mobile. 

Ala., Spring Hill, Ala. 
Boudousquie, Angelo A., B. S. '16. Farmer, Spring Hill College, Mobile, 

Boudousquie, John A., '03. Engineer, 76 St. Michael St., Mobile, Ala., 

46 Holcombe St., Mobile, Ala. 
Boudousquie, Paul Jr.. B. S. '95. Business, New Orleans, La. 


Bougere, Clarence L., B. S. '90. Business, Little Gypsy Plantations, La 

Place, Louisiana. 
Boulet, Henry A., '89. Business, 2908 Grand Route, St. John, New 

Orleans, La. 
Bourgeois, Sidney J., '09. Business, Jeanerette, La. 
Bourk, Frank, '75. Business, 5939 Constance St., New Orleans, La. 
Bowab, Joseph M., '26. Teacher, Jesuits High School, New Orleans, 

La., 2325 Columbus St., New Orleans, La. 
Brady, Francis B., '28. Business, care Conway & Conway, 504 Lincoln 

Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Braud, Oliver, B. S. '26. Business, Thibodeaux, La. 
Braud, Forest, "99. Business, Thibodeaux, La. 
Braud, Daunis E., '13. Business, Thibodeaux, La. 
Braud, Harold J., B. S. '15. Business, Schriever, La. 
Braune, Gustave M., B. S. '88. Dean, School of Engineering, University 

of N. Carolina, Chapel Hill North, N. C, University of N. C, 

Chapel Hill, N. C. 
Brawner, Pembroke A., B. S. '15. Business, Ross-Meehan Foundry Co., 

Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Breard, Robert M., Jr., '08. Lawyer, 305 Ouachita Nat'l. Bank Bldg., 

Monroe, La., De Siard Ave., Monroe, La. 
Breard, Roger E., B. S. '16. Business, 134 S. Grand St., Monroe, La., 

De Siard Road, Monroe, La. 
Brenner, John F., '88. Accountant, Room 507 Peoples Office Bldg., 

Charleston, S. C, 6 Court House Square, Charleston, S. C. 
Brickell, William E., '92. Business, 4600 S. Tonti St., New Orleans, La., 
Bright, Joseph E., B. S. '05. Business, 1602 Liberty Bank Bldg., Buf- 
falo, N. Y., 414 Huntington Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Brooks, Adolphe, '01. 130 N. Lopez St., New Orleans, La. 
Broun, Dr. G. O. '14. St. Mary's Infirmary, 1536 Papin St., St. Louis, Mo., 

5500 Cabanne St., St. Louis, Mo. 
Brown, John J., B. S. '09. Lawyer, Criminal District Court, New Or- 
leans, La., 4489 Music St., New Orleans, La. 
Brown, Joshua J., B. S. '02. Lawyer, Citizens Bank Bldg., Hammond, 

La., 802 E. Coleman Ave., Hammond, La. 
Browne, Patrick W., '24. Business, 321 St. Charles St., New Orleans, 

La., 21 Neron Place, New Orleans, La. 
Burgoyne, S. Everette, '26. Teacher, Jesuit Hi School, New Orleans, 

Burguieres, Charles P., '08. Business, Midway Plantation, Foster, La. 
Burguieres, Denis J., '22. Business, West Palm Beach, Fla. 
Burguieres, Denis P. J., B. S. '92. Business, Louisa, La. 
Burguieres, Jules M., '00. Business, West Palm Beach, Fla. 
Burke, John S., '87. Business, 8219 Neron Place, New Orleans, La. 
Burns, T. J., '08. Business, care Dreaper and Burns, Mobile, Ala., 1252 

Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala. 
Byrne, Charles J., B. S. C, '25. Business, Byrne Dry Goods Co., 

Natchez, Miss., Franklin St., Natchez, Miss. 
Byrne, Edward J., B. S. '14. Business, 309 S. Commerce St., Mobile, Ala. 
Byrne, Henry A., B. S., '21. Business, Byrne Dry Goods Co., Natchez, 

Miss., 309 S. Commerce St., Natchez, Miss. 
Byrne, Thomas, Jr., B. S.. '10. Business, 624 South Michigan Avenue, 

Chicago, 111, 



Byrnes, Leo M. '27. Professor Creighton University, Omaha, Neb. 

Camors, Paul, B. S. '87. Business, 6117 Willow St., New Orleans, La. 

Cannon, Francis F., '07. Business, Pan-American Oil Co., Jackson, Miss. 

Carriere, Emile B., B. S. '29. Business, Yazoo, Miss. 

Carter, John H., '27. Business, Bunkie, La. 

Casey, Albert E., '22. Doctor, Rockefellow Institute, Ave. A. & 66th 

St., New York, N. Y., 500 Riverside Drive, New York, N. Y. 
Casey, Powell A., '26. Teacher, Jesuits High School, New Orleans, 

La., 804 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, La. 
Caserly, James C, '03. Business, 230 Stoner Ave., Shreveport, La. 
Cassidy, James A., '15. Business, Haverty Roads Bldg., Atlanta, Ga. 

Club Drive, Atlanta, Ga. 
Cassidy, Joseph Michael, '14. Engineer, 813 Herald Bldg., Augusta, 

Ga., 2130 Walton St., Augusta, Ga. 
Cassidy, Leslie D., '16. Doctor, St. Louis, Mo., 7528 Ethel Ave., Rich- 
mond Heights, Mo. 
Cassidy, Michael J., B. S. '29. Business, 658 1st St., Macon, Ga. 
Cassidy, Stanley H., '25 Student, 212 W. Washington St., Chicago, 111. 

4229 Maypole Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Castagnos, Edmund J., B. S. '31. Business, Texas Oil Co., Baton 

Rouge, La., Donaldsonville, La. 
Causse, Robert M., B. S. '05. Business, 1106 N. Claiborne St., New 

Orleans, La. 
Chalin, Frederick P., B. S. '09. Business, 360 Pine St., Thibodeaux, La. 
Chappuis, Claude L., B. S. '09. Business, Ave. G., Crowley, La. 
Charles, Ray P., '25. Teacher, P. O. Box 530, Tampa, Fla., 709 Edison 

Ave., Tampa, Fla. 
Chase, Robert L., B. S. '86. Business, 2851 Clara St., New Orleans, La. 
Chenevert, Joseph P., '17. Business, Plaucheville, La. 
Ching, Richard E. Jr., '25. Doctor, 1585 Forest St., Memphis, Tenn. 
Chopin, Mathew, B. S. '17. Business, Derry, La. 
Christovich, Alvin R., '17. Lawyer, 516 New Orleans Bank Bldg., 

New Orleans, La., 2811 Palmer Ave., New Orleans, La. 
Cirlot, Felix L., '24. Minister, Wheeling St., El Paso, Tex. 
Cirlot, Joseph S., B. S. '26. Student, St. Louis University School of 

Med., St. Louis, Mo. ,3006 Wheeling St., El Paso, Tex. 
Cloney, John, B. S., '84. Business, 4738 Orts St., New Orleans, La. 
Coco, Lawrence, B. S. C, '29. Business, Mansura, La. 
Coco, Lysso A., B. S. C. '28. Business, Mansura, La. 
Coignet, Octave, '98. Business, Thibodeaux, La. 
Cole, Avery D., B. S. C. '29. Business, 707 Main St., Natchez, Miss. 
Cole, William C, B. S. '26. Business, 213-215 Main St., Natchez, Miss., 

707 E. Main St., Natchez, Miss. 
Colgin, Edward B., '98. Business, 2nd Nat. Bank Bldg., Houston Tex. 
Conroy, Charles C, '25. Lawyer, Clarksville, Tenn. 

Conway, Thomas, B. S. '91. Business, 5033 St. Charles Ave., New Or- 
leans, La. 
Cooney, John F., B. S. '18. Business, 6th and Reynolds Sts., Augusta, 

Ga., 2711 Belleview Ave., Augusta, Ga. 
Corbet, Edward P., B. S. '85. Business, 641 N. Flores St., San An- 
tonio, Tex. 



Cosio, Benjamin L. Jr., '22. Lawyer, 1003 Citizens Bank Bldg., Tampa, 
Fla., 823 Lisbon Ave., Tampa, Fla. 

Costello, Christopher H., B. S. '10. Business, 92 Liberty St., New York, 
N. Y., 320 Central Park West, New York, N. Y. 

Costello, Henry M., B. S. '10. Business, 320 Central Park West, New 
York, N. Y. 

Cotter, Robert M., B. S. '17. Business, Elizabeth City, S. Y. Co., Eliza- 
beth City, N. C. 

Courtney, Charles E., B. S. '17. Comm. Artist, care Radio-Keith Or- 
pheum, Inc., Chicago, 111., 6505 North Hoyne Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Covert, George A., B. S. '88. Business, 3045 Royal St., New Orleans, La. 

Cowley, John A., B. S. '86. Business, 51-63 Eslava St., Mobile, Ala., 
Toulminville, Ala. 

Cowley, John A. Jr., '27. Business, 51-63 Eslava St., Mobile, Ala., 
Toulminville, Ala. 

Cowley, Loyola T., '05. Business, 51 Eslava St., Mobile, Ala. 

Cowley, William, '96. Lawyer, Van Antwerp Bldg., Toulminville, Ala. 

Coyle, Charles Goodrich, '22. Business, 630 Pierce Bldg., St. Louis, Mo., 
5740 Cates Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Craig, Thomas, B. S. '99. Business, Pilot Towne, La., 38 Neron Place, 
New Orleans, La. 

Crandell, James L., '82. Business, 842 Magazine St., New Orleans, La., 
1521 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Crane, Rene M., B. S. '19. Business, 931 Lafayette St., New Orleans, 
La., 7607 Plum St., New Orleans, La. 

Craven, Aloysius J., '27. Business, 124 S. Lopez St., New Orleans, La. 

Craven, Thomas V., B. S. '09. Business, 4133 Palmyra St., New Or- 
leans, La. 

Crocy, A. Joseph, '23. Business, Imperial Hotel, Atlanta, Ga. 

Cronin, Patrick D., Ph. D. '12. Professor, Duquesne University, Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 

Cronin, John A., B. S. C, '29. Business, 103 Stearns, Ave., Lawrence, 

Crowell, Edward B., '16. Accountant, care W. Weiss & Co., Dey St., 
New York City. 

Crutcher, W. J., B. S. '26. Business, Box 360, New Orleans, La. 

Curren, Dennis A., S. J. '19. Priesthood, Society of Jesus, Spring Hill 
College, Spring Hill, Ala. 

Curren, John G., '29. Student, 1443 Calhoun St., New Orleans, La. 

Damrich, Edward A., '25. Business, 105 Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala., 962 

Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala. 
Danos, Arthur A., '08. Business, Thibodeaux, La. 
Danos, Joseph L., '00. Doctor, Thibodeaux, La. 
D'Aquin, Jules A., '95. Doctor, D'Aquin Drug Co., Biloxi, Miss. 
Davidson, James S. Jr., '25. Student, 1551 Canal St., New Orleans, La., 

1840 Marengo St., New Orleans, La. 
Day, Clarence P., B. S. '16. Business, P. O. Box 1631, Birmingham, Ala., 

2110 Ave. F., Ensley, Birmingham, Ala. 
De Bonneval, Henry A., B. S. '15. Engineer, Radio Electric Clock 

Corp., 50 Church St., New York, N. Y., 601 Salem Ave., Elizabeth, 

New Jersey. 


De Hoff, Phillip D., B. S. '25. Doctor, 1493 Edgewood Ave., Jackson- 
ville, Fla. 

De Hoff, William J., B. S. '25. Lawyer, 1493 Edgewood, Ave., Jack- 
sonville, Fla. 

De La Houssaye, Roy E„ B. S. '13. Doctor, 3501 Prytania St., New Or- 
leans, La., 1736 Robert St., New Orleans, La. 

De Leon, Louis C, B. S. '18. Business, Guatemala, Central America. 

Delmas, Milton A., B. S. C. '29. Business, Moss Point, Miss. 

De Rouen, Louis R., '25. Student, 499-C House Office Bldg., Washing- 
ton, D. C, Ville Platte, La. 

Diaz, Theodore P., '22. Teacher, Boys Comm. School, Bayou Road, 
New Orleans, La., 6124 Prytania St., New Orleans, La. 

Dietlein, Harold, '25. Business, Fulton and Jefferson Streets, New 
Iberia, La., St. Peter St., New Iberia, La. 

Dorr, Lawrence, B. S. '86. Business, P. O. Box 804, Augusta, Ga., 
Myrtle Park, Belvedere, S. C. 

Douglas, J. Andrew, B. S. '14. Teacher, P. O. Box 281, Auburn, Ala. 

Doussan, Edmund, '86. Business, 2221 Gen. Taylor St., New Orleans, La. 

Dowe, Carroll J., B. S. '10. Business, 615 Madison Ave., Montgomery, 

Dowe, Flurence A., B. S. '11. Business, L. & N. Local Freight Office, 
Montgomery, Ala., 1500 1-2 Madison Ave., Montgomery, Ala. 

Dowe, Daniel O., B. S. '13. Business, 605 Madison Av.e, Montgomery, 

Drouilhet, Paul A., '90. Lawyer, 200 Guaranty Bldg., Galveston, Tex., 
1715 Tremont Ave., Galveston, Tex. 

Drouin, George L., '96. Business, Mansura, La. 

Druhan, James R., '26. Business, McPhillips Mfg. Co., Box 1444, Mo- 
bile, Ala., 1363 Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala. 

Druhan, Rev. John J., '13. Priesthood, Sacred Heart College, Tampa. 

Dubuisson, Geo. W. '14. Dentist, 527 Canal St., New Orleans, La., 5530 
Garfield St., New Orleans, La. 

Duchamp, David, '97. Business, St. Martinsville, La. 

Duchamp, Joseph H., B. S. '03. Business, 210 Main St., St. Martinsville. 
La., 212 Old Market St., St. Martinsville, La. 

Ducote, Charles H., B. S. '18. Business, 258 Newburg St., Boston, Mass. 

Ducote, Gerard J., '29. Student, St. Charles College, Grand Coteau, 

Ducote, Guy G., B. S. '09. Business, Cottonport, La. 

Ducote, Joseph, '95. Business, Cottonport, La. 

Ducote, Richard J., '14. Business, 3133 S. Carrollton Ave., New Or- 
leans, La., 8017 Nelson St., New Orleans, La. 

Dugas, Charles, '94. Business, Paincourtville, La. 

Dugas, Edgar T., B. S. '96. Napoleonville, La. 

Duggan, James E.. '10. Lawyer, 82 1-2 St. Francis St., Mobile, Ala., 210 
Rapier Ave., Mobile, Ala. 

Duggan, Timothy A., '87. Doctor, Audubon Bldg,, No. 723-27, New Or- 
leans, La., 4153 Canal St., New Orleans, La. 

Dukate, William K. M., B. S. '29. Business, First Natl. Bank, Biloxi, 
Miss., 714 E. Beach, Biloxi, Miss. 

Dunbar, James V., B. S. '92. Business, 110 Poydras St.. New Orleans. 
La., 105 Pine St., New Orleans, La. 


Dunbar, Emerson, *96. Business. 1840 W. Beach, Biloxi, Miss. 

Espalla, Joseph E., B. S. '04. Business, 74 St. Francis St., Mobile, Ala., 
309 S. Georgia Ave., Mobile, Ala. 

Feore, Walter W., B. S. '19. Business, 509 Michigan Ave., Mobile. Ala. 

Restorazzi, Angelo O., B. S. '18. Engineer, 1216 Martin Bldg., Birming- 
ham, Ala., 407 Government St, Mobile, Ala. 

Finch, Richard A., B. S. '17. Dentist, 711 First Natl. Bank Bldg., Mo- 
bile, Ala., Box 99. R. R., Toulminville, Ala. 

Firment, Alaric P., B. S. '10. Druggist, Main St., Marksville, La. 

Fisher, William M., B. S. '85. Business, 823 Peen Ave., S. E. Washing- 
ton, D. C, 216 12th St., S. E. Washington, D. C. 

Fitzgerald, Rev. Edward T., '92. Priesthood, 4133 Banks St., New Or- 
leans, La. 

Fitzwilliam, Thos., '90. Business, Pres. T. Fitzwilliam & Co., Ltd., 414- 
418 Camp St., New Orleans, La., 4501 Camp St., New Orleans, La. 

Flanagan, Francis, B. S. '89. Business, Blount Springs, Ala. 

Flynn, Charles N., B. S. '19. Business, 89 State St., Binghampton, N. 
Y., 43 Lincoln Ave., Binghampton, N. Y. 

Flautt, Henry B., B. S. '21. Business, Tutwiler, Miss. 

Flautt, T. Joseph, '22. Business, Glendora, Miss. 

Fleddermann, Harry T., B. S. '29. Student, University of Detroit, 
Detroit, Mich., 27th St., No. 374, Havana, Cuba. 

Fogarty, Daniel, '87. 1115 Greene St., Augusta, Ga. 

Ford. Thomas A., B. S. C. '27. Journalist, Mobile Press, Mobile. Ala., 
165 St. Emmanuel St., Mobile, Ala. 

Formento, William J., '89. Lawyer, 512 Pere Marquette Bldg., New 
Orleans, La., 753 Esplanade Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Fossier, Albert E., '89. Doctor, 1226 Maison Blanche Bldg., New Or- 
leans, La., 8125 Hickory St., New Orleans, La. 

Fossier, J. D'Hamecourt, '09. Pharm. Chem., La. Ave. and S. Clai- 
borne St., New Orleans, La. 

Fossier, Walter S., '04. 2336 Esplanade Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Fowell, B. Simmes, '84. 514 Walnut St., New Orleans, La. 

Fox, Thomas H., '23. Business, First Nat. Bank, Birmingham, Ala., 
1601 Beech St., Birmingham, Ala. 

Franklin, Hugh C, '28. Business, care Silver Co., Birmingham, Ala., 
Lehigh, Ala. 

Franco, Bonaventura Rios. Lawyer, Calle 59, No. 498, Merida Yucatan, 
Mexico, Calle No. 535, Merida Yucatan, Mexico. 

Frederic, E. Carlos, B. S. '10. Business, Frederic-Jane, Pascagoula, Miss. 

Freeland, John, M. A. '95. Business, Whistler, Ala. 

Gaiennie, Kenneth M., B. S., '05. Business, 822 Ardis Bldg., Shreveport, 
La., 728 Wilkinson St., Shreveport, La. 

Gambel, Charles L., B. S. '29. Student, 6805 West End Blvd., New Or- 
leans, La. 

Garber, James R., '09. Doctor, 1117 22nd St., Birmingham, Ala.. 1508 
Milner Crescent, Birmingham, Ala. 

Garland, Albert P., B. S. '07. Lawyer, Shreveport, La. 


Garnett, Robert S., '89. Doctor, 5436 S. Union Ave., Tacoma, Wash., 
6301 S. Park Ave., Tacoma, Wash. 

Gassie, William Jr., '92. Business, Port Allen, La., Mark, La. 

Gaughan, Thomas J., B. S., '84. Lawyer, 603 Washington St., Camden, 

Gebbons, Ashby T., B. S. '17. Business, 702 Franklin St., Tampa, Fla., 
2303 Barcelona Ave , Tampa, Fla. 

Gelpi, Gaston, '83. Business, 3726 Canal St., New Orleans, La. 

Gervais, Herman, B. S. '13. Business, 225 Soc. for Sav. Bldg., Cleve- 
land, O., 1851 Taylor Rd., Cleveland, O. 

Gianelloni, Lefebvre L., B. S. '19. Engineer, Burtville, La. 

Gianotti, Francis B. Jr., '25. Lawyer, Memphis, Tenn. 

Gillespie, Frank, '15. Business, Trust Co., of Ga. Bldg., Atlanta, Ga., 
1446 Piedmont Ave., N. E., Atlanta, Ga. 

Giuli, Angelo F., '04. Business, P. O. Box 18, Mobile, Ala., 2300 Spring 
Hill Ave., Mobile, Ala. 

Glennon, James H., '97. Business, 205 St. Francis St., Mobile, Ala., 
1219 Elmira St., Mobile, Ala. 

Glennon, John F., '95. Business, 205 St. Francis, St., Mobile, Ala., 1326 
Dauphin Way, Mobile, Ala. 

Glorius, Joseph, B. S. '87. Business, 334 S. Clark St., New Orleans, La. 

Grace, Albert, '87. Business, Plaquemine, La. 

Graham, Harry M., '27. Business, 1930 State St., New Orleans, La. 

Greenwood, C. R., B. S .'27. Business, 18 N. Monterey St., Mobile, Ala. 

Greenwood, Donnel, B. S. '27. Business, Mobile, Press, Mobile, Ala., 
403 Government St., Mobile, Ala. 

Greenwood, Vincent M., B. S. '99. Business, 456 Conti St., Mobile, Ala. 

Grefer, Archibald J., '15. Business, Grefer Ave., Harvey, La. 

Gremillion, Herbert C, B. S. '11. Business, Alexandria, La. 

Gremillion, Leon B. Jr., B. S. C. '29. Business, 530 Main St., Alex- 
andria, La. 

Gremillion, Rosney, B. S. '94. Business, Crowley, La 

Guiteras, Nestor R., B. S. '17. Central Delicias, Delicias, Cuba. 

Hahn, Albert J., B. S. '10. Business, 307 Wagner Place, Memphis, 

Tenn., 1442 Vinton Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 
Hahn, Anthenor A., B. S. '23. Business, P. O. Bldg., Mobile, Ala., 214 

S. Washington Ave., Mobile, Ala. 
Hails, D. Troy, '06. Business, 1425 Sevilla Ave., Coral Gables, Fla. 
Hails, Thomas, '19. Business, Coral Gables, Fla., (winter), Route 8, 

No. 170, Birmingham, Ala., (summer). 
Hale, Thomas P., B. S. '11. Box 372, Bay St. Louis, Miss. 
Halloran, Bernard M., B. S. C. '28. Business, 2017 19th Ave., Naih- 

ville, Tenn. 
Hanlon, Phillip B. S. '95. Business, Bayou Goula, La. 
Hanlon, James D., B. S. '92. Business, Bayou Goula, La. 
Hanway, John C, '04. Business, 317 Broadway, Greenville, Miss. 
Hardie, Daniel E., '25 Medical student, St. Louis University, St. Louis, 

Mo. 3815 Botanical Ave., St. Louis. Mo. 
Hargrove, Sidney L., B. S. C. '29. Business, 1605 Monterey Place, Mo- 
bile, Ala. 
Harrigan, Raymond F., B. S. '14. Business, 316 S. Elm Drive, Beverly 

Hills, Cal. 



Harty, John J., B. S. '06. Engineer, 25 Huntington Ave., Boston, Mass. 
115 Warren St., Newton Center, Mass. 

Hartwell, William C, B. S. '19. Business, Jackson Apts., New Orleans, 

Hastings, John E., B. S. '17. Business, Florida Nat. Bank, Jacksonville, 
Fla., 605 Market St., Jacksonville, Fla. 

Harvey, John B., '28. Student, Loyola University, New Orleans, La., 
1234 Dryades St., New Orleans, La. 

Haverty, J. Joseph, B. S. '15. Business, Haverty Furniture o., Birming- 
ham, Ala. 

Henderson, William, B. S. '84. Business, 2725 Palmer Ave., New Or- 
leans, La. 

Henderson, T. Jackson, '81. Business, 235 N. Peters St., New Orleans, 
La., 459 Audubon St., New Orleans, La. 

Henry, James, '97. Business, 427 Clara St., New Orleans, La. 

Hebert, Alvin, '97. Business, 407 Bayou Rd., Piaquemine, La. 

Hebert, Clarence S. '93. Lawyer, 1210 Pere Marquette Bldg., New Or- 
leans, La. 1331 St. Andrew St., New Orleans, La. 

Hebert, Paul O., '95. Business. 1632 Candler Bldg., Atlanta, Ga., Im- 
perial Hotel, Atlanta, Ga. 

Herbert, J. Ernest, '16. Business, 503 E. Capital St., Jackson, Miss., 
925 Harding St., Jackson, Miss. 

Herpin, Emile, Jr., B. S. C. '27. Business, 213 Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala., 
8 N. Monterey St., Mobile, Ala. 

Hertzog, Ambrose J., B. S. '28. Medical student, 1737 Calhoun St., New 
Orleans, La., Derry, La. 

Heusner, Karl, '91. Doctor, 82 Regent St., Belize, British Honduras, C. 
A. Regent and Prince St., Belize, British Honduras, C. A. 

Hewes, William G., '29. Student, University of Virginia, University, 
Va., Box 1007, Gulfport, Miss. 

Hofer, Louis L. B., B. S. '17. Business, Court House, Victoria, Tex., 203 
N. Glass St., Victoria, Tex. 

Holbrook, Emmett L., '17. Lawyer, 255 Broadway, New York, N. Y., 48 
Caryl Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. 

Hooper, John E., '04. Business, Gulf City Hdw. Co., Mobile, Ala., 76 
Bienville Ave., Mobile, Ala. 

Horne, Charles L., '19. Business, 701 Travis St., Shreveport, La. 

Howard, C. Huntington, B. S. '18. Business, care Dr. Lampkin, Wash- 
ington St., Natchez, Miss. 

Hountha, M. Joseph, '06. Doctor, 1239 Dryades St., New Orleans, La. 

Hughes, Patrick E., '26. Business, 9 St. Francis St., Mobile, Ala., 203 
S. Warren St., Mobile, Ala. 

Hutchison, Miller Reese, Ph. D. '14. Engineer, 90 West St.. New York, 
N. Y. Allenhurst, N. J. 

Hymel, Alfred H., '03. Business, 1439 7th St., New Orleans, La. 

Irving, Lorenzo C, B. S. '89. Business, Miss. River Ferry Co., Vicks- 
burg, Miss., 823 Main St., Vicksburg, Miss. 

Jagoe, Leo J., B. S. '16. Engineer, South. Bell Tel. Co., 1452 Huet Bldg., 
Atlanta, Ga., 1021 St., Charles Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 


Kaver, Thomas, B. S. '93. Business, 206 S. Broad St., Mobile, Ala. 

Keane, Thomas M., '17. Business, 2969 St., Jacksonville, Fla. 

Kearns, Joseph V., '95. Business, 109 N. Commerce St., Mobile, Ala., 
803 Government St., Mobile, Ala. 

Kelly, Thomas H., B. Litt. '17. Author, Bellewood Ave., N. Tarrytown, 
New York. 

Kelly, Thomas J., B. S. '09. Business, 157 N. Franklin St., Mobile, Ala. 

Kelly, W. Henry, '11. Business, 15 Commerce St., Montgomery, Ala. 

Kennedy, Raymond E., B. S. C. '29. Business, 129 Salem St., Law- 
rence, Mass. 

Kenny, William F., B. S. '92. Business, 407 N. W. St., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Kern, Benjamin J., '06. Business. Louisa Post Office, La. 

Kling, Marion A., '27. Business, 1351 Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala. 

Kohn, Frank D., '89. Business, First Nat. Bank Bldg., Montgomery, 
Ala., 702 Washington Ave., Montgomery, Ala. 

Kohn, John P., '85. Business, 1002-6 First Nat. Bank Bldg., Montgomery, 
Ala., 614 S. Court St., Montgomery, Ala. 

Kupfrlan, Charles H., B. S. '88. Business, 4 Palafax St., Pensacola, Fla. 

Labrode, Cliffe T., B. S. '09. Teacher, Supt. Schools, Avoyelles Parish, 

La., Marksville, La. 
Lagarde, Ferdinand, B. S. '93. Business, Thibodeaux, La. 
Landry, Alfred A., B. S. '94. Business, Klotzville, La. 
Landry, Paul, B. S. '06. Business, R. F D„ Donaldsonville, La. 
Landry, Paul T., B. S. '08. Business, New Iberia, La. 
Landry, P. Dewey, '18. Planter. The Oaks Plantation, Lafayette, La. 
Larue, Ferdinand L., '03. P^ngineer, Room 707, 72 Wall St., New York, 

N. Y., Kew Gardens Terrace, Union Turnpike, K. G. New York, 

N. Y. 
Lassalle, Goldman L., B. S. '95. Business, 220 W. Bellevue St., Ope- 

lousas, La. 
Laughlin, Sidney C, B. S. '01. Business, Tex. Refin., Port Arthur, Tex,. 

1345, 6th St., Port Arthur, Tex. 
Lavigne, Hilaire J., '25. Engineer, 2704 Judson St., Shreveport, La. 
Lavretta, John L., '10. Business, 205 St. Francis St., Mobile, Ala., 456 

Government St., Mobile, Ala. 
Lawler, Matthew J., B. S. '21. Teacher, Mobile High School, Mobile, Ala, 

15 Van Heuval St., Mobile, Ala. 
Layton, Buxton L., '02. Business, care Fenner & Beane, Atlanta ,Ga.. 

2619 Calhoun St., New Orleans, La. 
LeBaron, Chas., '86. U. S. Medical Corps, Major, Washington, D. C. 
Le Baron, Charles, '86 Doctor, 404-6 Hewes Bldg., Gulfport, Miss., 5118 

N. Beach Blvd., Gulfport, Miss. 
Lebeau, Edward J., '01. Business, 34 N. Palafax St., Pensacola, Fla., 

2100 N. 21st Ave., Pensacola, Fla. 
Leblanc, Henry A., '94. Doctor, Paincourtville, La. 
Leblanc, Casimir, B. S. '97. Westwego, La. 
Leche, Karl P., '11. 215 Golden Rod Ave., Baton Rouge, La. 
Leche, Paul, '77. Lawyer, Donaldsonville, La. 
Legier, Louis, B. S. '86. Happy Jack P. O., La. 
Leigh, Norville R, III., '26. 8 S. Ann St., Mobile, Ala. 
Lelong, Charles A., '01. Business, 219 N. Peters St, New Orleans, La., 

4619 S. Claiborne St., New Orleans, La. 


Leonard, Charles H., '90. Business, Magnolia Pr. Co., 2124 Strand St., 
Galveston, Tex., 1419 Ave. H., Galveston, Tex. 

Leonard, St. Clair, B. S. '86. Care Magnolia Paper Co., Galveston, Tex. 

Lessasier, Henry A., '22. Business. 1336 Joseph St., New Orleans, La, 

Levert, J. Mendes, B. S. '89. Business, Rhoda, La., 802 2nd St., Mor- 
gan City, La. 

Levert, Eloi, '93. St. Francisville, Nr. Vicksburg, Miss. 

Levert, J. Alfred, '93. Business, care Levert-George Realty Co., Brown 
Marx Bldg., Birmingham, Ala., Highland Plaza Apts., Birming- 
ham, Ala. 

Levert, Robert L., '08. Business, 823 Perdido St., New Orleans, La., 
1715 Marengo St., New Orleans, La. 

Lions, L. Elmer, B. S. '21. La Place. La. 

Logan, J. George, B. S. '23. Doctor, 416 S Union St., Natchez, Miss. 

Logan, William E., '16. Business. 2221 Calhoun St., New Orleans, La, 

Long, Nicholas J., B. S. '14. Business, 136 S. Gayoso St., New Orleans, 

Looney, Francis O., '26. Lawyer, Slattery Bldg., Shreveport, La., 615 
Herdon St., Shreveport, La. 

Looney, Fred L., '27. Law student, 615 Herdon St., Shreveport, La. 

Lott, Y. D. Jr., '27. Student, 2707 Adams Mill Rd., Washington, D. C, 
401 Fortification St., Jackson, Miss. 

Luckett, Henry F. Jr., B. S. C. '24. Business, 700 Green Bldg., 120 
Marrietta St., Atlanta, Ga., 569 Greenwood Ave., N. E. Atlanta, Ga. 

Luckett, Winter B., '27. Priesthood, Marist College, Brookland, Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

Lyons, H. Herbert, '99. Business, 1826 Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala. 

Mackin, James P., B. S. '13. Business, 1614 13th Ave., S., Birmingham, 

Mackin, Paul F., B. S. '13. Business, 1614 13th Ave., S , Birmingham, 

Mackin, Louis B., '17. Business, care Leedy Real Estate, Birmingham, 
Ala., 38 Idlewild Circle, Birmingham, Ala. 

Mahorner, Howard R., '21. Doctor, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn. 

Mahorner, James G., '23. Lawyer, 701 Florida Natl. Bank Bldg., Jack- 
sonville, Fla. 

Mahorner, Matthias M., '94. Lawyer, Merchants Natl. Bank Bldg., Mo- 
bile, Ala., 25 S. Julia St., Mobile, Ala. 

Majeau, John H., B S. '92. Business, 1710 Abundance Ave, New Or- 
leans, La. 

Marston, Charles A., Jr., '25. Student Loyola University, Sch. of Den- 
tistry, New Orleans, La., 1406 Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala. 

Martel, Alcide A., B. S. '11. Business, 703 Esperson Bldg., Houston, Tex. 

Martin, Francis M., B. S. '13. Business, Plaquemine, La. 

Martin, James J., M. A. '03. Business, St. Martinsville, La. 

Martin, John, B. S. .00 Business, 1510 Houston St., Laredo, Tex. 

Martin, Joseph H., B. S. C. '29. Business, P. O. Box 360, New Orleans, 
La., 19 7th St., Clarksville, Tenn. 

Martin, William P., '27. Business, P. O. Box 360, New Orleans, La., 129 
7th St., Clarksville, Tenn. 

Marx, Julius M., '86. Business, 644 Columbine St., Denver, Colo. 


Mastin, William M. LL. D., '05. Doctor, 13 S. Joachim St., Mobile, Ala., 

706 Government St., Mobile, Ala. 

Maury, Franklin H., B. S. '28. Business. Spring Hill, Ala. 

Mayer, Reyan E., B. S. '16. Business, Ford Motor Co., Marksville, La. 

Mayer, George L., '12. Business, Ford Motor o., Marksville, La. 

McCaleb, E. Howard, 'S6. Lawyer, Masonic Bldg., New Orleans, La., 
1206 Exposition Blvd. New Orleans, La. 

McCaleb, James F., '85. Doctor, Bymmore Plantation, Carlisle, Miss. 

McCarthy, George S., '01. Doctor, U. S. Veterans Hospital, Prescott, 

McCormick, William D., B. S. C. '29. Business, 112 Garnett Ave., 
Mobile, Ala. 

McDonald, Daniel, '91. Business, 1461 St. Stephen's Road, Mobile, Ala. 

McDonnell, George F., B. S. '99. Business, Gulf Refining Co., New Or- 
leans, La. 

McDonnell, T. Henry, Jr., '27. Journalist, Mobile Press, Mobile, Ala., 
1210 Government St., Mobile, Ala. 

McDonnell, Henry, '97. Business, 1210 Government St., Mobile, Ala. 

McGrath, James J., B. S. '90. Business, Canton, Miss. 

McHardy, James J., '11. Business. 1022 Canal Bank Bldg., New Orleans, 
La., 1019 Milan St., New Orleans, La. 

McHatton, Thomas H., B. S. '03. Teacher, Georgia State College of 
Agriculture, U. of Georgia, Athens, Ga., 847 Milledge Ave., Athens, 

Mclntyre, Cornelius, '92. Lawyer, 628 McDonough St., Montgomery, 

Mclntyre, James D., B. S. '11. Professor, Harv. Grad. Sch., of Bus. Ad- 
ministration., Boston, Mass., 628 McDonough St., Montgomery, Ala. 

McKenna, Francis J., B. S. '21. Business, 218 East Line, Tyler, Tex., 
830 South College, Tyler, Tex. 

McKeon, James J., '02. Business, 211 Camp St., New Orleans, La. 

McMahon, William, B. S. '91. Business, Tangiphoa, La. 

McPhillips, Henry A., '00. Business, James McPhillips Gro. Co., Mobile, 
Ala., 1358 Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala. 

McPhillips, H. Manning, B. S. 814. Business, Foot Lawrence St., Mo- 
bile, Ala., 1311 Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala. 

McPhillips, Julian, B. S. '15. Business, 62 St. Louis St., Mobile, Ala., 
Ashland Place, Mobile, Ala. 

Melancon, J. Abel, B. S. '95. Business. 

Melancon, Walter, B. S. '96. Breux Bridge, La. 

Menard, William P., '75. Business, 9th Floor, Maison Blanche Bldg., 
New Orleans, La., 1423 N. Villere St., New Orleans, La. 

Meriln, Edmond L., B. S. '17. Teacher, Loyola University, St. Charles 
Ave., New Orleans, La. ,1029 Bourbon St., New Orleans, La. 

Metzger, John C, B. S. '13. Business, 3112 Book Tower, Detroit, Mich., 

707 Pallister Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Meyer, Lloyd L., B. S. '17. Business, 410 W. 4th St., Thibodeaux, La., 

203 E. 5th St., Thibodeaux, La. 
Meyer, T. Emmet, '15. Business, 706 W. 3rd St., Thibodeaux, La., 201 

E. 5th St., Thibodeaux, La. 
Michel I, Louis R., B. S. '86. Business, 1039 Marengo St., New Orleans, 




Milhas, Fenan J., B. S. '17. Business, Howard Ave. and S. Prieur St., 

New Orleans, La., 1429 Jackson Ave., New Orleans, La. 
Miller, Frederick W., B. S. '06. Business, M. & O. R. R., Jackson, Tenn., 

Terrace Apts., Terrace Place, Jackson, Tenn. 
Mistric, Oscar J., '10. Business, Opelousas, La. 
Mock, John H., '97. Business, Hotel Gordon, Albany, Ga., Commerce 

St., Albany, Ga. 
Mohr, Rt. Rev. Charles H., D. D. '06. Priesthood, St. Leo's Abbey, St. 

Leo, Fla. 
Moore, John T., B. S. '89. Business, 3112 Dauphin St., New Orleans, La. 
Moore, George W., B. S. '87. Lawyer, Federal Land Bank Bldg., New 

Orleans, La., 1408 First St., New Orleans, La. 
Morere, Francis C., '19. Business, 3133 S. Carrollton Ave., New Orleans, 

La., 2511 S. Carrollton Ave., New Orleans, La. 
Moresi, Louis, B. S. '10. Ocean Leather Co., Newaik, N. J., 164 Harri- 
son St., East Orange, N. J. 
Morvant, Walter C, B. S. '97. Business, Rienzi Plantation, Thibo- 

deaux, La. 
Morvant, Charles, B. S. '97. Business, Thobodeaux, La. 
Murphy, Clarence J., B. S. '27. Business, 16 Rocky Ford Rd., N. E., 

Atlanta, Ga. 
Murphy, Rene, '84. Business, 1718 Prytania St., New Orleans, La. 
Murray, Edward F., '21. Asst. Mgr. Richard Murray & Co., Mobile, Ala., 

1100 Government Street, Mobile, Ala. 
Murray, James V., B. S. '17. Mgr. Gulf Towing & Wrecking Co., Mobile, 

Ala., 1203 Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala. 
Murray, Richard F., B. S. '15. Business, Richard Murray & Co., Mobile, 

Ala., 53 N. Monterey St., Mobile, Ala. 
Muldon, James M., B. S. '83. Business, 500 Blount Bldg., Pensacola, 

Fla., Bay Shore, Pensacola, Fla. 
Mulherin, Joseph J., B. S. '92. Business, 1215 Greene St., Augusta, Ga. 
Mulherin, Charles P., '92. Business, 1215 Greene St., Augusta, Ga. 
Mulherin, Hugh G., '25. Doctor, Providence Infirmary, Mobile, Ala., 

Warwick Apts., Mobile, Ala. 
Mulherin, John P., B. S. '87. Business, 620 13th St., Augusta, Ga., 1128 

Greene St., Augusta, Ga. 
Mulherin, Louis, '23. Business, Perkins, Mfg. Co., Augusta, Ga., 2425 

Kings Way, Augusta, Ga., 
Mulherin, William A., '01. Doctor, Southern Finance Corp. Bldg., 

Augusta, Ga., 2556 Walton Way, Augusta, Ga. 
Mullarky, Austin P. H., '87. Business, 404 Mendel Bldg., Savannah, Ga , 

15 York St., Savannah, Ga. 

Neely, Duggan A., B. S. '10. Business, State Office Bldg., Mobile, Ala., 

N. W. Flint and Va., Mobile, Ala. 
Neely, Pierre D., B. S. '18. Business, Neely, Miss. 

Neely, Maurice E., '10. Business, 1307 Chamberlain Ave., Mobile, Ala. 
Neff, Bruce Jr., '23. Business, Stone & Webster, Eng. Corp., El Paso, 

Nelson, John P., '09. Business, Philadelphia, Miss. 
Nicrosi, William K., '10. Business, Box 144, Montgomery, Ala. 
Norville, Joseph H., '07. Lawyer, 1513-15 Bank of Commerce Bldg., 

Memphis. Tenn.. Catholic Club, Memphis, Tenn. 


Norville, Peyton, '04. Business, 61 St. Francis St., Mobile, Ala., 257 

S. Georgia Ave., Mobile, Ala. 
Norville, William J., B. S. '05. Business, 61 St. Francis St., Mobile, Ala , 

325 McDonald Ave., Mobile, Ala. 

O'Brien, J. Douglas, B. S. '10. Business, L. & N. R. R. Shops, Earling- 
ton, Ky., 121 E. Main St., Earlington, Ky. 

O'Connell, Daniel J., B. S. '92. Business, 2701 W. 35th St., Birming- 
ham, Ala. 

O'Connor, William J., B. S. '05. Business, Victoria, Tex. 

O'Connor, Thomas W., B. S., '99. Business, Victoria, Tex. 

O'Dowd, William M., '23. Business, Box 7733, Greenville, S. C, 812 

Lombardy Court, Augusta, Ga. 
O'Dowd, Edward C, '18. Business, Route 8, Box 170, Birmingham, Ala. 
O'Dowd, Louis J., '18. Business, 1265 Andalusia Ave., Coral Gables, 

Olivier, Frank A., '08. Business, R. P. D. No. 2, Arneaudville, La. 
Ollinger, Ellis V., B. S. '28. Education, 1501 Government St., Mobile. 

Onorato, Joseph L., '88. Business, 836 Union St., New Orleans, La., 2 

Everette Place, New Orleans, La. 
O'Reilly, Hiram T., B. S. '16. Business, Yazoo City, Miss. 
O'Shee, Clarence J., '23. Business, 413 Baronne St., New Orleans, La., 

1410 Jena St., New Orleans, La. 
Owens, Edward M., B. S. '05. Engineer, Eng's. Office, City Hall, Dallas, 

Texas, 4809 Reiger Ave., Dallas, Tex. 
Ovalle, Nestor K., '07. Business, Gen. Elec. Frig. Dist, 212 N. 2nd St., 

Harrisburg, Pa., 1011 N. Front St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

Pardue, Sherman P., '11. Business, 2138 State St., New Orleans, La. 

Parslow, Joseph G., B. S. '08. Business, 1006 Florida Ave., Tampa, Fla., 
304 E. Palm Ave., Tampa, Fla. 

Patout, Phillip P., '11. Business, Jeanerette, La. 

Pearce, Charles, B. S. '15. Business, S. Hamilton St., Mobile, Ala. 

Perrodin, Jaques, '87. Business, Opelousas, La. 

Petrotvits, Stephen J.. B. S. '29. Law Student, Georgetown Law School, 
Washington, D. C, 170 Park Ave., Torrington, Conn. 

Philips, Tarleton, '04. Business, Mgr., PnrifoyvMayfield Clinic, El 
Dorado, Ark., 802 Champagnalle Ave., El Dorado, Ark. 

Plauche, Lee A., '13. Business, Eunice Bank and Trust Co , Eunice, La. 

Poche, Joseph, '86. Business, 1923 Louisiana Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Prejean, Wallace P., '00. Business, Donaldsonville, La. 

Price, Matthew B., B. S. '27. Lawyer, 165 Broadway St., New York, N- 
Y., Hotel Beresford, 1 West 81st St, New York, N. Y. 

Prieur, Phillip H., '95. Business, 1021 Canal Bank and Trust Co. Bldg., 
New Orleans, La., 1815 Ursuline Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Prohaska, Frank L., '13. Business, 706 1st St., Morgan City, La. 

Provosty, Nugent, '26. Business, Securities Co., of America, 212 Ma- 
sonic Temple Bldg., New Orleans, La., 1030 Fern St., New Orleans, 

Provosty, LeDoux R., '14. Lawyer, Sth Floor Guaranty Bldg., Alex- 
andria, La., 1033 Barrister St.. Alexandria. La. 


Provosty, Albin, A., '16. Business, 476 Walnut St., New Orleans, La. 
Provosty, Olivier O., '25. Business, 480 Walnut St., New Orleans, La. 

Quill, James, B. S. '97. Business, 317 Staples-Powell Bldg., Mobile, 

Ala., 1600 Monterey Place, Mobile, Ala. 
Quinn, John H., '04. Business, Barnesvile, Ga. 

Rapier, Reginald, B. S. '95. Business, 164 S. Georgia Ave., Mobile, Ala. 

Rapier, John, B. S. '95. Business ,care Nastel Dry Goods Co., Mont- 
gomery, Ala. 

Rattermann, George H., B. S. '17. Business. 912 So. Carrollton Ave., New 
Orleans, La. 

Reaney, Charles, '95. Business, 1032 Pacific Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Reid, Roger D., B. S. '09. Business, 1101 Crawford St., Vicksburg, Mies. 

Reilly, Maurice E., '06. Business, 2215 Short St., New Orleans, La. 

Reynaud, Oscar, B. S. '08. Business, Convent, La. 

Reynaud, Raymond J., B. S. '18. Dentist, Lutcher, La. 

Reynaud, Sidney L., '20. Business, Lutcher, La. 

Reynes, Emile H., '99. Business, 1646 N. Broad St., New Orleans, La. 

Rice, Albert A., B. S. '29. Aviation, 2824 Lombardy Court, Augusta, Ga. 

Rice, Joseph T., '98. Business, Metaire Ridge, New Orleans, La. 

Rice, Patrick H. Jr., '26. Business, Hemphill, Noyes, 37 Wall St., New 
York, N. Y., 1 Prospect Park, West, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Riffel, Francis A., B. S. '09. Business, 4724 Second Blvd., Detroit, Mich. 

Roach, Fred, B. S. C. '29. Business, 144 W. Deaderick Ave., Jackson, 

Robichaux, Alfred G., '22. Business, Thibodeaux, La. 

Robin, James A., '91. Business, Whitney-Central Nat. Bank, New Or- 
leans, La., 1636 Valence St , New Orleans, La. 

Rodrigue, George P., B. S. '21. Chemist, Napoleonville, La., Paincourt- 
ville, La. 

Rodrigue, Edward J., '96. Business, Paincourtville, La. 

Rougon, John B., B. S. '01. Business, Erwinville, La. 

Rounds, R. Kenneth, '07. Business, 740 Henry Bldg, Seattle, Wash., 
Blaine, Wash. 

Roy, Mark J., B. S. C. '28. Student, Marksville, La. 

Ruhlman, George J., B. S. '16. Business, Hibernia Bank & Trust Co., 
New Orleans, La., 8617 Willow St., New Orleans, La. 

Rush, John O., LL. D. '16, Doctor, 706 Van Antwerp Bldg., Mobile, Ala. 

RJyan, Jerome L., B. S. C. '29. Business, 557 N. Rampart St., New Or- 
leans, La., Franklin, 111. 

Ryan, William J., B. S. '85 Business, 2330 Valence St., New Orleans, 

Ssbatier, George, B. S. '82. Doctor, Crowley, La. 

Sabatier, George J., '24. Business, Crowley, La. 

Salaun, Milton M., B. S. '13. Business, 8301 Fig St., New Orleans, La , 

7224 Pritchard St., New Orleans, La. 
St. Martin, Joseph, B. S. '95. Business, 831 School St., Houma, La. 
St. Paul, John, '84. Judge, Supreme Court of Louisiana, New Orleans. 

la.. 1448 Nashville Ave . New Orleans, La. 


Sandoz, Robert, B. S. '02. Business, Opelousas, La. 

Schwartz, Max. H., B. S. C. '29. Business, 956 Church St., Mobile, Ala. 

Schwegmann, Leo B., B. S. '23. Business, Lynrose Hotel, New Orleans, 
La., 508 St. Charles St., New Orleans, La. 

Schwegmann, George A. Jr., B. S. '19. Lawyer, 2121 New York Ave., 
Washington, D. C. 

Schimpf, Charles, B. S. '09. Business, Jackson Daily News, Jackson, 
Miss., 303 Baker St., Jackson, Miss. 

Schmidt, Frank O., '25. Student, 1551 Canal St., New Orleans, La., 1840 
Marengo St., New Orleans, La. 

Schmidt, Harry J., '28. Medical Student, Tulane University. New Or- 
leans. La. 1840 Marengo St., New Orleans, La. 

Schmitt, William A., B. S. '08. Lawyer, 620 McWilliams Bldg., Clarks- 
dale, Miss. 

Schneider, John J. B. S. '01. Business, Beaumont Brick Works, Beau- 
mont, Tex., Box 586, Beaumont, Tex. 

Sere, Rene F., '89. Business, 801 Hibernia Bank Bldg., New Orleans, 
La., 1608 Gov. Nicholls St., New Orleans, La. 

Shannon, Edmund J., '98. Business, Woodville, Miss. 

Shepperd, Henry, B. S. 890. Business, St. Andrew's Bay, Fla. 

Sheridan, R. Howard, '14. Business, 123 Park Place, Macon, Ga. 

Simon, Sidney B., B. S. '08. Business, 201 Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala., 
652 1-2 Government St., Mobile, Ala. 

Simpson, W. Howard, B. S. '20. Business, 800 S. Peters St., New Or- 
leans, La., 2101 Calhoun St., New Orleans, La. 

Sitterle, Arthur S., B. S. '16. Business, care Armour & Co., Galveston, 

Skinner, George D., B. S. '20. Business, Lucedale, Miss. 

Slattery, William B., '13. Business, Slattery Bldg., Texas St., Shreve- 
port, La., 2401 Fairfield Ave., Shreveport, La. 

Smith, Hubert S., '84. Doctor, Box 245, Thibodeaux, La., St. Phillip 
St., Thibodeaux, La. 

Sol is, Frederick J., '00. Teacher, Creighton University, Omaha, Neb., 
Merriman Hotel, Omaha, Neb. 

Staehle, William A., B. S. '04. Business, 1026 Perdido St., New Or- 
leans, La., Bay St. Louis, Miss. 

Stafford, G. M. Graham, '86. Doctor, Alexandria, La. 

Staub, August J., Mus. D. '03. Teacher, Spring Hill College, Spring Hill, 
Ala., 11 Louiselle St., Mobile, Ala. 

Steckler, Atlee P., B. S. '25. Business, 120 S. Roman St., New Orleans, 

Steckler, Lester R., B. S. . '26. Business, 120 S. Roman St., New 
Orleans, La. 

Stewart, Edward D., '29. Teacher, Spring Hill High School, Spring- 
hill, Ala., Magnolia, Miss. 

Stewart, Walter F., '17. Business, Folkston, Ga. 

Stewart, Raymond A., '10. Business, 2718 Ave. C, Galveston, Tex., 3528 
Ave. P. Galveston, Tex. 

Stewart, Dudley M., B. S. '23. Doctor, Hotel Dieu, 2004 Tulane Ave., 
New Orleans, La., 1840 Marengo St., New Orleans, La. 

Stollenwerck, Amasa D., B. S. '02. Doctor, 25 W. Beaver St., Jackson- 
ville, Fla., 27 W. Beaver St., Jacksonville, Fla. 


Strauss, Edward A., '20. Business, 113 St. Joseph St., Mobile, Ala., 

1652 Illinois St., Mobile, Ala. 
Street, Charles T., '21. Business, 525 8th St., Laurel, Miss. 
Suffich, Angelo J., Mus. D. '05. Teacher .Spring Hill College, Spring- 
hill, Ala., 55 S. Bayou St., Mobile, Ala. 
Suffich, Cornelius M., B. S. '26. Student, Alabama Pol. Inst., Auburn, 

Ala., 55 S. Bayou St., Mobile, Ala. 
Sullivan, Joseph C. Jr.. '28. Teacher Jesuit High School, 4133 Banks St., 

New Orleans, La. 15 Oakland Terrace, Mobile, Ala. 
Sullivan, Christopher J., B. S. '17. Business, 750 Hurt Bldg., Atlanta, 

Ga., 2545 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, Ga. 
Sullivan, George J., '24. Dentist, First Natl. Bank Bldg., Mobile ,Ala., 

15 Oakland Terrace, Mobile, Ala. 
Supple, John W.. '91. Business, care Supple Sons Painting Co., Ltd., 

Bayou Goula, La. 
Sweitzer, John F., '88. 1528 Josephine St., New Orleans, La. 

Tedesco, Joseph E., B. S. '28. Business, W. Beach, Biloxi, Miss. 
Theard, Charles, '76. Lawyer, 1046 N. Carrolton Ave., New Orleans, La. 
Thibodeaux, John, B. S. '92. Business, Belle Alliance, La. 
Toole, William J., B. S. '90. Business, 29 Morgan Ave., Montgomery, 

Toomey, John E.. '10. Business, Box 1649, Mobile, Ala., 56 Le Moyne 

St., Mobile, Ala. 
Torre, Thomas Delia, '76. Professor (retired) Villa Margharetta, 

Charleston, S. C, care H. Conner, 13 Broad St., Charlestcn, S. C. 
Touart, Anthony J , '09. Army Captain, United States Military 

Academy, West Point, N. Y. 
Touart, ^rank G., '90. Business, care M. & O. O. R. R. Co., Mobile, 

Ala., 1901 Springhill Ave., Mobile, Ala. 
Touart, James C, B. S. '87. Business, 221 N. Lafayette St., Mobile, Ala. 
Touart, Maximin De M, '03. Doctor, 30 E. 40th St., New York, N. Y., 26 

South 38th St., Apt. 2-B. West Philadelphia. Pa. 
Touart, Tisdale J., '01. Lawyer, 814 Van Antwerp Bldg., Mobile, Ala., 

1758 Springhill Ave., Mobile, Ala. 
Toups, Leonard, '23. Education, Thibodeaux, La. 
Trahan, Edward O., '94. Doctor, 200 Reymond Bldg., Baton Rouge, La., 

Westdale Park, Baton Rouge, La. 
Tremmel, John O., B. S. C. '23. Business, 317 Baronne St., New Or- 
leans, La., 112 Hesper Ave., Metaire Rridge, New Orleans, La. 
Trolio, John J., B. S. '11. Business, Canton, Miss. 
Trosclair, Gaston, '96. Business, Thibodeaux, La. 
Tumminello, Joseph A., B. S. '20. Dentist, 1118 Maison Blanche Bldg., 

New Orleans, La., 2714 Esplanade Ave., New Orleans, La. 
Turregano, Paul J., '10. Business, 2116 Marye St., Alexandria, La. 

Unruh, George W. Jr., "28. Business. 1264 Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala. 

Va'ls, John A.. '86. District Attorney, Laredo, Tex. 

Van Antwerp, James C, B. S. '00. Business, Van Antwerp Bldg., Mobile, 
Ala., Moffat Road, Mobile, Ala. 



Van Antwerp, T. Cooper, '24. Student University of Pennsylvania, 

110 So. 38th St., Apt. 2-B, West Philadelphia, Pa. 
Villavaso, Henry, '62. Business, 2675 Acacia St., New Orleans, La. 
Vickers, Marion R., '20. Lawyer, First Nat. Bank Bldg., Mobile, Ala., 

169 S. Houston, St., Mobile, Ala. 
Vickers, Nicholas L., '07. Business, 54 St. Francis St., Windsor Apts., 

Mobile, Ala. 
Vizard, Anthony J., '08. Business, 1424 Whitney-Central Bldg., New 

Orleans, La., 1214 Pine St., New Orleans, La. 

Waguepack, Fordney J., Business, 409 Stern Bldg., New Orleans, La,, 
Mount Airy, La. 

Walet, Eugene H., M. A. '95. Doctor, 1101 Pere Marquette Bldg., New 
Orleans, La., 1206 Peters Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Walet, Eugene H., Jr., '22. Lawyer, 1807 Canal Bank Bldg., New Or- 
leans, La., 1206 Jefferson Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Walet, Walter, '95. 

Wallace, Richard J., '05. Business, 377 McLemary St., Memphis, Tenn. 

Walsh, Rev. Joseph M., '03. Priesthood, Pres. Spring Hill College, 
Spring Hill, Ala. 

Walsh, Patrick W., '10. Business, care Montgomery Advertiser, Mont- 
gomery, Ala., 203 S. Perry St., Montgomery, Ala. 

Washichek, Francis J., LL. D. '12. Business, 66 St. Francis St., Mo- 
bile, Ala. 

West, J. Oswin, B. S. '90. Business, Refugio, Tex. 

White, Paul L., B. S. C. '28. Business, Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga, 

Williams, George A., B S. '19. Business, 209 Magazine St., New Or- 
leans, La., 2532 Nashville Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Wiltz, Gaston J., B. S. '90. Business, 204 Lameuse St., Biloxi, Miss., 
107 E. Water St., Biloxi, Miss. 

Wiltz, Thomas J., '89. Business, Gulf Coast Warehouse Corp., Lameuse 
& R. R. Ave., Biloxi, Miss., W. Beach, Biloxi, Miss. 

Winling, Harold J., '28. Lawyer, 11442 Canal Bldg., New Orleans, 
La., 1907 Prytania St., New Orleans, La. 

Wilson, LeRoy G., B. S. '29. Business, 916 9th St., Alexandria, La. 

Wohner, Clarence K., B. S. '11. Business, First Nat. Bank Bldg., Can- 
ton, Miss., 407 S. Liberty St., Canton, Miss. 

Woulfe, Maurice R., '13. Lawyer, 422-24 Audubon Bldg., New Orleans, 
La., 825 Roosevelt Place, New Orleans, La. 

Yeend, John A., '25. Business, Ogburn-Davidson Co., Mobile, Ala., 260 

Dexter Ave., Mobile, Ala. 
Youd, Jasper R., B. S. '25. Engineer, Gulf Power Co., Pensacola, Fla. 


Living Non-Graduates 

(Address Verified.) 

N. B- If any one finds his address given incorrectly 
let him remember that he can have it corrected in the next 
edition of the Alumni Directory by notifying the office at 
once. By giving correct address, profession or occupation 
you will help immensely in keeping the records of the 
Alumni office up-to-date. 

When no letters follow 'ex-' it is understood that the 
alumnus was in the A. B. class which graduated in the 
year specified by the figures ; viz : Alumnus, ex-92, signi- 
fies that Alumnus would have received the degree A. B. 
in 1892 had he remained to graduate. 

Doctor indicates Physician or Surgeon unless other- 
wise specified. When two addresses are given the busi- 
ness address is given first. Rev. indicates ordained Priest. 
Occupation is given when known. 

Aikln, John G., ex-'24, Mech. Engineer. Stockton, Ala. 

Aikin, William K., ex-'22. Business, Stockton, Ala. 

Ailloud, Alfonse, ex-'OO. Apartado 30, Merida Yucatan, Mexico. 

Ailloud, Etienne, ex-'15. Elec. Engr. Entre 62, y 64, Calle 63; Apart. 
No. 30, Merida Yucatan, Mexico. 

Alciatore, Roy Louis, ex-'18. Business, 713 St. Louis St., 1908 Penis- 
ton St., New Orleans, La. 

Aldana, Efrem, ex-'16. Dentist, Calle 66-577. Calle 66-575 Merida, 

Alexander, Godfrey W., H. S. '24. Business, Warley Fruit & Produce 

Co., Mobile, Ala., 107 Herndon Ave., Mobile, Ala. 
Allen, Ethan, ex-'21. 1503 Robert Street, New Orleans, La. 
Allen, J. M., S. A. T. C. '18. Business, Allen Realty & Insurance Agency, 

Mobile, Ala., 1721 Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala. 
Andrade, Jos., ex-'31. Business, 602 Monroe St., Mobile, Ala. 
Annan, Armand, Jr., ex-'31. Business, 5 Pleasant Ave., Mobile,* Ala. 
Anderson, Marion H., ex-'22. Teacher, Box 374, Madison, Fla. 
Andrews, Willard F., S. A. T. C. '18. Business, 79 S. Lafayette St., 

Mobile, Ala. 
Andreyko, George, S. A. T. C. '18. Doctor, Polyclinic Hospital, 325 West 

50th St., New York, N. Y., Box 234, Jersey City, N. J. 



Antoni, Dominick O., S. A. T. C. '18. Business, L. & N. R. R. Co., Mobile, 

Ala. 163 S. Hamilton St., Mobile, Ala. 
Aparicio, Jules, ex-'09. Guatemala, C. A. 
Aparicio, Richard, ex-'09. Guatemala, C. A. 
Arauz, Salvador M., ex-'17. Costa Rica, C. A. 

Arceneaux, Webster J., ex-'26. Mfg. Chemist. 54 N. Royal St., 54 N. 
Royal Street, Mobile, Ala. 

Ardoin, Didier W., ex-'32. Business, Eunice, La. 

Arends, John F., ex-'30. Business, Maiden, Mo. 

Arias, Christopher, Jr., ex-'23. Dentist, Atlanta Southern Dental College, 
106 Forrest Ave., N. E. Atlanta, Ga. 

Armbrecht, Wm. H. Jr., ex-'31. Law Student, 173 S. Georgia Ave., Mo- 
bile, Ala. 

Armstrong, Edward, ex-'29. Student, 1068th St., Augusta, Ga. 

Armstrong, James, ex '92. Business, 2240 McDowell St., Augusta, Ga. 

Armstrong, John F., S. A. T. C. '18. Business, 1346 Broad St., Augusta, 

Armstrong, John L., ex-'94. Business, 2240 McDowell St., Augusta, Ga. 

Arrugunga, Jose, De. ex-'08. Business, Calle 63-506, Merida, Mex. 

Athey, Leon P., ex-'27. Business, 95 Reed Ave., Mobile, Ala. 

Aurrecoechea, Julio ,ex-'31. Business, Ave. Santa Cruz 24, Mexico 
City, Mexico. 

Aymond, Branch J. Medical Student, Mo. Pac. Hospital, Grand Ave., 
St. Louis, Mo. 

Azurdia, Manuel, ex-'09. Guatemala, Central America, Antique. 

Ball, Jas. F., S. A. T. C. '18. Business, Alexandria, La. 

Bannon, Joseph, ex-'15. Hardin Bag Co., New Orleans, La., Terrsita 

Apts., St. Charles Ave. and Napoleon Aves. 
Barman, Howard, ex-'18. Editor, Editor Times Publishing Co., 304 

West 13th St., Okmulgee, Okla. 
Barras, Lawrence I., ex-'27. Student, Mt. St. Michael, Hillyard, Wash. 
Barraza, Carlos, ex-'23. Ave. Independencia Toulca, Mexico City, Mex. 
Barraza, Vincente, ex-'18. Ave. Independencia, Mexico City, Mexico. 
Barrett, J. Tobin, ex-'25. Business, 1059 Katherine St., Augusta, Ga., 

No. 1 Campbell Bldg., Augusta, Ga. 
Barry, Leo. A., ex-'13. Business, 2743 Canal St., care Collins Piano Co., 

New Orleans, La. 
Barry, Patrick, Jr., H. S. '28. Business, Plaquemine, La. 
Bass, Frank P. Jr., ex-'32. Business, 311 E. Howard Ave., Biloxi, Miss. 
Beall, Phillip D., ex-'ll. Lawyer, 1120 E. Brainard St., Box 1432 Pensa- 

cola, Fla. 
Beaven, John G., ex-'20. Business, Lebanon, Ky. 
Becker, Pierre J., ex-'12. Business, 2519 Line Ave., 147 Egan St., 

Shreveport, La. 
Becker, Rudolph, S. H. Prep. '23. Business, 2700 Carrollton Ave., New 

Orleans, La. 
Beeche, Rafael, ex-'04. Business, Limon, Costa Rica, C. A. 
Berdon, August W., ex-'29. Business, N. Pine St., Natchez, Miss. 
Bermudez, Lawrence, ex-'12. Business, Guezaltenanzo, Guatemala, C. A. 
Bermudez, Octavio, ex-'05. Business, Comercio No. 216, C. Juarez, Mex- 
ico., Chihuahua, 17 N. Constitution St., C. Juarez, Mex. 



Berheimer, Edwin, ex-'82. Business, 100 Broadway, New York, N. Y., 73 
Roosevelt Ave., Elberon, N. J. 

Berry, Edward F., ex-'24. Engineer, 52 Liberty Ave., Pittsburgh, Penn. 

Berth ier, Henry B., S. H. Prep. '19. Business, New Roads, La. 

Berzunza, Emilio, ex-'05. Business Calle No. 60, 333, Merida, Yucatan, 

Berzunza, Herman T., ex-'05. Business, Calle No. 60, 333, Merida, Yuca- 
tan, Mexico. 

Berzunza, Juan M., ex-05. Business, Calle No. 60, 333, Merida, Yucatan, 

Berzunza, Pedro J., ex-'14. Business, Calle No. 60, 333, Merida, Yuca- 
tan, Mexico. 

Billeand, Allen, ex-B.S. '23. Business, Lafayette, La. 

Billeaud, Lionel J., ex-'20. Business, Broussard, La. 

Blackwell, Felix G., ex-'09. Business, Lee's Summit, Mo. 

Blaize, J. Y. Jr., ex-'30. Business, Bay St. Louis, Miss. 

Blake, Ernest E., ex-'22. Business, Cia de Petroli, Tampico, Mexico. 

Blanchard, Merlain, ex-'19. Business, 121 1-2 Broad St., Texarkana, 

Blanco, John E., ex-'lO. Business, 8 Calle Oriente, 26, Guatemala, C. A. 

Blankenstein, Francis A., ex-'15. Business, 704 Orleans St., Natchez, 

Blankenstein, Percy, ex-'27. Business, care Gulf Refining Co., Natchez, 
Miss., 704 Orleans St., Natchez, Miss. 

Blankenstein, W. Clifton, ex-'18. Business, 704 Orleans St., Natchez, 

Bliss, W. E., ex-'31. Business, 1417 Leland Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Bloch, Arnold R., ex-'lO. Vice-President, Alex Bloch Dry Goods Co., 
Mobile, Ala., 930 Government St., Mobile, Ala. 

Bloch, Jacob D., ex-'81. Business, P. O. Box 432, Mobile, Ala., 754 Gov- 
ernment St., Mobile, Ala. 

Boehler, August, ex-'23. Business, 43 S. Bumby St., Orlando, Fla. 

Boesch, Peter V., ex-'23. Business, La Ceiba, Spanish Honduras, C. A. 

Bogue, Terence C, ex-'32. Business, 903 Springhill Ave., Mobile, Ala. 

Bohler, Charles S., S. H. Prep. '23. Business, Rich Co. Court House, 
Augusta, Ga., 999 Highland Ave., Augusta, Ga. 

Bolio, Eduardo, ex-'16. Business, 61, 488 Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. 

Bolio, Vincente, ex-'16. Business, Calle 61, 448, Merida, Yucatan, Mex. 

Boltz, Henry Winston, ex-'24. Business, care United Fruit Co., Preston, 
Oriente, Cuba, Camden, Ala. 

Bonifasi, James, ex-'13. Business, Mazatenango, Guatemala, C. A. 

Bordelon, Martin, ex-'07. Business, Opelousas Finance Co., Opelousas, 

Bosarge, Kenneth, ex-'31. Business, Bayou La Batre, Ala. 

Boudousquie, Paul C, Teller, Canal Bank and Trust Co., 2420 Dauphine 
St., New Orleans, St. 

Boudousquie, Paul C, ex-'23. Business, Canal Bank & Trust Co., New 
Orleans, La., 2420 Dauphine St., New Orleans, La. 

Boudreau, f. T. Jr., ex-'26. Student, Tulane University, 2446 State St., 
New Orleans, La., Washington, La. 

Boulet, Loyd, ex-'25. Business, Box 305, St. Martinsville, La. 

Bourg, Otis G., ex-'31. Business, Houma, La. 

Bourgeois, arlyle J., ex-'15. Business, Jeanerette, La. 


Bourg, Otis J., ex-'31. Business, 1021 E. Main St., Houma, La. 
Boylan, Louis D. Jr., ex-'29. Student, University of Alabama, Spring- 
hill, Ala. 

Brackmann, Fritz G., ex-'25. 2 Avenida Sur. 20, Guatemala, C. A. 

Brackmann, Oscar, ex-'23. 2 Avenida Sur. 20, Guatemala, C. A. 

Brady, Mark, ex-'31. Student, care Conway and Conway, 504 Lincoln 
Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Braun, Carl, ex-'95. Business, 1412 Ave. H., Galveston, Tex. 

Brent, Geo. S., ex-'08. Business, 350 Brent Bldg., Pensacola, Fla., Brent- 
wood, near Pensacola St., Pensacola, Fla. 

Brickell, Louis M., ex-'26. Business, Main St., Yazoo City, Miss., Jack- 
son Ave., Yazoo City, Miss. 

Brinsketle, Fred, ex.-B. S. '26. Business, Brinskelle Plumbing Co., 2400 
Ave. E, Birmingham, Ala. 

Brooks, Raphael M., ex-'12. Business, Hibernia Bldg., New Orleans, La. 
723 Howard Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Brosnahan, John C, ex-'89. Business, Palafox St., Pensacola, Fla. 

Brossier, D. G. Business, 315 N. E. 25th St., Miami, Fla. 

Broussard, Bernard F., ex-'23. Business, Kaplan, La. 

Broussard, G. Rainer, ex-'09. Business, Abbeville Grocery Co., Abbe- 
ville, La., 103 East St., Abbeville, La. 

Broussard, Henry, ex-'23. Business, Mid-West Ice Co., 5th and Kaw 
River, Kansas City, Mo., 1115 E. Armon Blvd., Kansas City, Mo. 

Broussard, Silvio, ex-'82. Business, Main and Weeks Sts., New Iberia, 
La., 436 W. Main St., New Iberia, La. 

Brown, Ernest J., H. S. '24. Business, Lake Providence, La. 

Brown, Jos. P., ex-'19. Business, Millikin, La., Lake Providence, La. 

Brownrigg, John J„ ex-'20. Business, 711 St. Charles St., St. Louis, Mo., 
4515 Lindell Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. 

Buck, William A., ex-'29. Business, Toulminville, Ala. 

Budd, Robert E., ex-'06. Business, Opelousas, La. 

Buddecke, Jos. T., ex-'89. Business, 409 Stern Bldg., New Orleans, La., 
Bienville Hotel, New Orleans, La. 

Burguieres, Albert L., ex-'21. Business, 1742 St. Charles Ave., New Or- 
leans, La., 2720 Coliseum St., New Orleans, La. 

Burguieres, Edward, ex-'23. Business, Louisa P. O., La. 

Burguieres, Ernest A., ex-'05. Business, 827 Union St., New Orleans, 
La., 1616 Valmont St., New Orleans, La. 

Burguieres, Henry I., ex.-B. S. '07. Business, 1136 Eleanore St., New 
Orleans, La. 

Burguieres, Jules, Jr., ex-'18. Business, Louisa P. O., La. 

Burke, Charles, ex-'31. Business, 687 Chelsea St., Memphis, Tenn. 

Burke, Donald R., er-'81. Business, 10 Bridge St., New Iberia, La., 435 
W. Main St., New Iberia, La. 

Burke, E. Boylan, ex-'28. 2006 Calan St., New Orleans, La. 

Burke, John S., ex-'21. Engineer, N. O. Pub. Ser. Inc., 317 Baronne St., 
New Orleans, La., 7326 Spruce St., New Orleans, La. 

Burke, Malcolm H., ex.-03. Business, Burke S. S. Line, Mobile, Ala., 757 
Government St., Mobile, Ala. 

Burke, Michael, ex-'23. Business. 8223 Panola St., New Orleans, La. 

Burke, Owen F., ex.-B. S. '93. President, Burke S. S. Line, Mobile, Ala., 
757 Government St., Mobile, Ala. 


Burke, Thomas J. J., ex-'22. Artist, 1030 Hibernia Bank Bldg., New 

Orleans, La., 2721 Baronne St., New Orleans, La. 
Burke, Walter, ex-B.S. '04. Business, J. F. Maury & Co., Mobile, Ala., 

1353 Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala. 
Burrus, Ernest J., S. J. H. S. '25. Priesthood, Mt. St. Michael's, Hillyard, 

Bryne, Chas. A., Jr., ex-'31. Business, 3732 Canal St., New Orleans, La. 
Byrne, Paul V., ex-B. S. '11, Contractor, 610 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, 

111., 5000 East End Aye., Chicago, 111. 
Byrne, Robert, Business, 414 S. Hamilton St., Mobile, Ala. 
Byrne, Thomas, ex-B. S. '10, 610 S. Michigan Ave,, Chicago, 111. 3750 

Sheridan Road, Chicago, 111. 
Bryne, Walter C, ex-'05. Business, 7820 Maple St., New Orleans, La. 
Byrnes, Bentley, ex-'29. Student, Loyola University, New Orleans, La., 

Prytania St., New Orleans, La. 

Cabellero, De Los Olivos, Julius, ex-'06. Business, Tehaucan, Pueblo, 

Calvet, Francisco, ex-'15. Business, Colon No. 6, Sagua La Grande, 

Cuba, Colon No. 144, Sagua La Grande, Cuba. 
Camara, Ramiro, ex-'06. Business, Calle 69 No. 522, Merida, Yucatan, 

Camargo, Francis, ex-'15. Business, Estado 129, Tampico, Mexico. 
Cambon, Maurice C, ex-'77. U. S. Diplomatic Service, Custom House 

Bldg., Room 322, New Orleans, La., 2004 Napoleon Ave., New 

Orleans, La. 
Campos, Pastor, ex-'ll. Business, Calle 59 No. 436, Merida, Yucatan, 

Caraccioli, Hippolytus, ex-'83. Business, British Honduras, C. A. 
Cardos, Fernando P., ex-'16. Business, San Juan, Costa Rica, C. A. 
Carey, J. Berchmans, S. H. Prep '22. Business, 621 W. Jefferson St., 

Dallas, Tex. 
Carney, James A. Jr., ex-'29. Business, Carney, Ala. 
Carney, Marshall, ex-'94. Business, 8 N. Joachim St., Mobile, Ala., 206 

St. Francis St., Mobile, Ala. 
Carriere, Edward, ex-'84. Business, 5000 Pitt St., New Orleans, La. 
Carriere, Gustave L., ex-'83. Business, 3108 Grand Route, St. John, New 

Orleans, La. 
Carriere, Henry, ex-'83. Business, Times-Picayune, New Orleans, La., 

615 North St., New Orleans, La. 
Carrigan, James J. Jr., ex-'23. Business, care Southwestern Fish Co., 

Vicksburg, Miss., Vicksburg, Miss. 
Carrigan, Raymond, ex-'24. Business, 200 Beal St., Memphis, Tenn., 

1178 Freed Love St., Memphis, Tenn. 
Casale, Salvatore G., ex-'21. Lawyer, 300 Main St., New Britain, Conn., 

186 Francis St., New Britain, Conn. 
Casey, Jas. F., ex-'17. Business, 607 Cedar St., Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Cashin, Ed. J., S. A. T. C. '18. Business, 1009 Telfair St., Augusta, Ga. 
Cash in, Harry L., ex-B. S. '25. Business, Foremost Dairy Products Co., 

Macon, Ga. 
Cashin, Lawrence, S. A. T. C. '18. Business, 1009 Telfair St., Augusta, 

Cashin, Stewart, S. A. T. C. '18. Business, 1009 Telfair St., Augusta, Ga. 


Cassidy. Elmer F., ex-B. S. '23. Business, 4229 Park Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Cassidy, J. H. Jr., ex-'30. Student, Loyola University, St. Charles Ave.. 

New Orleans, La., 301 N. B. Drive, Bogalousa, La. 
Cassidy, William J., ex-'ll. Business, 668 First St., Macon, Ga. 
Castillo, Alphonse, ex-'ll. Business, Truxillo, Span. Honduras, C. A. 
Castleman, Bernard, ex-'19. Business, Belzoni, Miss. 
Castleman, Stephen, ex-B. S. '23. Business, Belzoni, Miss. 
Cazedessus, Camille E., ex-'30. Student, 539 Church St., Baton Rouge, 

Cazentre, Albert, ex-B. S. '27. Opera Singer, care American Consul, 

Milan, Italy. 
Cazentre, Hubert H., ex-'30. Business, 1606 Orleans St., New Or- 
leans, La. 
Ceconi, Elmo J., ex-*31. Student, 1801 Hills Ave., Tampa, Fla. 
Chambers, Wm. Jr., ex-'32. Business, 1508 Ledyard St., Mobile, Ala. 
Chambliss, James, ex-B. S. '28. Business, 6th Ave., Laurel, Miss. 
Chavez, Ernesto, ex-'19. Business, Calle No. 272 Cordovo, Vera Cruz, 

Cheves, James P., ex-20. Business, 4 Habersham Road, Atlanta, Ga. 
Chopin, Lamy J., ex-'22. Business, Derry, La. 

Christian, Thomas B. Jr., ex-B. S. '25. Business, 1424 Laura St., Jack- 
sonville, Fla. 
Christie, Gerard, ex-'31. Student, 323 E. Romana, Pensacola, Fla. 
Christie, Jos. A., ex-'30. Business, American Natl. Bank, Pensacola, Fla., 

323 E. Romana St., Pensacola, Fla. 
Clark, Ernest A., ex-05. Pharmacist, Santa Cruz Armada, Cienfuegos, 

Cleary, John B., ex-'32. Student, 808 S. Carrollton Ave., New Orleans, 

Cobian, Joaquin, ex-'22. Business, Apartado No. 37, Mexico City, Mex., 

Berlin No. 6, Mexico, D. F. Mex., 
Cobian, Jose, ex-'14. Business, Rosales No. 9, Mexico City, Mexico. 
Cofino, Pedro G., ex-'13. Business, 1 Calle Poniente No. 5, Antigua, 

Guatemala, C. A., 5 Avenida, Norte No. 39, Antigua, Guatemala, 

Central America. 
Coghlan, J. J., ex-'17. U. S. Army (Capt.) 18th U. S. Infantry, Fort 

Slocum, N. Y. 
Coles, Stanley V., ex-'18. Business, care First Nat. Bank, St. Augustine, 

Fla., 132 S. Washington St., St. Augustine, Fla. 
Collins, Bernard B., ex-'29. Business, 326 S. Ashby, Atlanta, Ga. 
Colston, Edward G., ex-'85. Business, Route A., Mobile, Ala., Arbor 

Station, Mobile, Ala. 
Conlon, W. F., S. A. T. C. '18. Business, 1313 Ellis Ave., Augusta, Ga. 
Connery, John C, ex-'27. Business, 4236 Madison St., Chicago, 111., 

4140 Washington Blvd., Chicago, 111. 
Conrad, Norman E., H. S. '23. Business, Chamberlain Johnson Dubose 

Co., Atlanta, Ga. 
Conroy, Paul P., ex-'29. Business, Clarksville, Tenn. 
Cooney, John P., ex-'23. Business, care Ala. Broom & Mattress Co., 

Huntsville, Ala., 407 Franklin St., Huntsville, Ala. 
Cooney, Thomas F., S. J., ex-'23. Priesthood, Weston College, Weston, 

Cordero, Adolfo J., ex-'16. Business, Huehuetinango, Guatemala, C. A. 


Comet, John L., ex-'18. Business, 913 Maryland Ave., Washington, D. C 
Corso, Frank, H. S. '24. Business, 510 Lameuse St., Biloxi, Miss. 
Cosio, Rudolph, H. S. '24. Business, 833 Lisbon Ave., Tampa, Fla. 
Costello, Charles J., ex-'19. Business, Tex. Pac. Mo. R. R., New Or 

leans, La., 514 Monroe St., McDonoughville, La. 
Costello, Maurice J., ex-'30. Student, University of Dayton, Dayton 

Ohio, 1208 Salem Ave., Dayton, Ohio. 
Costello, Raymond J., ex-'04. Business, 2613 Exeter Ave., Bessemer, Ala 
Courtney, James W., S. J., ex-'19. Priesthood, Spring Hill College, Spring 

hill, Ala. 
Courtney, Robert G., H. S. '22. Business, Simmons Airways, Cristobal 

C. Z. 
Couvillion, Ryan J., ex-'29. Student, Loyola University, New Orleans 

La., Marksville, La. 
Cowles, W. F., ex-H. S. '21. Business, 1252 Old Shell Road, Mobile, Ala 
Coyle, Auguste D., H. S. '25. Student, St. Charles College, Grand 

Coteau, La. 
Coyle, William G., S. J., ex-'17. Priesthood, Mount, St. Michael, Hill 

yard, Wash. 
Craig, Doddridge H., ex-'89. Business, 2318 1-2 Austin St., Houston, Tex 
Crampton, Guy C, ex-'89. Teacher, Fernald Hall, Mass. Agr. Col., Am 

herst, Mass. 
Crane, Mill J., ex-'18. Business, Pere Marquette Bldg., New Orleans 

La., 7741 S. Claiborne Ave., New Orleans, La. 
Cunningham, John, ex-'67. Business, Conecuh Nat. Farm & Loan Assn. 

Evergreen, Ala., Perryman St., Evergreen, Ala. 
Curren, William J., ex-'22. Lawyer, 315 St. Charles St., New Orleans 

La., 1443 Calhoun St., New Orleans, La. 
Curtis, Arthur H., ex-B. S. '21. Business, 2029 Pine St., New Orleans, La 

Danna, Anthony R., ex-'30. Student, 1503 N. Blvd., Baton Rouge, La. 
Danos, L. Arthur, ex-'22. Business, 348 Adams St., Gary, Ind. 
D'Antoni, Biaggio, ex-22. Business, Standard Fruit & S. S. Co.. New 

Orleans, La., 6 Newcombe Blvd., New Orleans, La. 
D'Antoni, Louis J., ex-'25. Business, 4421 S. Miro St., New Orleans, La. 
D'Antoni, Salvador, ex-B. S. '23. Business, 4421 S. Miro St., New Orleans 

D'Aquin, Holliday J., ex-'27. Business, Covington, La. 
D'Aquin, Jas. J., ex-'84. Business, 4311 Galvez Place, New Orleans, La. 
Davidson, Allan G., ex-'23. Business, 701 Meriam St., Plaquemine, La. 
Davis, John R., ex-'14. Business, 2127 Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala. 
Day, William H., ex-B. S. '18. Business. Credit Mgr. White Bros. Co., 

624 Canal St., New Orleans, La. 3916 N. Villere St. New Orleans, La. 
Debardeleben, P. Caldwell, ex-'19. Business, 431 Mabry St., Selma, Ala. 
Dejean, Wm, ex-'30. Business, Opelousas, La. 
De La Houssaye, Arthur A., ex-'22. Lawyer, 412 Masonic Temple, New 

Orleans, La., 522 Short St., New Orleans, La. 
Delaune, Irving A., ex-'09. Business, 1508 College St., Beaumont, Tex. 
Del Valle, Louis, ex-'18. Business, O'Reilly St., Havana, Cuba. 
Dempsey, Harold A., ex-'26. Journalist, Cotton Trade Journal, New 

Orleans, La., 1236 Jackson Ave., New Orleans, La. 
Deneefe, Robert E. Jr., ex-'31 .Student, University of Notre Dame, 427 

Howard St., South Bend, Ind., 55 Bienville Ave., Mobile, Ala. 


Devereux, Jos. T., ex-'94. Business, 316 Baronne St., New Orleans, La., 
2504 Esplanade Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Devinney, Calvin C. Jr., ex-'05. Business, care Hugger Bros. Const. Co., 
Montgomery, Ala., 110 Herron St., Montgomery, Ala. 

DeWitt, Granville H., ex-B. S. '28. Business, Alabama Power Co., Mo- 
bile, Ala., 306 St. Joseph St., Mobile, Ala. 

Dillon, Rev. Richard G., ex-'20. Priesthood, Church of St. Peter and Paul, 

214 E. 8th St., Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Dimitry, Dracos A., ex-'04. Business, 908-9 Majestic Bldg., Detroit, 

Mich., 637 Brentwood Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Dimitry, Robert M., ex-'17. Business, 570 E. 37th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Dinkier, Carling, ex-'15. Business, Ansley Hotel, Atlanta Ga., Andrews 

Drive, Atlanta, Ga. 
Dinkier, Oscar, ex-B. S. '93. Business, Ansley, Hotel, Atlanta, Ga. 
D'Oiive, Walter F., S. A. T. C. '18. Business, Bedsole-Colvin Drug Co., 

Mobile, Ala., 162 Dexter Ave., Mobile, Ala. 
Doiron, Albert J., ex-'04. Business, 502 Academy St., Houma, La. 
Dolson, Benj. A., ex-'08. Business, 465 Ocean Ave., Brooklyn, N. . 
Dolson, Charles M., ex-'17. Business, Fort Rochmond, Staten Island, 

New York. 
Dolson, John N., ex-'lO. Business, 170 Lexington Ave., New York, N. Y. 
Donde, Raoul, ex-'17. Business, Calle Donato Guerra No. 27, Mexico 

City, Mexico. 
Donegan, Patrick J., Jr., ex-'17. Business, 506 Felicity St., New Or- 
leans, La. 
Donoghue, Leonard A., S. H. Prep., '21. Student, Merrill, Wis. 
Donovan, Francis J., ex-'18. Business, 122 Washington St., Selma, Ala., 

320 Mabry St., Selma, Ala. 
Dorn, Lambert C, S. J., ex-21. Priesthood, St. Louis University, St. 

Louis, Mo. 
Doughty, Eben W., H. S. '22. Business, Washington, Ga. 
Douglas, Wm. P., ex-'32. Business, 313 McDonald Ave., Mobile, Ala. 
Doyle, Harwell J., ex-'28. Business, 1907 Government St., Mobile, Ala. 
Doyle, Robert W., ex-'32. Student, 17 Alvord St., Torrington, Conn. 
Drouin, Claver Jr., ex-'23. Business, Mansura, La. 
Druhan, Jos. M. ex-B. S. '24. Business, Walsh Stevedore Co., Mobile, 

Ala., 1363 Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala. 
Dubuisson, Richard, ex-'26. Business, 421 Broadway St. New Orleans, La 
Ducote, Benj. C, ex-B. S. '93. Merchant, Cottonport, La. 
Ducote, Sheldon, ex-'93. Business, Cottonport, La. 
Dugas, Elphege T., ex-'74. Business, Napoleonville, La. 
Dugas, Gaston J., ex-'02. Business, Gaston's Garage, Lafayette, La. 
Duggan, Aloysius M., ex-'19. Business, 301 Baronne St., New Orleans, 

La., 1153 Canal St., New Orleans, La. 
Duffy, Marvin J., ex-'23. Business, 637 Blue Island Ave., Chicago, 111., 

4326 Washington Blvd., Chicago, 111. 
Dunbar, George W., ex-'85. Business, 527 Conti St., New Orleans, La., 

232 Audubon Blvd., New Orleans, La. 
Dunbar, William E., ex-'lO. Engineer, 10 S. Hogan St., Jacksonville, 

Fla., 828 W. Monroe St., Jacksonville, Fla. 
Duncan, Joseph J. H. S. '20. Business, 1124 S. 12th St., Birmingham, Ala. 
Dunn, Walter T. Jr., ex-'32. Business, 805 Augustas, St.. Mobile, Ala. 


Dupre, Ralph, ex-'OO. Business, Canal Bank & Trust Co., New Orleans, 

La., 906 Dante St., Apt. A., New Orleans, La. 
Durel, Francis A., ex-'25. Business, 5202 Conti St., New Orleans, La., 
Dyer, Isadore, ex-'30. Student, Tulane University, New Orleans, La., 

2624 Marengo St., New Orleans, La. 
Dyson, Jas. W., ex-'23. Priesthood, St. John's Seminary, Little Rock, 

Ark., 318 W. Beaver St., Jacksonville, Fla. 

Eden, Charles D., ex-H. S. '23. Lumberman, 412 Wisconsin Ave., Mobile, 

Eichold, Hugo V., ex-'09. Sec'y. Mobile Drug Co., Mobile, Ala., 407 

Government St., Mobile, Ala. 
England, John E., ex-B. S. '24. Business, 1601 Monterey Place, Mobile, 

Ernest, Walter C. Jr., ex-'24. Business, 57 St. Joseph St., Mobile, Ala., 

1505 Iberville St., Mobile, Ala. 
Esponda, Gustave A., ex-'27. Business, Comitan Chiappas, Mex., 8a 

Calle No. 25. 

Fabacker, Anthony E., ex-'14. Business, 201 Julia St.. New Orleans, 

La., 7117 Benjamin St., New Orleans, La. 
Fabacker, John B., ex-B. S. '19. Supt. Jackson Brewing Co., N. O., La., 

470 Fairway Drive, New Orleans, La. 
Fabacker, Joseph J., ex-'21. Business, Sec. Jackson Brewing Co., N. O., 

La., 3721 Versailles Blvd., New Orleans, La. 
Fabacker, Lawrence B., ex-B. S. '10. Business, Pres. Jackson Brewing 

Co., N. O., La., 5705 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, La. 
Faget, Louis E., ex-'05. Musician, 1124 N. Dorgenois St., New Orleans, 

Fahy, Bernard S., ex-'02. Business, Rome, Ga. 
Fajardo, Arthur, ex-'24. 9 Calle No. 14, Guatemala, C. A. 
Feore, Patrick L., ex-B. S. '24. President, Pat Feore Tire Co., Mobile, 

Ala., 2003 Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala. 
Fernandez, Fernand, ex-'72. Business, Box 304, Donaldsonville, La. 
Fernandez, Manuel, ex-'03. Business, Calle 64 No. 507, Merida Yucatan, 

Ferriday, Charles F., ex-'21. Business, Coca Cola Co., Atlanta, Ga., 

1475 Calhoun St., New Orleans, La. 
Fields, Maruis J., ex-'89. Business, Main St., Opelouscas, La., 442 Main 

St., Opelousas, La. 
Finch, Gregory B., ex-'lO. Business, Barnes-Creary Supply Co., Mobile, 

Ala., 956 Old Shell Road, Mobile, Ala. 
Finch, Thomas W., Jr., S. A. T. C, '18. Business, Warrant Wholesale 

Co., Mobile, Ala., Front St., near Andrews Mobile, Ala. 
Fitzpatrick, John W., ex-'23. Journalism, 1835 Arch St., Philadelphia, 

Pa., 153 E. Coulter St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Flanigan, George J., Rev., ex-'18. Priesthood, 2564 Hale St.; Memphis, 

Flautt, John A., ex-'29. Business, Sumner, Miss. 
Fleming, Martin C, ex-'31. Business, Meridian, Miss. 
Fogarty, Augustus K., S. A. T. C, '18. Business, care Western Union, 

Macon, Ga. 



Fontenot, Paul, ex-'23. Business, Washington, La. 

Forcheimer, Leopold ex-'22. Treasurer, M. Forcheimer Grocery Co., 

Mobile, Ala., 960 Government St., Mobile, Ala. 
Ford, James I., ex-'23. Lawyer, 218 Krebs Ave., Pascagoula, Miss., 220 

N. Pascagoula St., Pascagoula, Miss. 
Foster, Charles B., ex-B. S. C, '26. Business, 623 West Beach, Biloxi, 

Foster, Henry, ex-B. S. C, '30. Student, University of Mississippi, 

Oxford, Miss., 623 W. Beash, Biloxi, Miss. 
Fox, Jos., ex-'31. Student, University of Detroit, Detroit, Mich., 1601 

Beech St., Birmingham, Ala. 
Francez, Laennec H., ex-'05. Business, R. P. D. No. 2, Lafayette, La. 
Freret, A., Hollywod, 1026 Woodward Bldg., Birmingham, Ala. 
Fricke, Charles, ex-'70. Business, 111 E. Ave. E., Kentwood, La. 
Fries, Richard H., ex-'78. Lawyer, 315 Farley Bldg., Birmingham, Ala., 

2818 10th Ave., S., Birmingham, Ala. 
Fuller, Robert J., ex-B. S., '13. Mgr., Fuller Bros., Mobile, Ala., 214 S. 

Catherine St., Mobile, Ala. 
Fusel ier, James, ex-'75. Business, Broussard, La. 

Galan, Pedro G., ex-'22. Business, Avenida 16 Sep. No. 58, Mexico City, 

Gallagher, C. Stapleon, ex-'06. Business, 105 Dexter Ave., Montgomery, 
Ala., 633 S. McDonough St., Montgomery, Ala. 

Gallagher, Jas. C, ex-'21. Business, 1230 Logan St., Denver, Colo. 

Garber, Albert C, ex-'95. Business, 506 Brown Marx Bldg., Birming- 
ham, Ala., 3608 Clairmont Ave., Birmingham, Ala. 

Garber, Jas. B., ex-'95. Business, 506 Brown Marx Bldg., Birmingham, 
Ala., 3608 Clairmont Ave., Birmingham, Ala. 

Garcia, Raymundo R., ex-'22. Business, Colonia Imparcial No. 29 Alz- 
capt, D. F., Mexico. 

Garmendia, Francisco A., ex-'22. Business, 207 South St., Boston, Mass., 
158 St. Paul St., Brookline, Mass. 

Geary Leo P., ex-B. S., '29. Student, St. Louis University, She. of Den- 
tistry, St. Louis, Mo., 815 St. Francis St., Mobie, Ala. 

Gelpi, Aristide, ex-'81. Business, 3726 Canal St., New Orleans, La. 1141 
Prytania St., New Orleans, La. 

Gelpi, George, ex-'Ol. Business, 3726 Canal St., New Orleans, La. 1141 
Prytania St., New Orleans, La. 

Gelpi, Raoul, ex-B.S. '01. Business, 3726 Canal St., New Orleans, La., 
1142 Prytania St., New Orleans, La. 

Gelpi, Ferdinand J., ex-B. S. '17. Business, 3726 Canal St., New Orleans, 

Gerald, Nathan D., H. S. '24. Business, 306 Charles St., Mobile, Ala. 

Gianelloni, S. J., ex-B. S. '20. Business, Baton Rouge, La. 

Gibbons, Henry C, ex-'21. Business, care Tampa Electric Co., Tampa, 
Fla., 916 23rd Ave., Tampa, Fla. 

Gill, William F., ex-'65. Lawyer, 7 N. Wall St., Parish, Tex., 73 S. Bir- 
mingham St., Paris, Tex. 

Gilmore, Allen C, ex-'29. Student, 2115 15th Ave., Birmingham, Ala. 

Glass, William, ex-'89. Business, Friars Club, New York, N. Y., 110 W. 
48th St., New York, N. Y. 



Glennon, James K., II., ex-'20. Student, Box 2106, Auburn, Ala., 1356 
Dauphin Way, Mobile, Ala. 

Glennon, James K., ex-'62. Business, 207 St. Joseph St., Mobile, Ala. 

Glover, Geo. F., ex-B. S. '21. Business, 1305 Soniat St., New Orleans, La. 

Glover, Julian J., ex-'30. Student. Warrington, Fla. 

Godard, Joseph J., ex-'77. Business, 305 S. Washington Ave., Mobile, 

Godbold, Geo. T., H. S. '24. Merchant Marine, Mate. 911 Church St., 
Mobile, Ala. 

Godbery, Jas. W., ex-'83. Chief PI. Insp., 625 Carondelett St., New Or- 
leans, La., 724 Webster St., New Orleans, La. 

Godbery, Jos. V., ex-'83. Business, Hotel Senate, Turn St. at Larkin, 
San Francisco, Cal. 

Godbery, Louis J., ex-'83. Business, 714 Girod St., New Orleans, La., 
724 Webster St., New Orleans, La. 

Goldman, Victor E., ex-'84. Business, 207 N. Main St., Victoria, Tex. 

Golthwaite, Jos. M., ex-'05. Business, 310 N. Three Notch St., Troy, Ala. 

Gonzales, Manuel F., ex-'29. Business, Box 1220, Pensicola, Fla. 

Goodloe, J. Russell, ex-'21. Dentist, 406 Van Antwerp Bldg., Mobile, 
Ala., 10 S. Broad St., Mobile, Ala. 

Gououx, Leon L., ex-'83. Business, B. Main St., Houma, La., Park Ave., 
Houma, La. 

Grace, Fred J. Jr., S. H. Prep. '22. Business, Jahnke Serv. Co., 304 
Triad Bldg., Baton Rouge, La., 781 North St., Baton Rouge, La. 

Grace, Thomas C, ex-'12. Business, 243 Laurel St., Baton Rouge, La., 
1976 Govt. St., Baton Rouge, La. 

Graham, L. W., ex-'31. Business, 407 Lang St., Memphis, Tenn. 

Graham, Thomas P., Jr. S. A. T. C. '18. Business, Manager P. Graham, 
Inc., New Orleans La., 4322 Jena St., New Orleans, La. 

Gramigna, Victor, ex-'30. Business, 2035 Brevard St., Tampa, Fla. 

Granda Juan J., ex-B. S. '16. Business, care Brackman Brothers, Guate- 
mala, C. A. 

Granes, Antonio, ex-'03. Business, 60 Benito Juarez, Vera Cruz, Mex. 

Gray, Herbert C, ex-'16. Lawyer, Marion Bldg., Augusta, Ga., Lom- 
bard Court, Augusta, Ga. 

Gremillion, Cornelius, ex-'29. Business, 517 3rd St., Alexandria, La. 

Gremillion, Earl J., ex-'32. Business, 530 Winn St., Alexandria, La. 

Griffin, E. Ingersoll, ex-'22. Business, Bank of Yazoo City, Yazoo City, 
Miss., 703 E. Madison St., Yazoo City, Miss. 

Grill, John, ex-B. S. '27. Business, 220 N. 13th St., S. W., Birmingham, 

Groom, Winston F., ex-'26. Business, 71 Conti St., Mobile, Ala., P. O. 
,Box 707, Mobile, Ala. 

Guggenheim, Emanuel, ex-'81. Business, 6-10 Water St., Mobile, Ala., 
1351 Government St., Mobile, Ala. 

Guiteras, George G., S. H. Prep. '20. Student, University of Pennsyl- 
vania, 201 St. Marks Square, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Guiteras, John R., ex-B. S. '18. General Electric Co., Havana, Cuba. 

Gutierrez, Manuel E., ex-'20. Business, 805 Pere Marquette Bldg., New 
Orleans, La., 1238 Third St., New Orleans, La. 

Gutierrez, Norman H.. ex-'22. Business, 1239 Third St., New Orleans, 


Haas, Robert T., ex'31. Business, 250 Michigan Ave., Mobile, Ala. 
Hagan, Cyril T. I. ex-'24. Business, P. O. Box 2, Bloomington, Ind., 4514 

Ellis Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Hahn, Aaron N. Jr., ex-'19. Business, Metropolitan Life Insurance Co., 

Columbus, Miss., 616 3rd Ave. So., Columbus, Miss. 
Hails, D. Troy. Business, 1425 Sevilla Ave., Coral Gables, Fla. 
Hale, T. Percy, ex-'05. Lawyer, 369 Pine St., San Francisco, Cal., Mark 

Hopkins Hotel, San Francisco, Cal. 
Haller, Karl H., ex-'18. Engineer, Office of County Engineer, West 

Palm Beach, Fla., Buena Vista Hotel, West Palm Beach, Fla. 
Hanlein, Edward D., ex-'28. Business, care Alabama Power Co., 221 

Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala., 160 St. Joseph St., Mobile, Ala. 
Harris, Newton H., ex-'26. Student, care Pergues & Pergues, Texas St., 

Mansfield, La., Head Ave., Mansfield, La. 
Harris, R. O., ex-B. S. '28. Engineer, 306 Michigan Ave., Mobile, Ala. 
Hassinger, Richard, ex-'28. Business, 2028 Highland Ave., Birmingham, 

Harty, Francis X., ex-'22. Business, Box 373, Savannah, Gi., 222 B. 

Givinnett St., Savannah, Ga. 
Harty, Jos. E., ex-'17. Business, 222 E. Givinnett St., Savannah, Ga. 
Harty, Emmett L., ex-'07. Lawyer, Wilzin Bldg., Greenville, Miss., 312 

S. Broadway, Greenville, Miss. 
Hartwell, Carl O., ex-'25. Business, 231 Dauphine St., New Orleans, 

La., 1448 Jackson Ave., New Orleans, La. 
Hawkins, J. Orlando, ex'25. Business, 228 E. Kings Highway, Shreve- 

port, La., 2235 Queens Highway, Shreveport, La. 
Hayes, Arthur H., ex-'28. Business, Windermere Hotel, St. Louis, Mo. 
Healey, Louis J., S. H. Prep. '23. Business, 223 Perdido St., New Or- 
leans, La. 
Hebert, Warren, ex-'28. Student, 1650 Robert St., New Orleans. La. 
Heinemann, David A., ex-'74. Doctor, 640 Adams St., Memphis, Tenn. 
Henderson, Gerald M., ex-'30. Business, care Acipco Y. M. C. A., Bir- 
mingham, Ala., 1613 31st Ave. No, Birmingham, Ala. 
Herman, Benito J., S. A. T. C. '18. Business, Alabama Corn Mills, Mo- 
bile, Ala., 917 Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala. 
Herman, William A., Jr., ex-'30. Business, 908 Marion Bldg., Augusta. 

Ga., 1334 Broad St., Augusta, Ga. 
Herrera, Juan D., ex-'13. Business, 12 Avenida No. 18, Guatemala,, C. A. 
Herron, Edward D. Jr., H. S. '26. Student, care E. D. Herron, City Hall, 

Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Hill, James, ex-B. S. '87. Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D. C. 
Hoerner, Julius F., ex-'24. Business, Y. & M. V. R. R. Co., Vicksburg, 

Miss., 1514 Walnut St., Vicksburg, Miss. 
Hoffman, Beverly, ex-B. S. '05. Business, 3712 Louisiana Parkway, 

New Orleans, La. 
Hoffman, Robert G., ex-'98. Musician, 919 Taft Place, New Orleans, La. 
Holliday, Edward R., ex-B. S. '24. Business, 910 Myrtle Ave. N. E., 

Atlanta, Ga. 
Holliday, Joseph, H. S. '24. Business, 910 Myrtle Ave. N. E., Atlanta, Ga. 
Hogan, George, ex-'18. Business, 33 Hollwood St., Asheville ,N. C. 
Holden, R. Cleary, ex-'15. Business, 15 S. Main St., Ocala, Fla.. 703 E. 
2nd St., Ocala, Fla. 


Hopkins, George, ex-'27. Business, 2601 Melpomene St., New Orleans, 
La., 1413 Clara St., New Orleans, La. 

Horlock, Ralph L., ex-'lO. Business, U. S. Vet. Hospital No. 74, Gulf- 
port, Miss. 

Horst, Martin, ex-'29. Business, 111 St. Emmanuel St., Mobile, Ala. 

Houston, Harry, Jr., ex-'30. Student, University of Alabama, Tusca- 
loosa, Ala., Springhill Ala. 

Huet, James E., ex-'31. Business, Toulminville, Ala. 

Hughes, Carol C, ex-'30. Business, 1546 Cleveland Ave., Birmingham, 

Hughes, F. Massie, ex-'17. Naval Officer, U. S. S. Hannibal, care Post- 
master, New York, N. Y., Selma, Ala. 

Hughes, Jolma, Jr., ex-'30. Business, 1595 Warren St., Mobile, Ala. 

Hunter, John R., ex-'98. Lawyer, 508 Commercial Bank Bldg., Alex- 
andria, La., 1909 Albert St., Alexandria, La. 

Hunter, W. S. ex-B. S. '07. Business, 3503 N. 17th St., Birmingham, Ala. 

Hyland, Jos. D., ex-'23. Lawyer, 537 Canal Bank Bldg., New Orleans, 
La., 3826 Canal St., New Orleans, La. 

Imahorn, Albert P., ex-'17. Banker; President American Bank & Trust 

Co., Mobile, Ala., 59 1-2 S. Monterey St., Mobile, Ala. 
tmpastato, Samuel, ex-'30. Business. Southern Athletic Assoc, Cathedral 

Hall, Conti St., Mobile, Ala. 
Inge, Clifton, C, ex-'2z. Lawyer, First Nat. Bank Bldg., Mobile, Ala., 

170 S. Georgia Ave., Mobile, Ala. 
Inge, F. Marion, ex-'04. Doctor, 436 First National Bank Bldg., Mobile, 

Ala., 22 Lanier St., Mobile, Ala. 
Inge, Richard, ex-B. S. '23. Student, 1410 Government St., Mobile, Ala. 
Ingersoll, Alfred L. ex-B. S. '03. Clerk M. & O. R. R. Mobile, Ala., Y. M. 

C. A. Bldg., Mobile, Ala. 
Irvine, Geo. R., ex-B. S. C. '27. Business, Alabama-Baldwin Investment 

Co., Mobile, Ala., Hotel St. Andrew, Mobile, Ala. 

Jarvls, Narbone, H. S. '20. Business, 852 Conti St., Mobile, Ala. 

Joachim, B. F., ex-'31. Business, Ocean Springs, Miss. 

Johnson, Rev. J. Harrington, S. J., ex-'13. Priesthood, San Felipi Rec- 
tory, Box A., Old Albusuersue, N. M. 

Johnston, Amos R., ex-'90. Business, 786 Belhaven St., Jackson, Miss., 
care Capitol Nat. Bank, Jackson, Miss. 

Johnston, Amos R., Jr., ex-'18. Business, c:ire Standard Oil Co., Tampa, 
Fla., 2914 Aquila St., Tampa, Fla. 

Jones, Catesby R., ex-'18. Business, 212 Broad St., Selma, Ala., 901 
Church St., Selma, Ala. 

Jones, Edward L., ex-'31. Business, 120 New St., St. Francis St., Mo- 
bile, Ala. 

Jones, J. Harley, ex-'25. Business, Railey Milam Hdw. Co., Miami, Fla., 
522 S. W. 10th Ave., Miami, Fla. 

Jordy, Albert S., ex-'95. Business, 1 Beechwood Ave., Catonsville, Md. 

Jordy, Numa R., ex-B. S. '98. Business, care Gassie and Bell, 2314 
Carondolet St., New Orleans, La. 

Jossen, John, ex-'97. Business, 25 W. 86th St., New York, N. Y. 


Juanez, Alvaro J., ex-'16 .Business, Calle 58 No. 530, Merida, Yucatan, 

Juanez, Fernando, ex-'05. Business, Calle 59, No. 530, Merida, Yuca- 
tan, Mexico. 

Juli, Godfrey P., S. J., ex-'24. Priesthood. Mt. St. Michael, Hillyard, 

Jumonville, John, Jr., ex-'97. Business, 5317 S. Broadway, Los An- 
geles, Cal., 5743 Mullen Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Jumonville, Leonce J., ex-'04. Business, 415 Parkerson Ave., Crowley, 

Jumonville, Walter J., ex-'02. Business, Jumonville Furniture Co., Hous- 
ton, Tex., 3010 Smith St., Houston, Tex. 

Karcher, William E., ex-'18. Business, Ala. Tenn. & Northern R. R. Co., 
Traffic Dept., Mobile, Ala., 23 S. Julia St., Mobile.. Ala. 

Keenan, William F., ex-'24. Business, 747 Reynolds, Augusta, Ga., 1434 
Anthony Road, August, Ga. 

Kelling, William J., ex-B. S. '27. Business, Route 6, Box 132, Club Drive, 

Atlanta, Ga. 
Keith, Minor C, Business, 17 Battery Place, New York, N. Y. 
Kelly, Edward H., S. A. T. C. '18. Business, Pollock Dry Goods Co., 

Mobile, Ala., 957 Government St., Mobile, Ala. 
Kelly, John F., S. A. T. C. '18. Business, 164 1-2 S. Broad St., Mobile, Ala. 
Kelly, R. Glennon, ex-'14. Business, care Citizens Coal Co., 224 11th 

Ave., N., Nashville, Tenn., Golf Club Lane, Nashville, Tenn. 
Kenedy, James, ex-'75 Business, Brownsville, Tex. 
Kenedy, John G., ex-'OO. Business, Sarita, Cropus Christi, Tex., Sarita 

Kenedy, Tex. 
Kent, Earle, ex-'29. Student, 605 S. Pierce St., New Orleans, La. 
Keoughan, James A., ex-A. B. '17. Business, 11 Louirell St., Mobile, Ala. 
Keoughan, Joseph, ex-B. S. '21. Engineer, care Continental Oil Co.. 

Santa Paula, Cal. 
Kern ion, Geo. O. H., ex-'95 .Lawyer, 603 New Orleans Bank Bldg., New 

Orleans, La., 7723 Burthe St., New Orleans, La. 
Kevlin, Wallace, Business, 4042 67th St., Woodside, L. I.. N. Y. 
Killion, F. William, ex-'18. Business, 101-105 N. Commerce St., Mobile, 

Ala., 301 S. Ann St., Mobile, Ala. 
King, Homer W., ex-B. S. '09. Business, 164 S. Broad St., Mobile, Ala. 
Kirn, Lawrence T., ex-'13. Business, City Ball, Paving and Lien Dept., 

St. Charles and Lafayette Sts., New Orleans, La., 5925 Annuncia- 
tion St., New Orleans, La. 
Kizer, Thomas J., ex-'28. Journalism, 911 Sherman Ave., Evanston, 111. 
Klaus, Julius L., ex-'89. Business, Macon, Miss. 
Kleinpeter, Vincent I., ex-'26. Seminarian, Notre Dame Seminary, New 

Orleans, La., Hope Villa, La. 
Klingman, Henry A., ex-'07. Business, Montegut, La. 
Klos, John C, ex-'72. Business, 715 Canal St., New Orleasn, La., 1819 

S. Gayose St., New Orleans, La. 
Klosky, Simon, ex-A. B. '13. Lawyer. 1226 Otis St., Washington, D. C. 
Konstanzer, Hoffman, ex-B. S. '12. Secretary Harper Oil Co., Mobile, 

Ala., 308 Dexter Ave., Mobile, Ala. 



Lafaye, Clifford, ex-'22. Business, 3101 De Soto St., New Orleans, La. 
Lambert, Walter J., ex-'05. Business, 616 S. Peters St., New Orleans, 

La., 2216 LaHarpe St., New Orleans, La. 
Lamicq, Pedor, ex-'03. Business, San Jose, Costa Rica, C. A. 
Lanata, Sydney J., ex-'02. Business, 3208 Palmyra St., New Orleans, La. 

Landry, Anthony, ex-'95. Sheriff, Iberia Parish] Court House, New 

Iberia, La., 420 E. Main St., New Iberia, La. 
Lange, Clarence, ex-A. B. '19. Aviator, U. S .Aviation Corps, 51st 

Squadron, Brookfield, San Antonio, Tex. 
Lange, Louis G., ex-'18. Business, 2332 Burdette St., New Orleans, La. 
Lange, Sidney J., ex-'07. Business, Mathew Bros., 837 Union St., New 

Orleans, La., 2410 Octavio St., New Orleans, La. 
Lankford, F. Emerson, ex-'29. Engineer, Ala. State Docks Com., Mo- 
bile, Ala., 1404 Centre St., Mobile, Ala. 
Lappington, George L., ex-'19. Business, 814 S. Palafox St., Pensacola, 

Fla., 118 W. Cervantes St., Pensacola, Fla. 
Lappington, Milton, ex-B. S. '25. Business, 118 Parker Ave., Mobile, Ala. 
Larkin, Thomas F., ex-'32. Student, 708 Harmony Ave., Dayton, Ohio. 
Larrasquitu, Julian, ex-'85. Planter, Calle Ge. Manuel Gonzales, No. 

13, Metamoras, Mex. 
Latour, Parvin L., ex-30. Business, 2317 Park St., Houston, Tex., 

Welsh, La. 
Lacstatter, T. Eugene, ex-'17. 302 N. 6th St., Clarksburg, Va. 
Laurents, Alfred L., ex-'08. Business, 78 Perry St., New York, N. Y. 
Laviada, Anthony, ex-'08. Business, Calle 61, 3516, Merida Yucatan, Mex. 
Leake, James R., ex-'29. Business, St. Francisville, La. 
Leal, Manuel J., ex-'16. Santa Vera Cruz No. 38, Mexico City, Mex. 
LeBaron, Leonard D., Jr., H. S. 26. Business, Turner Supply Co., Mobile, 

Ala., 202 Roper St., Mobile, Ala. 
Lee, Cecil F., ex-31. Student, University of Detroit, Detroit, Mich., 

Dade City, Fla. 
Lefebvre, Henry G., ex-'09. Business, Puerto Cortes, Span. Honduras, 

Central America. 
Lemoine, Lawrence P., ex-'32. Business, Cottonport, La. 
Lemoine, Thomas A., Jr., ex-'15. Business, Moreauville, La. 
Lerlo, Louis, H. S. '26. Mach., 209 N. Broad St., Mobile, Ala. 
Levert, Charles F., ex-'18. Business, Igenio Jababo, Jababo Oriente, 

Levert, J. Alfred, Business, Brown Marx Bldg., Birmingham, Ala. High- 
land Plaza Apts., 2238 Highland Ave., Birmingham, Ala. 
Levert, John B., ex-'30. Student. 80 S. E. Beach, Biloxi, Miss. 
Lima, Jos. M., Jr., ex-'13. Doctor, Ave Reforma, Guatemala, C. A. 
Lira, Manuel, ex-'69. Business, Matamoras, Mex. 
Lira, Vincent, ex-'70. Business, Matamoras, Mex. 

Livaudais, O. S., ex-'31. Student, 217 Friscoville Ave., New Orleans, La. 
Long, B. J., Jr., ex-'29. Engineer, 1958 Peabody St., Memphis, Tenn. 
Long, Everette, ex-'31. Business, Grand Bay, Ala. 
Long, Samuel, ex-'82. Business, Republic Varnish Works, 201 Thomas 

St., Newark, N. J., Hotel Rivera, Newark, N. J. 
Longorio, Emilo, ex-'76. Business, Matamoras, Mex. 
Lopez, Camilo R., ex-'15. Business, Apartado 7989, Mexico City, Mex., 

Calle Bolivar No. 918, Poniente, Monterey, Mex. 


Lopez, Lazaro, Jr., ex-'28. Student, Loyola University, New Orleans 
La., 1132 W. Beach, Biloxi, Miss. 

Louisell, Clifton M., ex-'08. Business, U. S. Naval Station, Bar A, No 
8, Newport, R. I. 

Lowenstein, Aaron, ex-B. S. '04. Business, Taylor-Lowenstein & Co. 

Mobile, Ala., 256 Rapier Ave., Mobile, Ala. 
Lowenstein, Henry C, ex-B. S. '11. Business, 104 Lowenstein Bldg., Mo 

bile, Ala., 960 Government St., Mobile, Ala. 
Lowenstein, Sidney, ex-B. S. '98. Business, Taylor-Lowenstein & Co. 

Mobile, Ala., 1 McDonald Ave., Mobile, Ala. 
Lucas, Alphonse, S. A. T. C. '18. Business, 201 Park Bldg., Mobile, Ala. 

1510 W. Howard Ave., Biloxi, Miss. 
Lucas, Robert R., ex-'31. Student, 443 Price St., Baltimore, Md. 
Lujan, Santos, ex-'15. Business, Guatemala, C. A. 

Lurry, Hugh T., ex-28. Business, care Zenoria Lumber Co., Zenoria, La 
Lyons, A. Sidney, ex-'81. Business, 330 N. Water St., Mobile, Ala., 508 

Church St., Mobile, Ala. 
Lyons, Joseph T., ex-'27. Business, 123 N. Water St., Lebanon, Ky. 
Lyons, L. LeBaron, ex-B. S. '90. Vice-President First Nat'l Bank, Presi 

dent Alabama Corn Mills, Mobile, Ala., 960 Govt. St., Mobile, Ala 
Lyons, Mark, ex-'98. Business, 113-115 N. Water St., Mobile, Ala., 1129 

Montauk Ave., Mobile, Ala. 

Mackin, Terrance, ex-B. S. '31. Business, Franklin Realty Co., Birming 

ham, Ala., 918 S. 18th St., Birmingham, Ala. 
Macy, Robert, ex-'82. Doctor, Bon Secour, Ala. 
Mahorner, Bernard T., ex-'25. Lawyer, 1028 W. Union St., Gainsville 

Mahorner, Louis D., ex-'23. Lawyer, 25 St. Julia St., Mobile, Ala. 
Malioy, Jos. W., ex-'24. Priesthood, Mt. St. Michael, Hillyard, Wash 
Manigan, Peter E., ex-'27. Student, Memphis University of Law, Mem 

phis, Tenn., 201 Stonewall Place, Memphis, Tenn. 
Manion, John E. Jr., ex-'19. Engineer, N. O. Pub. Serv.. Inc., New Or 

leans, La., 8002 Cohn St., New Orleans, La. 
Manser, Robert H., ex-'83. Business, 42 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

37 Martling Ave., Pleasantville, Westchester County, N. Y. 
Marston, Herman, ex-'26. Business, 1408 Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala. 

1406 Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala. 
Marston, Samuel J., ex-'23. Business, care Smith's Bakery, Mobile 

Ala., 1406 Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala. 
Marine, E. F., ex-'32. Student, Tulane University, New Orleans, La. 

Patterson, La. 
Martel, Earl J., ex-'22. Business, 1537 Calhoun St., New Orleans, La. 
Martel, Jos. S.. ex-'12. Business, 656 5th Ave., New York, N. Y., 9011 

217th St., Queens Village, L. I., N. Y. 
Martin, E. Denegre, ex-'82. Doctor, 2513 Prytania St., New Orleans, La., 

1428 Josephine St., New Orleans, La. 
Martin, Garrett, H. S. '23. Business, 1428 Josephine St., New Orleans, La. 
Martinez, Albert A., ex-'71. Business, Baronne Bldg., New Orleans, La., 

3009 Baudin St., New Orleans, La. 
Marty, Edward C. ex-'29. Student, Auburn, Ala., 1861 Dauphin St., 

Mobile, Ala. 


Massicot, Eugene, ex-'70. Business, 3326 Grande Route St. John, New 
Orleans, La. 

Mattei, Sylvester S., S. A. T. C. '18. Business, First National Bank, Mo- 
obile, Ala., 258 S. Conception St., Mobile, Ala. 

Matthews, Jos. W., S. A. T. C. '18. Sec'y, West End Floral Co., Mobile, 
Ala., 1653 Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala. 

Maurer, Jos. I., ex-'24. Business, 1012 24th St., Galveston, Tex. 

Maurin, J. Nolin, ex-'22. Business, 5215 Liberty St., New Orleans, La. 

Maury, Harvey J., H. S. '20. Business, J. F. Maury & Co., Mobile, Ala., 
Spring Hill, Ala. 

May, Carol, ex-'26. Business, Clarendon Textile Co., 625 6th Ave., New 
York, N. Y., 360 W. 23rd St., New York, N. Y. 

Mead, Jos. W., ex-22. Engineer, 231 Ernest St., Jacksonville, Fla. 

Meighan, Jos. M., ex-B. S. '14. Business, 1351 Huntsville Ave., Birming- 
ham, Ala. 

Mendez, Evangelisto Cardo Y., ex-'21. Business, lo de Octubre, 679 
Vibora, Havana, Cuba, Calle 13, No. 9, Bejucal, Havana, Cuba. 

Merriman, Jack D., Business, 6900 Jeffery St., Chicago, 111. 

Meyer, Bernard, ex-'29. Busniess, 1142 Monte Sano Ave., Augusta, Ga. 

Meyer, Edwin L., ex-'13. Business, Thibodeaux, La. 

Meyers, Jos. A., Jr., ex-'23. Lawyer, care J. F. Clark & Co., 27 Williams 
St., New York, N. Y., 40 Central Park So., New York, N. Y. 

Meyers, Bennett G., ex-'25. Student, Georgetown University, Washing- 
ton, D. C, 40 Central Park So., New York, N. Y. 

Miranda, Albert N., ex-'08. Business, 200 New Court House, New Or- 
leans, La., 6127 Magnolia St., New Orleans, La. 

Mitchell, Howard A., ex-'17. Surveyor, 203 City Hall, Minneapolis, 
Minn., 406 13th Ave., S. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Monaghan, Austin, O. F. M., ex-'17. Priesthood, St. Joseph's Church, 
2543 E. 23rd St., Cleveland, O., 504 Alabama Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 

Moncla, Louis E., ex-'99. Business, Moncla, La. 

Montelone, Anthony, ex-B. S. '02. Business, 241 Royal St., New Orleans, 

Monteleone, Benj. ex-B. S. '08. Business, 1507 Dante St., New Orleans, 

Moog, Isaac B., ex-'78. Business, 22 1-2 St. Emmanuel St., Mobile, Ala. 

Morgan, Judson A., ex-'83. Business, Star R. Military Road, Columbus, 

Morgan, Leo H., ex-'23. Business, 185 Clapham Road, S. W., 9, London, 

Morrill, George P., ex-'29. Business, St. Louis and Water Sts., Mobile, 
Ala., 1907 Old Govt. St., Mobile, Ala. 

Morrill, Justin S., ex-'29. Business, Turner Supply Co., Commerce and 
St. Louis Sts., Mobile, Ala., 1907 Old Govt. St., Mobile, Ala. 

Morris, Geo. B., ex-'30. Student, University of Detroit, Detroit, Mich., 
207 Chapin St., Palmetto Beach, Tampa, Fla. 

Mortimer, Paul E., Jr., ex-'25. Business, 416 New Court House, New 
Orleans, La., 905 Gravier St., New Orleans, La. 

Moslander, James A., S. A. T. C. '18. Business, 520 Dauphin St., Mo- 
bile, Ala. 

Mottet, Elmer A., ex-'24. Lawyer, 516 Ricou-Brewster Bldg., Shreve- 
port, La., 6605 Southern Ave., Shrevepori, La. 


Moulton, W. Patrick, ex-H. S. '23. Baseball Player, Texas League, 1755 

Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala. 
Mouton, J. Franklin, ex-'23. Dentist, 440 W. Vermillion St., Lafayette, 

La., 821 Lafayette St., Lafayette, La. 
Mulherin, Butler, H. S. ex-'23. Business, Sun Rey Oil Co., Tulsa, Okla. 
Mulherin, Jos. A., ex-26. Business, care Perkins Mfg. Co., 620 McKinnie 

St., Augusta, Ga., 1134 Greene St., Augusta, Ga. 
Mulherin, Phillip, H. S. '22. Business, 2427 Walton Way, Augusta, Ga. 
Mullane, Phil O. S. A. T. C. '18. Business, 919 Georgia St., Birmingham, 

Mullarky, Jos. A. Jr., H. S. '25. Business, Walton Apts., Augusta, Ga. 
Mul larky, Wm, ex-'05. Business, 830 Broad St., Augusta, Ga. 
Muller, Rene J., ex-'93. Business, 2002 Ave. B, Galveston, Tex., 1426 

Ave. I, Galveston, Tex. 
Muller, J. Sauter, ex-'98. Doctor, 603 Pere Marquette Bldg., New Or- 
leans, La., 1402 Carrollton Ave., New Orleans, La. 
Mulvilhill, Michael J., Jr., ex-'18 .Business, U. S. Postoffice, Vicks- 

burg, Miss., 2720 Washington St., Vicksburg, Miss. 
Murphy, Jack, ex-H. S. '25. Business, 1959 Spring Hill Ave., Mobile, Ala. 
Murphy, James J. Jr., ex-'30. Student, Tulane University, New Or- 
leans, La., Victoria, Tex. 
Murray, Harry R. ex-'04. Business, Murray Stevedore Co., Mobile, Ala., 

55 N. Monterey St., Mobile, Ala. 
Murray, John T., ex-B. S. '12. Business, Murray Stevedore Co., Mobile, 

Ala., 906 Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala. 
Murray, Jos. ex-B. S. '11. Business, 1100 Government St., Mobile, Ala. 
Muscat, J. O., Jr., ex-'26. Student, St. Louis University, St. Louis, Mo. 

St. Mary's Hospital, Clayton Road, St. Louis, Mo. 
McAfee, John A., ex-'lO. Business, New Government and William Sts., 

Mobile, Ala. 
McCaleb, Joseph, ex-'OO. Lawyer, 205-624 Gravier St., New Orleans, La., 

Beverly Knoll, New Orleans, La. 
McCarthy, Fergus W., ex-'14. Lawyer, Birmingham, Ala., 1701 S. 21st 

St., Birmingham, Ala. 
McCarthy, Rev. John J., S. J., ex-'09. Priesthood. Jesuit High School, 

New Orleans, La. 
McCracken, Earl, Jr., ex-'28. Business, Wrigley Bldg., Chicago, 111., 

1504 E. 61st St., Apt. 203, Chicago, 111. 
McCreary, Rev. John M., S. J., ex-'81. Priesthood, Jesuit Church, 

Augusta, Ga. 
McDermott, John P., S. A. T. C. '18. Supt. McDermott Adv. Service, 

Mobile, Ala., 649 South Carolina St., Mobile, Ala. 
McDonald, Charles S., ex-B. S. '21. Business, Paterson-McCoy Hdw. & 

Sup. Co., Mobile, Ala., 217 Lexington Ave., Mobile, Ala. 
McDonnell, Glennon, Jr., ex-'30. Business, 1210 Government St., Mo- 
bile, Ala. 
McDonnell, Owen E., ex-'02. President, McDonnell Bros., Inc., Mobile, 

Ala., Shore Acres, Mobile, Ala. 
McDonnell, Wm., ex-'31. Business, 1210 Government St., Mobile, Ala. 
McDonough, Pat A., ex-'30. Business, Whistler, Ala. 
McDonough, Thomas A., ex-'08. Business, 822 Healey Bldg., Atlanta, Ga., 

112 N. Holt St., Montgomery, Ala. 



McEnerney, Harry E., Jr., ex-'18. Lawyer, 1520 Lowerline St., New 
Orleans, La. 

McEvoy, Edward C, ex-'26. Business, care Oakdale Ice Co., Mobile, 
Ala., 152 S. Broad St., Mobile, Ala. 

McEvoy, Emanuel T., ex-B. S. C. '22. Pharm., 805 Dauphin St., Mobile, 

McEvoy, Owen E., ex-B. S. C. '22. Supt. Magnolia Cemetery, Mobile, 
Ala., 11 Lee St., Mobile, Ala. 

McEvoy, O. P., Jr., ex-'19. Business, Smith's Bakery, Mobile, Ala., 152 
S. Broad St., Mobile, Ala. 

McGee, Ralph D., ex-'32. Business, Eunice, La. 

McGeever, Patrick J., ex-B. S. '29. Business, Provident Life and Insur- 
ance Co., Chattanooga, Tenn. 

McGrath, Harold J., ex-'30. Business, 353 St. Michael St., Mobile, Ala. 

McGrath, Edward L., ex-'30. Business, 353 St. Michael St., Mobile, Ala. 

McGuire, John E., ex-H. S. '21. Business, 924 S. 26th St., Birmingham, 

McHardy, Colin A., ex-'16. Doctor, 1, 2, and 3 Elgetter Building, Baton 
Rouge, La. 

McHardy, Donald A., ex-B. S. '22. Business, R. F. D. 2, Model Road, 
Baton Rouge, La. 

McHardy, Joseph, ex-'02. Business, 502 Recou-Brewster Bldg., Shreve- 
port, La., 907 Jefferson Place, Shreveport, La. 

McHardy, Rev. George G.. S. J., ex-'OO. Priesthood, Spring Hill College, 
Spring Hill, Ala. 

McHardy, Norman A., ex-'12. Business, National Life and Accident In- 
surance Co., New Orleans, La., 315 S. Cortez St., New Orleans, La. 

McHardy, Robert G., ex-B. S. '22. Business, R. F. D. 2, Model Road, 
Baton Rouge, La. 

McHardy, William C, Jr., ex-'04. Business, Amer. Nat. Ins. Co., Gal- 
veston, Tex., 7318 Sycamore St., New Orleans, La. 

Mcintosh, Louis B., ex-B. S. '18. Business, Theo. Prince Co., 120 Broad- 
way, New York, N. Y., 543 62nd St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

McKinney, Emilio, ex-'29. Engineer, Chippas, 187 Mexico City, Mexico. 

McKinney, Henry J., ex-'26. Student, 790 Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga. 

McLean, Charles E., ex-'09. Supt. Magnolia Cemetery, Mobile, Ala., 
Park Terrace near Government, Mobile, Ala. 

McMaster, Carey E., ex-'08. Business, McComb, Miss. 

McMillian, Horace A., Jr., ex-'15. Business, 2206 4th St., Meridian, 
Miss., 1207 16th Ave., Meridian, Miss. 

McMullen, Wilbur. J. D., ex-'29. Business, Bastrop, La. 

McNamara, Daniel A., ex-B. S. '13. Business, McNamara Bros., Mobile, 
Ala., 609 Conti St., Mobile, Ala. 

McNamara, Emmett, ex-B. S '.21. Business, 609 Conti St., Mobile, Ala. 

McPhillips, Joseph, ex-'02. Business, 111 St. Joseph St., Mobile, Ala. 

McRae, LeRoy W., ex-'30. Business, 107 S. Conception St., Mobile, Ala. 

Nalty, Bernard, H. S. ex-'30. Student, Hammond, La. 
Nalty, Eugene A., ex-'15. Business, Hammond, La. 

Nanne, Joseph, ex-'20. Business, Ferrocarril Ocurdental San Salva- 
dor, C. A. 
Neale, Milliard F., ex-'ll. Business, 400 W. 118th St., New York, N. Y. 
Neeley, Gerard J., ex-'23. Funeral Director, Fairhope, Ala. 


Neely, Peter, ex-B. S. '06. Business, Metropolitan Life Ins. Co., 905 
Baltimore St., Mobile, Ala. 

Nelson, Charles G., ex-B. S. '15. Business, 10 1-2 Government St., Mo- 
bile, Ala. 

Nelson, Louis, ex-B. S. '11. Mgr. Dexter Six Taxi Service, 10 1-2 Gov- 
ernment St., Mobile, Ala. 

Neuberger, Lawrence, ex-B. S. '10. Business, Interstate Electric Co., Bir- 
mingham, Ala., 1329 S. 33rd St., Birmingham, Ala. 

Neuberger, Samuel G., ex-'15. Business, Gen. Mgr. Interstate Electric 
Co., Birmingham, Ala., 1329 S. 33rd St., Birmingham, Ala. 

Neuhoff, Henry, ex-'15. Business, 1308 Adams St., Nashville, Tenn., 
2611 Barton Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 

Neuhoff, Lorenz, ex-'28. Business, care White Packing Co., Atlanta, Ga. 

Nicaud, Wallace M., ex-'12. Dentist, 1118 Maison Blanche Bldg., New 
Orleans, La., 1226 Dupre St., New Orleans, La. 

Nixon, John W., ex-'18. Business, P. O. Box 2011, Miami, Fla., 1928 S. W. 
17th Place, Miami, Fla. 

Nixon, William M., Jr., ex-'lO. Business, Stembler Ins. Agency, Inc., 
P. O. Box 2011, Miami, Fla,, 1928 S. W. 17th Place, Miami, Fla. 

Novella, Albert G., ex-'31. Business, 38 Avenida Hyppodrom, Guate- 
mala, City, Guatemala, C. A. 

Novella, Enrique C, ex-'22. Business, Avenida Hyppodrom, Guatemala 
City, Guatemala, C. A. 

Novelo, Alfonso M., ex-'04. Business, 30 148 Pregreso, Yucatan, Mex. 

Nuila, Charles, ex-06. Business, San Pedro, Sula, Span. Honduras, C. A. 

O'Brien, Joseph J., ex-B. S. '15. Engineer, Jackson Bldg., Birmingham, 

Ala., 1107 S. 30th St., Birmingham, Ala. 
O'Connor, Benson J., ex-'30. Business, 2705 Belleview Ave., Augusta, Ga. 
O'Connor, Gerald A., ex-'23. Business, No. 1 Campbell Bldg., Augusta, 

Ga., 2804 Lombardy Court, Augusta, Ga. 
O'Connor, Lawrence, ex-B. S. '10. Business, Victoria, Tex. 
O'Connor, Thomas Jas., ex-B. S. '08. Business, Victoria, Tex. 
O'Connor, Thomas S., ex-'28. Business, 306 Queen and Crescent Bldg., 

New Orleans, La., 112 S. Dearborn St., Mobile, Ala. 
O'Connor, Wm. Joseph, ex-B.S. '05. Business, Victoria, Tex. 
O'Neill, Alonzo A., ex-'07. Business, Box 445, Vicksburg, Miss., 915 

Locust St., Vicksburg, Miss. 
O'Shee, William S., ex-'24. Pharmacist, 306 3rd St., Alexandria, La. 
Ogden, Henry D., Jr., ex-'25. Student, Tulane University, New Orleans, 

La., 1930 State St., New Orleans, La. 
Oliveros, Bartolo P., ex-'77. Doctor, 124 E. Harris St., Savannah, Ga. 
Ollinger, Charles G., ex-'ll. Business, Apt. 2B, 71 Washington Square 

So., New York, N. Y. 
Ollinger, Rodney M., ex-'12. Business, Apt. 2B, 71 Washington Square, 

So., New York, N. Y. 
Orfila, Francis, ex-B. S. '13. Business, 205 St. Charles St., New Orleans, 

Ortmann, Henry A., ex-B. S. '19. Mech., 403 Wisconsin Ave., Mobie, Ala. 
Ory, Jos. E., ex-'04. Business, Baker, La. 
Otis, Albert M., ex-'98. Business, S. P. S. S. Co., St. Louis and River 

Front, New Orleans, La., 223 Nermuda St., New Orleans, La. 


Otis, Sydney, ex-'03. Business, 1803 Pere Marquette Bldg., New Or- 
leans, La., 3208 Palmyra St., New Orleans, La. 
O'Zeila, Jas. ex-'29. Business, 400 St. Anthony St., Mobile, Ala. 

Pake, Lee J., ex-'79. Business, 508 S. Lawrence St., Montgomery, Ala. 
Pardo, Matteo, ex-'30. Student, University of Detroit, Detroit, Mich., 

610 E. Michigan Ave., Tampa, Fla. 
Parker, Thomas F., ex-'75. Business, 1128 N. 29th St., Birmingham, Ala. 
Parslow, Frederick D., ex-B. S. '11. Business, 105 Bay St., Hyde Park, 

Tampa, Fla. 
Parslow, Paul I., ex-'12. Business, 1401 Bay Villa Place, Tampa, Fla. 
Patout, Gaston, ex-B. S. '06. Planter, New Iberia, La. 
Patout, Henry, ex-B. S. '02. Planter, New Iberia, La. 
Patout, Ory, ex-B. S. '02. Business, Patoutville, La. 
Patout, Oswell, ex-B. S. '09. Business, Jeannerette, La. 
Patout, Rivers, ex-B. S. '92. Business, Navisoto, Tex. 
Patout, Sebastian S., ex-B. S. '10. Planter, Lydia, La. 
Patout, Sidney, ex-B. S. '02. Business, New Iberia, La. 
Patout, William, H. S. ex-'25. Business, Patoutville, La. 
Patterson, Francis H., ex-*21. Court Clerk, Branck Court House, Girard, 

Ala., Seale, Ala. 
Pearson, Robert J., ex-B. S. '01. Business, Ala. State Docks, Mobile, 

Ala., Cedar Point Road, Mobile, Ala. 
Pellerin, Felix, Jr., ex-'31. Business, Breaux Bridge, La. 
Peniche, Adolpho F., ex-'05. Business, 55 No. 513 Merida Yucatan, Mex. 
Peniche, Diego, ex-'15. Business, 28 No. 476, Merida Yucatan, Mex. 
Peniche, Efrain, ex-'15. Business. Calle 55 No. 513, Merida Yucatan, 

Peon, Alonzo L., ex-'13. Business, Calle 60 No. 527, Merida Yucatan, 

Peon, Joaquin, ex-'07. Business, Calle Sur. 527, Merida Yucatan, Mex. 
Peon, Ignatius H., ex-'13. Business, Calle 60, No. 527, Merida Yucatan, 

Peon, Miguel De Reyil, ex-'16. Business, Calle 61 No. 51F, Merida, 

Yucatan, Mex., Calle 56a No. 490, Merida Yucatan, Mex. 
Peon, Peter, ex-'ll. Business, Calle 58 No. 500, Merida Yucatan, Mex. 
Perez, Julius, ex-B. S. '28. Business, Merchants Nat'l Bank, Mobile, 

Ala., Ill Kilmarnock St., Mobile, Ala. 
Perez, Louis E., ex-B. S. '27, Business, McHugh, Hamilton & Horn, Mo- 
bile, Ala., Ill Kilmarnock St., Mobile, Ala. 
Perrin, Vincent R., ex-'14. Business, 1218 Hibernia Bank Bldg., New 

Orleans, La., 5512 Story St., New Orleans, La. 
Perry, William, ex-'32. Business, 621 34th Ave., Meridian, Miss. 
Pfefferle, Theodore, ex-'74. Business, HE. Chase St., Pensacola, Fla. 
Pfeiffer, John, ex-'75. Business, 1120 N. Palafox St., Pensacola, Fla. 
Phillips, Charles E., ex-'30. Business, 716 S. Maxay St., Sherman, Tex. 
Pierrotti, Harry, Student, Vanderbilt University, Nashville", Tenn. 

Tenn., 8685 Parkway, Memphis, Tenn. 
Pierrotti, Leo. ex-'29. Student, St. Louis University, St. Louis, Mo., 868 

S. Parkway, Memphis, Tenn. 
Pierson, Clarence, ex-'24. Commercial Artist, care Louisiana State 

Hospital, Pineville, La. 



Pigott, Charles F., ex-'19. Business, 217 Railway Exch. Bldg. Chicago, 

111., 9654 Indiana Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Pinkus, Alfonso, ex-'05. Business, Calle 61 No. 505, Merida Yucatan, 

Plauche, J. Kearns, ex-'29. Business, Eunice, La. 

Poggi, Francis A., ex-'27. Business, 116 S. Georgia Ave., Mobile, Ala. 
Ponce, Armando, ex-'08. Business, Calle 68 No. 519, Merida Yucatan, 

Ponce, Eduardo, ex-'06. Business, Calle 63 No. 503, Merida Yucatan, 

Ponce, Gustavo, ex-'18. Business, Calle 68, Merida Yucatan, Mex. 
Ponce, Leopoldo C, ex-'08. Business, Calle 72 No. 482, Merida Yucatan, 

Portocarrero, Nestor A., ex-'07. Doctor, 2201 Nebraska Ave., Tampa, Fla. 
Potter, Odell, ex-'19. Pres., Potter-Crosby, Inc., Mobile, Ala., 1716 

Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala. 
Potter, T. Yeend, ex-'14. Business, 7213 Merrill Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Power, Jos. W., ex-'19. Business, 1475 Belvedere Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. 
Powers, Edward J., ex-'04. Business, Turner Supply Co., Mobile, Ala., 

16 N. Monterey St., Mobie, Ala. 
Powers, Richard J., ex-'29. Student, 424 Habersham St., Savannah, Ga. 
Pratt, Donald F., Ex-'29. Business, Stein & Alstrin Co., 219 La Salle St., 

Chicago, 111., 501 N. Central Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Pressier, Charles A., ex-'23. Business, Union Depot Bldg., Galveston, 

Tex., 3812 Ave. M, Galveston Tex. 
Prevost Henry J., ex-'12. Business, 318 Carondelet St., New Orleans, 

La., 2917 Bell St., New Orleans, La. 
Price, Thomas F., ex-'16. Business, Todd Shipbuilding Co., Mobile, Ala, 

206 S. Royal St., Mobile, Ala. 
Prowell, James C, ex-'83. Business, Plymouth Star R. Military Road, 

Columbus, Miss. 
Pugh, John H., ex-'30. Student, Loyola University, New Orleans, La., 

Plaquemine, La. 
Pugh, Woodie, ex-B. S., '29. Business, Standard Oil Co., Mobile, Ala., 

Cherokee St., Mobile, Ala. 
Purcell, Edward T., Jr., ex-'32. Student, 1115 Anastasia Ave., Cor3l 

Gables, Fla. 

Quarles, John E., H. S., '22. Engineer, 7915 Zimple St., New Orleans, La. 
Quinlivan, James R., H. S., '27. Student, Eectrical Engineering P. O. 
Box 1319 Auburn, Ala., 51 S. Broad St., Mobile, Ala. 

Rafield, William W., Jr., ex-'25. Business, Republic Creosoting Co., 

P. O. Box 310, Mobile, Ala., 850 Conti St., Mobile, Ala. 
Ragle, Henry E., ex-'02. Business, Old Fort, N. C. 
Ralney, Robert A., ex-'22. Lawyer, 3918 Gilbert Ave., care Mrs. J. R. 

Richardson, Dallas, Tex. 
Rainey, William B., ex-'20. Business, care Nat. Showcase Co., Columbus, 

Ga., 1535 Harding Drive, Columbus, Ga. 
Rankin, W. E. Business, 501 N. Central Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Rault, Clements V., ex-'16. Dentist, Naval Dental School, Washington, 

D. C, 3017 44th Place, N. W., Washington, D. C. 


Ray, Ender J., S. A. T. C, '18. Business, West Palm Beach, Fla. 
Redmond, Thomas B., ex-'20. Business, Accounting Dept., F. E. C. R. R. 

Co., St. Augustine, Fla., 11 1-2 Sevilla St., St. Augustine, Fla. 
Reiss, Norman J., ex-'07. Business, Reiss Mercantile Co., 157 Dauphin 

St., Mobile, Ala., 402 1-2 Church St., Mobile, Ala. 
Renoudet, Jos. A., ex-'03. Business, care Atlas Assurance Co., New 

Iberia, La., Gen. Delivery, New Iberia, La. 
Resendez, Henry, ex-'81. Business, Serraloo, Mexico. 
Reuss, George M., ex-'72. Business, Germania Plantation, Hohen- 

Solms, La. 
Reynaud, Geo. J., H. S. '21. Business, Lutcher, La. 
Reynaud, Raoul F., ex-B. S., '04. Business, Lutcher, La. 
Richter, Louis, Jr., ex-'30. Student, University of Detroit, Detroit, 

Mich., 207 Empire Bldg., Birmingham, Ala. 
Ries, William J., ex-'29. Business, 1570 Moreland, Memphis, Tenn. 
Rios, Manuel J., ex-'16. Business, Calle 58 No. 530, Merida Yucatan, 

Rivard, Adrien A., ex-'31. Business, Camp Walton, Fla. 
Rivero, Jose, ex-'16. Business, Apartado 267, Merida Yucatan, Mexico, 

Calle ....2, No. 538, Merida Yucatan, Mex. 
Rivers, Herbert J., ex-'24. Dentist, 129-16 122nd St., Ozone Park, Long 

Island, N. Y. 
Rives, John B., ex-'08. Civil Engineer, Wetumpka, Ala. 
Richardson, H. Eugene, ex-'86. Business, 421 Morris Plan Bank Bldg., 

Shreveport, La. 
Rochotsh, Israel L., ex-'83. Business, 209 N. Royal St., Mobile, Ala., 

Springhill, Ala. 
Rodrigne, Edward A., ex-'32. Student, Tulane University, New Or- 
leans, La., Paincourtville, La. 
Roe, Joseph K., ex-B. S., '23. Business, Mgr., Smith's Bakery, Pen- 

sacoa, Fla. 
Roemer, Paul C, ex-'05. Business, 522 West Bldg., Houston, Tex., 931 

Bayland Ave., Houston, Tex. 
Roshko, Oliver, ex-'18. Business, 823 Union St., New Orleans, La., 6 

Paladin Place, Metaire Ridge, New Orleans, La. 
Roth, Norville C, ex-'20. Business, 479 Broadway, New Orleans, La. 
Roth, Walsh E., ex-'24. Business, 479 Broadway, New Orelans, La>. 
Rougon, Frederic F., ex-'05. Doctor, Oscar, La. 
Rougon, Henry A., ex-'03. Lawyer, Oscar, La. 
Rougon, Isidore B., ex-'OO. Doctor, 203-206 Ricou-Brewster Bldg., 

Shreveport, La. 
Rougon, J. Villas, xe-'98. Business, Chenal, La. 
Roussel, Ferrel, ex-'28. Business, Lutcher, La. 
Roy, Curtis, C, ex-'07. Business, Mark St., Marksville, La., Wadill 

Ave., Marksville, La. 
Roy, J. Arthur, ex-B. S. '82. Banker. Pres. First Natl. Bank, Lafayette, 

Roy, Tesea R., ex-'29. Business, Mansura, La. 
Royer. Rev. Jos. A., ex-'21. Priesthood, Montgomery, Ala. 
Rowel I, Thomas J., ex-'24. Business, Air Reduction Sales Co., 1405 S. 

Rendon St., New Orleans, La., 4129 Canal St., New Orleans, La. 
Rubira, Henry, ex-'97. Business, 156 St. Anthony St., Mobile, Ala. 
Ryan, Geo. W., Jr., ex-'29. Business, Russellville, Ky. 


Ryan, Thomas J., ex-'02. Business, Broadway and Washington Sts., 
St. Louis, Mo., 1919 Hodiamont Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Saenz, Raphael, ex-'13. Business, Calle No. 17, Antigua Aduana, Guate- 
mala, C. A. 
Sallassi, Henry L., ex-'23. Pharmacist, Kopfler & Pearson, No. 2, Hara- 

han, La., 2123 Marias St., New Orleans, La. 
Sanders, L. Moye, ex-'23. Student, 803 Pine St., New Orleans, La., 6 

Cherokee St., Mobile, Ala. 
Sandoz, Jos. K., ex-'07. Business, Rock Street Apts., Centralia, Wash. 
Sands, William L., ex-'82. Business, 2 Albany St., New York, N. Y., 55 

Tieman Place, New York, N. Y . 
Sapp, James E., ex-'18. Business, James E. Sapp Clothing Co., Eufaula, 

Sarphie, Jos. E., Jr., ex-'19. Business, 509 Main St., Hattiesburg, Miss., 

106 S. Bay Road, Hattiesburg, Miss. 
Schatzman, Carling, ex-'lO. Business, Idle Hour Nurseries, Macon, Ga. 
Schmidt, Charles E., ex-'24. Engineer, 80 Washington Ave., Ocean 

Springs, Miss. 
Schmitt, John V., ex-'lO. Business, 916 N. 52nd St., Birmingham, Ala. 
Schneider, Earl E., ex-'30. Business, Laurel, Miss. 
Schneide**, Mat P., ex-B. S., '08. Business, Pearl River, La. 
Schneider, Reginald, H. S., ex-'22. Business, 10th St., Laurel, Miss. 
Schoen, Louis, ex-B. S., '01. Funeral Dir., Jacob Schoen & Sons, 519 
Elysian Fields Ave., New Orleans, La., 2619 Chartres St., New 

Orleans, La. 
Schoen, Philip J., ex-'14. Funeral Dir., Jacob Schoen & Sons, 519 

Elysian Fields Ave., New Orleans, La., 947 Harding St., New 

Orleans, La. 
Schoop, Charles J. ,ex-'98. Business, 4820 Magazine St., New Orleans, 

La., 5244 Prytania St., New Orleans, La. 
Schwartz, Jos. O., ex-'19. Lawyer, 414 Carondelet St., New Orleans, 

La., 6024 Hurst St., New Orleans, La. 
Schweers, Owen J., ex-'24. Business, Union Savings Bank, Augusta,, 

Ga., 1355 Broad St., Augusta, Ga. 
Scott, Walter, ex-'97. Doctor, 3560 Altamont Road, Birmingham, Aa. 
Seggasie, Felicien, ex-'93. Rama, Nicaragua, C. A. 
Seguiera, George, ex-'93. Business, Rama, Nicaragua, C. A. 
Seguiera, Peter, ex-93. Business, Rama, Nicaragua, C. A. 
Seguiera, David, ex-'93. Business, Rama, Nicaragua, C. A. 
Segura, Walter, ex-'24. Business, R. F. D. No. 1, Box 118, New Iberia, 

Semmes, John H., ex-'65. Business, Route 6, Meridian, Miss. 
Sere, Darby, ex-'18. Business, 901 Pere Marquette Bldg., New Orleans, 

La., 2501 Robert St., New Orleans, La. 
Sere, Raoul, S. A. T. C. '18. Lawyer, 24 Whitney Bldg., New Orleans, 

La., 2320 Audubon St., New Orleans, La. 
Sharbrough, Wayne De Van, ex-'24. Business, Miss. Power Co., Laurel, 

Sheehan, Michael G., ex-'81. Business, Sharon, Ga. 
Shelby, Rev. Alphonso T., S. J., ex-'17. Priesthood, Brooklyn Station, 

Cleveland, Ohio. 


Shepard, Thomas W., ex-'04. Business, 1011 St. Charles Ave., New Or- 
leans, La., 4022 S. Derbigny St., New Orleans, La. 

Shepard, St. Mark, ex-'07. Business, 3735 S. Claiborne Ave., New Or- 
leans, La. 

Sheridan, Albert E., ex-'17. Business, 358 3rd St., Macon, Ga., Geor- 
gia Ave., Macon, Ga. 

Sheridan, Thomas F., ex-'16. Business, P. O. Box 1253, Lakeland, Fla. 

Shilleci, Paschal A., ex-'32. Business, 1804 2nd Ave.. Bessemer, Ala. 

Shirer, Irwin N., ex-'18. Business, 422-424 Canal St., New Orleans, La., 
Crestmont Park, New Orleans, La. 

Shugrue, John, ex-B. S. '05. Business, 115 Eslava St., Mobile, Ala. 

Sibley, Cyrus A., Jr., ex-'26. Business, Bedsole-Colvin Drug Co., Mo- 
bile, Ala., 221 Topic St., Mobile, Ala. 

Siguerre, Charles G., ex-'07. Business, Casa Colorado, Guatemala, C. A. 

Siguere, E. Albert, ex-'15. Business, 8a Avenida Sur. No. 60, Guate- 
mala City, Guatemala, C. A. 

Simmons, Jewell S., ex-'20. Lawyer, Plaquemine, La. 

Simon, Carroll E., ex-'13. Dentist, U. S. Vet. Hospital No. 74, Gulf- 
port, Miss. 

Skeffington, Wm. P., ex-'31. Business, 32 E. Bryan St., Savannah, Ga. 

Skelly, Jos. B., ex-'02. Business, 217 Delaronde St., New Orleans, La. 

Smith, Rev. Andrew C, S. J., ex-14. Priesthood, Gonzaga College, 19 
Eye St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Smith, Arthur C, ex-'06. Doctor, 268 Main St., Danbury, Conn., 41 Fair- 
view Ave., Danbury, Conn. 

Smith, George P., ex-'18. Business, 1523 Valmont St., New Orleans, La. 

Smith, Gordon, Jr., ex-B. S. '24. vice-president, Smith's Bakery, Inc., 
Mobile, Ala., 1115 Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala. 

Smith, Nicholas W., ex-'31. Business, 53 Semmes Ave., Mobile, Ala. 

Smith, Patrick H., ex-'21. Business, Beeville, Tex. 

Smith, Roy J. ex-B. S. '16. vice president, Genera Mgr. Smith's Bakery, 
Inc., Mobile, Ala., 1115 Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala. 

Solberg, Hebert S., S. A. T. C. '18. Business, Treas. H. S. Solberg Ship 
Chandlery Co., Inc., Mobile, Ala., Azalea Apts., Mobile, Ala. 

Sommers, John E., ex-'31. Student, Ga. Tech., Atlanta, Ga., 229 1st St., 
Clarksdale, Miss. 

Soniat, Meloncy C, ex-'73. Lawyer, 609 Maritime Bldg., New Orleans, 
La., 1335 Calhoun St., New Orleans, La. 

Souchon, Marion, ex-'90. Doctor, 2405 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Soules, Alonso G., ex-'23. Business, Mex. Mach. Co., S. A., P. O. Box 
281, Tampico, Mex. 

Spengler, Cooper, ex-'31. Business, 1212 E. Beach, Biloxi, Miss. 

Spengler, William M., S. J.. ex-'21. Priesthood, Mt. St. Michael, Hillyard, 

Spinner, Andrew A., ex-'17. Business, 557 W. 129th St., New York, N. Y. 

Spottswood, Henry J., ex-'08. Electrician, 105 Espejo St., Mobile, Ala. 

Staff, Edmond, ex-'31. Business, Camp Walton, Fla. 

Stagg, Richard V., ex-'26. Business, 212 So. San Pedro St., Los An- 
geles, Cal., 739 So. Normandie Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Staub, Edwin J., S. H. Prep. '21. Business, care Griffin Lumber Co., 
Bessemer, Ala. 

Steinriede, Jos. F., ex-'08. Business, Central Srev. Sta., P. O. Box 43, 
Yazoo City, Miss., Ill N. Washington St., Yazoo City, Miss. 


Steinreide, Wm. B., S. A. T. C. '18. Business, 111 N. Washington St., 
Yazoo City, Miss. 

Sterkx, Charles W., ex-'30. 906 9th St., Alexandria, La. 

St. Julien, Eugene, ex-'29. Business, Broussard, La. 

St. Martin, Thaddeus I., ex-'06. Doctor, Houma, La. 

Starke, S. Oliver Jr., ex-H. S. '21. Business, Alabama Corn Mills, Mobile, 

Ala., 1814 Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala. 
Strauss, Berney L., ex-B. S. '03. President, L. Hammel Dry Goods Co., 

Mobile, Ala., Michigan Ave., Mobile, Ala. 
Strauss, Charles L., ex-'92. Business, Broad and Virginia Sts., Mobile, 

Ala., 509 Michigan Ave., Mobile, Ala. 
Stroeker, Arnold W., ex-'29. Business, 364 Marine St., Mobile, Ala. 
Stutzer, Frederic L., ex-'94. Business, 36 N. Broadway, Yonkers, N. Y. 
Suarez, Jos. M., ex-'19. Business, 4 Mesones 99, Mexico City, Mex. 
Sullivan, Martin P., ex-'18. Business, 202 W. Jackson St., Pensacola, 

Sullivan, Michael J., ex-'89. Business, I. C. R. R. Co., Choctaw, Miss. 
Sullivan, Rev. G. Nelson, ex-'24. Priesthood, No. 34 Roche St., Hunting- 
ton, Ind. 
Supple, John W., Jr., H. S. '23. Business, care Supple Sons Painting 

Co., Ltd., Bayou, Goula, La. 
Supple, Richard, H. S. '24. Business, care Supple Sons Painting Co., 

Ltd., Bayou Goula, La. 
Sweeney, Thomas A., ex-'80. Business, Toulminville, Ala. 

Tagle, Manuel L., ex-'23. Business, Avenida 1 No. 81 Cordiva Ver., Mex. 

Tatum, Robert, ex-H. S. '23. Business, 528 W. St. Catherine St., Louis- 
ville, Ky. 

Taylor, Benj. F. ex-'23. Student, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, 
Tenn., 110 Lyle Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 

Tete, Edgar, ex-'90. Business, 2624 Dumaine St., New Orleans, La. 

Theard, Alfred F., ex-'80. Business, Sewerage and Water Board Bldg., 
New Orleans, La., 1929 Esplanade Ave., New Orleans, La. 

THompson, Stewart A., ex-'25. Business, 1501 Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala. 

Thrasher, Thos. R., ex-'30. Business, Springhill, Ala. 

Tircuit, Ernest, ex-'29. Business, 830 Burdette St., New Orleans, La. 

Tomeny, Thomas J., ex-'17. Lawyer, 524 Canal Bank Bldg., New Or- 
leans, La., 1231 7th St., New Orleans, La. 

Touart, Rupert G., ex-'17. Business. G. M. & N. R. R. Co., Mobile, Ala., 
355 Church St., Mobile, Ala. 

Toujan, Sidney H., ex-'97. Business, R. F. D. No. 1, Box 56-C, Beaumont, 

Trangela, Pio C, ex-'05. Business, Box 21, Mart, Moron, Camaguey, 
Cuba, Marti 15, Moron, Camaguey, Cuba. 

Turpen, John E., ex-'22. Business, 71 Conti St., P. O. Box 409, Mobile, 
Ala., Pleasant Ave., Mobile, Ala. 

Unsworth, John E., S. A. T. C. '18. Lawyer, 726-28 Hibernia Bank Bldg., 
New Orleans, La.. 1476 Henry Clay Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Ureto, Ernesto, ex-'OO. Business, Orbiza, Mex. 

Urruela, Julia E., ex-'16. Business, 3a Avenida St., No. 13, Guatemala 
City, Guatemala, C. A. 


Valenzuela, William J., ex-'13. Business, 1757 Govt. St., Mobile, Ala., 
Van Antwerp, Sidney, ex-'31. Student, Loyola University, New Or- 
leans, La., Springhill, Ala. 
Vargas, Joaquin P., ex-'08. Business, Apt. 182, Merida Yucatan, Mex., 

Calle 5F No. 505, Merida Yucatan, Mex. 
Vega, Benj. Clark, ex-'30. Business, Donaldsonville, La. 
Vega, Sidney V., Jr., ex-'02. Dentist, 123 Lessard St., Donaldsonville, 

La., 119 Lessard St., Donaldsonville, La. 
Vidal, Vincent J., ex'71. Business, P. O. Box 1605, Pensacola, Fla., 224 

E. Govt. St., Pensacola, Fla. 
Villere, Jules J., ex-'81. Business, 1479 N. Villere St., New Orleans, La. 
Villien, F. Opta., ex-'21. Business, Brooks Field, San Antonio, Tex., 51st 

School St., San Antonio, Tex. 
Villien, Lastie M., ex-'20. Pharmacist, 2011 Prytania St., New Orleans, 

Vizcaya, Francisco, ex-'84. Business, 507 St. Isabel Ave., Laredo, Tex., 

1412 Callahan St., Laredo, Tex. 
Voorhies, Francis J., ex-'05. Business, New Iberia, La. 

Wagner, Rev. Austin M., S. J., ex-'07. Priesthood, Principal High School, 
Sacred Heart College, Tampa, Fla. 

Walker, Merriot W., ex-'05. Business, P. O. Box 172, 6 Broad St., Selma, 
Ala., 125 Dallas Ave., Selma, Ala. 

Wall, Jos. E., Ex-'07. Business, care England Motor Co., Greenville, 
Miss., 1207 Washington Ave., Greenville, Miss. 

Walmsley, Carrol B., ex-B. S. '13. Auctioneer, 237 Royal St., New Or- 
leans, La., 2507 Prytania St., New Orleans, La. 

Walmsley, Hughes, ex-'17. Business, 818 Gravier St., New Orleans, La., 
2507 Prytania St., New Orleans, La. 

Walmsley, T. Semmes, ex-'lO. Mayor of New Orleans, City Hall, New 
Orleans, La., 2001 Palmer Ave.. New Orleans, La. 

Walmsley, William K., ex-B. S. '15. Auctioneer, 237 Royal St., New Or- 
leans, La. 2507 Prytania St., New Orleans, La. 

Walsdorf, A. Stewart, ex-'20. Business, 2738 Carrollton Ave., New Or- 
leans, 3830 State Street Drive, New Orleans, La. 

Walsh, Fenwick A., ex-B. S. '25. Business, First National Bank, Mobile, 
Ala., 106 S. Hamilton St., Mobile, Ala. 

Walsh, John T., ex-'09. Business, Walsh Stevedore Co., Mobile, Ala., 
1114 Government St., Mobile, Ala. 

Walsh, Jos. M., ex-'31. Student, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, 
Ala., 1664 Springhill Ave., Mobile, Ala. 

Walsh, Jos. R., ex-'18. Business, 1128 Union Ave., Memphis, Tenn., 940 
New York Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 

Walsh, Richard B. H. S. '21. Business, Terminal Supt, T. C. L. R. R. Co., 
Chickasaw, Ala., 504 5th Ave., Chickasaw, Ala. 

Wambsgans, Charles D., ex-B. S. C. '31. Business, L. & N. Bakery, 
Biloxi, Miss., 1311 W. Howard Ave., Biloxi, Miss. 

Weatherby, J. J., S. H. Prep '22. Engineer, Dow Chemical Co., Mid- 
land, Mich., 112 W. Indian St., Midland, Mich. 

Weems, Douglas A., ex-'06. Business, 104 16th St., Alexandria, La. 

Whelan, Charles A., ex-'96. Doctor, Business, American Radiator Co., 
Birmingham, Ala., 2732 Highland Ave., Birmingham, Ala. 


Whelan, Rev. James E., S. J., ex-'18. Priesthood, Port Townsend, Wash. 

Whipple, George C, ex-'09. Business, 213 W. 120th St., New York, N. Y. 

Whipple, Rev. Griswold A., S. J., ex-'Ol. Priesthood, Jesuit High School. 
Banks St., New Orleans/ La. 

White, John M., ex-'13. Business, Lookout Mt., Chattanooga, Tenn. 

White, Richard M., ex-'19. Business, High Point, N. C. 

Wier, Peter E., ex-'78. Business, 402 Messich Bldg., Memphis, Tenn., 
42 N. Evergreen St., Memphis, Tenn. 

Wilcox, Geo. H., ex-'30. Business, St. Francisville, La. 

Wilcox, S. Elmer, ex-'29. Business, Flatwood, Ala. 

Williamson, Claude E., ex-'ll. Business, 1732 Candler Bldg., Atlanta, 
Ga., 301 10th St., N. E., Atlanta, Ga. 

Williamson, Paul A., ex-'12. Business, Elks Home, Olive Ave., at 5th 
St., W. Palm Beach, Fla., 239 9th St., W. Palm Beach, Fla. 

Wink, Jos. C, ex-'32. Business, 1425 E. Howard Ave., Biloxi, Miss. 

Winling, Frank W., ex-'16. Business, 804 St. Charles St., New Orleans, 

Wogan, John B. '07. U. S. Army, Major, Fort Leavenworth, Leaven- 
worth, Kan. 

Wogan, Victor Jr., H. S. ex-'25. Business, Wandel Paint Mfg. Co., 1172 
Camp St., New Orleans, La., 1725 Marengo St., New Orleans, La. 

Wolkart, Louis, ex-'70. Business, 1621 N. Broad St., New Orleans, La. 

Wood, Julian Trist. ex-'86. Business, 2521 General Taylor St., New Or- 
leans, La. 

Wunderlich, Edward K., ex-'16. Lawyer, 1758 Broadway, New Orleans, 

Yoste, Loyola X., ex-'23. Business, 1304 Washington St., Vicksburg, 

Miss., 1201 1st North St., Vicksburg, Miss. 
Young, Rex. ex-'30. Business, Corpus Christi, Tex. 
Young, W. L., ex-'26. Business, Henry L. Doherty Co., New York, N. Y. 

Ziegler, Chas. W., ex-'82. Business, Pres. Schmidt-Ziegler, Ltd., New 

Orleans, La., 4631 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, La. 
Ziegler, Ferdinand F., ex-B. S. '91. Business, Supt. Louisiana Bldg., 

New Orleans, La., 7924 Jeanette St., New Orleans, La. 
Ziegler, Harold F., ex-'20. Business, vice president, Schmidt and Ziegler 

Co., Ltd., New Orleans, La., 4631 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, La. 
Zieman, Alphonse J., ex-B. S. '07. Business, Secretary-Treasurer Marine 

Junk Co., Mobile, Ala., 702 St. Francis St., Mobile, Ala. 
Zieman, Frank, ex-H. S. '26. Business, G. M. & N. R. R. Co., Mobile, 

Ala., 656 St. Francis St., Mobile, Ala. 
Zieman, Leo A. Jr., H. S. '21. Business, L. A. Zieman & Co., Mobile, 

Ala. 1816 Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala. 


Living Graduates and 

(Address Probable but not Verified.) 

N. B- If any one finds his address given incorrectly 
let him remember that he can have it corrected in the next 
edition of the Alumni Directory by notifying the office at 
once. By giving correct address, profession or occupation 
you will help immensely in keeping the records of the 
Alumni office up-to-date. 

When you write in please give the date or year of 
entrance, the class and course in which you entered and 
the year of graduation. If you do not recall the exact date 
or year mention some of your classmates and we will be 
able to consult the records and correct any omissions in- 
advertantly made. Editor. 

Abadie, Lawrence P., 4234 N. Rampart St., New Orleans, La. 

Abbot, Roger, 137 N. Alexander St., New Orleans, La. 

Adams, Charles W. f Jr., 2034 Elizabeth Street, Shreveport, La. 

Adams, Daniel, Areola, La. 

Adams, Lionel J., 2402 Octavia Street, New Orleans, La. 

Adams, Louis Philip, 4116 General Pershing St., New Orleans, La. 

Adoue, Clifford A., 237 N. Jefferson St., Casper, Wyoming. 

Albor, De Felix J., Plaquemine, La. 

Alford, Vernon, Walls, La. 

Allain, Alcee, Bayou Goula, La. 

Allen, Benjamin, Macon, Miss. 

Allen, Jules M. 432 S. Solomon Street, New Orleans, La. 

Alsina, John, Jr. 800 Taft Place, New Orleans, La. 

Alvarez, Bernardina, Southern Banana Co., Galveston, Texas. 

Alvarez, Luis T., care Dr. Lucas Alverez Cerice, Mazorro, Cuba. 

Alvey, Blewett, P. O. Box 781, 2260 McFaddin Ave , Beaumont, Tex. 

Alvey, George 498 Walnut Street, Beaumont, Tex. 

Alvey, George F. 498 Walnut Street, Beaumont, Tex. 

Alvey, Henry, 498 Walnut Street, Beaumont, Tex. 

Andermenn, Louis. St. James, La. 

Anderson, Frederick. 223 West Gregory St. Pensacola, Fla. 

Andrepont, Lawrence, Crowley, La. 

Andrepont, Oscar J., King Street, Opelousas, La. 

Andreu, Camilo, Calle 15, Entre G. & H. Vedado, Havana, Cuba. 

Antuono, Frederick. 104 1-2 E. Lafayette St., Tampa, Fla. 



Arbour, Henry, 352 St. Louis St., Baton Rouge, La. 

Arbour, Leon, 532 St. Louis St., Baton Rouge, La. 

Areeneaux, Alphonse H., Church Point, La. 

Ardoin, Leo, Eunice, La. 

Arnaudet, Martin L., Jennings, La. 

Armestead, Herbert, Demopolis, Ala. 

Arnold, Tablot J., Monroe, La. 

Arnold, William, Camden, Ark. 

Augustin, Alfred, 2438 Washington Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Avarez, Marian N., 815 S. Edison St., Tampa, Fla. 

Babington, James, Hammond, La. 

Badeaux, Edward, Lockport, La. 

Badeaux, Henry, Lockport, La. 

Bailey, Randolph, Clarksville, Tex. 

Balbontin, Romeo M., 16th St., and 7th Ave., Tampa, Fla. 

Balli, Francis, Brownsville, Tex. 

Barco, Dorman, Crichton, Ala. 

Barksdale, Edward, Jackson, Miss. 

Barrera, John, Randado, Tex. 

Barrett, Daniel, Algiers, La. 

Barret, Eugene, Moss Point, Miss. 

Barrett, Gould, 2424 Kings Way, Augusta, Ga. 

Barrett, Robert, 1207 Ash St., Birmingham, Ala. 

Barrett, Stewart P., 949 Johns Road, Augusta, Ga. 

Barron, Clinton E., 707 West Pine St., Hattiesburg, Miss. 

Bartlett, Lloyd L., Hotel Pullman, Citronelle, Ala. 

Baudier, Victor J., 949 Picheloup Place, New Orleans, La. 

Bealle, John, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Beary, Andrew T., Thibodeaux, La. 

Beatrous, Thos. A., Bayou Goula, La. 

Beaven, Hugh, St. Marys, Ky. 

Beaven, John G., Lebanon, Ky. 

Becnel, Edgar L., New Roads, La. 

Becker, Ferdinand, Brookhaven, Miss. 

Becker, James A., Brookhaven, Miss. 

Becker, John T., Brookhaven, Miss. 

Bell, John, Camden, Ala. 

Benavedes, John, Laredo, Tex. 

Bennet, David E., Bennett House, St. Augustine, Fla. 

Bentley, Timothy J., Richton, Miss. 

Bergon, Morris, 216 Wood Street, Houma, La. 

Beridon, Harold E., Box 128, Mansura, La. 

Betbeze, Arnold, 217 22nd Avenue, Meridian, Miss. 

Bienvenu, Wesley, Suicset, La. 

Bills, Ernest, 46 West Howard Ave., Biloxi, Miss. 

Bird, Albert C, 119 Clay St., Montgomery, Ala. 

Blackman, John, Alexandria, La. 

Blanc, Henry, 526 Octavia Street, New Orleans, La. 

Blanchette, Clyde, 360 Flowers St, Beaumont, Tex. 

Blanchette, Eley, 1401 Avenue "A", Beaumont, Tex. 

Blanchette, Theodore, 360 Flowers St., Beaumont, Tex. 

Blanchin, George, 1623 Gen. Taylor St., New Orleans, La. 


Blasich, John B., Galveston, Tex. 

Blaun, Carl, 2414 Avenue "H". Galveston, Tex. 

Bluntzer, Robert D., Corpus Christi, Tex. 

Boatman, Leonard, 323 Garden St., San Antonio, Tex. 

Boddy, Edward, 208 Rylands, Ave., Mobile, Ala. 

Bohen, William H., 417 West Connor St , Live Oak, Fla. 

Bolivar, Oscar, Calle Dominguez No. 5, Havana, Cuba. 

Bolivar, Rene J., Calle Dominguez No. 5, Havana, Cuba. 

Boltz, Winston, Henry, United Fruit Co., Preston, Oriente, Cuba. 

Bomarito, Paul L., 704 Pontoc St., Memphis, Tenn. 

Bondurant, J. W., Jr. 154 N. Cooper St., Memphis, Tenn. 

Bonner, Cornelius W., Tupelo, Miss. 

Bonner, Joseph, Tupelo, Miss. 

Bonner, Thomas H., Tupelo, Miss. 

Bonviilain, Alphonse J., 407 Russel St., Houma, La. 

Bonvillain, Charles N., Glencoe, La. 

Bordelon, Clif J., Long Bridge, La. 

Bordelon, Martin, Opelousas, La. 

Bosarge, Edward A., Bayou La Batre, Ala. 

Bosarge, Wm. S., Bayou La Batre, Ala. 

Boudreaux, Phillip A., 1102 Napoleou Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Bourgeois, Carlyle J., Main St., Jeannerette, La. 

Bourgeois, Felix Le, St. John Baptist, La. 

Bourgeois, Lawrence, Jeannerette, La. 

Bourgeois, Paul, Jeanerette, La. 

Bourgere, Clarence L., Little Gypsy Plantation, La Plante, La. 

Bougere, Clifford C, Little Gypsy Plantation, La Place, La. 

Bowen, Thomas, Brookhaven, Miss. 

Boylan, Theoblad T., 507 Washington St , Montgomery, Ala. 

Bradley, Bruce, Sherman, Tex. 

Brady, Charles P., 109 N. Holt St., Montgomery, Ala. 

Brady, John, Vicksburg, Miss. 

Bragg, William, Bells Landing, Ala. 

Brashear, Ruttulus, Mt. Vernon, Ala. 

Braswell, Robert L., 325 9th St., South, St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Breard, Albert G., Motor Route A., Monroe, La. 

Breard, Ernest M., Monroe, La. 

Breard, Grammont F., Monroe, La. 

Brent, Thomas, First National Bank, Pensacola, Fla. 

Brent, William, 504 N. Bayler St., Pensacola, Fla. 

Brosnahan, George, 17 1-2 Palafox St., Pensacola, Fla. 

Brice, Leon C, Singer, La 

Brickell, Welham, 1720 Soniat St., New Orleans, La. 

Brierre, Henry, 75 Audubon Blvd., New Orleans, La. 

Brito, Feliz L., P. O. Box 896, Havana, Cuba. 

Brooks, Marshall, Jefferson, Tex. 

Brooks, Robert, Jefferson, Tex. 

Brooks, Walter, Bovina, Miss. 

Broussard, Gerald, Broussard, La. 

Brown, Arthur, 1816 Marengo Street, New Orleans, La. 

Brown, Edward, 1816 Marengo St., New Orleans, La. 

Brown, Harvey W., 938 Jourdan Ave , New Orleans, La. 

Brown, Henry, 300 Pelican St., Algiers, La. 


Brunet, Harold A., 2714 Canal St., New Orleans, La. 

Brussard, Dorastan, Loreauville, La. 

Bryan, Thad, Ocean Springs, Miss. 

Budd, Murphy F., Opelousas, La. 

Burguieres, Lenfroie, Louisa, La. 

Burgin, Fred, Monroe, La. 

Burke, G. Edmond, Jacksonville, Florida. 

Burke, Perry J., New Iberia, La. 

Burke, Walter, New beria, La. 

Burke, William, New Iberia, La. 

Burns, Stewart, 343 Cherokee Avenue, Baton Rouge La, 

Burt, Thos. R. Jr., 3811 Napolean Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Byrnes, Morgan, Pensacola, Fla. 

Byrnes, Paul H., 205 S. Pine Street, Natchez, Miss. 

Cabiro, Augustus, 3111 Bruxelles St., New Orleans, La. 

Cabiro, Edmond, 1305 St. Mary St., New Orleans, La. 

Cabrera, Joseph R., Jr., 1629 S. Carrollton Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Cade, Peter, Cahaba, Ala. 

Cade, William, Cahaba, Ala. 

Cady, Thomas J , Columbus, Miss. 

Can ill, Patrick, Macon, Miss. 

Caillouet, Earnest, Houma, La. 

Calahan, Edward M., Drying Machine Co., Louisville, Ky. 

Callahan, John D., 305 11th St., Augusta, Ga . 

Calvet, Francisco, Colon 144, Segua, La Grande, Cuba. 

Cambon, Sylvester, 1820 Broadway St., New Orleans, La. 

Cambon, Henry, 1820 Broadway St., New Orleans, La. 

Cannon, Thos. 302 Cleveland Ave., Montgomery, Ala. 

Cardos, F., 841 Carondelet St., New Orleans, La. 

Carr, Francis J., 1112 Greene St., Augusta, Ga. 

Carson, Thos., Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Caruso, Joseph, 1621 Esplanade Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Casanava, Pedro, Ave Del Golfo No. 1, Havana, Cuba. 

Castenera, Francis, Biloxi, Miss. 

Catrett, Robert M., Seale, Ala. 

Cawthon, Edley K., Plateau, Ala. 

Cefalu, John, 3454 Magazine St., New Orleans, La. 

Cerise, Henry A., 861 Roosevelt Place, New Orleans. La. 

Chalin, Henry A., 360 Pine St., New Orleans, La. 

Chambliss, James, 6th Ave., Laurel, Miss. 

Chappuis, Guy J., Crowley, La. 

Charlet, Clinton L., Paincourtville, La. 

Chestang, William, Mt. Vernon, Ala. 

Christ, Wm. B., La Rosa 11 Tulipan, Havana, Cuba. 

Christie, Jas. P , 323 E. Romana St., Pensacola. Fla. 

Ciaccio, Anthony D., 1837 Milan St., New Orleans, La 

Clardy, Jas. C, Talladega, Ala. 

Clarke, John F., 818 Gravier St., New Orleans, La. 

Clarkson, Lawrence D., Refugio, Tex. 

Claudet, Henry R., Lockport, La. 

Claudet, Joseph, Thibodeaux, La. 

Clements, Fred J., Owensboro, Ky. 


Clements, Jacob, Richland, Ga. 

Cochran, Henry, Camden, Ala. 

Cochran, Thos., Camden, Ala. 

Coco, Albert, Rordelonville, La. 

Coco, Earnest, Moreauville, La. 

Coco, Jules, Moreauville, La. 

Cody, Dupree, 402 Hull St., Montgomery, Ala. 

Coffey, Jas. 642 S. Dorgenois St., New Orleans, La. 

Colgin, George, New Iberia, La. 

Collins, Thos. A., 303 Beauregard St., Mobile, Ala. 

Comeaux, Alphonse J., Broussard, La. 

Concannon, Jasper J., Montegut, La. 

Condon, Bernard, Laurel Ave., Knoxville, Tenn. 

Condon, Michael, Laurel Ave., Knoxville, Tenn. 

Connell, William, Bayou Sara, La. 

Conner, Lucas, 6214 S. Tonti St., New Orleans, La. 

Corbett, Ed. P., 641 N. Flores St., San Antonio, Tex. 

Corbitt, Charles L., 211 Reidhurst Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 

Coreil, Morelle, Ville Platte, La. 

Cornell, J., 5425 Kings Highway, St. Louis, Mo. 

Corner, William, 108 Palafox Street, Pensacola, Fla. 

Corral, Gabriel Del., 2821 Audubon Street, New Orleans, La. 

Cosse, Louis, Plaquemine, La. 

Costello, Eugene, Lindsey Air Products Co., Birmingham, Ala. 

Coudrey, Adolphe, Cyrpemort, La. 

Cowery, Fred, Brownsville, Texas. 

Cronin, Jas. J., 708 S. McDonough St., Montgomery, Ala. 

Crenshaw, Blevins, Marion, Ala. 

Crenshaw, Jas., Marion, Ala. 

Cuadras, Cristobal, Cristina No. 4, Santiago, Cuba. 

Cummings, Gerard M., 323 Oliver St., New Orleans, La. 

Cummings, Maurice F., 214 N. Monroe St., Yazoo City, Miss. 

Cummins, Thos., 4523 S. Robinson St., New Orleans, La. 

Curet, Eugene, Bay St. Louis, Miss. 

Curtin, William P., Iowa Park, Texas. 

Currie, Marshall D., Ville Platte, La. 

Curry, George T., 402 St. Francis St., Mobile, Ala. 

Daigle, Henry, 337 Pacific Ave., Algiers, La. 

D'Albor, Joseph, R. F. D. 1, Box 86, Jeannerette, La. 

Dalfers, Peter, Lockport, La. 

Daly, Christopher, 2357 2nd St., Macon, Ga 

Daly, James G., Estabuchie, Miss. 

Dalzell, Robert, Brownsville, Texas. 

Danjean, Louis, 1665 Dufossat St., New Orleans, La. 

Danos, Albert J., 4534 S. First St., Louisville, Ky. 

Dant, John P.„ 913 W. Broadway St., Louisville, Ky. 

D'Aquin, John J., 537 St. Louis St., New Orleans, La. 

D'Aquin, Louis, 1812 Napolean Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Darcy, Harold J., 4624 Prytania St., New Orleans, La. 

Dauterive, Louis G., Loreauville, La. 

Davis, Carlos M , Toulminville, Ala. 

Davis, Edward T., 1131 4th Ave., Columbus, Ga. 


Davis, R. John, 212 S. Conception St., Mobile, Ala. 

Dawson, Chas. P., 21 S. Hallet St., Mobile, Ala. 

Dawson, William, 115 E. Adams St., Jacksonville, Florida. 

DeBuys, Laurence R. Jr., 1776 State St., New Orleans, La. 

DeBuys, Wm. E., 1776 State St., New Orleans, La. 

Decker, George, Rio Grande, Texas. 

Decker, Garcia, Rio Grande, Texas. 

Decker, Louis, Brownsville, Texas. 

Deegan, William L., 7 S. Ann St., Mobile, Ala 

DeFuniak, Wm. Q., 26 S. Goldwaite St., Montgomery, Ala. 

Deferes, Franklin, Lockport, La. 

DeGravelle, Martin H., Jeannerette, La. 

DeGruy, Gustave, 3819 Annunciation St., New Orleans, La. 

DeGruy, Horace, 3819 Annunciation St., New Orleans, La. 

DeGruy, Louis, 3819 Annunciation St., New Orleans, La. 

Dejan, Albert, 1836 Bayou Road, New Orleans, La. 

Delaney, Harold W., Kew West, Florida. 

Delferes, James, Lockport, La. 

Deiaune, Andrew C., Thebodeaux, La. 

Delaune, Felix J., Thebodeaux, La. 

DeLaureal, Robert T., Broussard, La. 

Delavigne, Alfred, 2309 Columbus St., New Orleans, La. 

Delbondio, Chas., 3615 St. Chas. Ave., Ne Orleans, La., 

DelCoral, Ralph F., 2408 Magazine St., New Orleans, La. 

DeLearns, Sylvester, 201 S. Solomon St., New Orleans, La. 

Deiery, Geo., 6341 West End Blvd., New Orleans, La. 

DeLisle, Gaschet, 6509 West End Blvd., New Orleans, La. 

Delvaille, Emile, 1433 N. Robertson St., New Orleans, La. 

Delvaille, Jules, 3718 St. Claude St., New Orleans, La. 

Dempsey, Jos. G., 1236 Jackson Ave , New Orleans, La. 

Denechaud, Edward, 168 Park Ave. Mt,. Vernon, N. Y. 

Deschapples, Emanuel, Covington, La. 

Deveile, Ernest, 1516 Gentilly Road, New Orleans, La. 

Devinney, Calvin C. Jr., 110 Herron St., Montgomery, Ala. 

Devron, Geo., 2719 Cleveland Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Diano, Albert L., 2416 Magazine St., New Orleans, La. 

Diaz, Eladio J., Mercedes 57, Cardenas, Cuba. 

DiCarlo, Anthony A., 3322 Canal St., New Orleans, La. 

Dillon, Francis, 405 East Gaston St., Savannah, Ga. 

Dillon, Joseph H., Abita Springs, La. 

Dimmack, Chas. D , 960 Heard St., Augusta, Ga. 

Discon, Thos. P., 8120 Forshey St., New Orleans, La. 

Dittman, Chas., 1539 Verna St., New Orleans, La. 

Dolese, Alphonse F., Thibodeaux, La. 

Dolhonde, Edward, 2710 Palmer Ave., Ne wOrleans, La. 

Dolhonde, Forrester, 2710 Palmer Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Dolhonde, Leonce, 2710 Palmer Ave., New Orleans, La. 

D'Olive, Madrick, Orlando, Fla. 

Dolson, James J., 423 St. Francis St., Galveston, Tex. 

Dominque, Earl, 201 Jefferson St., Lafayette, La. 

Donoghue, Leonard, 1460 Brichel Ave., Miami, Fla. 

Dooley, Jas., 236 W .Government St., Pensacola, Fla. 

Dorr, August J., 505 Telfair St., Augusta, Ga. 

Dorlon, George, 258 Roper St., Mobile, Ala. 


Dossmann, Andre, Opelousas, La. 

Doussan, Honore, 1237 St. Andrew St., New Orleans, La. 

Doussan, Jos. A., 1301 Coliseum St., New Orleans, La. 

Doussan, Sidney, 1301 Coliseum St., New Orleans, La. 

Drouilhet, Williama,a care 1715 Tremont St., Galveston, Tex. 

Druhan, Robert, 2439 Napoleon Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Ducas, Elphege T., Napoleonville, La. 

Duconuce, Desire J., Cottonport, La. 

Ducote, Warren P., Cottonport, La. 

Ducourneau, Adolph, 2638 Gov. Nicholls St., New Orleans, La. 

Dufilho, August A., 7320 Hurst St., New Orleans, La. 

Dufilho, Henry, 1249 Kerlerec St., New Orleans, La. 

Dufilho, Marc, 1249 Kerlerec St., New Orleans, La. 

Dugas, Felix, Paincourtville, La. 

Dugas, Henry, Paincourtville, La. 

Dugas, Laury G , Paincourtville, La. 

Dugas, Zenon J., 106 Ransom St., Lafayette, La. 

Duggan, Linus, 4153 Canal St., New Orleans, La. 

Dugue, Geo. 5631 St. Charles St., New Orleans, La. 

Dunn, Wm, 5912 Chestnut St., New Orleans, La. 

Dumser, Adolph J., 3700 Napoleon Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Duperior, Douglas, New Iberia, La. 

Duplantier, Ed., 2624 Jasmine St., New Orleans, La. 

Dupre, Edward, 2801 Audubon St., New Orleans, La. 

Dupre, Ferdinand, 1104 Soniat St., New Orleans, La. 

Dupre, William, 3509 Palmyra St., New Orleans, La. 

Duquesne, Pierre A., S. Bell Telephone Co., New Orleans, La. 

Durel, Milton, 3111 Milan St., New Orleans, La. 

Dwyer, Thos. R., 4224 Chestnut St., New Orleans, La. 

Earle, Thomas J., Blacksher, Ala. 

Elliott, Robert J., 34 Morgan Blvd., New Orleans, La. 

Emrich, Arthur, 1310 Second St., Columbus, Ga. 

Endom, Fredric, Monroe, La. 

Englemann, Henry C, 1126 2nd St., New Orleans, La. 

Englehart, Alfred N., 805 Piedmont Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

Englehart, Edward A., 805 Piedmont Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

Ermon, William, 2612 Dublin St., New Orleans, La. 

Ernest, Albert, 1505 Iberville St., Mobile, Ala. 

Ervine, Francis E., De Rider, La. 

Fabel, Hamon, Montgomery, Ala. 

Fabacher, Aloysius, 1839 Bordeaux St., New Orleans, La. 
Fabacher, Jacob A., 3616 State St., New Orleans, La. 
Faherty, Francis P., 1277 Agnes Place, Memphis, Tenn. 
Faherty, Michael W., 1277 Agnes Place, Memphis, Tenn. 
Fatjo, John J., 7736 Jeanette St., New Orleans, La. 
Fauria, Wm. V., 209 W. Cervantes St., Pensacola, Fla. 
Favret, Clarence F., 1719 Upperline St., New Orleans, La. 
Fay, Gerald, 191 E. Parkway St., Memphis, Tenn. 
Ferlita, Dominic, 1211 1-2 Tampa St., Tampa, Fla. 
Fernandez, John, Brownsville, Tex. 
Fields, Marius J., 442 Main St., Opelousas, La. 



Finch, Albert F., Finch Ave., Toulminville, Ala. 

Fisher, John F., 1138 Felicity St., New Orleans, La. 

Fitzgerald, Douglas E., Broad and Dallas Sts., Selma, Ala. 

Fitsgibbons, Garrett J., Reynolds, Ga. 

Fitspatrick, Wm. John, 153 E. Coulter St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Flanagan, Walter J., 1318 Seventh St., New Orleans, La, 

Flanner, Thomas, 816 Roosevelt Place, New Orleans, La. 

Flatauer, Adolph, Apalachicola, Fla. 

Flautt, Robert, 4916 Danneel St., New Orleans, La. 

Foley, Lawrence P., 1349 Goodbar Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 

Ford, Herbert D., 1416 Webster St., New Orleans, La. 

Forte, Santos J., Lake Village, Ark. 

Fortier, Eugene, Charenton, La. 

Fortier, George, Iberville, La. 

Fourcher, Deween, 1031 Broad St., Augusta, Ga. 

Fournet, Gilbert J., Lake Charles, La. 

Foy, Wm. E., 26 Sevilla St., St. Augustine, Fla. 

Francez, Aristide, Carencro, La. 

Franklin, Albert, Brownsville, Tex. 

Franklin, Jos. M., 2335 Sycamore St., Birmingham, Ala. 

Frederic, Francis, U. S. Steel Gary, Inc., Pascagoula, Miss. 

Frederic, Solomon, Scranton, Miss. 

Frederich, William J., Gulfport, Miss. 

Freeland, Marshall, Lucedale, Miss. 

Frenken, Bernard P., Pocahunter, Ark. 

Fricke, Louis, Springhill Ave. and Bay Shore, Crichton, Ala. 

Frohlichstein, Henry J., San Diego, Cal. 

Fuss, Timothy H., 136 Cole St., Macon, Ga. 

Gagnet, Harold J., 6301 Constance St., New Orleans, La. 

Gallaind, Geo. B., 2132 Audubon St., New Orleans, La. 

Gannon, Richard D., 2338 Magazine St., New Orleans, La. 

Garabarino, Jno. W., Canton, Miss. 

Garcia, Marcos, 111 North Kansas St., El Paso, Tex. 

Garcia, Louis, 111 N. Kansas St., El Paso, Tex. 

Gardien, Jos. Linden, Ala. 

Gardiner, William, Marksville, La. 

Gardner, Jas. 116 Wheeler St., Montgomery, Ala. 

Garland, Henry, Opelousas, La. 

Garretson, Chas. Monroe, La. 

Gaudct, Theodore, St. James, La. 

Gaudin, Louis, 114 East 8th Ave. Crowley, La. 

Gauthier, Chas. E., 443 Main St., Baton Rouge, La. 

Gauthier, Cleophas, Moreauville, La. 

Generes, Leonce, 5004 Bryan St., Dallas, Tex. 

Generes, Olivier, Box 113 Station, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Gervais, Herman, 1851 Taylor Road, Cleveland, O. 

Gilbert, James W., Napoleonville, La. 

Gilbert, Philip H., Napoleonville, La. 

Gilbert, Pierre J., Napoleonville, La. 

Gildea, John C, Browns, Ala. 

Gilmore, Basil, Chevrolet Motor Co., Calera, Ala. 

Gilmore, John, St. Petersburg, Fla. 


Gilmore, Harold, 2115 15th Ave., Birmingham, Ala. 

Gillespie, James, Aberdeen, Miss. 

Glaudot, Augustin, 1441 N. Broad St., New Orleans, La. 

Glynn, Barrow G. Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Goggan, Thomas, Galveston, Tex. 

Goldsmith, Henry, Calhoun, Ala. 

Goldsmith, Louis, 1716 Dufosset St., New Orleans, La. 

Gomez, Edard, Aparbado 22, Gaubarien, Cuba. 

Gomez, Emile T., Aparbado 22, Gaibarien, Cuba. 

Gonsoulin, Alfred, Jeannerette, La. 

Gonsoulin, Adrain, Loreauville, La. 

Gonsoulin, Silvio, Loreauville, La. 

Gonzales, Bowen W., 226 N. Spring St., Pensacola, Fla. 

Gonzalez, Juan, 718 S. Florence St., El Paso, Texas. 

Goudaux, Leon L., Park Ave., Houma, La. 

Grace, Henry, Plaquemine, La. 

Grant, Henry, Natchitoches, La. 

Green, Joshua, Jackson, Miss. 

Gremillion, Moore J., Plaucheville, La. 

Griffin, Malcolm J., 4239 Canal St., New Orleans, La. 

Griffis, Lloyd J., Beaumont, Miss. 

Gringras, Jules G., 611 2nd St., Alexandria, La . 

Grizzard, Kenneth, Madison St., Clarksville, Tenn. 

Grizzard, Western H., Clarksville, Tenn. 

Groetsch, Julius W , 4105 Monroe St., New Orleans, La. 

Groetsch, Ewald H., 7605 Willow St., New Orleans, La. 

Groushy, Alexander, Friad Bldg., Baton Rouge, La. 

Grunewald, Theodore, 513 Royal St., New Orleans, La. 

Guerra, Julio J., 1402 9th St., Y'bor City Station, Tampa, Fla. 

Guerra, Louis V., care V. Guerra Diaz & Co., Tampa, Fla. 

Guidry, Doris A., Mix, La. 

Gullette, Albert E., St. Claude Court, New Orleans, La. 

Gulley, Bryant, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Gunter, William, Benton, Ala. 

Hages, A. H., 7345 Elm Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Hails, Charles E., 908 Adams St., Montgomery, Ala. 

Hails, Edward, 908 Adams St., Montgomery, Ala. 

Hall, Herbert, Bayou Goula, La. 

Hall, Thomas J., Panacez Hotel, Tallahassee, Fla. 

Halligan, John, Savannah, Ga. 

Hamel, George, Yazoo City, Miss. 

Hamel, Joseph, Yazoo City, Miss. 

Hammond, Harry, Kathwood, S. C. 

Hammond, Walter L., Robertsdale, Ala. 

Hanlein, Francis J., 160 St. Joseph St., Mobile, Ala. 

Haney, Henry, 214 Ocean St., Jacksonville, Fla. 

Hanna, Charles, 1310 Henry Clay Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Hanna, Swinford, 1310 Henry Clay, Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Harang, Edmond, Lorose, La, 

Hardie, Chas. F., 3915 Napoleon Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Hardy, Charles, 3107 Gen. Taylor St., New Orleans, La. 

Harmon, Barrie, 523 Monroe St., Montgomery, Ala. 



Harmon, Robert, 523 Monroe St., Montgomery, Ala. 

Harrigan, Clarence C, 1822 Annunciation St., New Orleans, La. 

Harris, Goodwyn H., Mansfield, La. 

Harris, R. O., 14 N. Ann St., Mobile, Ala. 

Harris, William L., Mansfield, La. 

Harrison, Benjamin, 3300 Upperline St., New Orleans, La. 

Harrison, Holt, Addis, La. 

Harrison, Thomas, Patterson, La. 

Harvey, Horace, 3507 Camp St., New Orleans, La. 

Hayes, Thomas, Rapides, La. 

Healy, Raymond J., 245 Phelps St., Jacksonville, Fla. 

Hebert, Lester H., New Roads, La. 

Hebert, Seth, 1395 Avenue "C", Beaumont, Tex. 

Heichelheim, Hubert R., Jennings, La. 

Hemstreet, Frank S., 2212 Tulane Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Henderson, John, 459 Audubon St., New Orleans, La. 

Hendricks, James, Elysian Fields, Tex. 

Henry, James, 427 Clara St., New Orleans, La. 

Herbert, Prudent H., 813 Pujo St., Lake Charles, La. 

Heron, Edward, Louisville, Ala. 

Hertz, Emile, Uniontown, Ala. 

Hewes, Fred S., Gulfport, Miss. 

Hickey, James, Corpus Christi, Tex. 

Hicks, Franks, 7 Virginia Circle, Atlanta, Ga. 

Hill, Jas. 1401 Delachaise St., New Orleans, La. 

Hill, Walton H., 1512 S. Hull St., Montgomery, Ala. 

Hillery, John R., 7726 Sycamore St., New Orleans, La. 

Hill tard, Chas. H., 31 E. Gonzales St., Pensacola, Fla. 

Hiriat, Sebastian, Plaquemine, La. 

Hogan, Louis W., 8 N. Broad St., Mobile, Ala. 

Hohost, Henry, Lafayette, La. 

Holberg, Ferdinand, Macon, Miss. 

Holberg, Joe, Macon, Miss. 

Holland, Chas. J., 3050 Fortin St., New Orleans, La. 

Hollander, Ferdinand, 2317 Wirth Place, New Orleans, La. 

Hollingsworth, Harry L., Box 1044, Jacksonville, Fla. 

Holloway, Emmanuel H , New and Walnut Sts., care Armour Packing 

Plant, Macon, Ga. 
Horkan, George A., care D. S. Fogarty, 1113 Green St., Augusta, Ga. 
Horkan, John, Moultrie, Ga. 

Horkan, Thomas A., care D. S. Fogarty, 1113 Greene St., Augusta, Ga. 
Housman, John, Birmingham, Ala. 
Houssiere, Eugene P., Jennings, La. 
Hudson, Alexander, Uniontown, Ala. 

Hudson, Manning J., 2631 Peniston St., New Orleans, La. 
Huff, Frank E., 891 Highland Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 
Huggins, Jas., Corinth, Miss. 

Hunt, Thomas P., 1502 Division St., Shreveport, La. 
Hunter, James A., 831 Delaware St., Shreveport, La. 
Hurley, Jos., Cotton Ave., Macon, Ga. 
Hymel, David, Killona, La. 
Hymel, Joel, Labadieville, La. 
Hymel, Octave, St. James, La. 


Ingersoll, Girard G., 1719 Euckner St., Shreveport, La. 
Ingersoll, William, 954 Margaret Place, Shreveport, La. 

Jackson, Marvin J., Orange Grove, Tex. 

Jacob, Jules, Box 752, Lakeworth, Fla. 

Jacomino, Jas. 1812 N. White St., New Orleans, La. 

Jaham, George De, 3134 Dauphine St., New Orleans, La. 

Jarreau, Jack, 7825 Elm St., New Orleans, La. 

Johnson, Forrest J., Pascagoula, Miss. 

Johnson, Harvey J., Brookhaven, Miss. 

Johnston, John C, Friars Point, Miss. 

Jones, Edward T., Demopolis, Ala. 

Jones, Hugh T., Belle Helene, La. 

Jones, Robert, Marion, Ala. 

Jonson, William J., 316 E. Romana St., Pensacola, Fla. 

Junkin, Richard, 502 Madison St., Natchez, Miss. 

Kaiser, George L., 210 S. Charles Ave., Natchez, Miss. 

Kaplan* Irving B., Crowley, La. 

Karsch, Thomas H., 531 Stonewall St., Memphis, Tenn. 

Kathran, Geo., 1121 Montegut St., New Orleans, La. 

Kearney, Benjamin, 555 N. Claiborne, Mobile, Ala. 

Kearns, Leo P., Lebannon, Ky. 

Kearns, Wm. E., 1448 Fourth Ave., Louisville, Ky. 

Keefe, Lawrence, Thibodeaux, La. 

Keen, Richard, 2541 Jasimine St., New Orleans, La. 

Keenan, Arthur J., 3908 La. Ave. Parkway, New Orleans, La. 

Keenan, John P., 1434 St. Anthony Rd., Augusta, Ga. 

Kelleler, Wm. P., 1209 Nashville Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Kelley, Francis J., 2201 Robert St., New Orleans, La. 

Kelly, Arthur J., 4173 Canal St., New Orleans, La. 

Kelly, John, 4173 Canal St., New Orleans, La. 

Kelly, T. J., 400 Tchoupitoulas St., New Orleans, La. 

Kelly, William, Brownsville, Texas. 

Ken Henry, 5914 Prytania St., New Orleans, La. 

Killeen, Thomas, 5351 Magazine St., New Orleans, La. 

King, Edward, Monroe, Ala. 

King, Thos., Mt. Pleasant, Ala. 

Kingsburgh, Robert, Brownsville, Tex. 

Klingman, Eli, Houma, La. 

Klingman, Maurice E., Goose Creek, Tex. 

Kock, James E. Belle Alliance, La. 

Kohn, Arthur, 1430 Philip St., New Orleans, La. 

Kohn, John P. Jr., 5 N. Bainbridge St., Montgomery, Ala. 

Kohn, Frank M., 5 N. Bainbridge St., Montgomery, Ala. 

Kuntz, Emile, 6 Blanc Place, New Orleans, La. 

Lachle, Francis M„ 819 Springs St., Shreveport, La. 
Lacour, John, Rapides, La. 

Lafaye, Julian J., 1110 Napoleon Ave., New Orleans, La. 
Legarde, Eugene, Noble Apts., Anniston, Ala. 
Legarde, Philip, Thebodeaux, La. 



Lagignaux, Romin, Point a la Hache, La. 

Lamarque, Pascal, 1220 St. Rock Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Lambert, Chas., 2224 Milan St., New Orleans, La. 

Lambert, Lucien, Morse, La. 

Lancaster, Marshall J., Lookout Mountains, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Landaiche, Nemour, Carville, La. 

Landry, Gabriel, New Iberia, La. 

Landry, Leon J., New Iberia, La. 

Landry, Maxime, 1125 Kerlerc St., New Orleans, La. 

Landry, Ulysee, New Iberia, La. 

Lanham, Chas. T., 301 Whitney St., Louisville, Ky. 

Laoupe, Arthur, New Roads, La. 

Larrea, Albert L., 73 Salud, Havana, Cuba. 

Larue, Felix, 1314 3rd St., New Orleans, La. 

Lasseigne, George A., La Place, La. 

Laughlin, Frank, New Iberia, La. 

Leache, Edward, Bayou Goula, La. 

Lebeau, Edward J., 6164 Pershing St., St. Louis, Mo. 

LeBlanc, Jos., Paincourtville, La. 

LeBIanc, Nemour, 420 Pelican Ave., New Orleans, La. 

LeBianc, Taylor, Iberville, La. 

LeBourgeois, Paul A., New Iberia, La. 

Leborgne, Alfred M., 5509 Camp St., New Orleans, La. 

Ledoux, Alexander, 2007 Esplanade Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Lee, Fred L., 1208 4th Ave., Columbus, Ga. 

Lemarie, Jules L., 2723 Ursuline Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Lemoine, Leo, Moreauville, La. 

Lenzi, Louis T., 788 Adams St., Memphis, Tenn. 

Leon, Joseph A., 1256 Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala. 

Leonard, Franklin, Galveston, Tex. 

Leonard, John T., 7911 Birch St., New Orleans, La. 

Leonard, Joseph P., Galveston, Tex. 

Leppich, Herman, Vicksburg, Miss. 

Lester, Jos. M., 912 Simorrson St., Key West ,Fla. 

Levert, Homer, Baton Rouge, La. 

Levert, Lawrence, Box 184, St. Martinsville, La. 

Levis, Arthur, 4122 Fountainbleau St , New Orleans, La. 

Levy, Daniel L., 3525 Canal St., New Orleans, La. 

Levy, Erskine W., 72 N. Evergreen St., Memphis, Tenn. 

Levy, Warren A., 800 Alexander St., New Orleans, La. 

Lima, Roberto F., Gen. Lee No. 21, Mariano, Cuba. 

Lipari, Joseph, 1224 N. Lopez St., New Orleans, La. 

Lisso, Alexander, Jacob Candy Co., New Orleans, La. 

Lisso, Paul, Coushaeta, La. 

Livingston, William O , 318 Reid St., Palatka, Fla. 

Loftis, Thomas, Montrose, Ala. 

Lombardo, Frank A., 4231 S. Johnson St., New Orleans, La. 

Lombillo, Diego, Cardenas, Cuba. 

Long, Leo J., 2932 Canal St., New Orleans, La. 

Lopez, Clifford A., 93 King St., St. Augustine, Fla. 

Lopez, Julius M., 1132 West Beach, Biloxi, Miss. 

Lopez, Lazard, 1132 W. Beach, Biloxi, Miss. 

Lorenz, Chas. 3320 Napoleon Ave., New Orleans, La. 


Loughlin, Louis, New Iberia, La. 

Lourcey, Cornelius J., Loretto, Fla. 

Loving, William, St. Augustine, Fla. 

Lurry, Walter, Colfax, La. 

Luther, John W., 2233 Peters Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Lutz, Louis, Power and Alix Sts., Algiers, La. 

Lutz, William, Canton, Miss. 

Lynch, James, Huntington Road, Atlanta, Ga. 

Lyons, Guy F., Crowley, La. 

Lyons, James, Houston, Tex. 

Lytal, James T., care Lytal-Plat Furniture Co., West Palm Beach, Fla. 

Macou, Henry, 1823 Seventh St., New Orleans, La. 

Mader, Francis, Montgomery, Ala. 

Magill, Richard V., 415 Lloyd St., Greenville, S. C. 

Maginnis, Albert, 1711 Marengo St., New Orleans, La. 

Maher, Richard J., 128 Lavergne, St , Algiers, La. 

Mahoney, John H., Dublin, Ga. 

Mahoney, Vincent, Dublin, Ga. 

Major, Amintas, New Roads, La. 

Major, Joseph H., Oscar, La. 

Major, Leroy, New Roads, La. 

Malone, James, Macon, Ga. 

Maloney, Paul, 203 Ringold St., New Orleans, La. 

Mann, Wesley, Galveston, Tex. 

Manson, Henry A., Lafayette, La. 

Manucy, Howard C, 9 Cordova St., St. Augustine, Fla. 

Marion, Albert, 1225 St. Andrew St., New Orleans, La. 

Marionneaux, Alvin, Plaquemine, La. 

Marrero, Augustin, St. Bernard, La. 

Martin, Alfred, 326 Magazine St., New Orleans, La. 

Martin, Andrew L., Plaquemine, La. 

Martin, Charles J., Plaquemine, La. 

Martin, Edmond, Washington, La. 

Martin, Reese, Jr., 309 Hull St., Montgomery, Ala. 

Martin, Robert L., Whistler, Ala. 

Martin* Thomas, Point a la Hache, La. 

Martines, John F., Belle Helene, La. 

Martinez, Edward, 2023 Fern St., New Orleans, La. 

Martinez, Jesus M., Randado, Tex. 

Mason, Sidney, Lutcher, La. 

Maspero, Gaston, 3426 Gentilly St., New Orleans, La. 

Masters, Michael N., Ill 1-2 King St, St. Augustin, Fla. 

Matthews, Van A., 336 Carroll St., Waukesha, Wis. 

Mauldin, Vinton, Monroeville, Ala. 

Maurer, Harold C, 5918 Coliseum St., New Orleans, La. 

Mayer, Albert, 1676 Jefferson Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Mayer, Francis, 900 Jordan St., New Orleans, La. 

Meador, Alexander A., Winchester, Miss. 

Meador, Benjamin, Winchester, Miss. 

Meador, Joseph G., Winchester, Miss. 

Meillcur, Alfred, 3324 St. Philip St., New Orleans, La. 

Melancon, Abel J., care Walter Melacon, Breaux Bridge, La. 


Melancon, Gibard, Donaldsonville, La. 

Melancon, Leo, Reserve, La. 

Menard, Wm. P., 1423 N. Villere St., New Orleans, La. 

Mendez, Evangelisto Cardo Y., Calle 13 No. 9 Bejucal, Havana, Cuba. 

Merrero, Frank, St. Bernard, La. 

Mestayer, Clarence A., New Iberia, La. 

Mestayer, Francis, New Iberia, La. 

Meyer, Hunter, Portland, Ala. 

Meyers, Jos. A. Jr., 40 Central Park So., New York, N. Y. 

Miazza, James F., 4120 Vincennes Place, New Orleans, La. 

Michel, George, 2237 Constance St., New Orleans, La. 

Miles, Edward, Yazoo City, Miss. 

Miller, Frederick W., Terrace Apts., Jackson, Tenn. 

Miller, Leslie T., Orange Grove, Miss. 

Miller, William, Belton, Texas. 

Miller* William A., Belton, Texas. 

Mioton, Adlei J., 810 Union St., New Orleans, La. 

Mire, Trasimond, St. James, La. 

Mitsric, Angelas, Leonville, La. 

Mistrot, William, Waco, Texas. 

Mitchel, Arthur, 2315 Tulane Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Mitchell, John, 3516 Annunciation St., New Orleans, La. 

Mitchell, Louis R., 1039 Marengo St., New Orleans, La. 

Mitchell, Joseph, Scranton, Miss. 

Mobley, James, Allenton, Ala. 

Mobley, John, Allenton, Ala. 

Moffat, Victor C, 925 Whitehead St., Key West, Florida. 

Monahan, John J., 4529 S. Rocheblave St., New Orleans, La. 

Moning, Howard W., 517 Forest Ave., Chattanoga, Tenn. 

Moning, Norbert G., 517 Forest Ave., Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Moore', James T., Perdue Hill, Ala. 

Moore, John L., Galveston, Texas. 

Moore, Jos. A., 1683 15th St., Augusta, Ga. 

Moore, Stephen, Galveston, Texas. 

Moore, Wm. L., 604 Jackson Ave., Yazoo City, Miss. 

Moore, Wm. L., Ray Hardware Co., Pensacola, Fla. 

Morales, Edelmiro, Jr., 1307 Whitehead St., Key West, Florida. 

Moran, Edward, 522 S. Galvez St., New Orleans, La. 

Morgan, John M., Columbus, Miss. 

Mortimer, Frank H., 1902 Palmer Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Mortimer, Paul C, Jr., 2033 Prytania, St., New Orleans, La. 

Mulcahy, Joseph, 401 Monroe St., Montgomery, Ala. 

Mulcariy, Patrick J., 401 Monroe St., Montgomery, Ala. 

Mularkey, Henry K., 215 7th St., Fernandina, Florida. 

Mullen, Jos. M., 903 1st. Ave., Selma, Ala. 

Muller, Edmond A., Galveston, Texas. 

Muller, Richard T., Galveston, Texas. 

Mulloy, Wm., 819 8th Ave S., Nashville, Tenn. 

Mulvain, Francis B., 714 Seminary, Vincennes, Ind. 

Munson, Henry A., Bertie, La. 

Murphy, Marcellus, 230 Scott St., Bowling Green, Ky. 

Muse, Herbert, Plaquemine, La. 

McAuley, John, Pensacola, Fla. 


McCarthy, John T., 559 S. Dearborn St., Mobile, Ala. 

McClendon, Robert C, Maringouin, La. 

McClure, Allen W., 1104 S. Carrollton Ave., New Orleans, La. 

McConnico, Timothy, Allenton, Ala. 

McCormack, John, San Antonio, Tex. 

McCormick, Vivian, Yazoo City, Miss. 

McCoy, Robert, Watt and Clark Sts., Prichard, Ala. 

McCue, Charles C, 58 Rives St., Prichard, Ala. 

McCullough, James, St. Charles, La. 

McCutchon, Samuel, Pass Christian, Miss. 

McDonald, Joseph, West Palm Beach, Fla. 

McDonnell, James A., 1114 Government St., Mobile, Ala. 

McDonnell, John, Galveston, Tex. 

McEnnis, Bernard, Houston, Tex. 

McGrath, Martin, Brookhaven, Miss. 

McGuire, James, 4132 Cleveland Ave., New Orleans, La. 

McKean, Harold G. Point Clear, Ala. 

McKeon, Joseph, 712 Webster St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

McKinney, Geo. 2521 Palmer Ave., New Orleans, La. 

McMahon, William, Tangipahoa, La. 

McManus, Frank A., 5321 Chesley Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 

McMillan, Ellis O., Bay Minette, Ala. 

McMullan, Wm., 1023 Kentucky St., Bowling Green, Ky. 

McMurray, Walter J., 723 College St., Macon, Ga. 

McShane, John W., 2323 Gen. Taylor St., New Orleans, La. 

Nail, Alton L., 5434 Prytania St., New Orleans, La. 

Naquin, Joseph T., Thibodeaux, La. 

Nelson, Ed. B., 1014 Hapskey St., Selma, Ala. 

Nelson, Marble E., Bay Minette, Ala. 

Newsham, Dewey G., St. Francisvile, La. 

Newsham, Edward L., 940 Convention St., Baton Rouge, La. 

Newsham, Joseph P., St. Francisville, La. 

Newsham, Preston L., 940 Convention St., Baton Rouge, La. 

Nicholas, Kirwin J., 1512 Avenue M., Galveston, Texas. 

Nicolini, Joseph, 4905 Danneel St., New Orleans, La. 

Nickels, John, Yazoo City, Miss. 

Nicrosi, Michel J., 502 Madison Ave., Montgomery, Ala. 

Niland, Emmit J., 3101 Fannin St., Houston, Tex. 

Northrop, Guy, Pass Christian, Miss. 

Nores, Urbain E., 815 Dakota Ave., Tampa, Fla. 

O'Brien, John M., 4124 Gen. Taylor St., New Orleans, La. 

O'Brien, Micheal, 600 Forest Ave., Montgomery, Ala. 

O'Brien, Wm. A., 600 Forest Ave., Montgomery, Ala. 

O'Byrne, John H., 945 Talfair St., Augusta, Ga. 

O'Connor, Harry J., 1309 Ellis St., Augusta, Ga. 

O'Connor, John, Heash St., Augusta, Ga. 

O'Connor, Thomas M., 730 Broad St., Augusta, Ga. 

Oden, Ernest H., 7th Ave., Laurel, Miss. 

O'Donnell, Harold M., 911 Austin St, Houston, Tex. 

O'Dwyer, Frank, 237 Manshn St., Montgomery, Ala. 

Oehmichen, Alphonse, 1419 Villere St., New Orleans, La. 



O'Leary, Pearse J., 1431 Calhoun St., New Orleans, La. 

O'Leary, Richard, 806 Crawford St., Vicksburg, Miss. 

Oldham, Lesle M„ 1305 West Church St., Jacksonville, Fla. 

Oliver, Maurice, Cade, La. 

Oliver, Thomas, Montgomery, Ala. 

Olivier, Whitney J., Lydia, La. 

O'Neill, Herbert, Baldin, La. 

O'Neil, John, 931 30th Ave., Meridian, Miss. 

O'Reilly, Wm. City Bank Bldg., New Orleans, La. 

O'Rouke, Daniel J., 419 Washington St., Selma, Ala. 

Orsi, Francis A., Canton, Miss. 

Ortiz, Louis, Laredo, Tex. 

O'Sullivan, Thomas A., 3021 Jena St., New Orleans, La. 

Overby, Thomas W., Richland, Ga. 

Owens, George, Galveston, Tex. 

Owens, Herman, Columbus, Miss. 

Owens, Joseph R., 3324 Bauden St., New Orleans, La. 

Pankey, Stephen, Winona, Miss. 

Parker, Marsena, Battles, Wharf, Ala. 

Partridge, Thos. Bladon Springs, Ala. 

Pascal, Jos. 1629 Esplanade Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Paty, Clarence L., 2403 Pine St., New Orleans, La. 

Pavy, James R., Opelousas, La. 

Peck, Fred J., Lafayette, La. 

Peel, George, Egypt, Miss. 

Peel, Jefferson, Egypt, Miss. 

Perrin, Emile, 1421 Napoleon Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Pertuit, George, St. James, La. 

Pertuit, Henry J., St. James, La. 

Peterson, James L., Crystal Pharmacy, Pensacola, Fla. 

Petree, Eugene, 103 S. Baylen St., Pensacola, Fla. 

Pettier, Henry, Bayou Goula, La. 

Peugnet, Amedee A., 4482 Lindell Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Pfister, Florence, Catina & Smith, New Orleans, La. 

Phillippi, Chas., 3920 Chestnut St., New Orleans, La. 

Philips, Ralph R., Torras, La. 

Philips, Robert, 4312 Carouine Ave. Houston, Texas. 

Piazza, Joseph L., 801 Louisiana Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Pierce, Charles J., 1419 Walnut St., Jacksonville, Florida. 

Pinkerton, Max, Sunflower, Ala. 

Piainol, Jaime, Apartado 256, Havana, Cuba. 

Poche, Charles, St. James, La. 

Poche, George, St. James, La. 

PoMet, Camille J., 6121 Hurst St., New Orleans, La. 

Pomar, Theodore, 12 Bay St., St. Augustine, Florida. 

Pope, George B., Bunkie, La. 

Powell, James C, Plymouth Star R. Military Road, Columbus, Miss. 

Prather, John R., Jennings, La. 

Prejean, George, Donaldsonville, La. 

Prejean, Paul V., Donaldsonville, La. 

Proctor, Stephen, 4165 Toulouse St., New Orleans, La. 

Proctor, Joseph, 8417 Panola St., New Orleans, La. 


Poitvent, Eads, Pearlington, Miss. 

Poitvent, John, Pearlington, Miss. 

Pudy, John, 1806 E. Godsden St., Pensacola, Florida. 

Pugh, Francis S., Plaquemine, La. 

Puig, Francisco, Portila No. 1, Palmira, Cuba. 

Querbes, Randolph A., Shreveport, La. 
Quina, Edward G., Pensacola, Florida. 

Raccich, Joseph F., 916 McNeil St., Shreveport, La. 

Rainey, Louis T., 1221 3rd Ave., Columbus, Ga. 

Ralbert, Robert, Athens, Ala. 

Randsell, John H., Alexandria, La. 

Rapier, Henry A., 2332 Gen. Taylor St., New Orleans, La. 

Rapier, Paul, 848 Ponce de Leon Place N. E., Atlanta, Ga. 

Raucher, Henry, Pensacola, Fla. 

Reake, James R., St. Francisville, La. 

Reardon, Lawrence V., 115 N. Central Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Reding, Henry, Robertsdale, Ala. 

Reding, Tony, Robertsdale, Ala. 

Redmond, Frank M., 840 College St., Macon, Ga. 

Reece, Bary L., 503 Broadway St., Yazoo City, Mis. 

Reed, Walter T., Ville Platte, La. 

Regan, John, 2717 Tulane St., New Orleans, La. 

Reggio, Paul B., 8321 Panola St., New Orleans, La. 

Reid, Ronald J., 335 S. Millvah Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Re'illy, Christopher A., Okolona, Miss. 

Reilly, Daniel W., Okolona, Miss. 

Reilly, Herman J., Okolona, Miss. 

Reinheimer, Charles, Jackson, Miss. 

Reinschmidt, Daniel J., 1326 E. Lloyd St., Pensacola, Fla. 

Reyes, Ralph E. delos, 2612 Upperline St., New Orleans, La. 

Reyes, Wm. J., 12 Saragpssa St., St. Augustine, Fla. 

Rice', Walter, 900 Wagner St., New Orleans, La. 

Richard, Leo C, 1309 Government St., Mobile, Ala. 

Richard, George, Houma, La. 

Richard, Raymond A., 057 Camden St., San Antonio, Tex. 

Richards, Raymond A., 434 Bermuda St., Algiers, La. 

Rincon, Francisco, Santa Teresa 16, Havana, Cuba. 

Riviere, Eugene, 2232 St. Ann St., New Orleans, La. 

Rizk, Wadeeh, 1608 Main St., Jacksonville, Fla. 

Robinson, John E., 8714 Kinsman Road, Cleveland, O. 

Roca, Joseph, 600 N. Claiborne St., New Orleans, La. 

Roch, Eugene, 208 S. Palafox St., Pensacola, Fla. 

Rogge, William E., Donaldsonville, La. 

Romero, Clerphy J., 1300 Woodworth Blvd., Port Arthur, Tex. 

Rosenblatt, William T., 1534 Gorden St., Shreveport, La. 

Rougier, Emilo, Brownsville, Tex. 

Rougier, Jose, Brownsville, Tex. 

Rougon, Adolph, Chenal, La. 

RougOn, Arthur, Chenal, La. 

Rougon, Dr. Francis F., Oscar, La. 


Rougon, Zachary, Chenal, La. 

Rushing, Horace, Marion, Miss. 

Russell, Willie J., 1728 Arthur Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 

Ryan, George, 1823 St. Peter St., New Orleans, La. 

Ryan, James, 1507 Chamberlain Ave., Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Ryan, James, Barnwell, S. C. 

Ryan, John, 1705 2nd St., Alexandria, La. 

St. Martin, Vital J., 831 School St., Houma, La. 

St. Paul, Henry, 2523 Nashville, Ave., New Orleans, La. 

St. Raymond, Charles, 3632 Napoleon Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Salaun, Beauregard J., 3649 Constance St., New Orleans, La. 

Salvaggio, Anthony, Beaumont, Tex. 

Samano, Jos. B., Hidalgo, Tex. 

Sanchez, Jos., Laredo, Tex. 

Sancoz, Sidney, Opelousas, La. 

Sanders, Moye L., 6 Cherokee St., Mobile, Ala. 

Sarpy, Geo. 1437 Urania St., New Orleans, La. 

Sarrazin, John, Scranton, Miss. 

Sanchez, Albert F., Gretna, La 

Sanchez, Ernesto, Empedradoy Monsurate, Havana, Cuba. 

Saunders, John, Aberdeen, Miss. 

Savini, Chas. A., 4220 Orleans St., New Orleans, La. 

Savoie, Clarence, Donaldsonville, La. 

Savoie, Hepburn, Donaldsonville, La. 

Scarrett, Harry H., F. R. D. 2, Pensacola, Fla. 

Schekeler, Edward P., 3908 Gen. Pershing St., New Orleans, La. 

Schlatre, Louis, Iberville, La. 

Schlatre, Louis, Plaquemine, La. 

Schock, Nicholas, 106 Cedar St., Mobile, Ala. 

Schuracher, Philip, 2706 St. Claude Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Schweers, Florian, 1355 Broad St., Augusta, Ga. 

Schweers, Noel J., 1355 Broad St., Augusta, Ga. 

Scott, Richard, Galveston, Tex. 

Scriber, Chas. 1818 Thalia St., New Orleans, La. 

Sedding, George W, 1721 Silver St., Jacksonville, Fla. 

Sehler, Carl L., 1029 Jones St., Augusta, Ga. 

Semmes, Raphael T., 2206 Murphy Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 

Sevier, Elbert, Pensacola, Fla. 

Shanahan, John E., 2811 Perham Ave., Selma, Ala. 

Sharp, Stanley J., 2762 Palmyra St., New Orleans, La. 

Sheehan, Aloysius A., 1334 Broad St.. Augusta, Ga. 

Sheehan, Frank, 1334 Broad St., Augusta, Ga. 

Sheehan, James, Pensacola, Fla. 

Sheehan, Wm, 1334 Broad St., Augusta, Ga. 

Sherbourne, Brusle A., Plaquemine, La. 

Sherman, John, 1371 Broad St., Augusta, Ga. 

Simms, George, Egypt, Miss. 

Simon, Cornelius D., 6709 West End Blvd., New Orleans, La. 

Simon, Emille, New Iberia, La. 

Simon, Niel, Crowley, La. 

Skinner, Zell, Lucedale, Miss. 

Slade, Bennet James, Toinette, Ala. 


Smee, Frank E., Bayou La Batre, Ala. 

Solari, Albert, Westwego, La. 

Solarj, Alexander, Westwego, La. 

Solari, Baptist, 3122 Cleveland Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Soniat, Chas. T., 2413 Lowerline St., New Orleans, La. 

Soniat, Edward, 2904 Gen. Pershing St., New Orleans, La. 

Soniat, Gustave, 2231 Pine St., New Orleans, La. 

Soniat, Guy, 2231 Pine St., New Orleans, La. 

Soniat, Joseph, 2413 Lowerline St., New Orleans, La. 

Soniat, Leon, 2231 Pine St., New Orleans, La. 

Soweil, Charles J., Brewton, Ala. 

Spengler, Seraphine, 412 Fannin St., Shreveport, La. 

Spinks, Tobias B., Foules, La. 

Spotswood, George W., Pensacola, Fla. 

Stafford, David W., Alexandria, La. 

Stafford, Duncan, Alexandria, La. 

Stafford, John B., Alexandria, La. 

Stafford, Ralph M., Alexandria, La. 

StagS, Julius, Whiteville, La. 

Stagg, Lamar, Whiteville, La. 

Stagg, Marcellus, Whiteville, La. 

Staples, Camden K., Alexandria, La. 

Stauffer, Dick Taylor, 1506 Jackson St., New Orleans, La. 

Stauffer, Wm. A., 1506 Jackson Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Steele, Thomas, Pres. Model Laundry, Jacksonville, Fla. 

Stephens, Alden L., 5706 Willow St., New Orleans, La. 

Stewart, William, Jackson, La. 

Storen, Wm. Jr., 232 Calhoun St., Charleston, S. C. 

Storen, Wm., 232 Calhoun St., Charleston, S. C. 

Straub, Augustus B., Rousseville, Pa. 

Strauss, Victor, Shiner, Tex. 

Streiffer, Louis L., 2133 Milan St., New Orleans, La. 

Strong, Henry, Bladon Springs, Ala. 

Sudderman, Adolph D., 716 Avenue "J", Galveston, Tex. 

Sullivan, Edmund, 7040 Ferdinand St., New Orleans, La. 

Sullivan, Francis, 9 La Salle Place, New Orleans, La. 

Sullivan, Patrick J., 4201 S. Jackson St., New Orleans, La. 

Sullivan, Russell C, Pensacola, Fla. 

Tabary, Octave, 1515 1-2 N. Broad St., New Orleans, La. 

Taft, Eugene H., 707 25th Ave., Meridian, Miss. 

Taft, Hunter G., 707 25th Ave., Meridian, Miss. 

Tait, Charles A., 811 Exposition Blvd., New Orleans, La. 

Tarleton, Robert L.. Cyremort, La. 

Tarregano, Rothery A., Alexandria, La. 

Tatum, Robert S., 528 W. St. Catherine St., Louisville, Ky. 

Taylor, Charles, Jackson, Miss. 

Taylor, Ernest Owen, Jr., 1462 St. Stephens Road, Mobile, Ala. 

Taylor, Henry, 730 Delachaise St., New Orleans, La. 

Taylor, Paul, 2317 S. Ryan St., Lake Charles, La. 

Terleton, Francis S., Franklin, La. 

Terrell, John, 4200 Bienville St., New Orleans, La. 

Thebautt Charest C, care Bank of Ascension, Donaldsonville, La. 



Theobald, George, Biloxi, Miss. 

Theobold, Louis R., Drummond and Beaumar St., Vicksburg, Miss. 

Theriot, Harold, La. 

Theriot, Howard J., Morbihan, La. 

Thibaut, August, Donaldsonville, La. 

Thibaut, Charest C, care Bank of Ascension, Donaldsonville, La. 

Thibaut, John, Donaldsonville, La. 

Thibaut, Numa, Napoleonville, La. 

Thoman, Louis E., 1211 Calhoun St., New Orleans, La. 

Thompson, Benjamin B., Hamilton Nat'l Bank Bldg, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Thompson, Charles M., Bayou Goula, La. 

Thompson, Harry P., Neuhardt, Ark. 

Thompson, John W., Maison Blanche Bldg., New Orleans, La. 

Toledano, Edgar, 1522 N. Miro St., New Orleans, La. 

Timothy, Humphrey W., 2906 West End Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 

Tobin, Augustus D., 124 Jackson St., Augusta, Ga. 

Tobin, Lyon F., 2424 Kings Way, Augusta, Ga. 

Tomlin, James D., Lucedale, Miss. 

Toole, Wm. J., 29 Morgan Ave., Montgomery, Ala. 

Touart, Clarence N., P. O. Box 945, Orlando, Fla. 

Toulme, Robert, Bay St. Louis, Miss. 

Toups, Reynaud L., Shriever, La. 

Tramell, John, Jellico, Tenn. 

Trangela, Centeno Pio, Marti 15, Moron, Camaguey, Cuba. 

Tremmel, George, Biloxi, Miss. 

Trevine, Joseph, Brownsville, Tex. 

Triolet, Ernest, Manzanas, Cuba. 

Tristwood, Julian, 2521 Gen. Taylor St., New Orleans, La. 

Trosclair, Alfred J., Thibodeaux, La. 

Trosolair, Leounce, Thibodeaux, La. 

Trosclair, Octave, Thibodeaux, La. 

Troy, Cornelius, Tupelo, Miss. 

Troy, John, Yazoo City, Miss. 

Tunstall, Peyton R., 1203 New St. Francis St., Mobile, Ala. 

Turcotte, Armand, 2639 De Soto St., New Orleans, La. 

Turcotte, William, 2639 De Soto St., New Orleans, La. 

Ulacia, John, Rodrigo, Cuba. 

Vaccaro, Joseph L., 3120 Napoleon Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Valdez, Eduardo, Manzanas, Cuba. 

Valdez, Leopoldo, Manzanas, Cuba. 

Valenta, Alouis, Sweet Home, Tex. 

Valentino, John, 708 N. Claiborne St., New Orleans, La. 

Valentino, Louis, 1511 Benton St., New Orleans, La. 

Vails, Andrew P., Brownsville, Tex. 

Vails, Pedro, Brownsville, Tex. 

Van, Jerome R., 923 Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala. 

Vanderford, Josiah, Hattiesburg, Miss. 

Van Echol, George, Pensacola, Fla. 

Veazey, Leonard, Jeannerette, La. 

Vega, Celestin C. Jr., 2214 Nebraska Ave., Tampa, Fla. 


Vellere, Paul, Bay St. Louis, Miss. 

Veltin, Arthur, Opelousas, La. 

Verdeja, Octave, Cardenas, Cuba. 

Verdeja, Oscar, Cardenas, Cuba. 

Vergne, Chas. De La, St. Charles Ave. and State St., New Orleans, La. 

Voisin, Joseph C, Plaquemine, La. 

Villars, Albert, 1449 Leda St., New Orleans, La. 

Villars, Paul, 4421 De Hemecourt St., New Orleans, La. 

Vincent, William, 1510 Calhoun St., New Orleans, La. 

Vincent, William, 2016 St. Chas., Ave., New Orleans, La. 

Voorhies, Sidney C, New Iberia, Hdw. Co., New Iberia, La. 

Voohes, Edward F., Lafayette, La. 

Wacker, John C, Spring Hill, Ala. 

Wade, John, I. C. R. R. and Virginia Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 

Walet, Louis J., Loreauville, La. 

Walet, Perry H., Loreauville, La. 

Walet, Walter, New Iberia, La. 

Walle, Louis, 2615 Dumaine St., New Orleans, La. 

Wallace, Joseph, 820 Alvar St., New Orleans, La. 

Walker, Merriott W., 725 Dallas Ave., Selma, Ala. 

Walsh, Chas. J., Jr., 1590 Poplar St., Memphis, Tenn. 

Walsh, James P., 3020 Gen. Taylor St., New Orleans, La. 

Walter, Chas. G., Loreauville, La. 

Walton, Stephen F., 1419 Division St., Key West, Fla. 

Watson, Julius, Aberdeen, Ala. 

Watts, Bernard M., 1903 Harrington St., Houston, Tex. 

Wetherby, Clifton, Springhill, Ala. 

Weatherby, Wallace W., Gulfport, Miss. 

Webb, John C. Jr., Demopolis, Ala. 

Weber, Peter, Pass Christian, Miss. 

Webre, Elmo E., Thibodeaux, La. 

Weis, Walter H., Jackson, Tenn. 

Welder, Claud R., Beeville, Tex. 

Welder, Edward, Beeville, Tex. 

Welder, Frank A., Victoria, Tex. 

Wells, Edmund W., 1712 General Pershing St., New Orleans, La. 

Welsh, Lawrence, Lake Charles, La. 

Weston, Henry M., Bayou La Batre, Ala. 

Whelan, Andrew, 1515 Audubon St., New Orleans, La. 

White, Clinton, Bay Minette, Ala. 

White, Lincoln Paul, Lookout Mountains, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

White, Mark, Pensacola, Florida. 

White, Richard J., Lookout, Mountains, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Wicks, John, Aberdeen, Miss. 

Wilkins;, Hrary T., 360 S. Broad St., Mobile, Ala. 

Williams, Thaddeus C, 259 St. Emanuel St., Mobile, Ala. 

Wilson, Burke, Beeville, Texas. 

Wink, John, 3515 Dauphine St., New Orleans, La. 

Wintzell, Oliver, Bayou La Batre, Ala. 

Wohner, Michael M., Canton, Miss. 

Wood, Francis P., Victoria, Texas. 

Wright ,Roland S , Crowley, La. 



Yarbrough, Harry L., 1409 Second Ave., Columbus, Ga. 

Yerger, James, Lake Village, Ark. 

Young, Blenk, Covington, La. 

Young, Francis L., 516 Fifth Ave., Greensboro, N. C. 

Young, W. L., Henry L. Doherty Company, New York, N. 

Yuille, John C. B., 1220 Second St., New Orleans, La. 

Zeagler, Raul C, East Three Notch, Andalusia, Ala. 
Zerangue, Eric B., Melville, La. 


Degree Conferred 

Spring Hill College was opened in 1830 and incorporated in 1836 
by the Legislature of Alabama with all the rights and privileges of a 
University; in 1840, Pope Gregory XVI empowered it to grant degrees 
in Philosophy and Theology. 

In 1837 the degree of Bachelor of Arts was bestowed for the first 
time on four graduates. Unfortunately we have been unable to discover 
their names, as the records of these early years have perished. We 
have, however, in our possession documents which clearly show the 
number of degrees granted from 1837 to 1848. We give these figures 
below : 



















o r : 


i C, ^ 

Date * OlJiffte" 






1851 M. A 

..D'Aquin, George 

Morphy, Paul 

B. A 

..Bermudez, Edward 
Edwards, William 

Muldon. James M. 
O'Brien, William 

Lyons. Michael 


M. A.... 

Landry, Louis 

Thompson, Mordecai 

Morphy, Paul 

1852 B. A 

.Augustin, James 
Gueringer, Arthur 
Morphy, Edward 

B. A..... 

....Mader, Francis 
Maurian, Charles 
Semmes, Spencer 

Shaw, Oliver 


B. A.... 

Augustin, John 

1853 M. A 

..Augustin, James 
Bermudez, Edward 

Demouy, Louis 
Dowling, Francis 

Edwards, William 


B. A.... 

Aubert. Albert 

Lyons, Michael 

Braud, Adolphe 

Morphy. Edward 

Duffee, John 

B. A 

..Brady, Patrick 
Campbell, Duncan 

Gueringer, Octave 
Pitot, Gustave 

Michel, Julien 



Baptiste, Antonio 

Stuart, Seymour 

Braud, Rodolphe 

Thompson, Waller 

Braud, Sabin 

Zeringue, Fortune 

1854 M. A 

...Brady, Patrick 

Murphy, Timothy 

Michel, Julien 


B. A.... 

B. A 

..Bienvenu, Delphin 
Landry, Louis 

Hart, Edward 
Hull, Edgar 



















Degree Name 

Kleinpeter, William 

Oriol, Ramon 
— B. A Laforest, Alfred 

McAuley, John 

... B. A .Lastrapes, John 

.... B. A Villavaso, Henry 

...B. A Labranche, Lucien 

— B. A Gallaugher, Franklin 

Green, Charles 

...B. A... Parker, Marsena 

... B. A Pigeon, Rodolphe 

Quinn, Matthew 

...M. A Quinn, Matthew 

B. A Brady, John 

Roach, Alexander 
---M. A Brady, John 

Gilmore, John T. 
...B. A Bermudez, Edward 

Landry, Supervielle 

Marrero, Lucien 

Theard, George 

... B. A Trotot, Anatole 

...M. A Marrero, Lucien 

B. A Archinard, Paul E. 

Bourk, Frank 

Hirshfeld, Henry 

Lavretta. C. L. 

Menard, William 

Rives, Henry 

Williams, Richard D. 

—M. A Theard, George 

B. A Cahalan, William 

Delia Torre, Thomas 

Theard, Charles 
... M. A Bermudez, E. J., Jr. 

Rives, Henry 
B. A Aitkens. Charles 

Leche, Paul 

Poincy, Edgar 
..M. A Hirshfeld, Henry 

Theard, Charles 
B. A Horst, Henry 

Marion, Etienne 

Rives, Joel 

Robinson, Walter 

Tete, Amedee 
..M. A Aitkens, Charles 

Duffel. John E. 
B. A Dufour, Albert 

Robin, Jules 
..B. A Fortun, Joachim 

Huber Alphonse 





M. A... 

Archinard, P. Emile 

B. A... 

....Henderson, Jackson 
Lombillo, Manuel 


B. A... 

...Celaya, Augustin 
Lapeyre, George 

B. S 

....Gomez, Salvador 


..M. A. 
B. A. 

B. S. 

M. A. 
B. A. 

B. S. 


M. A. 
B. A.. 

B. S. 

1886 M. A. 

B. A.. 

Sabatier. George 
..Heustis, J. F. 
..Gelpi, Gaston 

Harnan, William 

Kernion, Charles 

Vails, Bartholomew 
..Bernstein, Jacob 

Boagni, Joseph 

Lopez, Justus 

Muldon, James 
..Williams, Richard D. 
..Broussard, Edmund L. 

Corbett, Frank E. 

Festorazzi, Angelo 

Folwell, B. Simmes 

Henry, James 

Lombillo, Peter C. 

Murphy, Rene 

Smith, Sidney 

St. Paul, John 
.Coloney, John 

Oaughan, Thomas 

Henderson, William 

Pleasants, Edward 

Roma, Horacio 
..Celaya, Augustin 

Harnan, William 

Devereux, John C. 

Frenkel, Isaac 

Frenkel, Julius 

Gaughan, Thomas 

Hebert, Paul O. 

Kohn, John P. 

Lombillo, James 

McCaleb, James F. 

Martin, Lawrence A. 

St. Paul, George 

Corbett, Edward P. 

Fisher, William M. 

Ryan, William J. 

.Delia Torre, Thomas 

Murphy, Rene 

St. Paul, John 

Vails, Bartholomew 
.Aznar, Gabriel 

Boagni, Joseph 

Doussan, Edmund 





Duffel, John 

B. S. 


1888 M. A 


Gasquet, Marshal] 
Keenan, Edward 
Lapeyre, Martial 
LeBaron, Charles 
McCaleb, E. H., Jr. 
Marx, Julius 
Poehe, Joseph 
Vails, John 
Walsh, Michael P. 
Chase, Robert L. 
Cowley, John 
Dorr, Lawrence 
Hernandez, Walter 
Legier, Louis 
Leonard, St. Clair 
Michell, Louis 
Rincon, Gaillardo J. 
Solis, Joseph 
Waugespack, Fordnej 

M. A Devereux, John C. 

Hebert, Paul 
Henry, James 

B. A... Burke, John 

. Duggan, Thomas 

Duggan, Timothy 
Fogarty, Daniel 
Mullarky, Austin 
Perrodin, Jacques 

B. S Camors, Paul 

Glorious, Joseph 
Moore, George 
Mulherin, John 
O'Connor, Charles 
Touart, James 
Vails. John 

B. A Archinard, John J. 

Brenner, John F. 
Onorato, Joseph L. 
, Otero, Richard B. 
Sweitzer, John F. 
Withers, Robert L. 
Withers, William F. 

B. S Braune, Gustave M. 

Camors, George A. 
Covert, George S. 
Jordan, James H. 
Kupfrian, Charles H. 

M. A ...LeBaron, Charles 

McCaleb, E. Howard 

B. A ...Boulet, Henry A. 

D'Aquin, John J. 
Formento, William J. 


M. A. 
B. A. 

Date Degree Name 

Kohn, Francis D. 
Marx, Lee J. 
Perez, Dario H. 
Roma, Miguel 
Wiltz, Thomas J. 

B. S Arbour, Louis J. 

Flanagan, Francis J. 
Irving, Lorenzo C. 
Levert, J. Mendes 
Levert. Octave H. 
Moore, John T. 
Smith, Walter J. 
.Otero, Richard B. 
.Archinard, James A. 
Augustin, J. Numa 
Drouilhet, Paul A. 
Fahey, William B. 
Fitzwilliam, Thomas 
Leonard, Charles H. 
O'Leary. John P. 
Touart, Frank 

B. S ...Bougere, Clarence L. 

McGrath, James J. 
Sheppard, Henry 
Terreros, Albert 
Toole, William J. 
Vails, William P. 
West, J. Oswin 
Wiltz, Gaston J. 

1801 M. A Archinard. John J. 

D'Aquin, John 
Doussan, Edmund 
Drouilhet, Paul A. 
Fitzwilliam, Thomas 
Formento, William J. 
Lapeyre, Martial 
Schweitzer, John F. 

B.. A ..Heusner, Karl 

McDonald, Daniel 
Mulherin. William 
Robin, James 
Walsh, James J. 
Waterman, Alfred L. 

B. S Algara, Ignatio 

Bonvillain, Alcide 
Conway, Thomas 
McMahon,. William 
Morphy, James 

1892 M. A Boudousquie, Paul 

Fahey, William B. 
Marx, Julius L. 
O'Leary, John P. 
Withers, Robert L. 



Date Degree Name Date 

B. A Bergeron, Michael 

Brickell, William 

Crandell, James 

Diaz, Justo Pastor 

Fitzgerald, Edward T. 1895 

Gassie, William 

Killeen, Francis J. 

Kohn, William H. 

Mclntyre, Cornelius P. 

Mulherin, Charles P. 

Stutzer, Louis 

Supple, William 
B. S Bordelon, Forest 

Burguieres. Denis 

Burguieres, Joseph 

Dunbar, James V. 

Gallagher, David P. 

Hanlon, James D. 

Hernandez, Matias 

Kenny, William 
/ Latour, Henry 

Levert, Emile 

Majeau, J. H. 

Morphy, Gilbert 

Mulherin, Joe L. 

O'Connell, Dan J. 

Terreros, Pedro 

Thibodeaux, John 1896 

Ziegler, Ferdinand 

189* M. A Augustin, J. N., Jr. 

B. A Becnel, Marie O. 

Boulet, Maxime 

Boulet, Tullius 

Cassidy, Thomas P. 

Crandell, Daniel B. 

Gonzalez, Joseph 

Levert, Alfred J. 

Levert, Eloi 

Levert, Mark 

Robin, John 
B. S Fisher, Charles 

Hall, Joseph 

Heins, Thomas 1897 

Kaver, Thomas 

Lagarde, Ferdinand 

Suarez, Aloysius 

1894 ...M. A McCaleb, James F. 

B. A Decuir, Peter 

Dugas, Charles 

Hebert, Clarence 

LeBlanc, Henry 

Mahorner, Matthias 

Trahan. Edward 

Degree Name 

B. S Gremillion, Rosney 

Landry, Alfred 
Ledon, Joseph 
Pontones, Ferdinand 

...M. A Freeland, John 

Hebert, Clarence S. 
Walet, Eugene H. 

B. A D'Aquin, Jules 

Ducote, Joseph 
Freret, Arthur 
Glennon, John 
Reams, Joseph 
Prieur, Philip 
Reaney, Charles 
Walet, Walter 

B. S Boudousquie, Paul, Jr. 

Decuir, Adam M. 
Folse, Raphael 
Hanion, Philip 
Lasalle, Louis G. 
Lefebre, Charles W. 
Melancon, J. Abel 
Rapier, John 
Rapier, Reginald 
Spear, Charles 
Spotswood, Lee 
St. Martin, Joseph 

.-M. A Archinard, James 

Freret, Arthur L. 
Levert, Eloi M. 
Prieur, Philip H. 

B. A Cowley, William 

Drouin, George 
Dunbar, Emerson 
Rodrique, Edward 
Stafford, Graham 
Trosclair, Gaston 

B. S Braud. Oliver 

Dugas, Edgar 
Landry, Paul 
Melancon, Walter 
Quill, Holcombe 
...D. D O'Callaghan, Rev.C.T. 

M. A D'Aquin, Jules 

Marx, Lee J. 
Trahan, Edward 

B. A Duchamp, David 

Glennon. James 
Goggan, John 
Grace, Albert 
Hebert, Alvin 
Lambert, Antoninus 
McDonnell, Henry 







Degree Name Date 

Mock, John 1901 - 

B. S Knight, Victor 

LeBlanc, Casimir 

Morphy, Luis 

Morvant, Charles 

Morvant, Walter 

Quill, James 
....M. A Grace, Albert L. 

Hebert, Alvin E. 

LeBlanc, Henry A. 

Rodrigue, Edward J. 
B. A Braun, Eugene P. 

Coignet, Octave A. 

Colgin, Edward B. 

Garnett, Robert S. 

Rice, Joseph T. 

Shannon, Edmund J. 
B. S Daly, William 0. 

Esnard, Michael 1902. 

Stafford, Thomas J. 

..LL. D Burke, Gen. Jos. W. 

M. A Cowley. William O. 

Ducote, Joseph R. 

Lambert, Antoninus 
B. A Braud, Forest C. 

Fossier, Albert E. 

Lyons, H. Herbert 

Reynes, Emile H. 

Sere, Rene F. 
B. S Craig, Thomas W. 1903. 

Greenwood, V. M. 

McDonnell, George F. 

Weil, Isidore S. 

O'Connor, T. M. 

Van Antwerp, G. O. 
...M. A Colgin, Edward N. 

Drouin, George L. 

Heusner, Karl 
B. A Apperious, Samuel H. 

Burguieres, Jules M. 

Danos, Joseph L. 

Lelong, Antoninus 

McPhilips, Henry A. 

Prejean, Wallace P. 

Sarpy, Henry L. 

Solis, Frederick 
B. S Darragh, James L. 

Esnard, Henry A. 1904. 

Martin, John 

Maumus, Arthur E. 

O'Brien, J. Douglas 

Van Antwerp, J. C. 

Degree Name 

....M. A Braud, Forest C. 

Coignet, Octave J. 

Fossier, Albert E. 

Mulherin, William 
B. A Brooks, Adolph F. 

Lelong, C. Andrew 

McCarty, George S. 

Ryan, John H. 

Touart. Tisdale J. 
B. S Alford, James A. 

Bordenave, Paul G. 

Boylan, Theobald 

Johnston, Arthur S. 

Laughlin, Sidney C. 

Pfister, Louis 

Rougon, John B. 

Schneider, John J. 

Smith, R. Herbert 

Villars, Henry A. 
....B. A Layton, Buxton L. 

McAdam, William A. 

McKeon, James 

Sarpy, Lestang P. 
B. S Boudreaux, Dennis 0. 

Brown, Joshua J. 

Costello, Clarence A- 

Goette, Clarence 

Klos, Walter S. 

Sandoz. Robert 

Stollenwerck, A. D. 
....D. D Savage, Rev. D. 

Staub, Aug. J. 

Boudousquie, Paul C. 
M. A Martin, James J. 

Reynes, Emile H. 
B. A Boudousquie, John A. 

Casserly, James C. 

Hymel, Alfred H. 

Larue. Ferdinand L. 

Meininger, Julius 0. 

Touart, Maximin D. 

Villamil, Domingo J. 

Villamil, Emilio E. 

Villamil, William H. 

Walsh, Joseph M. 
B. S Becker, Vernon C. 

Duchamp, Joseph H. 

McHatton, Thomas H. 

....M. A Casserly. James' C. 

B. A Blouin, J. Louis 

Fossier, Walter S. 

Giuli, Angelo F. 

Hanway, John C. 



Date Degree Name Date 

Mannoccir, J. Earle 
Norville. T. Peyton 
Philips, P. Tarleton 190 7 
Quinn, John H. 

B. S Austin, David A. 

Espalla. Joseph G. 
Hooper, John E. 
Staehle, William A. 

1905 D. D Kirwan, Rev. Edward 

Maher, Rev. Michael 
Turner, Rev. J. P. 

Lie.Theol Aznar, Rev. Benito S. 

Ph. D Delia Torre, Thomas 

LL.D Hebert, Hon. C. S. 

Mastin, Dr. W. M. 
Otero, Hon. R. B. 
St. Paul. Hon. J. S. 
Theard, Hon. C. J. 

Ph. B Hooper, John E. 1908. 

Mus. B Suffich, Angelo J. 

M. A Mclntyre, 0. P. 

Mahorner, M. M. 
McCarty, George S. 
Touart, Maximin D. 

B. A Adamson, Paul R. 

Blouin. Francis R. 
Devinney, Edward J. 
Rapier, James G. 
Wallace, Richard J. 

B. S Andrews, Elmore L. 

Ausfeld, Walter A. 
Bordelon, Lewis O. 
Bright, Joseph E. 
Causse, Robert M. 
Dupont, Emile W. 
Esnard. Rene S. 
Gaiennie, Kenneth M. 
Hunter, Warren I. 
McAdam, Otis B. 
Norville, William J. 
O'Connor, William J. 
Owens, Edward M. 

1906 D. D Mohr, Very Rev. C. H.1909. 

M. A ..Adamson, Paul R. 

Dreaper, Edward B. 

A. B Broderick. George G. 

Cowley, Loyola T. 
Hails. Danel T. 
Hountha, Joseph M. 
Kern, Benjamin J. 
Reilly, Maurice E. 

B. S... Escalente, Secundino 

Harty, Joseph J. 

Degree Name 

Miller, Frederic W. 
Toland, Timothy P. 

.Ph. D McCaleb. James F. 

D. S McHatton, Thomas H. 

M. A Fossier, Walter S. 

A. B Bassich, J. Cyril 

Bonvillain, Sidney A. 
Lasseigne, George A. 
Norville, Joseph II. 
O'Leary, Joseph A. 
Ovalle, N. L. Keith 
Rounds, R. Kenneth 
Soniat. G. Leon 
Touart, Hinton A. 
Vickers, N. L. 

B. S Garland. Albert P. 

Giard, Leo A. 
Larrea, Ramon O. 

LL.D Sullivan, George J. 

M. A Mannoccir, J. Earle 

A. B Austin, D. Lawrence 

Barker, Francis L. 
Bordelon. Lester L. 
Bread, Robert M. 
Burguieres, P. C. 
Burns, Thomas J. 
Danos. Albert J. 
Escalente, Ermilio E. 
Levert. Robert L. 
Olivier, Francis A. 
Ory, Daniel J. 
Supple, Joseph M. 
Vizard. Anthony J. 
Walsh, William M. 

B. S Deegan, John E. 

Kelvin, Henry R. 
Landry, Paul T. 
Parslow, Joseph G. 
Reynaud, Oscar F. 
Schmitt, William A. 
Simon, Sidney B. 
Vila, Vincent J. 

...M. A Blouin, Francis R. 

Blouin, J. Louis 

A. B Adams, C. Henry 

Blouin, Leon J. 
Bourgeois, Sidney J. 
Fossier, J. D'H. 
Garber, James R. 
Le Baron. Gilbert A. 
Nelson, John J. 
Oliver, Charles A. 
Touart, Anthony J. 



Date Degree Name 

Wagner, Joseph T. 
B. S Brown, John J. 

Chalin, F. P. 

Chappuis, Claude L. 

Craven, Thomas V. 

Ducote, Guy G. 

Kelly, Thomas J. 

Laborde, Cliffe E. 

Neuberger, Arthur C. 

Reid, Roger D. 

Riffel, Francis A. 

Schimpf, Chas. R.G. 
1910 LL.D McGloin, Frank 

A. B Ball, A. Caron 

Braud, Sidney F. 
Duggan. James E. 
Lavretta, J. L. 
Lebeau, Edward J. 
Mistric, Oscar J. 
Neely, Maurice E. 
O'Flinn/John E. 
Toomey, John E. 
Turregano, Paul J. 
Walsh, P. Walter 

B. S Byrne, Thomas 

Costello, C. H. 
Costello, Henry If. 
Dowe, Carrol J. 
Firment, Alaric G. 
Frederic, Carlos E. 
Hahn, Albert J. 
Kevlin, Edward J. 
Moresi, Louis R. 
Neely, Duggan A. 
Stewart, Raymond A. 

1911 LL. D Flynn, Thomas D. 

Goode, Rhett 
Hamilton, Peter J. 

A. B Bauer, John T. 

Kelly, W. Henry 
Leche, Karl P. 
McHardy, James J. 
Pardue, Sherman P. 
Patout, Philip P. 
Plauche. Charles 1 H. 
Riffel, Stephen V. 
Rios, Bonaventure 

B. S Ball, E. Leo 

Berthier, Ulysse H. 
Black, Clarence L. 
Byrne, Paul V. 
Dowe, Flurence A. 
Drago, R. Lee 

Date Degree Name 

GremiUion, H. C. 

Hale. Thomas P. 

Martel, Alcide A. 

Moran, Denis S. 

Mclntyre, James D. 

Moreda, John 

Schimpf, Tillman K. 

Trolio, John J. 

Wohner, Clarence K. 

1912 Ph. D Cronin, Patrick 

LL. D Burke, Walter J. 

Hebert. Alvin E. 

Mahorner, M. M. 

Rowbotham, Herbert 

Washichek, Francis J. 
M. A ...Boudousquie, J. A. 

Fossier, J. D.'H. 
A. B Mayer, George L. 

Meyer, Francis A. 
1913 M. A O'Flinn, John E. 

Hahn, Albert S. 

Barker. William E. 

Brand, Daunis E. 

Druhan, John J. 

Plauche, Lee A. 

Prohaska, Francis L. 

A. B Slattery, William B. 

Tarleton, Francis S. 
Woulfe, Maurice R. 

B. S... Celestin, Claude V. 

De La Houssaye, R.E. 
Dowe, Daniel O. 
Gervais, Herman 
Gilmore, John J. 
Logan ,John S. 
Mackin, James P. 
Mackin, Paul F. 
Martin, Francis M. 
Metzger, John C. 
Saluan, Milton M. 

1914 Ph. D Hutchison, M. R. 

M. A Bauer, John T. 

A. B Berthelot, Joseph A. 

Broun, Goronwy O. 
Cassidy, M. Joseph 
Dubuisson, George W. 
Ducote, Richard J. 
Provosty, Le Doux R. 
Sheridan, R. Howard 

B. S Ball, R. Edwin 

Byrne, Edward J. 
Douglas, J. Andrew 
Harrigan, Raymond H. 



Date Degree Name 

Long Nicholas J. 
McPhillips, H. M. 
Timothy, C. S. 

1915 LL. D De Prenderville, Dr. A. 

A. B Blankenstein, E. W. 

Bork, Raymond J. 
Cassidy, James A. 
Gillespie. Frank 
Grefer, Archibald J. 
Meyer, T. Emmett 

B. S Braud, Harold J. 

Brawner, P. A. 
Breard, Roger E. 
De Bonneval, H. A. 
Gibbons, M. Gunby 
Haverty, J. Joseph 
Meyers, Roy E. 
McPhillips. J. B. 
Murray, Richard F. 
Pearce, Charles 
Van Heuval, John W. 
1916 LL. D Rush, John O. 

A. B Cassidy, Leslie D. 

Crowell, Edward B. 
Herbert, J. Ernest 
Hickey, L. P. 
Logan, William E. 
Provosty. Albin A. 

B. S Boudousquie, A. A. 

Day, Clarence F. 
Farley, Louis J. 
Jagoe, Leo J. 
Mayer, Reyam E. 
O'Reilly, Hiram T. 
Ruhlman, George J. 
Sitterle, Arthur S. 
Skinner, J. Sanford 

1917 B. Litt Kelly. T. Howard 

M. A Reville, Rev. J. C. 

M. S Ball, E. Leo 

A. B Bernard, Joseph E. 

Chenevert, Joseph P. 
Christovich, Alvin R. 
Holbrook, Emmett L. 
Keane, Thomas M. 
Kearns, George J. 
Mackin, Louis B. 
Stewart, Walter F. 

B. S Bienvenu. L. J. 

Brunet, Robert M. 
Boudousquie, L. J. 
Chopin, Matthew H. 
Cotter, Robert M. 





Degree Name 

Courtney, C. E. 

Finch, Richard A. 

Gibbons, Ashby T. 

Guiteras, Nestor R. 

Hastings, John E. 

Hanse. Raymond A. 

Hofer, Louis L. B. 

Merilh, Edmond L. 

Meyer, Lloyd L. 

Milhas, Fernand J. 

Murray, James V. 

Price, Matthew B. 

Ratterman, G. H. 

Spengler, Albert T. 

Sullivan, C. J. 

Wilson. Henry J. 
— D. D Gallagher, Rev. P. J. 

A. B Landry, P. Dewey 

O'Dowd, Edward C. 
O'Dowd, Louis J. 

B. S Cooney, John F. 

DeLeon, Louis A. 

Ducote, Charles H. 

Festorazzi, A. O. 

Howard. C. H. 

Neely, Pierre D. 

Reynaud, Raymond J. 

Willard, Richard A. 
...A. B Curren, Dennis A. 

Hails, Thomas J. 

Home, Charles L. 

Kopecky, Joseph J. 

Morere, Francis C. 

Rice, Matthew S. 

Alexis, Ralph R. 
B. S Bienvenu, Oscar J. 

Bohen, William H. 

Crane, Rene M. 

Feore, Walter W. 

Flynn, Charles N. 

Gianelloni, L. L. 

Hartwell, William C. 

Keller, John L. 

Schwegman, G. A. 

Williams, G. A. 
...A. B Reynaud, Sidney L. 

Strauss, Edward A. 

Vickers, Marion R. 
B. S Simpson, W. Howard 

Skinner, George D. 

Tumminello, J. A. 
...A. B Blankenstein, F. R. 

Mahorner, Howard R. 




B. S. 

B. S. C. 

Date Degree Name Date 

Murray, Edward P. 

Street, Charles T. 

Willard. Charles A. 
B. S Byrne, Henry A. 

Castagnos, Edmund J. 

Flautt, Henry B. 

Lawler, Matthew J. 

Lions, L. Elmer 

Mahorner, M., IV. 

McKenna, Francis L. 

Rodrigue, George P. 
1922 M. S Mullaly. Rev. John 

A. B Burguieres, D. J., Jr. 

Casey, Albert E. 1926 A. B.. 

Cosio, B. L., Jr. 
Coyle, Charles G. 
Diaz, Theodore P. 
Flautt, T. Joseph 
LeSassier, Henry A. 
Robichaux, Alfred G. 
Walet, Eugene H., Jr. 

1923 A. B Crocy, A. J. 

Fox, Thomas K. B. S.. 

Mulherin, Louis 

Mahorner, James G. 

Neff, E. Bruce 

O'Dowd, William M. 

O'Shee, Clarence J. B. S. C. 

Toups, Leonard 1927 A. B. 

Winling, Harold 

B. S Babington, James P. 

Billeaud, Hugh J. 

Hahn, Anthenor A. 

Logan, J. George 

Schwegmann, Leo B. 

Stewart, Dudley M. 

B. S. C Tremmell, John O. 

1924 A. B Bogue, Francis D. 

Browne, Patrick W. 

Cirlot, Felix L. 

Sabatier, George J. 

Sullivan, George J. 

Van Antwerp, T. C. 

B. S Casey, Daniel J . 

B. S. C Luckett, Henry F. 

1925 A. B Bostick, Ellis H, J<\ 192i 

Cassidy, Stanley H. 

Charles, Ray P., Jr. 

Ching, Richard E., Jr. 

Conroy, Charles C. 

Damrich, Edward A. 

Davidson, J. S., Jr. 

DeRouen, Louis R. 

B. S. 

B. S. C. 

A. B. 

». S. 


Gianotti, F. B., Jr. 
Hardie, Daniel E. 

Lavigne, Hilaire J. 

Marston, C. A., Jr. 

Mulherin, Hugh G. 

Provosty, O. O., Jr. 

Schmidt, Frank 0. 

Yeend, Joseph A. 
.De Hoff, Philip D. 

De Hoff, William J. 

Youd, Jasper A. R. 
.Billeaud, Louis M. 

Byrne, Charles J. 
.Bowab, Joseph M. 

Burgoyne, Samuel E. 

Casey, Powell A. 

Druhan, James R. 

Hughes, Patrick E. 

Leigh, N. R. HI. 

Looney, Francis O. 

Provosty. Francis N. 

Rice, Patrick H. 
.Cirlot, Joseph S. 

Cole, William C. 

Crutcher, William J. 

Suffich, Cornelius M. 

Steckler, Atlee 
..Steckler, James R. 
..Byrnes, Leo M. 

Cowley, John R., Jr. 

Craven, Aloysius J. 

Graham, Harry M. 

Greenwood, C. R. 

Kling, Marion A. 

Looney, Fred L. 

Lott, Yancey D., Jr. 

Luckett, Winter B. 

Martin, William P. 

McDonnell, T. Henry 
..Bandi, John A., Jr. 

Barbin, Aristide D. 

Greenwood, V. D. 

Murphy, Clarence F. 
..Ford, Thomas A. 

Herpin, J. E., Jr. 
..Brady, Francis B. 

Franklin ,Hugh C. 

Harvey, John B. 

Schmidt, Harry J. 

Sullivan, C. J., Jr. 

Unruh, G. W. Jr. 
..Hertzog, Ambrose J. 

Maury, Franklin H. 



Date Degree Name 

B. S. C Coco, Lysso A. 

Halloran, Bernard C. 

Ollinger, Ellis V. 

Roy, Mark J. 

Tedesco, Joseph E. 

White, Lincoln P. 
1929 A. B Bagot, E. F.. Jr. 

Curren, John G. 

Docote, Gerard J. 

Hewes, William G. 

Stewart, Edward D. 
B. S Carriere, Emile B. 

Cassidy, Michael J. 

Dukate, W. K. M. 

Fleddermann, H. T. 

Gambel, Charles L. 

Date Degree Name 

Petrovits, Stephen J. 
Rice, Albert A. 

B. S. C Coco, Lawrence 

Cole, J. A. D. 
Cronin, John A. 
Delmas, Milton A. 
Gremillion, L. B., Jr. 
Hargrove, Sidney L. 
Kennedy, Raymond E. 
Martin, Joseph H. 
McCormick, W. D. 
Roach, Fred 
Ryan, Jerome L. 
Schwartz, Max H. 
Wilson, LeRoy 


Geographical Index 

N. B. It has been our endeavor to classify the Alumni 
according to countries, states, cities and towns. Alumni 
will thus be able to discover Hillians in their own locality 
whom they do not know as Hillians or of whose presence 
in their neighborhood they were not aware. 

The Alumni office will appreciate any correction 
concerning oneself or others which you send in. 


Watson, Julius 

McC'onnico, Timothy 

Mobley, John 

Mobley, James 

Zeagler, Raoul C. 

Lagarde, Eugene 

Ralbert, Robert 

Grimsley, Elmer 

Parker, Marsena 

McMillan, Ellis 0. 

Nelson, Marble E. 

White, Clinton L. 

Bosarge, Edward A. 

Bosarge, Kenneth 

Bosarge, Wm. S. 

Smes, Frank E. 

Weston, Henry M. 

Wintzell, Oliver 

Bragg, William 

Gunter, William 

Costello, Raymond , 

Staub, Edwin J. 

Briuskelle, Fred 

Duncan, Joseph Jo. 
Festorazzi, A. O. 
Fox, Thomas H. 
Franklin Hugh 
Freret, A. 
Fries, Richard H. 
Garber, Albert C. 
Garber, James B. 
Gilmore, Allen C. 
Gilmore, Harold 
Glass. Arnold 
Grill, John 
Hassinger, Richard 
Haverty, Joseph J. 
Henderson, Gerald 
Hunter, W. S. 
Levert, Alfred J. 
Mackin, Louis B. 
Mackin, Paul Fo 
Mackin, James P. 
McCarthy, Fergus W. 
McGeever, Patrick J. 
McGuire, John E. 
Meighn, Joseph C. 
Mullane, Phil 0. 
Neuberger, Larence 
Neuberger, Samuel G. 
O'Brien, Jos. J. 
Parker, T. F. 
Rives, John B. 
Scott, Dr. Walter 
Whelan, Charles 
Sharp, Gerald 
Eustis, Geo. F. 
Carey, Fred J. 
Schmitt, John W. 
O'Dowd, Edward C. 

Housman, John 

Franklin, Jos. M. 

Costello, Eugene 

Church, David 

Barrett, Robert 

Earle, Thomas J. 

Partridge, Thos. 

Strong, Henry 

Flanagan, Francis 

Macy, Do. Robert 

Sowell, Charles J. 

Gildea, John C. 

Cade, Peter 

Cade, William 

Gilmore. Basil 

Goldsmith, Henry 

Cochran, Henry 

Cochran, Thos. 

Bell, John 

Bartlett, Lloyd L. 

Barco, Dorman* 

Fricke, Louis 

Armestead, Herbert 

Jones, Edward T. 



Webb, John C, Jr. 

Day, ClarenceP. 

Boudousquie, J. A. 

Gardien, Jos. 

Heron, Edward 

Crenshaw, Blevins 

Crenshaw, Jas. 

Jones, Robert 

Alexander, G. W. 

Allen, Jos. M. 

Andrews, W. F. 

Annan, Armand 

Antoni, D. O. 

Arceneaux, W. J 

Athey, P. L. 

Barclay, Thos. 

Bauer, John T. 

Bauer, Seymour 

Bender, Jabez J. 

Betbeze, Sylvian J. 

Bloch, Arnold 

Block, Jacob 

Boddy, Edward 

Bogue, Francis D. 

Burke, Malcombe 

Burke, Owen 

Burke, Walter 

Burns, T. J. 

Byrne, Robert 

Byrne, John 

Byrne, Michael 

Carney, Marshall 

Chevalier, Anthony 

Collins, Thos. A. 

Colston, Edward G. 

Courtney, James W. 

Courtney. Robert G. 

Cowles, George T. 

Cowles, W. F. 

Curry, George T. 

Damrich, Edward A. 

Davis, John R. 

Dawson, Chas. P. 

Ingersoll, Alfred L. 

Deegan, William L. 

Deneefe, R. W. Jr. 

De Witt, G. H. 

D'Olive, Walter F. 

Dorlon, George 
Dowe, Wm. 
Doyle, James H. 
Druhan, James R. 
Druhan, Joseph M. 
Duggan, James E. 
Eden. Charles 
Eichold, Hugo V. 
England, John E. 
Ernest, Albert 
Ernest, Walter C. 
Espalla, Joseph G. 
Felis, Angelo 
Feore, Patrick L. 
Feore, Walter W. 
Festorazzi, A. O. 
Finch. Gregory 
Forcheimer, Leo. 
Ford, Thomas A. 
Fuller, Robert J. 
Geary, Leo R. 
Gerald, Nathan D. 
Glennon, James H. 
Glennon, James K. 
Glennon, James K., II 
Glennon, John F. 
Godard, Joseph J. 
Godbold, George T. 
Goodloc, Russell J. 
Groom, Winston F. 
Greenwood, Donnell 
Greenwood, Vincent M. 
Greenwood, R. C. 
Guggenheim, Emanuel 
Guili, Angelo F. 
Hahn, Anthenor A. 
Hanlein, Edward D. 
Hanlein, Francis J. 
Hargrove, Sidney L. 
Harris, R. 0. 
Herman, Benito J. 
Herpin, Emile, Jr. 
Hogan, Louis W. 
Horst, Martin 
Hooper, John E. 
Hughes, John J. 
Hughes, Patrick E. 
Imahorn, Albert P. 
Inge. Clifton C. 
Inge, Dr. Marion F. 
Inge, Richard I. 
Irvine, George R. 
Jacobson, M. G. 
Jarvis, Norborne 

Jones, Robert 
Karcher, William E. 
Kaver, Thomas 
Kearney, Benjamin 
Kearns, Jos. 
Kearns, Joseph V. 
Kelly, Edward H. 
Kelly, John F. 
Kelly, Thomas J. 
Keoughan, James A. 
Killion, William F. 
King, Homer W. 
Kling, Marion A. 
Konstanzer, H. K. A. 
Kuppersmith, E. B. 
Lankford, Emerson G. 
Lappington, Milton 
Lavretta, L. J. 
Lawler, Matthew J. 
Lebaron, Leonard D. 
Leigh, Norville R. 
Leon, Joseph A. 
Lerio, Louis 
Lowenstein, Aaron 
Lowenstein, Henry C. 
Lowenstein, Leopold 
Lowenstein, Sidney 
Lucas, Alphonse 
Lyons, Mark 
Lyons, Herbert N. 
Lyons, Lebaron 
MacAfee, John A. 
Marston, C. A. Jr. 
Marston, Samuel J. 
Marston, Horman 
Martin, Robert L. 
Marty, Edward C. 
Mastin, Dr. W. M. 
Matthews, Joseph 
Mattel, Sylvester S. 
McCarthy, John T. 
McCormick, William D. 
McDermott, John P. 
McDonald, Chas. S. 
McDonald, Daniel 
McDonnell, Henry 
McDonnell, James A. 
McDonnell, Owen 
McDonnell, Thomas H. 
McDonnell, William 
McEvoy, Edward C. 
McEvoy. Emanel T. 
McEvoy, O. P., Jr. 
McEvoy, Owen E. 



McEvoy, Robert M. 

McKeever, William 

McLean, Charles E. 

McNamara, Daniel A. 

McNamara, Emmett 

McPhillips, Henry A. 

McPhillips, Joseph 

Meyer, Cletus 

McPhillips, Julian 

McPhillips, M. H. 

Metzger, Edward 

Meyer, Clarence 

Moog, Isaac B. 

Moore, John 

Morrill, George P. 

Morrill, Justin S. 

Moslander, James A. 

Moulton, John C. 

Moulton, Patrick 

Murphy, Jack 

Murray, Edward F. 

Murray, Henry R. 

Murray, James V. 

Murray, John A. 

Murray, Joseph 
Murray, Richard F. 
Neely, Duggan A. 
Neeley, Gerard J. 
Nelson, Charles G. 
Neely, Maurice E. 
Nelson, Louis 
Norville, Peyton 
Neely, Peter 
Norville, William J. 
O'Connor, Sidney T. 
O'Grady, John 
Ollinger, Vincent E. 
Ortmann, Henry A. 
Pearce, Charles' 
Pearson, Robert 
Perez, Julius 
Perez, Louis E. 
Pitroff, John 
Poggi, Francis A. 
Ponder, Jabez J. 
Potter, Odell 
Potter, Walter C. 
Powers, Edward 
Price, Thomas F. 
Pugh, Woodie O. 
Quill, James 
Quinlivium, Richard 
Rafield, William W. 
Ravier, Reginald 

Reis, Norman J. 

Rochotsh, Israel Le 

Richard, Leo C. 

Rubira, Henry 

Rush, Dr. John C. 

Sanders, Noye L. 

Schock, Nicholas 

Schwartz Max H. 

Scot, Madley V. 

Spotswood, Henry I. 

Shugrue, John 

Sibley, Syrus A., Jr. 

Simon, Sidney B. 

Smith, Gordon. Jr. 

Smith, Roy J. 

Solberg, Herbert S. 

Starke, Olier S. 

Staub, August J. 

Strauss, Charles L. 

Strauss, Edward A. 

Strauss, Berney L. 

Suffich, Cornelius M. 

Sulivan, Charles J., Jr. 

Sulivan, George J. 

Taylor, Ernest 0., Jr. 
Thompson, Stewart A. 

Toomey, John E. 
Touart, Frak G. 
Touart, James C. 
Touart, Rupert G. 
Touart, Tisdale J. 
Tunstall, Peyton R. 
Turpen. John E. 
Unruh, George W., Jr. 
Valenzuela, William J. 
Liew Van, Jerome R. 
Van Antwerp, James 
Vickers, Marion R. 
Vickers, Nicholas L. 
Wagner, Edward C. 
Wagner, Henry J. 
Walsh, Fenwick B. 
Walsh, John T. 
Walsh, Lucian R. 
Walsh, Richard B. 
Washicheck, Francis J. 
Wilkins, Harry T. 
Williams, Thaddeus C. 
Teend, John Alfred 
Zieman, Leo A. 

King, Edward 

Mauldin, Vinton 


Brown, Jos. 

Ausfield, Walter A. 

Bird, Albert C. 

Boylan, Theobald T. 

Brady, Charles P. 

Cannon, Thos. 

Cody, Dupree 

Cronin, Jas. J. 

DeFuniak, Wm. Q. 

Devinney, Calvin C. Jr. 

Dowe, Carroll J. 

Dowe, Daniel 0. 

Dowe, Florence F. 

Fabel, Hamon 

Galagher, S. C. 

Gardner, Jas. 

Hails, Charles E. 

Hails, Edward 

Harmon, Barrie 

Harmon, Robert 

Hill, Walton H. 

Kohn, Frank D. 

Kohn, John P. 

Kohn John P., Jr. 

Kohn, Frank M. 

Mader, Francis 

Martin, Reese Jr. 

McDonough, Thomas A. 

Mclntyre, Cornelius 

Mclntyre, James D. 

Mulcahy, Patrick J. 

Muloahy. '.Joseph 

Nicrosi, Wm. K. 

Nicrosi, Peter M. 

Nicrosi, Michel J. 

O'Brien, Micheal 

O'Brien, Wm. A. 

O'Dwyer, Frank 

Oliver, Thomas 

Pake, Lee J. 

Rapier, John 

Royer, Rev. Joseph A. 

Toole, Wm. J. 
Walsh, Patrick W. 

Loftis, Thomas 
King, Thos. 

Brashear, Ruttulus 
Chestang, William 




Moore, James T. 

Cawthon, Edley K. 

McKean, Harold O. 

Meyer Hunter 

McCoy. Robert 

McCue, Charles C. 

Hammond Walter L. 

Patterson, Francis H. 

Reding, Henry 

Reding, Tony 

Catrett Robert M. 

DeBardelebon, C. P. 

Jones, Catesby R. 

Donovan, Francis J. 

Fitzgerald, Douglas E. 

Mullen, Jos. M. 

Nelson, Ed. B. 

O'Rouke, Daniel J. 

Shanahan, John E. 

Hughes Massie F. 

Walker, Merriott W. 

Boudousquie, L. J 

Boylan. Daniel L. 

Maury, Harvey J. 

McIIardy, G G.., S. J. 

Maury, Hervey F. 

Stewart, Edward D. 

Van Antwerp, C. T. 

Suffich, Angelo J. 

W acker, John C. 

Walsh, Rev. J. M., S. J. 

Weatherby, Joseph 

Weatherby, Clifton 

Aikin, John G. 

Aikin, William K. 

Pinkerton, Max 

Clardy, Clem C. 


Coghlan, James J. 


Slade, Bennet J. 


Cowley. John R. 

Cowley, John R., Jr. 

Cowley Loyola T. 

Cowley, William 

Davis, Carlos M. 

Finch, Albert F. 

Finch, Richard A. 

Finch, Thomas W. 

Sweeney, Thomas A. 

Goldthwaite, J. M. 

Bealle, John 

Brady, Francis 

Carson, Thos. 

Gulley, Bryant 

Hertz, Emile 

Hudson, Alexander 

Rives, John B. 

Bagot. E. F. Jr. 

McCarty, Dr. George S. 

Arnold, William 

Gaughan, Thomas J. 

Philips, B. Tarleton 

Forte, Santos J. 

Yerger. James 

Thompson, Harry P. 

Crutcher, W. Jack 

Frenken, Bernard P. 

Blanehar, Merhan 


Harrigan. Raymond F. 

Delmas, Milton A. 

(Jencres, Olivier 

Jumornville, John Jr. 

Stagg, Richard V. 

Burrus, Ernest J., S. J. 


Frohlichstein, H. J. 

Godberry, Joseph V. 

Becker, Vernon C. 

Glynn, Barrow G. 

Gallagher, James C. 

Marx, Julius L. 

Smith, Arthur C. 

Casale, Salvatore G. 

Conroy, Charles C. 

Cornet, John L. 

DeRouen, Louis R. 

Fisher, Wm. M. 

Gianotti, Francis B. 

Hill. James 

Klosky, Simon 

LeBaron, Chas. Jr. 

Lott, Y. D. Jr. 

Luckett, W. B., S. J. 

Ma homer, Mat 

McKeon, Joseph 

Petrovits, Stephen J. 

Rault, Clements V. 

Schwegmann, G. A. Jr. 

Flatauer, Adolph 

O'Dowd, Louis J. 

Mularkey, Henry K. 

Burke, Edmond G. 

Christian, Thos. B. Jr. 

Dawson, William 

DeHot'f, Philip D. 

DeHoff, William J. 

Dunbar, William E. 

Haney, Henry 

Hastings, John E. 

Healy, Raymond J. 

Hollingsworth, H. L. 

Mahorner, James G. 

Mead, Jos. W. 

Oldham, Lesle M. 



Pierce, Charles J. 
Power, Joseph W. 
Rizk, Wadeeh 
Sedding, George W. 
Steele, Thomas 
Stollenwerck, Dr. A. D 

Delaney, Harold W. 
Lester, Jos. M. 
Moffat, Victor C. 
Morales, Edelmiro, Jr. 
Walton, Stephen F. 

Sheridan, Thomas F. 

Jacob, Jules 

Bohen. William H. 

Lourcey, Cornelius J. 

Anderson, Marion H. 

Donoghue, Leonard 
Jones, Harley J. 
Nixon, John W. 
Nixon, Wm. M. Jr. 

Holden, Cleary T. 

Boehler, August 
Dolive, Madrick 
Touart. Clarence N. 

Livingston, William O. 

Youd, Jasper R. 

Anderson, Frederick 
Beall, Philip D. 
Brent, George S. 
Brent, Thomas 
Brent, William 
Brosnahan, George 
Brosnahan, John C. 
Byrnes, Morgan 
Christie, Jas. P. 
Christie, Joseph A. 
Corner, William 
Dooley, Jas. 
F'auria, Wm. V. 
Gonzales, Bowen W. 
Hilliard, Chas. H. 
Johnson, William J. 

Kupfrian, Chas H. 
Lappington, George L. 

McAuley, John 

Moore, Wm. L. 

Muldon, James M. 

Pudy, John 
Peterson. James L. 

Petree, Eugene 

Pfeiifer, John 

Pfefferle, Theodore 

Quina, Edward G. 

Raucher, Henry 

Reinschmidt, Daniel J. 

Roch, Eugene 

Roe, Jos. K. 

Scarrett, Harry H. 

Sevier. Elbert 

Sheehan, James 

Spotswood, George W. 

Sullivan, Martin P. 

Sullivan, Russell C 

Echol, George Van 

Vidal, Vincent J. 

White, Mark 

Youd, Jasper 

Mahorner, Bernard T. 

Hall, Thomas J. 

Antuono, Frederick 

Avarez, Marian N. 

Balbontin, Romeo M. 

Cbsio, Rudolph 

Caso, Benjamin L. 

Charles, Ray P. 

Ferlita. Dominic 

Gibbons, Ashby T. 

Gibbons, Henry C. 

Guerra, Julio J. 

Guerra, Louis V. 

Ronson, Amos R. Jr. 

Nores, Urbain E. 

Parslow, Frederick D. 

Parslow, Joseph G. 

Parslow, Paul I. 

Portocarreo, Dr. N. A. 

Vaga, Celestino C. Jr. 

Wagner, Rev. A., S. J. 

Shepphard, Henry 

Bennet, David E. 

Coles, Stanley V. 

Foy. Wm. E. 

Lopez, Clifford A. 

Loving, William 

Manucy, Howard C. 

Masters, Michael N. 

Pomar, Theodore 

Redmond, Thomas 

Redmond, Thomas B. 

Reyes, Wm. J. 

Mohr, Rt. Rev. C. H. 

Braswell, Robert L. 

Gilmore, John 

Borguieres, Jules M. 

Haller, Karl H. 

Loup, Rev. Lawrence 

Lytal, James T. 

McDonald, Joseph 

Ray. Ender J. 

Williamson, Paul A. 


Mock, John H. 

McHatton, Thomas H. 

Arias, Christopher Jr. 

Cassidy, James J. 

Cheves, James P. 

Conrad, Norman E. 

Crocy, Joseph A. 

Dinkier, Carling J. 

Dinkier. Oscar 

Englenart, Alfred N. 

Englehart, Edward A. 

Gillespie, Frank 

Hicks, Franks 

Holliday, Edward R. 

Holliday, Joseph 

Huff, Frank E. 

Keating, William J. 

Kelly, Jas. 

Layton, Buxton L. 

Luckett. Henry F. Jr. 

Lynch, James 

McKinney, Henry J. 

Murphy, Joseph C. 

Papier, Paul 

Sullivan, Joseph C. 

Houten, William Van 

Williamson, Claude E. 




Armstrong, John F. 
Armstrong, Jas. 
Barrett. Gould 
Barrett, Stewart P. 
Barrett, Tobin 
Bonier, Charles S. 
Callahan, John D. 
Carr, Francis J. 
Cashin, Edward J. 
Cashin, Harry L. 
Cashan, Lawrence 
Cashin, Stewart A. 
Cassidy, Micheal Jos. 
Conlon, W. F. 
Cooney, John F. 
Dimmack, Chas. D. 
Dorr, August J. 
Dorr, Lawrence 
Doughty, Eben W. 
Foucher, Deween 
Fogarty, Daniel 
Gray, Herbert C. 
Herman, Wm. A. Jr. 
Horkan, George A. 
Horkan, Thomas A. 
Keenan, John P. 
Keenan. Wm. F. 
Kelly, John J. 
Meyer, Bernard S. 
Moore, JoS. A. 
Mulherin, Butler 
Mulherin, Charles P. 
Mulherin, John P. 
Mulherin, Joseph A. 
Mulherin, Jos. J. 
Mulherin, Hugh G. 
Mulherin, Louis 
Mulherin, Philip 
Mulherin, Wm. A. 
Mulherin, Wm. A. 
Mullarky, Joseph A. Jr. 
Mullarky, Wm. 
O'Byrne, John H. 
O'Connor, Harry J. 
O'Connor, John 
O'Connor, Thomas M. 
O'Connor, Gerald A. 
Rice, Albert A. 
Schweers, Noel J. 
Schweers, Owen J. 
Sehler, Carl L. 
Sheehan, Aloysius A. 

Schweers, Florian 

Sheehan, Frank 

Sheehan, Wm. 

Sherman, John 

Tobin, Augustus D. 

Tobin, Lyon F. 

Quinn, John H. 

Davis, Edward T. 

Emrich, Arthur 

Lee, Fred L. 

Rainey, Louis T. 

Rainey, Wm. B. 

Yarbrough, Harry L. 

Mahoney, John H. 

Mahoney, Vincent 

Stewart, Walter F. 

Cassidy, Michael J. 

Cassidy, Wm. I. 

Daly, Christopher 

Fogarty, Augustus K. 

Fuss, Timothy H. 

Holloway, Emmanuel H. 

Hurley, Jos. 

Malone, James 

McMurray, Walter J. 

Redmond, Frank M. 

Schatznicn, Carling 

Sheridan, Albert E. 

Sheridan, Howard R. 

Horkan, John 

Fit/.gibbons, Garrett J. 

Clements, Jacob 

Overby, Thomas W. 

Fahy, Bernard S. 

Dillon, Francis 

Halligan, John 

Harty, Francis X. 

Harty, Jos. E. 

Mullarky, Austin 

Sheehan, Michael G. 

Byrne, Thomas Jr. 

Cassidy, Stanley H. 

Cassidy, Elmer F. 

Courtney, Chas. E. 

Connery, John C. 

Duffy, Marvin J. 

McCracken, Earl Jr. 

Potter, Y. T. 

Pigott. Charles F. 

Pratt, Donald F. 

Reardon, L. V. 

Andreyko, George 

Hagan, Cyril T. 

Sullivan, Rev. N. G. 

Mulvain, Francis B. 


Wogan, John B. 

McMullan, Wm. 

Murphy, Marcellus 

Kearns, Leo P. 

Kearns, Clarence 

Kearns, Joseph W. 

Beaven, John G. 

Rives, R. C. 

Calahan, Edward M. 

Danos, Albert J. 

Dant, John P. 

Kearns, Wm. E. 

Lanham, Chas. T. 

Tatum, Robert S. 

Clements, Fred J. 

Beaven, Hugh 

Apperious. Samuel H. 

Brussard, Rainer G. 

Dillon, Joseph E. 

Mutti, Anthony 

Harrison, Holt 




Barrett, Daniel 

Daigle, Henry 

Lutz, Louis 

Maher, Richard J. 

Richards, Raymond A. 

Andrews, Elmore L. 

Ball. Edwin R. 

Ball, Jas. Fish 

Blackman, John 

Gremillion, Herbert C. 

Gremillion, L. B Jr. 

Gringras, Jules G. 

Hunter, John R. 

O'Shee, William S. 

Pierson, Clarence 

Provosty, Le Doux R. 

Ransdell, John H. 

Ryan, John 

Staples, Camden K. 

Stafford, David W. 

Stafford, Duncan 

Stafford, Dr. G. M. G. 

Stafford, John B. 

Stafford, Ralph M. 

Turregano, Paul J. 

Tarregano, Rothery A. 

Weems, Douglas A. 

Wilson, LeRoy 

Bostrick, Ellis H. 

Adams. Daniel 

Oliver, Prank A. 

Ory, Joseph E. 

O'Neill, Herbert 

Patout, Philip P. 

McMullen, Wilber J. 

Arbour, Henry 

Arbour, Leon 

Arbour, Louis J. 

Burns, Stewart 

Danna, Anthony R. 

Gauthier. Chas. E. 

Gianelloni, S. J. 

Grace, Fred J. Jr. 

Grace, Thomas C. 

Grouchy, Alexander 

Leche, Karl P. 

Levert, Homer 

McHaardy, Colin A. 

McHardy, Donald A. 

McHardy, Robert G. 

Newsham, Edward L. 

Newsham, Preston L. 

Trahan. Edward 0. 

Allain, Alcee 

Beatrons, Thomas A. 

Hall, Herbert 

Hanlon, James D. 

Hanlon, Philip 

Leache, Edward 

Pettier, Henry 

Supple. John W. Sr. 

Supple, John W. 

Supple, Ritchard J. 

Thompson, Chas. M. 

Connell, William 

Kock, James E. 

Thebodeaux, Chas. G. 

Thebodeaux, John 

Jones, Hugh T. 

Martines, John F. 

Munson, Henry A. 

Black. Clarence L. 

Coco, Albert 

Melancon, Abel J. 

Melancon, Walter 

Billeaud, Allen 

Billeaud, Lionel J. 

Billeaud, Louis M. 

Broussard, Gerald 

Comeaux, Alphonse J. 

DeLaureal, Robert T. 

Fuselier, James 

Carter, John H. 

Pope. George B. 

Gianelloni, L. L. 

Oliver, Maurice 


Francez, Aristide 

Landaiche, Nemour 


Fortier, Eugene 

Rougon, Adolph 

Rougon, Arthur 

Rougan, Villas J. 

Rougon, Zachary 

Arceneaux, Alphone H. 

Lurry, Walter 

Raynaud, Oscar 

Duconuce, Desire J. 

Ducote, Benjamine 

Ducote, Guy G. 

Ducote, Joseph 

Ducote, Sheldon 

Ducote, Warren P. 

Lisso, Paul 

D'Aquin, Holliday J. 

Deschapples, Emanuel 

Young, Blenk 

Andrepont, Laurence 

Chappuis, Claude L. 

Chappiuis, Guy J. 

Gaudin, Louis 

Gremillion, Rosney 

Jumonville, Leonce J. 

Kaplan, Irving B. 

Lyons, Guy F. 

Sabatier, George J. 

Simon, Niel 

Wright, Roland S. 

Coudrey, Adolphe 

Tarleton, Robert L. 

Ervine, Francis E. 

Chopin, Lamy J. 

Chopin, Mathew 

Esnault. Cecilien 

Landry, Paul 

Leche, Paul 



Melancon, Gibard 

Prejean, George 

Prejean, Paul W. 

Prejean, Wallace P. 

Rogge, William E. 

Savoie, Clarence 

Savoie, Hepburn 

Thebaut, August 

Thebautt, Charest C. 

Thebaut, John 

Vaga, Sidney V. Jr. 

Rogon, John B. 

Ardoin, Leo 

Plauche, Kearnes J. 

Plauche, Lee A. 

BuTguieres, Chas. P. 

Spinks, Tobias B. 

Boden, John R. 

Terleton, Francis S. 

Bonvillian, Charles N. 

Bonvillian, Sidney A. 

Ducote, Gerard J. 

Sachnez, Albert F. 

Babington, James 

Brown, Joshua J. 

Legier, Louis 

Grefer. Archibald J. 

Reuss, George B. 

Bergon, Morris 

Bonvillian, Alcide 

Bonvillian, Alphonse J. 

Bourge, Otis J. 

Caillouet, Earnest 

Doiron, Albert J. 

Goudaux, Leon L. 

Klingman, Eli 

Richard, George 

St. Martin. Joseph 

St. Martin, Dr. T. I. 

St. Martin, Vital J. 


Fortier, George 

LeBlanc, Taylor 

Schlatre, Louis 

Stewart, William 

Bourgeois, Paul 

Patout, Aristide 

Veazey, Leonard 

Patout, Oswell P. 

DeGravelle, Martin H. 

D'Albor, Joseph 

Gonsoulin, Alfred 

Bourgeois, Carlyle J. 

Bourgeois, Lawrence 

Bourgeois, Sidney J. 

Arnaudet, Martin L. 

Heichelheim, H. R. 

Houssiere, Eugene P. 

Prather, John R. 

Brussard, Bernard F. 

Frickle, Charles 

Hymel, David 

Landry, Alfred A. 

Himel, Joel 

Welsh, Lawrence 

Taylor, Paul 

Herbert, Prudent H. 

Vizard, Anthony J. 

Fournet, Gilbert J. 

Billeaud, Hugh J. 

Dugas, Gaston J. 

Dugas, Zenon J. 

Dominque, Earl 

Francez, L. H. 

Hohost, Henry 

Landry, Dewey P. 

Manson, Henry A. 

Mouton, Dr. F. J. 

Peck, Fred J. 

Voories, Edward F. 

Brown, Ernest J. 

Brown. Joseph P. 


Harang, Edmond 

Badeaux, Edw. 

Badeaux, Henry 

Barket, Frank L. 

Claudet, Henry R. 

Deferes, Franklin 

Delferes, James 

Dalferes, Peter 

Bourgere, Clarence L. 

Bougere, Clifford C. 

Lasseigne, George A. 

Lions, Elmer L. 

Mistrio, Angelas 

Bordelon, Clif J. 

Bordelon, Dr. Forest 

Brussards, Dorastan 

Dauterive, Louis G. 

Gonsoulin, Adrain 

Gonsoulin, Silv'o 

Walet, Joseph H. 

Walet, Louis J. 

Walet, Perry H. 

Reynaud, Geo. J. 

Reynaud, Raoul F. 

Reynaud, Raymond J. 

Reynaud, Sidney L. 

Walter, Chas. G. 

Burguieres, Denis 

Burgurieres, Edward 

Burguiers, Henry 

Burguieres, Jules Jr. 

Burguieres, Lenfroie 

Kern. Benjamin J. 

Mason, Sidney 

Oliver, Whitney J. 

Harris, Goodwyn H. 

Harris, Newton Hale 

Harris, William L. 

Coco, Anthony L. 

Coco, Lawrence 

Berdon, Harold E. 



Drouin, Claver J. 

Drouin, George L. 

McClendon, Robert C. 

Gassie, William 

Barbiri, A. D. 

Blanchard, Merlain 

Bordelon, L. L. 

Firment, Alaric P. 

Gardiner, William 

Labrode, Oliffe E. 

Mayer, Reyan E. 

Meyer, George L. 

Roy, Curtis C. 

Roy, Joseph M. 

Guidry, Doris A. 

Moncla, Louis 

Arnold, Tablot J. 

Breard, Albert G. 

Breard, Ernest M. 

Breard, Grammont F. 

Breard, Robert M. Jr. 

Breard, Roger E. 

Burgin, Fred 

Endom, Fredric 

Garretson, Chas. 

Zerangue, Eric B. 

Concannon, Jasper J. 

Klingman, Henry A. C. 

Theriot, Harold A. 

Theriot, Howard J. 

Bordelon, Lewis O. 

Coco, Earnest 

Coco, Jules 

Gauthier, Cleophas 

Lemoine, Leo 

Lemone. Thomas A. Jr. 

Lambert, Lucien 

Prohaska, Frank L. 

Levert, Mendes J. 

Ducas, Elphege T. 

Gilbert, James W. 

Gilbert, Philip H. 

Gilbert, Pierre J. 

Thibaut, Numa 

Grant, Henry 

Brussard, Silvio 

Burke, Donald R. 

Burke, Perry J. 

Burke, Walter 

Burke, William 

Colgin, George 

Dietlein, Harold 

Duperior, Douglas 

Landry, Anthony 

Landry, Gabriel 

Landry, Leon J. 

Landry, Paul T. 

Landry, Ulysee 

Laughlin, Frank 

Loughlin, Louis 

LeBourgeois, Paul A. 

Mestayer, Clarence A. 

Mestayer, Francis 

Patout, Gaston 

Patout, Henry 

Patout, Sidney 

Renoudet, Joseph A. 

Segura, Walter 

Simon, Emile 

Voorhies, Francis J. 

Voorhies, Sidney C. 

Walet, Walter 

Becnel, Edgar L. 

Becnel, Dr. Maria 0. 

Berthier, Henry B. 

Hebert, Lester H. 

Laoupe, Arthur 

Major, Amintas 

Major, Leroy 

Abadie, Lawrence P. 

Abbot, Roger 

Adams, Lionel J. 

Adams, Louis P. 

Aitkens, Chas. A. 

Alciatore, Louis R. 

Alexis, Ralph R. 

Allen, Ethan 

Allen, Jules M. 

Alsina, John Jr. 

Augustin, Alfred 

Ball, Caron A. 

Bandi, J. A., Jr. 
Bannon, Jos. S. 
Bassich Capt. C. J. 
Baudier, Victor J. 
Becker, Rudolph F. 
Bernard, Joesph E. 
Berthelot, Joseph 
Blanc, Henry 
Blanchin, George 
Blouin, Leon J. 
Blouin, Louis J. 
Boudreaux, P. A. 
Bourk, Frank 
Boudousquie. P. C. 
Boudousquie, Chas. E. 
Boulet, Henry A. 
Bowab, Joseph M. 
Brunet, Harold A. 
Brickell, William E. 
Brickell, Welham 
Brierre, Henry 
Brooks, Adolphe 
Brooks, Raphael M. 
Brown. Arthur M. 
Brown, Edward 
Brown, Harvey W. 
Brown, Henry 
Brown, John J. 
Browne, Patrick W. 
Buddecke. Joseph T. 
Burgoyne, Everette S. 
Burguieres, Albert L. 
BuTguieres, Ernest A. 
Burguieres, Henry I. 
Burke, Boylan E. 
Burke, John S. 
Burke, Michael 
Burke. Thomas J. J. 
Burt, Thos. R., Jr. 
Byrne, Chas. A. Jr. 
Byrne, Walter C. 
Byrnes, Benley 
Cabiro, Augustus 
Cabiro, Edmond 
Cabrera, Jos. R. Jr. 
Cambon, Henry 
Cambon, Sylvesta 
Cardos, F. 

Carriere, "Gustave L. 
Carriere, Edward 
Carriere, Henry 
Casey, Powell A. 
Caruso, Joseph 
Causse, Robert M. 



Cefalu, John 
Cerise, Henry A. 
Chalin, Henry A. 
Chase, Robert L. 
Christovich, Alvin R. 
Ciaccio, Anthony D. 
Clarke, John F. 
Cloney, John 
Coco, Lysso A. 
Coffey, Jas. 
Conner, Lucas 
Conway, Thomas 
Corral, Gabriel D. 
Costello, Chas. J. 
Covert, Geo. A. 
Coyle, Auguste D. 
Crane, Judson M. 
Crane, Rene M. 
Craven, Aloysius 
Craven, Thomas V. 
Craig, Thomas W. 
C'randell, James L. 
Cummings, Gerard M. 
Cummings, Thos. 
Curren, John G. 
Curren, William J. 
Curtiss, Arthur M. 
D'Aquin, James J. 
D'Aquin, John J. 
D'Aquin, Louis D. 
Danjean, Louis 
D'Antoni, Biaggio 
D'Antoni, Louis J. 
D'Antoni, Salvador 
Darcy, Harold J. 
Davidson, J. S. Jr. 
Day, William H. 
Dejean, Albert 
DeLaHoussaye, A. A. 
Delahoussaye, Roy E. 
Delavigne. Alfred 
Delbondido, Chas. 
DelCorral, Ralph F. 
Delery, Geo. 
De Lerns, Sylvester 
DeLisle, Gaschet 
Delvaille, Emile 
Delvaille, Jules 
Dempsey, Harold A. 
Dempsey, Jos. G. 
Develle, Ernest 
Devereaux. Jos. T. 
DeBuys, L. R. Jr. 
DeBuvs, Wm. E. 

Degruy, Gustave 
DeGruy, Horace 
DeGruy, Louis 
Dolhonde, Edward 
Dolhonde, Forrester 
Dolhonde, Leonce 
Devron, Geo. 
Diaz. Theodore P. 
Diano, Albert L. 
Di Carlo, Anthony A. 
Discon, Thos. P. 
Dittman, Chas. 
Donegan, P. J. Jr. 
Doussan, Honore 
Doussan, Jos. A. 
Doussan, Sidney 
Druhan, Robert 
Dubuisson, Richard 
Ducourneau, Adolph 
Ducote, Richard J. 
Dufilho, August A. 
Dufilho, Henry 
Dufilho, Marc 
Duggan, Aloysius 
Duggan, Linus 
Duggan, Dr. T. A. 
Dugue, Geo. 
Dunbar, Emerson 
Dunbar, Geo. W. 
Dunbar, James V. 
Dunn, Wm. 
Dumser, Adolph J. 
Duplantier, Ed. 
Dupre, Edward 
Dupre, Ferdinand 
Dupre. William 
Dupre, Ralph 
Duquesne, Pierre A. 
Durel, Francis M. 
Durel, Milton 
Dwyer, Thos. R. 
Elliott, Robert J. 
Ermon, William 
Englemann, Henry C. 
Fabacher, Jos. J. 
Fabacher, John B. 
Fabacher, Aloysius 
Fabacher, Lawrence B. 
Fabacher, Jacob A. 
Fabacher, Anthony E. 
Faget, Louis E. 
Fatjo, John J. 
Favret, Clarence F. 
Ferriday, Chas F. 

Fisher, John F. 
Fitzgerald, Rev. E. T. 
Fitzwilliam, Thomas 
Flanner, Thomas 
Flanagan, Walter J. 
Flautt, Robert 
Formento, Wm. J. 
Ford, Herbert D. 
Fossier, Dr. Albert E. 
Fossier, D. J. 
Fossier, Walter S. 
Fowell, Simmes B. 
Ftomherz, Fabian R. 
Gagnet Harold J. 
Gallaind, Geo. B. 
Gambel, Chas. L. 
Gannon, Richard D. 
Gelpi, Aristide 
Gelpi, Gaston 
Gelpi. Geo. 
Gelpi, Ferdinand J. 
Gelpi, Raoul 
Glaudot, Augustin 
Glorius, Joseph 
Glover, Geo. F. 
Godberry, Louis J. 
Goldsmith, Louis 
Graham, Thos P. 
Griffin, Malcolm J. 
Groetsch, Ewald H. 
Groetsch, Julius W. 
Grunewald, Theodore 
Gullette. Albert E. 
Gutiebrez, Manuel E. 
Gutierrez, Norman H. 
Hanna, Charles 
Hanna, Swinford 
Hardie, Chas. F. 
Hardy, Charles 
Harrison, Benjamin 
Harrigan, Clarence C. 
Hartwell, Carl O. 
Hartwell, Wm. C. 
Harvey, Horace 
Harvey, John B. 
Hebert, Clarence S. 
Hebert, Warren 
Hemstreet, Frank S. 
Henderson, Jackson T. 
Henderson, John 
Henderson, Wm. 
Henry, James 
Hill, Jas. 
Hillery, John R. 



Hoffman, Beverly 
Hoffman, Robert G. 
Hopkins, George 
Hertoz, A. J. 
Holland, Chas. J. 
Hollander, Ferdinand 
Hountha, Dr. Jos. M. 
Hudson, Manning J. 
Hyland. Jos D. 
Hymel, Alfred H. 
Jacomino, Jas. 
Jaham, George De 
Jarreau, Jack 
Jordy, Numa 
Jumonville, Chas. F. 
Kathman, Geo. 
Keen, Richard 
Keenan, Arthur J. 
Kelleler, Wm. P. 
Kelly, Arthur J. 
Kelley, Francis J. 
Kelly, John 
Kelly, T. J. 
Kent, Earl H. 
Ker, Henry 
Kernion, George 
Killeen, Thomas 
Kirn, Lawrence T. 
Kleinpeter, Vincent L. 
Klos. John C. 
Kohn, Arthur 
Kuntz, Emile 
Lafaye, Clifford 
Lafaye, Julian J. 
Lamarque, Pascal 
Lambert, Chas. 
Lambert, Walter J. 
Lanata, Sydney J. 
Landry, Maxime 
Lange, Clarence J. 
Lange, Louis G. 
Lange, Sidney A. 
Larue, Felix 
LelBanc, Nemour 
Leborgne, Alfred M. 
Ledoux, Alexander 
Lelong, Chas. Andre 
Lemarie, Jules L. 
Leonard, John T. 
Lesassier, Henry A. 
Levert, Robert L. 
Levis, Arthur 
Levy, Daniel L. 
Levy, Warren A. 

Lipari, Joseph 
Lisso, Alexander 
Lombardo, Frank A. 
Long, Leo J. 
Long, Nichoas J. 
Lorenz, Chas. 
Luther, John W. 
Macou, Henry 
Maginnis, Albert 
Majeau, John H. 
Maloney, Paul 
Manion, John E. Jr. 
Marion, Albert 
Martin, Alfred 
Martin, Garrett 
Martin, Joseph H. 
Martin, W. P. 
Martinez, Albert A. 
Martinez, Edward 
Maspero, Gaston 
Massicot, Eugene 
Maurer, Harold C. 
Maurin, Nolan J. 
Mayer, Albert 
Mayer, Francis 
McCaleb, .E Howard 
McCaleb, Joseph 
McClure, Allen W. 
McDonnell, Geo. F. 
McEnerney, H. E. Jr. 
McGuire, James 
McHardy, Jas. J. 
McHardy, Norman A. 
McHardy, Wm. C. Jr. 
McKinney, Geo. 
McShane, John W. 
Medleur, Alfred 
Menard, Wm. P. 
Merilh, Edmond L. 
Miazza, James F. 
Mhhel, George 
Milhas, Fernand J. 
Mioton, Adlei J. 
Miranda. Albert N. 
Mitchel, Arthur 
Mitchell, John 
Mitchell, Louis R. 
Monahan, John J. 
Monteleone, Anthony 
Monteleone, Benjamin 
Moore, Geo. W. 
Moore, John T. 
Moran, Edward 
Morere, Francis C. 

Mortimer. Frank H. 
Mortimer, Paul C. Jr. 
Muller, Dr. Sauter J. 
Murphy, Rene 
Nail, Alton L. 
Nicaud, Dr. Wallace M. 
Nicolini, Guisepoe 
O'Brien, John M. 
Oehmichen, Alphonse 
Ogden, H. D. Jr. 
O'Leary, Pearse J. 
Onorato, Joseph L. 
Orfila, Francis 
O'Reilly, Wm. 
O'Shee, Clarence 
Sullivan, Thomas A. 
Otis, Albert M. 
Otis, Sidney 
Owens, Joseph R. 
Pardue, Sherman P. 
Pascal, Jos. 
Paty, Clarence L. 
Perrin, Emile 
Perrin. Vincent R. 
Pfister, Florence 
Pflster, Louis 
Phillippi, Chas. 
Piazza, Joseph L. 
Poche, Joseph 
Pollet, Camille J. 
Prieur, Phillip H. 
Proctor, Joseph 
Proctor, Stephen 
Provost, Henry J. 
Provosty, Albin A. 
Provosty, Olivier 0. 
Quarles, John E. 
Rapier, Henry A. 
Rattermann, Geo. H. 
Reaney, Charles 
Regan, John 
Reggio, Paul B. 
Reilly, Maurice E. 
Reyes, Ralph E. delos 
Reynes, Emile H. 
Rice, Joseph T. 
Rice, Walter 
Riv'ere, Eugene 
Roca, Joseph - 
Robin, James A. 
Roshko, Oliver 
Roth, Norville C. 
Roth, Walsh E. 
Rouquette. James 



Roy, T. R. Jr. 
Rovvell, Thomas J. 
Ruhlman, Geo. J. 
Ryan, George 
Ryan, Jerome L. 
Ryan, Win. J. 
St. Amand, George 
St. Paul, George 
St. Paul, Henry 
St. Paul, John 
St. Raymond. Charles 
Salassi, Henry L. 
Salaun, Beauregard J. 
Salaun, Milton M. 
Sarpy, Geo. 
Savini, Chas. A. 
Schekeler, Edw. P. 
Schmidt, C. Ernst 
Schmidt, Frank O. 
Schmidt, Harry 
Schoen, Louis 
Schoen, Philip J. 
Schop, Chas. J. 
Schuracher, Philip 
Schwartz, Jos. P. 
Schwegmann. Leo B. 
Scriber, Chas. 
Sere, Darby 
Sere, Rene F. 
Sere, Roul 
Sharp, Stanley J. 
Shepard, St. Mark 
Shepard. Thomas W. 
Shirer, Irwin N. 
Simon, Cornelius D. 
Simpson, Howard W. 
Simpson, Walter S. 
Skelly, Jos. P. 
Solari, Baptist 
Smith, Geo. P. 
Soniat, Chas. T. 
Soniat, Edward 
Soniat, Gustave 
Soniat, Guy 
Soniat, Joseph 
Soniat, Leon 
Soniat, Nelancy C. 
Souchon, Dr. Marion 
Stauffer, Dick T. 
Stauffer, Wm. A. 
Steckler, Atlee P. 
Steckler, Lester R. 
Stephens, Alden L. 
Stewart, Dr. Dudley M. 

Streiffer, Louis L. 
Sullivan, Edmund 
Sullivan, Francis 
Sullivan, Patrick J. 
Tabary, Octave 
Tait, Charles A. 
Taylor, Henry 
Terrell, John 
Tete, Edgar 
Theard, Alfred F. 
Theard, Charles 
Thoman, Louis E. 
Thompson, John W. 
Tircuit, Ernest 
Toledano, Edgar 
Tomeny, Thomas J. 
Tremmel, John O. 
Tristwood, Julian 
Tumminello, Joseph A. 
Turcotte, Armand 
TuTcotte, William 
Unsworth, John E. 
Valentino, John 
Valentino, Louis 
Vaccaro, Joseph L. 
Vergue, Chas. Dela 
Villars, Albert 
Villars, Paul 
Villavaso, Henry 
Villien, Lastie M. 
Villere, Jules J. 
Vincent, William 
Walet, Dr. Eugene H. 
Walet, Eugene H. Jr. 
Wallace, Joseph 
Walle, Louis 
Walmsley, Carroll B. 
Walmsley, Hughes 
Walmsley, T. Semmes 
Walmsley, Wm. K. 
Walsdorf, Stewart A. 
Walsh, James P. 
Wells, dEmund W. 
Whelan. Andrew 
Williams, Geo. A. 
Winling, Frank W. 
Winling, Harold J. 
Wink, John 
Wogan, Victor Jr. 
Wolkart, Louis 
Woulfe, Maurice R. 
Wunderlich, Edward K. 
Yuille, John 0. B. 
Ziegler, Alfred M. 

Ziegler, Ferdinand 

Ziegler, Gordon 

Ziegler, Harold F. 

Andrepont, Oscar J. 

Bienvenu, Lr. L. L. 

Bienvenue, Oscar J. 

Boagni, John 

Boagni, Jos. H. Jr. 

Bordelon, Martin 

Budd, Murphy F. 

Budd, Robert E. 

Dossmann, Andrew 

Dubisson, George W. 

Fields, Marius J. 

Garland, Henry 

Lassale, Goldman L. 

Mistric. Oscar J. 

Pavy, James R. 

Perrodin, Jacques 

Sandoz, Robert 

Sancoz, Sidney 

Veltin, Arthur 

Major, Joseph H. 

Rougon, Francis F. Dr. 

Rougan, Henry A. 

Charlet, Clinton L. 

Dugas, Charles 

Dugas, Edgar T. 

Dugas, Felix 

Dugas, Henry 

Dugas, Laury G. 

LeBlanc, H. A. Dr. 

LeBlanc, Jos. 

Rodrigue, Edward J. 

Rodrigue, George P. 

Harrison, Thomas 

DeAlbor, Felix J. 

Patout, Ory 

Patout, Rivers 

Patout, Sabastian S. 

Patout, William 

Baker, William E. Dr. 

Barry, Patrick Jr. 

Cosse, Louis 

Davidson, Allman G. 

Grace, Albert 

Grace, Henry 

Hebert, Alvin 

Hiriat, Sebastian 



Marionneaux, Alvin 

Martin, Andrew L. 

Martin, Charles J. 

Martin, Francis M. 

Muse, Herbert 

Pugh, Francis S. 

Schlatre, Louis 

Sherbourne, Brusle A. 

Simmons, Jewell S. 

Voisin, Joseph 

Russel, Ferrel J. 

Schneider, Mat 

Ball, Leo E. 

Chenevert, Joseph P. 

Grimillion, Moore J. 

Laignaux, Romin 

Martin, Thomas 

Melancon, Leo 

Hayes, Thomas 

Lacour, John 

Stagg, Richard V. 

Marrero, Augustin 

Merrero, Frank 

McCullough, James 

Newsham, Dewey G. 

Newsham, Joseph P. 

Reake, James R. 

Andermenn, Louis 

Gadet, Theodore 

Hymel, Octave 

Mire, Trasimond 

Pertuit, George 

Pertuit, Henry J. 

Poche, Charles 

Poche, George 

LeBourgeois, Felix 

Boulet, Lloyd 

Duchamp, David 

Duchamp, Joseph -H. 

Levert, Lawrence 

Martin, James J. 

Adams, Charles W., Jr. 

Becker, Pierre J. 

Brice, Leon C. 

Casserly, James C. 

Faccich, Joseph F. 

Gaiennie, Kenneth M. 

Garland, Albert P. 

Hawkins, Orlando J. 

Home Charles L. 

Hunt, Thomas P. 

Hunter, James A. 

Ingersoll, Girard G. 

Ingersoll, William 

Lachle, Francis M. 

Looney, Fred L. 

Looney, Francis 0. 

McHardy, Joseph 

Mettet, Elmer A. 

Querbes, Randolph A. 

Rosenblatt, William T. 

Rougon, Dr. Isidore B. 

Slattery, William B. 

Spengler, Seraphine 

Brice, Leon C. 

Bienvenu, Wesley 

Braud, Harold J. 

Toups, Reynaud L. 

Beary, Andrew T. 

Braud, Daunis E. 

Braud, Forest 

Braud, Oliver 

Chalin, Frederick P. 

Claudet, Joseph 

Coignet, Octave 

Danos, Arthur J. 

Danos, Joseph L. 

Delaune, Andrew C. 

Delaune, Felix J. 

Dolese, Alphonse F. 

Keefe, Lawrence 

Lagarde, Ferdinand 

Lagarde, Philip 

Meyer, Edwin L. 

Meyer, Emmitt T. 

Meyer, Lloyd L. 

Morvant, Charles 

Morvant, Walter C. 

Naquin, Joseph T. 

Robichaux, Alfred G. 

Smith, Dr. Sidney H. 

Toups, Leonard 

Trosclair, Alfred J. 

Trosclair, Gaston 

Trosclair, Leounce 

Trosclair, Octave 

Webre, Elmo E. 

McMahon, William 

Philips, Ralph R. 

Currie, Marshall D. 

Coreil, Morelle 

Reed, Walter T. 

Alford, James A. 

Alford, Vernon 

Boudreau, F. T. Jr. 

Fonienot, Paul 

Martin, Edmond 

LeBlanc, Casmer 

Solari, Albert 

Solari, Alexander 

Stagg, Lamar 

Stagg, Julius 

Stagg, Marcellus 

Lurry, Hugh T. 



Jordy, Albert S. 

Klosky, Simon 

Whelan, Rev. J. E., S.J. 


Crampton, Guy C. 

Ducote, Chas. H. 

Garmendia, -F. A. 

Cronin, John A. 

Kennedy, Raymond E. 

Harty, John J. 




Cooney. Thomas F. S.J. 


Dimitry, Alexander D. 

Fleddermann. H. T. 

Metzger, John C. 

Riffel, Francis A. 

Weatherby, J. J. 

Mitchell, Howard A. 

Mahorner, Howard R. 

Gislespie, James 

Saunders, John 

Wicks, John 

Toulme, Robert 

Hale Thomas P. 

Vellere, Paul 

Curet, Eugene 

Staehle, William A. 

Griffis. Lloyd J. 

Castleman, Bernard 

Castleman, Stephen 

Wiltz, Thomas J. 

Wiltz, Gaston J. 

Bills, Ernest 

Corso, Frank 

Castenera, Francis 

D'Aquin, Jules A. 

DuKate, William 

Foster, Charles B. 

Foster, Henry 

Hale. F. Percy 

Lopez, Juilius M. 

Lopez, Lazard 

Lopez, Lazaro 

Tedesco, Jos. Ed. 

Theobald, George 

Brooks, Walter 

Becker, James A. 

Becker, John T. 

Becker, Ferdinand 

Bowen, Thomas 

Johnson, Harvey J. 
McGrath, Martin 
Nalty, Bernard 
Nalty, Eugene A. 

Garabarino, Jno. W. 
Lutz, William 
McGrath, James J. 
Orsi, Francis A. 
Trolio, John J. 
Wohner, Clarence K. 
Wohner, Michael M. 

McCaleb, Howard E. 
McCaleb, James F. 

Sullivan, Michael J. 

Schmitt. Wm. A. 

Newburger, Isidore B. 

Cady, Thomas J. 
Hahn, Aaron N. Jr. 
Morgan, John M. 
Morgan, Judson A. 
Owen, Herman 
Powell, James C. 

Huggins, Jas. 

Peel, George 
Peel J,efferson 
Simms, George 

Daly, James G. 

Johnston, John C. 

Flautt, John A. 

Frederich, William J. 
Hewes, Fred S. 
Horlock, Ralph L. 
LeBaron, Dr. Chas. 
Simon, Dr. Carroll E. 
Weatherly Wallace W. 

Hanway, John C. 
Harry, Emmett L. 
Wall, Joseph E. 

Barron, Clinton E. 
Sarphie, Joseph E. Jr. 

Vanderford, Josiah 

Baas, Emmet J. 

Barksdale, Edw. 

Cannon, Francis F. 

Green, Joashua 

Herbert, Ernest J. 

Hilzheim, Albert 

Johnston, Amos R. 

Reinheimer, Charles 

Schimpf, Charles 

Taylor, Charles 

Chambliss, James 

Oden, Ernest H. 

Sharbrough, W. De Van 

Schneider, Earl 

Schneider, R. 

Street, Charles T. 

Freeland, Marshall 

Skinner, George D. 

Skinner, Zell 

Tomlin, James D. 

Allen, Benjamin 

Cahill. Patrick 

Helberg, Joe 

Holberg. Ferdinand 

Klaus, Julius L. 

Rushing, Horace 

McMaster, Carey E. 

Betbeze, Arnold 

McMillan. Horace A. Jr. 

O'Neil John 

Perry, William 

Taft, Eugene H. 

Taft, Hunter G. 

Barret, Eugene 

Cole. William C. 

Berdon, August W. 

Blankenstein, C. W. 

Blankenstein, E. W. Jr. 

Blankenstein, F. A. 

Blankenstein. Percy 

Blankenstein, Rawdon 

Byrne, Charles' J. 

Byrne, Edward J. 



Byrne, Henry A. 

Byrnes, Paul H. 

Cole, Avery D. 

Howard, H. C. 

Junkin, Richard 

Kaiser, George L. 

Logan, Dr. George J. 

Neely, Pierre D. 

Bryan, Thad 

Schmidt, Chas. E. 

Schmidth, Francis A. 

Schmidt, Harry J. 

Reilly, Christopher A. 

Reilly, Daniel W. 

Reilly, Herman J. 

Miller, Leslie T. 

Ford, James Ira 

Frederic, Carlos E. 

Frederic. Francis 

Johnson, Forrest J. 
McCutchon, Samuel 

Northrop, Guy 

Weber, Peter 

Nelson, John P. 

Poitvent, John 

Poitvent, Eads 

Bentley, Timothy J. 

Frederic, Solomon 

Mitchell. Joseph 

Sarrazin, John 

Flautt, Henry B. 

Flautt, Joseph T. 

Bonner, Joseph 

Bonner, Cornelius W. 

Bonner, Thomas H. 

Troy, Cornelius 

Meador, Alexander A. 

Meador, Benjamin 

Meador. Joseph G. 

Pankey, Stephen 


Brady, John 

Carrigan, James J. 

Hoerner, Julius F. 

Irving, Loranzo C. 

Leppich, Herman 

Levert, Eloi 

O'Leary Richard 

O'Neill, Alonzo A. 

Theobold, Louis R. 

Yoste, Loyola X. 

Brickell, Louis M. 

Carriere, Emile B. 

Cummings, Maurie F. 

Griffin, Ingersoll 

Hamel, George 

Hamel, Joseph 

McCormick, Vivian 

Moore, Wm. L. 

Miles, Edward 

Nickels, John 

O'Reilly, Hiram T. 

Reece, Barry L. 

Steinriede, Joseph F. 

Steinriede, Wm. B. 

Troy, John 



Broussard, Henry 

Blackwell, Felix G. 

Cassidy, Leslie D. 

Arends, John 

Arends, Jos. 

Atherton, Thomas, S. J. 

Aymond, Branch J. 

Bogue. Rev. Jos. S. J. 

Brownrigg, John J. 

Broun, Dr. G. 0. 

Cornell, J. 

Coyle, Charles G. 

Cirlot, Joseph 

Hardie, Daniel E. 

Hages, A. H. 

Dorn, Rev. Lambert, S.J. 

Ferris. Rev. W. S., S. J. 

Geary, L. 

Lebeau, Edward J. 

Maring, Rev. C, S. J. 

Muscat, J. 0. Jr. 

Peugnet, Amedee A. 

Pierotti, Leo F. 

Ryan, Thomas P. 

Yancey, Rev. P. H.. S.J. 

Byrnes, Leo. 

Solis, Frederick J. 

Hutchinson, M. R. 

DeBonneval, Henry A. 

Long, Samuel 

Johnson, Rev. H. J. 

Austin, Dixon L. 

Flynn, Chas. N. 

Touart, Maximin 

Dimitry. Robert M. 

Moresi, Louis 

Rice, P. H. Jr. 

Bright, Jos. E. 

C'oghlan, J. J. 

Larue, Ferdinand L. 

Dolson, Benjamin 

Donechaud, Edward 

Andreyko, George 

Austin, David H. 

Bernheimer, Edwin 

Bernstein, Jacob H. 

Casey, Albert E. 

Costello, C. H. 

Costello, Henry M. 

Crowell, Edward B. 

Dolson, John N. 

Greely, Rev. J. A., S. J. 

Holbrook, Emmett 

Keith, Minor C. 

Kelly, Thomas H. 

Laurents, Alfred L. 

Meyers, Bennett G. 

Mcintosh, Louis B. 



Manser, Robert H. 

Martel, Jos. S. 

Meyers. Jos. A. Jr. 

Neale, Millard F. 

Obering, Rev. Wm., S. J. 

Ollinger, Chas. G. 

Ollinger, Rodney M. 

Price, Matthew B. 

Sands, Wm. L. 

Spinner, Andrew E. 

Whipple, George C. 

Young. W. L. 

Rivers, H. J. 

Dolson, Chas. M. 

Touart. Anthony J. 

Kevlin, Wallace 

Stutzer, Frederick L. 


Hogan, George 

Smith, Young 

Braune, Gustave M. 

Young, Francis L. 

White. Richard M. 

Ragle, Henry E. 



Gervais, Herman 

Monaghan, Rev. Austin 

Robinson, John E. 

Barman, Howard 

Ovalle, Nestor K. 

Brady, Francis B. 

Fitzpatrick, Wm. John 

Guiteras, Geo. G. 

MiManus, Frank A. 

Berry, Edward F. 

Cronin, Patrick D. 

Reid. Ronald J. 

Straub, Augustus B. 


Louisell, Clifton 

Ryan, James 

Brenner, John F. 

Storen, Wm. J. 

Storen, Wm. 

Magill, Richard V. 

O'Dowd, Wm. M. 

Hammond. Harry 

Bork. Raymond J. 

Brawner, Pembroke A. 

Casey, James F. 

Dillon, Rev. R. G. 

Herron, Edw. D. Jr. 

Lancaster Marshall J. 

Monning, Howard W. 

Moning, Norbert G. 

Ryan, James 

Timothy, C. S. 

Thompson, B. B. 

White, John M. 

White. Lincoln P. 

White, Richard J. 

Grizzard, Kenneth 

Grizzard, Western H. 

Roach, Fred 

Weis, Walter H. 

Miller, Frederick W. 

Tramell, John 

Condon, Bernard 

Condon, Michael 

Bomarito, Paul L. 

Bondurant. .J. W. Jr. 

Carrigan, Raymond 

Ching, Richard E. Jr. 

Fnherty, Francis P. 

Fahcrty, Michael W. 

Fay, Gerald 

Flanegcn, Rev. Geo. J. 

Foley, Lawrence P. 

Halm, Albert J. 

Heinemann, Dr. D. A. 

Karsch, Thomas H. 

Lenzi, Louis T. 

Levy, Erskine W. 

Long, B. J. Jr. 

Manigan, Peter E. 

Monaghan, Rev. Austin 

Norville, Joseph H. 

Wade, John 

Wallace, Richard J. 

Walsh, Chas. J. Jr. 

Wier, Peter E. 

Corbitt, Charles L. 

Halloran, Bernard M. 

Kelly, Glennon R. 

Mulloy, Wm. 

Neuhoff, Henry 

Russell. Willie J. 

Semmes, Raphael T. 

Timothy, Humphrey W. 


Alvey, Blewett 

Alvey, George F. 

Alvey, Henry 

Blanchette, Clyde 

Blanchette, Eley 

Blanchette, Theodore 

Delaune, Irving A. 

Hebert, Seth 

Salvaggio, Anthony 

Schneider, John J. 

Toujan, Sidney H. 

Smith, Patrick H. 

Welder, Claud R. 

Welder, Edward 

Wilson, Burke 

Miller, William A. 

Miller, William 

Adamson, Paul R. 

Balli, Francis 

Cowery. Fred 

Dalzell, Robert 

Decker, Louis 

Fernandez, John 

Franklin, Albert 

Kelly, William 

Kenedy, Gregory 

Kenedy, James 



Kenedy, William 
Kingsburgh, Robert 
Lararasquitu, Julian 
Rougier, Emilo 
Rougier, Jose 
Trevino, Joseph 
Vails, Andrew P. 
Vails, Pedro 


Bailey, Randolph 


Bluntzer, Robert D. 
Hickey, James 


Carey, Berchmans J. 
Generes, Leonce 
Owens, Edward M. 


Cirlot, Felix R. 
Cirlot, Joseph S. 
Garcis, Louis 
Garcis, Marcos 
Gonzalaz, Juan 
Neff, Bruce Jr. 


Hendricks, James 


Adams, Henry C. 
Alvarez, Bernardina 
Blasich, John B. 


Gill, Wm. Francis 
Blaun, Carl 
Dolson, James J. 
Drouilhet, Paul A. 
Drouilhet, William 
Goggan, Thomas 
Leonard, Charles H. 
Leonard, Franklin 
Leonard, Joseph P. 
Leonard, St. Clair 
McDonnell, John 
Maurer, Joseph I. 
Mann, Wesley 
Moore, John L. 
Moore, Stephen 
Muller, Edmond A. 
Muller, Rene J. 
Muller, Richard T. 
Nicholas, Kirwin J. 
Owens, George 
Pressler, Charles A. 
Scott, Richard 
Stewart, Raymond A. 
Sudderman, Adolph D. 


Klingman, Maurice E. 

Samano, Jos. B. 

Carter, J. A. 

Colgin, Edward B. 

Craig, Doddrige H. 

Jumonville, Walter J. 

Latour, Parvin L. 

Lyons, James 

McEnnis, Bernard 

Martel, Alcide A. 

Niland, Emmit J. 

O'Donnell, Harold M. 

Philips, Robert 

Potter, Walter 

Roemer, Paul C. 

Sitterle, Arthur S. 

Watts, Bernard M. 

Curtin, William P. 

Brooks, Marshall 

Brooks, Robert 

Benavedes, John 

Martin, John 

Ortiz, Louis 

Sanchez, Jos. 

Vails, John A. 

Viscaya, Francisco 

Jackson, Marvin J. 

Laughlin, Sidney C. 

Romero, Clerphy J. 

Barrera, John 

Martinez, Jesus M. 

Clarkson, Larence D. 

West, Oswin J. 

Decker, Garcia 

Decker, George 

Boatman, Leonard 

Corbett, Ed. P. 

McCormaek, John 

Richard, Raymond A. 

Scott, Walter 

Villien, Opta F. 

Kenedy, John G. 


Bradley, Bruce 

Strauss, Victor 

Valenta, Alouis 

McKenna, Francis J. 

Goldman, Victor E. 

Hofer, Louis 

O'Connor, James T. 

O'Connor, Joseph 

O'Connor, Lawrence 

O'Connor, Thomas W. 

O'Connor, William J. 

Welder, Frank A. 

Wood, Francis P. 

Mistrot, William 

Hewes, William G. 


Rounds, Kenneth R. 

Sandoz. Jos. K. 

Spengler, W. M.. S.J. 

Coyle, Wm. G., S. J. 

Juli, Godfrey P., S. J. 

Malloy, Joseph W., S. J. 

Garnett, Dr. Robert S. 


Latstatter, Eugene T. 


Lavigne, Hilaire J. 

Matthews, Van A. 

Adoue, Clifford A. 

Cofino, Pedro G. 

Heusner, Dr. Karl 

Caraccioli, Hippolytus 

Beeche, Rafael 



Arauz, Salvador 
Cardos, Fernando P. 
Lamicq, Pedor 

Aparicio, Jules 
Aparicio. Richard 
Azurdla, Manuel 
Bermudez, Lawrence 
Blanco, John E. 
Bonifasi, James 
Brackmann, Fritz G. 
Brackman, Oscar E. 
Cordero, Adolfo J. 
DeLeon, Louis C. 
Fajardo, Arthur 
Herrera, Juan D. 
Lima, Dr. Jos. M. 
Lujan, Santos' 
Novella, Albert G. 
Novella, Enrique C. 
Saunz, Raphael 
Siguere, Albert E. 
Siguere, Charles G. 
Urruela, Julian E. 


Lefebvre, Henry G. 

Seggassie, Felicien 
Seguiera, David 
Seguiera, George 
Seguiera, Peter 

Nanne, Joseph 

Boesch, Peter V. 
Nuila, Charles 


Castillo, Alphonse 



Diaz, Eladio J. 
Lombillo, Diego 
Verdeja, Oscar 
Verdeja, Octave 


Clark, Ernest A. 


Guiteras, Nestor R. 


Gomez, Edward 
Gomez, Emile T. 


Andreu, Camilo 
Bolivar, Oscar 

Bolivar, Rene J. 

Brito, Felix L. 

Christ, Wm. B. 

Casanava, Pedro 

DelValle, Louis 

Fernandez. Michael 

Guiteras, John R. 

Larrea, Albert L. 

Mendez, E. G. Y. 

Planiol, Jaime 

Rincon, Francisco 

Sanchez, Ernesto 

Levert, Chas. F. 

Triolet, Ernest 

Valdes, Ed. F. 

Valdez, Eduardo 

Valdez, Leopoldo 

Lima, Roberto F. 

Alvarez. Luis T. 

Trangela, Centeno Pio 

Puig, Francisco 

Boltz, Henry W. 

Ulacia, John 

Fernandez, Fernando 

Calvet, Francisco 

Cuadras, Cristobal 


Garcia, Raymundo R. 

Chavez, Ernesto 

Bermudez, Octavio 

Lira, Vincent 

Lira, Manuel 

Longorio, Emilo 

Larrasquitu, Julian 

Ailloud, Etienne 

Juanez, Alvaro J. 

Ailloud, Alfonse 

Juanez, Fernando 

Aldana, Efrain 

Laviada, Anthony 

Arrungunga, Jose De 

Pinkus, Alfonso 

Berzunza, Pedro J. 

Peniche, Diego 

Berzunza, Juan M. 

Peniche, Efrain 

Berzunza, Ermilo 

Peniche, Adolphom F. 

Berzunza, Herman T. 

Peon, Miguel de Reyil 

Bolio, Eduardo 

Peon, Joaquin 

Bolio, Vincente 

Peon, Ignatius H. 

Camara, Ramiro 

Peon, Peter 

Campos, Pastor 

Peon, Arturo 

Fernandez, Manuel 

Ponce, Edward 

Ponce, Gustavo 

Ponce, Armando 

Ponce, Leopoldo C. 

Rios', Manuel J. 

Rivero, Jose 

Aurrecoechea, Julio 

Leal, Manuel J. 

Barraza, Carlos 

McKinney, Emilio 

Barraza, Vincente 

Byrne, Paul B. 

Cobian, Jose 

Cobian, Joaquin 

Donde, Raoul 

Galan, Pedro 

Esponda, Gustave A. 

Lopez, Camilo R. 

Blake, Ernest E. 

Camargo, Francis 

Resendes, Henry 

Cabellero, Julius D. L. 

Granes, Antonio 

Novelo, Alfonso M. 


Complete List of Students 

In this list will be found the names of all Alumni 
who have spent at least a year at Spring Hill since 1847 
to date. 

The names are arranged in alphabetical order and 
the home town or city of Alumnus at the date of entrance 
is given. The year listed is that of entrance at the college 
or High School. 

At the end of the list will be found the names of those 
who have attended the HIGH SCHOOL in recent years. 
These latter did not come back to the College Department. 

Abadie, Lawrence I New Orleans, La 1905-06 

Abbot, J. Edwin Birmingham, Ala 1910-11 

Abbott, Roger New Orleans, La 1908-09 

Abreu, Antonio Havana Cuba 1880-81 

Abreu, Celso ..Laguna, Mex 1860-61 

Abreu, Rosendo Havana, Cuba 1880-81 

Abreu, Salustino Lagina, Mex 1860-61 

Acereto, Alphonse New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Acevedo, Jose Cardenas, Cuba 1875-76 

Acosta, Angel Havana, Cuba 1856-57 

Adams, C. Henry New Orleans, La 1906-07 

Adams, Charles W., Jr Shreveport, La 1922-23 

Adams, Daniel Areola, La 1866-67 

Adams, Frank Columbus, Ga 1862-63 

Adams, P. Louis New Orleans, La 1907-08 

Adams, Lionel J New Orleans, La 1909-10 

Adams, Wirt ..Canton, Miss 1864-65 

Adamson, Paul -Baltimore, Md 1900-01 

Addy, John Norfolk, Va 1849-50 

Aderhold, Henry ...Macon, Ga 1866-67 

Adoue, Clifford A Houma, La 1905-06 

Agin, George Galveston, Tex 1912-13 

A-guiar, Jose Havana, Cuba 1865-66 

Ahearn, John H Clarksville, Tenn 1918-19 

Aicardi, Antonio Selma, Ala 1905-06 

Aikin, John G., Jr Stockton, Ala 1923-24 

Aiken, William K Stockton, Ala : 1923-24 

Ailleud, Alfonse Merida, Yucatan 1900-01 

Ailloud, Etienne _ Merida Yucatan, Mex 1915-16 

Aime, Henry New Orleans, La 1857-58 

Ainsworth, Chester Warrington, Fla. 1888-89 



Aird, Nielson Ithaca, N. Y 1922-23 

Aitkins, Charles A New Orleans, La 1875-76 

Alcarez, Francis Cardenas, Cuba 1877-78 

Alcarez, Valentine Pinar Del Rio, Cuba 1875-76 

Alciatore, Roy New Orleans, La. 1918-19 

Aldana, Efrain Merida Yucatan, Mex 1916-17 

Alexander, Godfrey W _. Mobile, Ala 1920-21 

Alexis, Ralph R New Orleans, La 1917-18 

Alt'aro, Philip Tabasco, Mex 1859-60 

Alfonso, Louis Havana, Cuba - - 1879-80 

Alfonso, John Havana, Cuba 1879-80 

Alford, James Arbroth. La 1898-99 

Alford, Vernon Walls, La 1918-09 

Algara, Ferdinand Mexico City, Mex 1890-91 

Algara, Ignacio Mexico City, Mex 1890-91 

Algara, William Mexico City, Mex 1890-91 

Allain, Alcee Bayou Goula, La 1858-59 

Allain, James New Orleans, La 1860-61 

Allan, George New Orleans, La 1859-50 

Allen, Benjamin Macon, Miss 1891-92 

Allen, Charles Mobile, Ala 1866-67 

Allen, Ethan New Orleans, La 1916-17 

Allen, Joseph Mobile, Ala 1917-18 

Allen, Jules M New Orleans. La 1914-15 

Allen, Wilfrod Mobile, Ala 1864-65 

Allgeyer, Robert New Orleans, La _ 1901-02 

Ailing, Edward New Orleans, La 1854-55 

Alloud, Etinne .. Merida, Yucatan, Mex 1915-16 

Alpuente, Alexandria New Orleans, La ...1867-68 

Alpuente, Henry New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Alsbury, Edw. P Biloxi, Miss 1849-50 

Alsina, John New Orleans, La. 1998-99 

Alsina, Victor Barcelona, Spain 1899-00 

Alston. William .Tackson, Miss 1865-66 

Alvarez, Bernadino ..New Orleans, La 1905-06 

Alvarez, James Mobile, Ala ...1860-61 

Alvarez, Jose Pinar Del Rio 1874-75 

Alvarez, Joseph T Mobile, Ala 1905-06 

Alvarez, Jos Spain 1884-85 

Alvarez, Luis T Mazorro, Cuba ...1913-14 

Alvarez, Marian N Tampa, Fla 1923-24 

Alvey, Blewett ..Beaumont, Tex 1902-03 

Alvey, George F Beaumont, Tex 1906-07 

Alvey, George Beaumont, Tex 1904-05 

Alvey, Henry Beaumont, Tex 1902-03 

Alvey, J. Carroll Galveston, Tex _. .1905-06 

Alvey, Richard H Beaumont, Tex 1905-06 

Ames, Whiting Montgomery, Ala 1865-66 

Amrock, Ed. S New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Andermann, Louis St. James, La 1911-12 

Anderson, Frank Van Cleave, Miss 1908-09 

Anderson, Frederick Pensacola, Fla 1923-24 

Anderson, Marion Madison, Fla 1917-18 

Anderson, Robert New Orleans, La 1864-65 


Andrade, Joseph Mobile, Ala 1927-28 

Andre, Paul New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Andrepont, Lawrence Crowley, La 1906-07 

Andrepont, Oscar J Opelousas, La 1909-10 

Andreu, Camilo Havana, Cuba 1917-18 

Andrews, Elmore Alexandria, La 1902-03 

Andrews, Williard F Mobile, Ala 1918-19 

Andreyko, Geo -Jersey City, N. J 1918-19 

Andry, Charles St. John Baptist, La 1852-53 

Andry, Edgar New Orleans, La 1867-68 

Andry, Louis St. John Baptist, La 1852-53 

Angamar, Henry New Orleans, La 1866-69 

Angamar, Rene New Orleans, La 1877-78 

Angladere, Louis New Orleans, La. 1849-50 

Annan, Armand, Jr Mobile, Ala 1926-27 

Anton, Abelardo Havana, Cuba 1901-02 

Anton, Juan - Havana, Cuba 1903-04 

Anton, Leopoldo Havana, Cuba 1903-04 

Anton Richard Havana, Cuba 1998-99 

Antoni, Dominic O Mobile, Ala 1918-19 

Antuono, Frederick Tampa, Pla 1910-11 

Aparicio, Jules Guatemala, C. A 1909-10 

Aparicio, Richard Guatemala, C. A 1909-10 

Apperious, Samuel H Montgomery, Ala 1894-95 

Arango, Alfred Havana, Cuba 1879-80 

Arata, Henry New Orleans, La 1875-76 

Arauz, Salvador M Costa Rica, C. A 1917-18 

Arbour Henry Baton Rouge, La 1882-83 

Arbour, Leon Baton Rouge, La 1886-87 

Arbour, Louis Baton Rouge, La 1887-88 

Arceneaux, Alphonse Church Point, La 1908-09 

Arceneaux, Webster Welsh, La 1922-23 

Archinard, Emile New Orleans, La 1874-75 

Archinard, James New Orleans, La 1889-90 

Archinard, John New Orleans, La 1887-88 

Archinard, Louis New Orleans, La 1883-84 

Ardoin, Didier W Eunice, La 1928-29 

Ardoin, Leo Eunice, La 1922-23 

Arends, John Maiden, Misouri 1920-21 

Arends, Joseph Mobile, Ala 1862-63 

trends, Robert Mobile, Ala 1862-63 

Arguelles, Alfred Laredo, Mex 1891-92 

Arias, Cristobal Jr Santiago, Cuba 1922-23 

Arias, Miguel Mexico City, Mex 1851-52 

Arispe, Francisco Saltillo, Mex 1851-52 

Arjona, Alvaro Merida Yucatan, Mex 1916-17 

Armand, Francisco Havana, Cuba 1856-57 

Armant, Ferdinand New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Armant, Jules New Orleans, La :1862-63 

Armant, Leopold Jefferson, La 1847-48 

Armas, De Arthur New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Armbrecht, Wm. H. Jr Mobile, Ala 1927-28 

Armengol, Francisco Havana, Cuba 1877-78 

Armenteros, Alfred Tabasco, Mex 1857-58 



Armistead, Herbert Demopolis, Ala 1850-51 

Armstrong, Dale L. Mobile, Ala 1910-11 

Armstrong, Edward Augusta, Ga 1925-^6 

Armstrong, James Augusta, Ga 1887-88 

Armstrong, John Augusta, Ga _ 1888-89 

Armstrong, John F Augusta, Ga 1918-19 

Arnaudet, Martin Jennings, La 1918-19 

Arnold, J. Talbert Monroe, Ga 1909-10 

Arnold, William Camden, Ark 1865-66 

Arnoult, Dellile New Orleans, La 1851-52 

Arnoult, L. D Jeferson Pa., La 1849-50 

Arnoux, Anatole Martinique Island 1848-49 

Arrigunga, Jose De M Merida Yucatan, Mex 1908-09 

Arteta, Faustis Havana, Cuba 1907-08 

Arthur, Edward Claiborne, Ala 1865-66 

Ashurst, Jordan V East Tallahasee, Fla 1907-08 

Athey, Perry Leon Mobile, Ala 1924-25 

Atwater, John G Columbus, Miss 1915-16 

Aubert, Charles - Lafourche, La. 1859-50 

Aubert, Felix Mobile, Ala 1851-52 

A.ugoste, Antonio Mexico, Mex 1887-88 

Augustin, Alfred New Orleans, La 1894-95 

Augustin, John A New Orleans, La 1850-51 

Augustin, Numa New Orleans, La 1864-65 

Augustin, Numa, Jr New Orleans, La 1888-89 

Augustus, George Brooksville, Miss 1860-61 

Aurrecoechea, Julio Mexico City, Mex 1926-27 

Ausfeld, Walter Montgomery, Ala 1902-03 

Austin, David Tampa, Fla 1902-03 

Austin, Dixon L Tampa, Fla 1902-03 

Avengo, Fortune New Orleans, La 1855-56 

Ayers, Andrew Mobile, Ala 1847-48 

Ayo, Odressie Houma, La 1923-24 

Aymond, Branch J -Bunkie, La 1922-23 

Ayres, William New Orleans, La 1866-67 

Aznar, Benito Merida Yucatan, Mex 1866-67 

Aznar, Benjamin Merida Yucatan, Mex 1888-89 

Aznar, Gabriel New Orleans, La 1855-56 

Aznar, Gabriel Merida Yucatan, Mex 1881-82 

Aznar, Manuel Merida Yucatan, Mex 1887-88 

Aznar, Thomas Merida Yucatan, Mex 1885-86 

Azurdia, Manuel Antigua Guatemala, C. A 1909-10 

Haas, J. Emmet Hazlehurst, Miss 1914-15 

Babin, Charles ..Donaldsonville, La 1886-87 

Babington, James P New Orleans, La 1920-21 

Badeaux, Edward Lockport, La 1897-98 

Badeaux, Henry Lockport, La 1898-99 

Baerman, Edw Mobile, Ala 1881-82 

Baerman, Hyman Mobile, Ala 1881-82 

Baerman, Rubin Mobile, Ala 1883-84 

Bagot, Eugene A Whistler, Ala 1925-26 

Bahier, Alain New Orleans, La 1848-49 

Bahr, George Spanish, Honduras 1883-84 



Bailey, Randolph Clarksville, Tex 1865-66 

Baillio, Albert Alexandria, La 1860-61 

Baillio, Sylvier Liberty, Tex 1849-50 

Baillio, Sostenes Alexandria, La 1860-61 

Baillio, William . Alexandria, La. 1877-78 

Baker, David Abbeville, S. C 1853-54 

Balbontin, Romeo M Tampa, Fla. 1906-07 

Baldwin, Edwin Mobile, Ala 1863-64 

Baldwin, Marshall Mobile, Ala 1858-59 

Baldwin, William Mobile, Ala 1863-64 

Ball, A. Carron New Orleans, La 1906-07 

Ball, R. Edwin Pineville, La 1912-13 

Ball, E. Leo Alexandria, La 1909-10 

Ball, Fish J Alexandria, La - 1918-19 

Ball, William Dolomite, Ala 1892-93 

Balisoli, James Selma, Ala 1864-65 

Balli, Francis Brownsville, Tex 1880-81 

Balli, Francis Selma, Ala 1864-65 

Ballisett, William - Mobile, Ala 1848-49 

Bandi, John A. Jr New Orleans, La. 1923-24 

Bankhead, John L Jasper, Ala 1914-15 

Banksmith, Frank Mobile, Ala 1848-49 

Bannon, Joseph New Orleans, La 1915-16 

Baptist, Alexander Mobile, Ala 1865-66 

Baptiste, Antonio Pascagoula, Miss 1851-52 

Baptiste, Peter Pascagoula, Miss 1,850-51 

Baptiste, Vincent Pascagoula, Miss 1857-58 

Baquie, John G New Orleans, La ...1918-19 

Barba, Arthur New Orleans, La 1876-78 

Barbett, Eugene Moss Point, Miss 1918-19 

Barbier, Claudio Valencia, Spain 1858-59 

Barbin, Aristide D Marksville, La 1923-24 

Barbour, Samuel Columbus, Ga 1862-63 

Barclay, George Aew Orleans, La 1864-65 

Barclay, Thomas Mobile, Ala 1851-52 

B-?rco, Del John Crichton 1881-82 

Bard, Henry Cleveland, Ohio 1892-93 

Barinaga, Juan Havana, Cuba 1856-57 

Baringa, Pio ..Havana, Cuba 1856-57 

B?rker, Charles Plaquemine, La 1891-92 

Barker, Frank L Lockport, La 1905-06 

Barker, Romy Plaquemine, La 1891-92 

Barker, Wm. E Plaquemine, La 1906-07 

Barkley, George Montgomery, Ala 1853-54 

Barksdale, Edward Jackson, Miss 1866-67 

Barman, Howard South Charleston, 1916-17 

Barnes, Alfred New Orleans, La ...1864-65 

Barnes, John B New Orleans, La 1908-09 

Barnes, Joseph New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Barnett, David W Memphis, Tenn 1927-28 

Barnett, Louis New Orleans, La 1875-76 

Barragan, Vicente Mexico 1918-19 

Barras, Lawrence Martinsville, La 1923-24 

Barraza, Vincente Mexico 1918-19 


Barraza, Carlos Mexico 1919-20 

Barrera, John Randado, Tex 1885-86 

Barrett, Charles New Orleans 1847-48 

Barrett, Daniel Algiers, La 1871-72 

Barrett, Gould ..Augusta, Ga 1920-21 

Barrett, Joseph Mobile, Ala 1872-73 

Barrett, Joseph Mobile, Ala 1901-02 

Barrett, Robert W Birmingham, Ala 1917-18 

Barrett, S. P Augusta, Ga ...1919-20 

Barrett, Tobin Augusta, Ga 1920-21 

Barron, Clinton E : Hattiesburg, Miss 1918-19 

Barrow, Eugene E Louisiana 1921-22 

Barrow, Joseph .....New Orleans, La 1883-84 

Barry, Daniel Algiers, La 1919-20 

Barry, Leo J New Orleans 1917-18 

Barry, Nicholas - S. Carolina 1864-65 

Barter, Joseph Mobile, Ala 1865-66 

Bartlett, Lloyd L Citronelle, Ala 1906-07 

Bass, Prank P. Jr Biloxi, Miss 1927-28 

Bass, Walter Bladon Springs, Ala 1852-53 

Bassetti, Arthur New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Bassich, J. Cyril New Orleans, La 1905-06 

Batchelder, George Brookhaven, Miss 1902-03 

Batchelder, Geo. J New Orleans, La 1905-06 

Bates, Geo Birmingham, Ala 1889-90 

Baudier, Victor J New Orleans, La 1914-15 

Baudry, Francis Clouterville, La 1855-56 

Baudry, Peter Clouterville, La 1855-56 

Bauer, John T Mobile, Ala :. 1905-06 

Bauer, Seymour Mobile, Ala 1918-19 

Baugnon, Louis Iberville Parish, La 1859-60 

Baum, Louis Baton Rouge, La 1861-62 

Baxter, Henry New York, N. Y 1860-61 

Baxter, James Tuscumbia, Ala 1860-61 

Baxter, Rosseau S Chicago, 111 1908-09 

Beall, Phillip ..Pensacola, Fla 1904-05 

Bealle, John ..Tuscaloosa, Ala 1864-65 

Beals, Vincent New Orleans, La 1877-78 

Beary, Andrew T Thibodeaux, La 1905-06 

Beatrouse, Thos. A Thibodeaux, La. 1917-18 

Beatty, Charles L. !. Beaumont, Tex 1904-05 

Beauregard, Charles New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Beauregard, Paul New Orleans, La 1848-49 

Beauregard, Phillip New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Beauvais, Charles Lafourche, La 1859-60 

Beaven, Hugh St. Marys, Ky 1918-19 

Beaven, John G (R. F. D.) Lebanon, Ky 1916-17 

Becali, Cesar New Orleans, La 1872-73 

Becali, Enrique New Orleans, La 1872-73 

Beck. Memminger New Orleans, La 1858-59 

Becker, Ferdinand Brookhaven, Miss 1896-97 

Becker, James A Brookhaven, Miss 1911-12 

Becker. John T Brookhaven, Miss 1907-08 

Becker. Pierre J Rochello, La 1909-10 



Becker, Rudolphe F New Orleans, La 1923-24 

Becker, Vernon C Mt. Vernon, Ala 1901-02 

Becker, Wm Mt. Vernon, Ala 1873-74 

Beckwith, Fredrick St. Louis, Mo 1852-53 

Becnel, Alfred St. James, La 1853-54 

Becnel, Edgar L New Roads, La 1918-19 

Becnel, Marie O New Roads, La 1889-90 

Becnel, Maxmillan St. James, La 1847-48 

Beeche, Lucien B Costa Rica 1904-05 

Beeche, Rafael Costa Rica 1904-05 

Begley, William New Orleans, La 1852-53 

Beldon, Carlos Monterey, Mex 1869-70 

Belgau, Robert C Tampa, Fla 1918-19 

Bell, John Camden, Ala 1865-66 

Bellini, Eloy La 1923-24 

Bellocq, Felix New Orleans, La 1856-57 

Belosm, Alfred New Orleans, La 1858-59 

Belson, Alfred St. Charles, La 1849-50 

Belsom, Drausim New Orleans, La 1856-57 

Belsom, Felix New Orleans, La 1856-57 

Belsom, Joseph St. Charles, La 1853-54 

Beltram, Louis New Orleans, La 1879-80 

Beltzhoover, Henry Mobile, Ala 1866-67 

Benavides, John Laredo, Texas 1870-71 

Benit, Jules New Orleans, La 1847-48 

Benitez, Cacimiro Mexico City, Mex 1850-51 

Beninato, Salvador G New Orleans, La 1919-20 

Benjamin, Albert Spanish', Hond 1891-92 

Benjamin, Jos. L Span. Hond 1891-92 

Bennett, David E St. Augustine, Fla 1912-13 

Bennett, Howard Mobile, Ala 1901-02 

Bennett, John Moblie, Ala 1901-02 

Benoist, Lamy F St. Louis, Mo 1904-05 

Benoit, Jules Havana, Cuba 1849-50 

Bentley, Timothy J Richton, Miss 1915-16 

Berard, Earnest New Iberia, La 1853-54 

Berard, William St. Martinsville, La 1877-78 

Berdami, John Spring Hill, Ala 1880-81 

Berdami, Joseph Spring Hill, Ala 1869-70 

Berdon, August W Natchez, Miss 1925-26 

Bergamini, David New Orleans, La 1856-57 

Bergamini, Marius New Orleans, La 1856-57 

Bergeron, Eda:ar New Orleans, La 1890-91 

Bergeron, Flurqence St. James, La 1859-60 

Bergeron, Michael .St. James, La 1858-59 

Bergeron, Morris Houma, La 1923-24 

Bergin, Edw New Orleans, La 1888-89 

Beridon, Harold E Mansura, La 1920-21 

Beridon, Herman Jos Mansura, La : 1925-26 

Berzunza, Pedro J Merida Yucatan, Mex 1914-15 

Bermejo, Francisco Havana, Cuba 1858-59 

Bermudez, Bernard Havana, Cuba 1847-48 

Bermudez, Edward New Orleans, La 1847-48 

Bermudez, Edward, Jr New Orleans, La 1865-66 


Bermudez, Ferdinand New Orleans, La 1866-67 

Bermudez, Lawrence Guatemala, C. A 1912-13 

Bermudez, Octavio Chihuahua, Mexico 1905-06 

Bernard, Clay Thibodeaux, La 1857-58 

Bernard, Clotaire Lafourche, La 1869-70 

Bernard, Joseph New Orleans, La 1904-05 

Bernard, Jos. E New Orleans, La 1916-17 

Bernheimer, Edwin Mobile, Ala 1882-83 

Bernheimer, Sidney Port Gibbons, Miss 1873-74 

Bernstein, Jacob Mobile, Ala 1881-82 

Berougon, John Mobile, Ala 1858-59 

Berougon, Louis Mobile, Ala 1881-82 

Berougon, Patrick Mobile, Ala. 1863-64 

Berougon, Vincent Mobile, Ala 1863-64 

Berrey, W. Dabney Mobile, Ala 1910-11 

Berry, Edward F New Orleans, La 1917-18 

Berry, Hiram Mobile, Ala 1863-64 

Berry, William Mobile, Ala 1863-64 

Berta, Earnest New Orleans, La 1864-65 

Berta, Francis New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Bertel, Henry New Orleans, La 1855-56 

Berthelot, Jos Hohn Solms, La 1906-07 

Berthier, John H New Roads, La 1918-19 

Berthier, Ulysses New Orleans, La 1909-10 

Bertrus, Augustian Plaquemine, La 1892-93 

Berzunza, Emilo Merida Yucatan, Mex 1905-06 

Berzunza, Juan M Merida Yucatan, Mex. 1905-06 

Berzunza, Pedro J Mexico 1914-15 

Berzunza, T. Hernan Merida Yucatan, Mex 1905-06 

Betancourt, Fiacre Mexico City, Mex 1902-03 

Betbeze, Arnold Mississippi 1918-19 

Betbeze, Sylvian J Mobile, Ala 1922-23 

Betbeze, Silvian Napoleonville, La 1894-95 

Beugnot, Joseph New Orleans, La 1880-81 

Beugnot, Julius New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Beyris, Bertrand Plaquemine, La 1891-92 

Beyris, Gaston Plaquemine, La 1892-93 

Beyris, Lucien Plaquemine, La 1891-92 

Bienvenu, Delphin New Orleans, La 1848-49 

Bienvenu, Lionel J Opelousas, La 1912-13 

Bienvenu, Neuville New Orleans, La 1857-58 

Bienvenu, Numa New Orleans, La 1850-51 

Bienvenu, Oscar J Opelousas, La 1914-15 

Bienvenu, Wesley St. Martinsville, La 1911-12 

Biercabe, Alfonse Pau, France 1854-55 

Bilbao, Ricardo M Bilbao, Spain 1908-09 

Bilio, Vincente Merida Yucatan, Mex 1916-17 

Billeaud, Allen Broussard, La 1919-20 

Billeaud, Hugh J Broussard, La 1919-20 

Billeaud, Lionel J Proussard. La 1912-13 

Billeaud, Louis M Broussard, La 1919-20 

Billing, Nobile Montgomery, Ala 1896-97 

Bills, Earnest Biloxi, Miss 1923-24 

Bire, Henry New Orleans, La 1879-80 


Birelli, Joseph ...Havana, Cuba 1859-60 

Bird, Abraham Baton Rouge, La 1852-53 

Bird, Albert C - Montgomery, Ala 1905-06 

Bird, Thomas - New Orleans, La 1870-71 

Bishop, Byron J ..Fairhope, Ala 1915-16 

Bishop, Julian Z - Fairhope, Ala 1915-16 

Black, Ignatius Savannah, Ga 1892-93 

Blackman, John Alexandria, La 1894-95 

Blackwell, Felix G Lees Summit, Mo 1908-09 

Blaize, G. Y., Jr Bay St. Louis, Miss 1926-27 

Blake, Bannon Thibodeaux, La 1875-76 

Blake, Edwin f !ew Orleans, La 1893-94 

Blake, Earnest E Tampico, Mex 1922-23 

Blake, Julian Tampa, Fla 1918-19 

Blake, Toulmin New Orleans, La 1891-92 

Blakely, William Mobile, Ala 1878-79 

Blanc, Arthur New Orleans, La 1848-49 

Blanc, Henry New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Blanchard, Francis New Orleans, La 1901-02 

Blanchard, Herman New Orleans, La 1801-02 

Blanchard, Hugh New Orleans, La 1901-02 

Blanchard, Merlein Marksville, La 1917-18 

Blanchette, Bennie Beaumont, Tex - —1901-02 

Blanchette, Clyde Beaumont, Tex 1900-01 

Blanchette, Eiey Beaumont, Tex 1901-02 

Blanchette, Theodore Beaumont, Tex _ 1901-02 

Blanchin, George New Orleans, La 1873-74 

Blanco, John E Guatemala, C. A 1910-11 

Blancq, Clement New Orleans, La 1856-57 

Blankenstein, Edward W., Jr Natchez, Miss 1911-12 

Blankenstein, Rawdon Natchez, Miss 1918-19 

Blankenstein, W. Clifton Natchez, Miss 1913-14 

Blanks, Foulkner New Orleans, La 1887-88 

Blasco, Manuel New Orleans, La —1847-48 

Blasco, Oscar New Orleans, La 1847-48 

Blasich, John B Galveston, Tex 1913-14 

Bliss, George G Columbus, 111 1926-27 

Bliss, W. E Chicago, 111 1926-27 

Bloch, Arnold Mobile, Ala 1905-06 

Bloch, Jacob D Mobile, Ala 1881-82 

Block, Clarence L New Orleans, La 1906-07 

Blouin, Francis R LaFourche Crossing, La 1904-05 

Blouin, Leon Lafourche Crossing, La 1899-00 

Blouin, Louis Lafourche Crossing, La 1899-00 

Bluntzer, Robert D Corpus Christi, Tex 1915-16 

Boagni, Joseph Opelousas, La 1880-81 

Boagni, Joseph M. Jr Opeloussa, La 1923-24 

Boagni, John Opelousas, La 1893-94 

Boatman, Leonard F. X San Antonio, Tex 1910-11 

Bobe, Francis Montgomery, Ala 1865-66 

Bobe, Thos Mobile, Ala ....1883-84 

Boddy, Edward Alabama 1921-22 

Bodin, John R. Franklin, La 1906-07 

Boehmer, Frederick Mobile, Ala 1912-13 


Eoehler, August K Orlando, Fla 1923-24 

Boesch, Peter V Spanish Honduras, C. A 1923-24 

Bogue, Francis D Mobile, Ala 1918-19 

Bohen, Wm. H Live Oak, Fla 1916-17 

Boissac, Ennemond Iberville Parish, La 1858-59 

Boissac, Marceline Iberville, La. 1854-55 

Buoissonneaux, Henry New Orleans, La 1895-96 

Bohler, Charles S ..Augusta, Ga 1918-19 

Boland, John New Orleans, La 1869-70 

Boland, Winchester New Orleans, La 1872-73 

Bolian, Emile T New Orleans, La 1919-20 

Bolio, Eduardo Merida Yucatan, Mex 1916-17 

Bolio, Francis Havana, Cuba 1877-78 

Bolio, Vicente Merida Yucatan, Mex 1916-17 

Bolivar, Oscar Havana, Cuba 1918-19 

Bolivar, Rene J Cuba 1917-18 

Boiler, William A Foley, Ala 1918-19 

Bolls, William - Hinds County, Miss 1876-77 

Boltz, Henry W Camden, Ala 1924-25 

Bomarito, Paul L Memphis, Tenn 1922-23 

Bond, William Vicksburg, Miss 1883-84 

Bondurant, J. W., Jr Memphis, Tenn 1922-23 

Bonifasi, James Guatemala, C. A 1913-14 

Bonnecase, Alfonse New Orleans, La 1870-71 

Bonnemason, Domonic Beaumont, Tex 1878-79 

Bonnemer, Louis New Orleans, La 1848-49 

Bonner, Cornelius Tupelo, Miss 1918-19 

Bonner, Joseph Lionville, Miss 1920-21 

Bonner, Thomas T Tupelo, Miss 1916-17 

Bonneval, de Henri New Orleans, La 1909-10 

Bonvillain, Alcide Houma, La 1890-91 

Bonvillian, Alphonse J Houma, La 1918-19 

Bonvillain, Charles N Glencoe, La 1906-07 

Bonvillain, Sydney Glencoe, La 1901-02 

Booth, James Eufaula, Ala. 1860-61 

Booth, Thomas A Mobile, Ala 1918-19 

Bordges, James V Beaumont, Tex 1904-05 

Bordelon, Clif. J Long Bridge, La 1904-05 

Bordelon, Forest Cottonport, La 1889-90 

Bordelon, Lester Long Bridge, La 1904-05 

Bordelon, Louis r ong Bridge, La 1903-04 

Bordelon, Martin °->eoussas. La 1906-07 

Borden, Thomas Mobile, Ala 1851-52 

Bordenave, Paul Gaston New Orleans, La 1897-98 

Borduzat, Daniel New Orleans, La 1850-51 

Borduzat, Eugene New Orleans, La. 1850-51 

Bork, Joseph J Chattanooga, Tenn 1913-14 

Bork, Raymond J Chattanooga, Tenn 1912-13 

Bornio, Joachim New Orleans, La. 1848-49 

Bosarge, Edward A Bayou La Batre, Ala 1918-19 

Bosarge, Kenneth Bayou la Batre, La 1926-27 

Bosarge, William S Bayou La Batre, Ala 1923-24 

Bossier, G. Duncan, Jr Florida 1917-18 

Bostick, Ellis H A.mite, La 1920-21 


Bothworth, John San Francisco, Cal 1860-61 

Boudousquie, Angelo Battles Wharf, Ala 1908-09 

Boudousquie, Charles New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Boudousquie, Charles Mobile, Ala 1883-84 

Boudesquie, Charles E New Orleans, La. ..1922-23 

Boudousquie, Gabriel Mobile, Ala 1882-83 

Boudousquie, Henry New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Boudousquie, John Mobile, Ala 1895-96 

Boudousquie, Louis J Battles Wharf, Ala 1908-09 

Boudousquie, Paul New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Boudousquie, Paul Mobile, Ala 1891-92 

Boudousquie, Paul C, Jr Battles Wharf, Ala 1918-19 

Boudreau, Peter Lafourche, La 1870-71 

Boudreau, Thomas .Washington, La 1924-25 

Boudreau, Victor Lafourche, La 1869-70 

Boudreaux, Alfred Houma, La 1891-92 

Boudreaux, David Houma, La 1903-04 

Boudreaux, Dennis Houma, La 1900-01 

Boudreaux, Phillip A New Orleans, La. 1923-24 

Bougere, Clarence Bonne Carre, La 1888-89 

Bougere, Clifford C La Place, La 1910-11 

Boulet, Henry Mobile, Ala 1883-84 

Boulet, Lloyd St. Martinsville, La 1923-24 

Boulet, Maxime Mobile, Ala 1883-84 

Boulet, Numa Mobile, Ala 1883-84 

Boulet, Tullius Mobile, Ala 1883-84 

Boulet, William New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Bourg, Otis J - New Orleans, La 1926-27 

Bourgeois, Carlyle J Jeanerette, La 1911-12 

Bourgeois, Fulgence Ascension, La 1889-90 

Bourgeois, Florence St. James, La 1847-48 

Bourgeois, Henry Donaldsonville, La 1893-94 

Bourgeois, J Jeanerette, La 1907-08 

Bourgeois, Lawrence Jeanerette, La 1907-08 

Bourgeois, Paul Jeanerette, La 1903-04 

Bourgeois, Sidney Jeanerette, La 1903-04 

Bourk, Frank New Orleans, La 1874-75 

Bousquet, Alfonse Biloxi, Miss 1859-60 

Boutelle, Richard S Birmingham, Ala 1911-12 

Bowab, Joseph M New Orleans, La 1920-21 

Bowen, Thomas Brookhaven, Miss 1864-65 

Bowles, E. Manser Brunswick, Ga 1918-19 

Bowman, Benj. P .Mobile, Ala 1921-22 

Bowman, Howard M Alabama 1918-19 

Boyer, Eugene New Orleans, La 1893-94 

Boykin, George .New Orleans, La 1856-57 

Boykin, William Escambia Co., Ala 1869-70 

Boylan, Louis D Spring Hill, Ala 1924-25 

Boylan, Theobald Montgomery, Ala 1900-01 

Boylan, Washington New Orleans, La 1855-56 

Bozant, August New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Bozant, Oscar New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Bozant, John New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Bozonier, Emille New Orleans, La 1847-48 



Bracey, Talbert Mobile, Ala 1865-66 

Bracho Fernando . Mexico 1919-20 

Brackman Fritz G La Pipa, Guatemala, C. A 1916-17 

Brackman, Oscar E. La Pipa, Guatemala, C. A 1916-17 

Bradley, Bruce Texas 1926-27 

Bradley, Dickinson Mobile, Ala 1865-66 

Bradley, Harold Texas 1925-26 

Brady, Charles P - Montgomery, Ala 1908-07 

Brady, Francis Tuscaloosa, Ala 1879-80 

Brady, Francis Bart Philadelphia, Pa 1924-25 

Brady, John Vicksburg, Miss ..1862-63 

Brady, Mark Philadelphia, Pa 1927-28 

Brady, Patrick Mobile, Ala 1870-71 

Brady, Robert Chicago, 111 1913-14 

Brady, Thomas Ireland 1850-51 

Brady, Thomas Mobile, Ala 1871-72 

Brady, V. H Paris, France 1910-11 

Brady, William New Orleans, La 1869-70 

Bragg Shelby Mobile, Ala 1865-66 

Bragg, William - Bells Landing, Ala. 1866-67 

Brannon, John -Jacksonville, Ala 1865-66 

Brashear, Rittulus Mt. Vernon, Ala 1859-60 

Braswell, Robert L St, Petersburg, Fla 1919-20 

Braud, Cecilien _ Donaldsonville, La - 1854-55 

Braud, Daunis E Thibodeaux, La 1904-05 

Braud, Felix Donaldsonville, La 1851-52 

Braud, Fernand Donaldsonville, La 1872-73 

Braud, Forest Donaldsonville, La 1893-94 

Braud, Harold J Schriever, La 1911-12 

Braud, Oliver Thibodeaux, La 1892-93 

Braud, Rodolphe Donaldsonville, La 1853-54 

Braud, P. Sabin New Orleans, La 1851-52 

Braud, Sidney F. Thibodeaux, La 1906-07 

Braud, Wilbur C ..Thibodeaux, La 1908-09 

Braun, Carl Mobile, Ala 1895-96 

Braun, Eugene Mobile, Ala 1892-93 

Braun, Gustave Eutaw, Ala 1885-86 

Braux, Louis New Orleans, La. :. 1856-57 

Brawner, Pembroke A Chattanooga, Tenn. 1912-13 

Breard, Albert Monroe, La 1908-09 

Breard, Ernest M Monroe, La 1908-09 

Breard, Francis G Monroe, La. 1903-04 

Breard, Robert M., Jr Monroe, La 1905-06 

Breard, Roger E Monroe, La 1913-14 

Breen, Michael Evanston, 111. 1S79-S0 

Breitling, Gottleib Mobile, Ala 1852-53 

Breitling, Gottleib ..Demopolis, Ala 1859-60 

Breitling, John Demopolis, Ala 1859-60 

Brennan, Edward Mobile, Ala 1890-91 

Brennan, William Mobile, Ala 1890-91 

Brennan, Edward C Savannah, Ga 1913-14 

Brenner, Clarence Augusta, Ga 1882-83 

Brenner, John F Augusta, Ga 1882-83 

Brenner, Frank Augusta, Ga 1886-87 



Brenner, John Augusta, Ga 1887-88 

Brenner, Patrick Jacksonville, Fla 1904-05 

Brent, George Pensacola, Fla 1903-04 

Brent, Thomas Pensacola, Fla 1890-91 

Brent, William Pensacola, Fla 1858-59 

Brewer, Edward Mobile, Ala 1856-57 

brewer, Edwin Mobile, Ala 1864-65 

Brewer, Willis Haynesville, Ala 1894-95 

Brice C. Leon Singer, La 1906-07 

Brice, Charles New Orleans, La 1854-55 

Brice, Henry New Orleans, La 1864-65 

Brickell, Louis M Yazoo City, Miss 1919-20 

Brickell, Welham New Orleans, La 1881-82 

Brickelie, William New Orleans, La 1889-90 

Bridat, Antonio Havana, Cuba 1852-53 

Bridat, Frederick Havana, Cuba 1855-56 

Bridat, Lorenzo Havana, Cuba 1858-59 

Brierre, Henry New Orleans, La 1902-03 

Bright, Joseph E Mobile, Ala 1903-04 

Brinskelle, Fred E Birmingham, Ala 1922-23 

Brislan, John Augusta, Ga 1863-64 

Brislan, Jos Augusta, Ga 1870-71 

Brisolari, Joseph New Orleans, La 1866-67 

Brito, Felix L Havana, Cuba 1913-14 

Broderick, George New Orleans, La 1902-03 

Brodnex, Robt Eutaw, Ala 1865-66 

Brodnex, William Eutaw, Ala 1865-66 

Brokehouse, Henry Mobile, Ala 1862-63 

Brooke, James New Orleans, La 1853-54 

Brooke, Ignatius Sulphur Springs, Miss. 1854-55 

Brooks, Adolph Baton Rouge, La 1896-97 

Brooks, James Brookville, Miss 1860-61 

Brooks, Leslie E Mobile, Ala 1849-50 

Brooks, Marshall Jefferson, Tex 1867-68 

Brooks, Peter Brooksville, Miss 1860-61 

Brooks, Rafael M New Orleans, La 1904-05 

Brooks, R. Miles New Orleans, La 1909-10 

Brooks, Robert Jefferson, Tex 1867-68 

Brooks, T. Emory Birmingham, Ala 1911-12 

Brooks, Walter Bovina, Miss 1862-63 

Brooks, William Mobile, Ala 1859-60 

Brosnahan, George Pensacola, Fla 1888-89 

Brosnahan, John Pensacola, Fla 1888-89 

Brou, Arthur St. Charles, La 1858-59 

Brou, Edward St. Charles, La 1858-59 

Brou, Venerand St. Charles, La 1849-50 

Broun, Goronowy O Springhill, Ala 1912-13 

Broussard, Albert New Orleans, La 1863-64 

Broussard, Bernard F Kaplan, La : 1923-24 

Broussard, Dorastan Loreauville, La 1893-94 

Broussard, Edmond Loreauville, La 1893-94 

Broussard, Edward New Iberia, La 1879-80 

Broussard, Gerald Broussard, La 1920-21 

Broussard, Henry Kaplan, La 1923-24 


Broussard, Rainer C Abbeville, La 1909-10 

Broussard, Silvio New Iberia, La 1882-83 

Browder, James Macon Station, Ala 1867-68 

Brown, Arthur M New Orleans, La 1921-22 

Brown, Burguieres ..Crawford, La 1905-06 

Brown, Cammille Crawford, La 1901-02 

Brown, Cecil Montevalo, Ala 1865-66 

Brown, Dennis Lake Providence, La 1919-20 

Brown, Dennis Franklin, La 1890-91 

Brown, Ernest Lake Providence, La 1923-24 

Brown, Earnest J - Lake Providence, La 1919-20 

Brown, Edward New Orleans, La 1914-15 

Brown, Edward Mobile, Ala 1862-63 

Brown. Francis J Crawford, La 1905-06 

Brown, Gabriel Ascension, La 1859-60 

Brown, George Mobile, Ala 1856-57 

Brown, Henry New Orleans, La 1871-72 

Brown, Harvey W ..New Orleans, La 1914-15 

Brown, James ..Donaldsonville, La 1853-54 

Brown, John J New Orleans, La 1871-72 

Brown, Joseph Montevallo, Ala 1865-66 

Brown, Joseph P Millikan, La 1919-20 

Brown, Joseph P New Orleans, La 1908-09 

Brown, Joshua .Louisa, La 1898-99 

Brown, Prosper Ascension, La 1859-60 

Brown, Richard Houma, La 1859-60 

Brown, Seneca New Orleans, La 1851-52 

Brown, Thos Natchez, Miss 1851-52 

Brown, Wiley Mobile, Ala 1863-64 

Brown, William Chastang, Ala 1854-55 

Brown, Willie J Miami Beach, Fla 1920-21 

Brown, Wm Alabama 1918-19 

Browne, Franklin New Orleans, La 1852-53 

Browne, Lennox Springhill, Ala 1878-79 

Browne, Patrick W Mobile, Ala 1920-21 

Brownrigg, John J St. Louis, Mo 1920-21 

Brugier, Alfred New Orleans, La 1854-55 

Brulatour, Benjamin A New Orleans, La 1911-12 

Brulatour, Jules New Orleans, La 1883-84 

Bruner, Ben E Ensley, Ala 1919-20 

Brunet, A. Harold New Orleans, La 1915-16 

Brunot, Felix Baton Rouge, La 1851-52 

Brunet, Robert M New Orleans, La 1913-14 

Bruyere, Gustave Ascension Parish, La 1856-57 

Bryan, Geo. Henry Georgiana, Ala 1924-25 

Bryan, Thad Ocean Springs, Miss 1920-21 

Bryant, Bernard I Selma, Ala 1910-11 

Buck, William A Mobile, Ala 1925-26 

Budd, Murphy F Opelousas, La 1906-07 

Budd, Robert E Opelousas, La 1906-07 

Buddecke, Jos New Orleans, La 1906-07 

Buddecke, Jos New Orleans, La 1887-88 

Bujol, Jos Donaldsonville, La 1853-54 

Bullion, Sidney Hope Villaq, La 1905-06 



Bullock, Edward Eufaula, Ala 1865-66 

Bullock, John M Eufaula, Ala 1906-07 

Bundy, John New Orleans, La 1847-48 

Burch,' William Mobile, Ala 1863-64 

Burchell, Thomas Chattanooga, Tenn 1891-92 

Burgin, Fred Monroe, La 1887-88 

Burgoy'ne, S. Everette Monroe, La 1922-23 

Burguieres, Albert L ^ew Orleans, La 1912-13 

Burguieres, Denis J New Orleans, La 1912-13 

Burguieres, Earnest New Orleans, La 1898-99 

Burguieres, Edward E Louisa, La 1917-18 

Burguieres, Kenry - Louisa, La 1899-00 

Burguieres, Henry I New Orleans, La 1905-06 

Burguieres, Joseph Louisa, La 1890-91 

Burguieres, Jules Ne wOrleans, La 1896-97 

Burguieres, Jules Louisa, La. 1918-19 

Burguieres, Lenfroie New Orleans, La 1912-13 

Burguieres, Patout New Orleans, La 1903-04 

Burk, James W Augusta, Ga 1887-88 

Burk, John Augusta, Ga 1882-83 

Burke, Bolan E New Orleans, La 1920-21 

Burke', Donald R New Iberia, La 1911-12 

Burke, Edmund G Jacksonville, Fla 1919-20 

Burke, Frank Mobile, Ala 1882-83 

Burke, Jessie Mobile, Ala 1888-89 

Burke, John P ..Jacksonville, Ala 1894-95 

Burke', John S New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Burke! Malcombe Mobile, Ala 1898-99 

Burke, Michael Miami, Fla 1916-17 

Burke, Owen Mobile, Ala 1888-89 

Burke', Perry J. New Iberia, La 1911-12 

Burke', Peter ...Mobile, Ala 1892-93 

Burke', Walter Mobile, Ala. 1899-00 

Burke! Walter New Iberia, La 1881-82 

Burke, William New Iberia, La 1883-84 

Burkett, Charles Mobile, Ala 1865-66 

Burkle, Charles Memphis, Tenn 1926-27 

Burnett, Charles Eufala, Ala 1903-04 

Burnett, Charles G. Hatchers Station, Ga .1906-07 

Burns, James Mobile, Ala 1885-66 

Burns, John Mobile, Ala _ 1851-52 

Burns', Robert Mobile, Ala 1851-52 

Burns, Stewart Baton Rouge, La 1920-21 

Burns, Thomas Mobile, Ala 1901-02 

Buron, Auguste Houma, La 1877-78 

Burrus, Earnest, Jr Texas 1923-24 

Bursley, Robert A '. New Orleans, La 1912-13 

Burt, Thomas R. v ew Orleans, La 1916-17 

Burthe, Andrew - New Orleans, La 1856-57 

Burthe, Edmund New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Burthe, Geo New Orleans, La 1850-51 

Burthe, Manuel New Orleans, La 1850-51 

Burton', John Mobile, Ala. 1855-56 

Burvant, George J New Orleans, La 1905-06 


Busby, Wyatt Z Tile, Honduras 1918-19 

Busch, August H ..Hamburg, Germany 1911-12 

Busch, Christian J Hamburg, Germany 1911-12 

Butler, Henry ...New Orleans, La 1869-70 

Butler, Thomas Savannah, Ga 1847-48 

Butt, George Grimes Columbus, Ga 1908-09 

Byrd, Edgar New Orleans, La 1856-57 

Byrd, John New Orleans, La 1856-57 

Byrne, Cameron W New Orleans, La 1905-06 

Byrne, Chas. A. New Orleans, La 1926-27 

Byrne, Charles J ..Natchez, Miss 1922-23 

Byrne, Edward J Natchez, Miss 1911-12 

Byrne, John Mobile, Ala 1858-59 

Byrne, John New Orleans, La 1867-68 

Byrne, John Mobile, Ala 1872-73 

Byrne, Michael Mobile, Ala 1863-64 

Byrne, Paul V Lake Forrest, 111 1909-10 

Byrne, Peter D Lake Forest, 111 1910-11 

Byrne, Thomas, Jr Chicago, 111 1907-08 

Byrne, Walter C .New Orleans, La 1903-04 

Byrnes, Arthur Mobile, Ala 1881-82 

Byrnes, Bentley New Orleans, La 1925-26 

Byrnes, Francis Pensacola, Fla 1859-60 

Byrnes, Leo M Mobile, Ala 1923-24 

Byrnes, Morgan Pensacola, Fla 1859-60 

Caballero de los Olivos Tehuacan, Mex. ...1906-07 

Cabiro, Augustus New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Cabiro, Edmond New Orleans, L.i 1859-60 

Cade, Peter Cahaba, Ala 1865-66 

Cade, William Cahaba, Ala 1865-66 

Cady, Thomas Columbus, Miss 1907-08 

Cage, Henry New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Cage, Robert New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Cagiga, Gregory Havana, Cuba 1896-97 

Cagnet, Douglas New Orleans, La 1866-67 

Cagney, Alfred Chicago, 111 1914-15 

Cagney, Walter J Chicago, 111 1913-14 

Cagnolatti, Adolph Jefferson Parish, La 1859-60 

Cagnolatti, Ovid ...Jefferson Parish, La 1859-60 

Cagnolatti, Peter New Orleans. La 1865-66 

Cahill, Patrick ....Macon, Miss _ 18S9-90 

Calahan, W. John Birmingham, Ala 1872-73 

Caillouet, Earnest Houma, La 1900-01 

Calahan, Edward M Louisville, Ky 1923-24 

Calder, A. Breenan New Orleans, La 1919-20 

Caldwell, Edward New Orleans, La 1855-56 

Caldwell, James New Orleans, La. 1849-50 

Callahan, John Mobile, Ala 1852-53 

Callahan, John D Augusta, Ga 1918-19 

Callejas, Adolphe Havana, Cuba 1876-77 

Caller, Edmond Gainstown, Ala 1862-63 

Calvet, Francis Sagua la Grande, Cuba 1911-12 

Calvert, Finley New Orleans, La 1866-67 



Calvert, Francis Sagua La Grande, Cuba 1911-12 

Calvert, William New Orleans, La 1864-65 

Camara, Ramiro Merida Yucatan, Mex 1906-07 

Camargo, Francis .Tampico, Mex, 1915-16 

Cambon, Henry New Orleans, La 1871-72 

Cambon, Sylvester St. John Babtiste, La 1876-77 

Cambre, Jerome St. John Babtiste, La 1858-59 

Camocho, Arthur Havana, Cuba 1879-80 

Camocho, Henry Havana, Cuba 1879-80 

Camors, George New Orleans, La 1871-72 

Camors, Paul New Orleans, La 1884-85 

Campbell, Duncan -Mobile, Ala 1849-50 

Campbell, James J Spring Hill, Ala 1918-19 

Campbell, John Campbelltown, Tex 1919-20 

Campos, Pastor Merida Yucatan, Mex 1911-12 

Camus, Michael New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Cannon, Francis -Greenville, Miss 1901-02 

Cannon, John A Greenville, Miss 1906-07 

Cannon, Maurice Mt. Vernon, Ala 1890-91 

Cannon, Thomas Montgomery, Ala 1918-19 

Cantrelle, Adolphe New Orleans, La 1856-57 

Cantrelle, Michael St. James, La 1855-56 

Caraccioli, Hippolytus British Honduras 1883-84 

Carbery, John E Louisville, Ky 1904-05 

Cardenas, Albert Havana, Cuba 1879-80 

Cardenas, Armando Merida Yucatan, Mex 1903-04 

Cardenas, Carlos Merida Yucatan, Mex 1866-67 

Cardenas de Edward Palizada Yucatan, Mex 1855-56 

Cardenas, Francis Palizada Yucatan, Mex 1860-61 

Cardenas de Manuel Havana, Cuba 1876-77 

Cardenas, Michael .Havana, Cuba 1879-80 

Cardenas de Pedro Havana, Cuba 1876-77 

Cardenas, William Havana, Cuba 1879-80 

Cardo, Marcus E Havana, Cuba. Bejucal 1922-23 

Cardos, Fernando P San Jose, Costa Rica, C. A 1916-17 

Carey, J. Berchmans Dallas, Tex 1922-23 

Carey, J. Fred Birmingham, Ala 1920-21 

Carey, Francis New Orleans, La 1851-52 

Carey, Paul New Orleans, La 1883-84 

Carlen, Michael Mobile, Ala 1862-63 

Carlen, Wm Mobile, Ala 1853-54 

Carlin, Edw Mobile, Ala 1851-52 

Carlin, Eugene La Porte, La, 1851-52 

Carlo, di Anthony New Orleans, La 1919-20 

Carmelich, Frank -Mobile, Ala 1876-77 

Carmelich, Walter Mobile, Ala 1873-74 

Carney, James A., Jr Carney, Ala 1923-24 

Carney, Marshall Carney, Ala 1894-95 

Carr, Francis J Augusta, Ga ,. 1915-16 

Carrasquedo, Doreteo Morelia, Mex 1852-53 

Carrasquedo, Raphael -Morelia, Mex 1851-52 

Carrera, Thomas Mexico City, Mex 1879-80 

Carriere, Edward New Orleans, La 1884-85 

Carriere, Emile New Orleans, La 1883-84 


Carriere, Emile B Yazoo City, Miss 1925-26 

Carriere, Gustave, New Orleans, La 1883-84 

Carriere, Henry Olivier, La 1883-84 

Carriere, Jules Olivier, La 1883-84 

Carrigan, James J Memphis, Tenn 1920-21 

Carrigan, Raymond J Memphis, Tenn 1923-24 

Carroll, Charles New Orleans, La 1860-61 

Carroll, Daniel New Orleans, La 1866-67 

Carson, John New Orleans, La 1896-97 

Carson, Thomas Tuscaloosa, Ala 1863-64 

Carter, John H Bunkie, La 1923-24 

Carter, William Belle Ellen, Ala 1912-13 

Carughi, Dandie Columbus, Ga 1864-65 

Caruso, Joseph New Orleans, La 1892-93 

Carvajal, Cesar Havana, Cuba 1881-82 

Carver, William New Iberia, La 1920-21 

Casale, Salvadore J New Britian, Conn 1918-19 

Casanova, Pedro Havana, Cuba 1905-06 

Casserly, James New Orleans, La 1892-93 

Casey, Albert E New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Casey, Daniel J Chattanooga, Tenn 1918-19 

Casey, James J Chattanooga, Tenn 1913-14 

Casey, Powell New Orleans, La 1922-23 

Cashin, Edward J Augusta, Ga 1918-19 

Cashin, Harry L Augusta, Ga 1918-19 

Cashin, Lawrence Augusta, Ga , 1918-19 

Cashin, Stewart A Augusta, Ga 1918-19 

Cassard, Louis ...New Orleans, La 1869-70 

Cassidy, Edward T Macon, Ga 1910-11 

Cassidy, Elmer F Chicago, 111 1918-19 

Cassidy, James A. Macon, Ga 1910-11 

Cassidy, J. H., Jr Bogalousa, La. 1926-27 

Cassidy, Leslie D Macon, Ga 1910-11 

Cassidy, Michael J Macon, Ga 1925-26 

Cassidy, M. Joseph Macon, Ga .1910-11 

Cassidy, Stanley H Chicago, 111 1918-19 

Cassidy, Thomas Providence, R. 1 1889-90 

Cassidy, William J Macon, Ga 1906-07 

Castagnos, Edmund J Donaldsonville, La. 1917-18 

Castenedo, Arthur Natchitoches, La 1859-60 

Castanedo, Raymond New Orleans, La 1866-67 

Castenera, Eugene Moss Point, Miss 1881-S2 

Castenera, Francis Moss Point, Miss 1881-82 

Castarede, Adolphe New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Castellanos, Fernando L Merida Yucatan, Mex 1904-05 

Castellanos, Raphael Havana, Cuba 1873-74 

Castellanos, Isaac Havana, Cuba 1884-S5 

Castillo, Alphonse ...Truxillo Sp. Honduras 1911-12 

Castillo, Jose Havana, Cuba 1877-78 

Castillo, Raoul Havana, Cuba 1895-96 

Castleman, Bernard Belzoni, Miss 1919-20 

Castleman, Stephen Belzoni, Miss 1919-20 

Castro, Enrique Havana, Cuba 1873-74 

Castro, Frederico H '. Havana, Cuba 1873-74 



Catrett, Robert M Sunflower, Ala 1912-13 

Caughlin, O'Connell New Orleans, La 1850-51 

Caulfield, Thos Mobile, Ala 1856-57 

Caulifield, William Mobile, Ala 1854-55 

Causse, Robert M Mobile, Ala 1854-55 

Cavanagh, Geo Mobile, Ala. 1876-77 

Cavanaugh, Patrick A Augusta, Ga 1916-17 

Cavaroc, Frederick New Orleans, La 1851-52 

Cawthon, Edley K Plateau, Ala 1919-20 

Cawthon, Robert Mobile, Ala 1878-79 

Cazayoux, Jules Waterloo, La 1887-88 

Cazedessus, Camille E Baton Rouge, La 1926-27 

Cazentre, Albert New Orleans, La 1919-20 

Cazentre, Hubert H New Orleans, La 1926-27 

Ceconi, Elmo J Tampa, Fla 1927-28 

Cefalu, John New Orleans, La 1894-95 

Celestin, Claude V. P - Thibodeaux, La 1909-10 

Centeno, Pio Havana, Cuba 1905-06 

Celaya, Augustin Brownsville, Tex. 1877-78 

Cerise, Henry A New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Cervantes, Manuel Havana, Cuba 1876-77 

Chaguacedo, Rafael Havana, Cuba 1874-75 

Chaix, Edmond St. Charles Parish, La. 1856-57 

Chalin, Frederic P ..New Orleans, La 1904-05 

Chalin, Henry A New Orleans, La 1909-10 

Chalon, John New Orleans, La 1869-70 

Chamberlain, Daniel Kellis, Miss 1858-59 

Chamberlain, Samuel Kellis, Miss 1858-59 

Chambers, Chas Mobile, Ala. 1857-58 

Chambliss, James -Laurel, Miss .....1024-25 

Champion, Donald B West Palm Beach, Fla 1921-22 

Chandler, Walter Bay St. Louis, Miss 1870-71 

Chappuis, Claude L Crowley, La 1904-05 

Chappuis, Guy J Crowley, La 1906-07 

Charbonnet, Alfred New Orleans, La 1847-48 

Charbonnet, Arthur New Orleans, La 1847-48 

Charbonnet, Gustave New Orleans, La ....1848-49 

Charbonnet, James New Orleans, La 1850-51 

Charlet, Clinton L. Paincourtville, La 1915-16 

Charles, Hipolito Saltillo, Mex 1851-52 

Charles, Ray P Tampa, Fla 1921-22 

Charpentier, Stephen Mobile, Ala 1866-67 

Chase, Robert New Orleans, La 1883-84 

Chastant, John Donaldson, La 1853-54 

Chaudron, Felix Mobile, Ala 1852-53 

Chaudron, John Mobile, Ala 1858-59 

Chaudron, Louis Mobile, Ala 1864-65 

Chaudron, Paul Mobile, Ala ....1864-65 

Chauvin, Hercules Ariel, La 1897-98 

Chavez, Ernesto Cordova, Vera Cruz, Mex. -..1919-120 

Chears, Walter Marion, Miss 1865-66 

Chenevert, Joseph P Plaucheville, La 1911-12 

Chenevert, Wade P Plaucheville, La 1925-26 

Cherbonnier, Earnest Donaldsonville, La 1851-52 


Chestang, Peter Mobile, Ala 1864-65 

Chestang, William Mt. Vernon, Ala 1865-66 

Chevalier, Anthony Mobile, Ala 1864-65 

Chevez, James P Atlanta, Ga 1914-15 

Chigizola, John Mobile, Ala 1852-53 

Childress, George Covington, La 1851-52 

Ching, Richard B .Whistler, Ala 1913-14 

Ching, William C Whistler, Ala 1913-14 

Chopin, August St James, La 1875-76 

Chopin, Frenan St. James, La 1865-66 

Chopin, George A Bunkie, La 1899-00 

Chopin, Lamy J Derry, La 1916-17 

Chopin, M. Hertzog Derry, La 1911-12 

Christ, William Havana, Cuba 1905-06 

Christian, Thomas Jacksonville, Fla 1920-21 

Christie, Gerard Pensacola, Fla 1927-28 

Christie, Jas. P Pensacola, Fla 1915-16 

Christie, Joseph Pensacola, Fla 1920-21 

Choquette, Remi D., Jr Miami, Fla 1925-26 

Christovich, Alvin R Pass Christian, Miss 1912-13 

Christmas, George B Hot Springs, Ark 1920-21 

Church, David Birmingham, Ala 1889-90 

Ciaccio, Anthony J New Orleans, La 1917-18 

Cirlot, Felix L Mobile, Ala 1918-19 

Cirlot, Joseph S -El Paso, Tex 1924-25 

Claiborne, Louis Point Coupee, La 1860-61 

Clardy, James C Talladega, Ala 1913-14 

Clark, Charles Pittsfield, Mass 1851-52 

Clark, Charles .New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Clark, Edward New Orleans, La 1866-67 

Clark, Earnest A Havana, Cuba 1905-06 

Clark, Harry Jacksonville, Fla 1898-99 

Clark, James New Orleans, La 1866-67 

Clark, Louis Jacksonville, Fla 1902-03 

Clark, Norman S Mobile, Ala 1927-28 

Clark, William T Jackson, Tenn 1923-24 

Clark, William New Orleans, La 1882-83 

Clarke, George New Orleans, La 1858-59 

Clarke, John F Pass Christian, Miss 1914-15 

Clarke, Matthew Enterprise, Miss 1859-60 

Clarkson, Lawrence D Refugio, Tex 1912-13 

Claudet, Henry R Lockport, La 1899-00 

Claudet, Joseph Thibodeaux, La 1912-13 

Clausel, Francisco Campeache, Yucatan, Mex 1858-59 

Clausel, Guillermo Campeache Yucatan, Mex 1858-59 

Clausel, Jean Campeache Yucatan, Mex 1848-49 

Clausel, Joseph Campeache Yucatan, Mex 1848-49 

Claverie, Alcide St. James, La 1851-52 

Clay, Lee Gainesville, Ala 1864-65 

Clay, Watters Gainesville, Ala 1864-65 

Cleary, John S New Orleans, La 1928-29 

Clements, Fred J _ Owensboro, Ky 1922-23 

Clements, Jacob Richland, Ga 1915-16 

Clerici, Francis A Puerto Cortes Sp. Honduras 1907-08 



Cleveland, Geo Mobile, Ala 1849-50 

Cleveland, Henderson Mobile, Ala 1849-50 

Cleveland, Joel Mobile, Ala 1850-51 

Cleveland, Wm Mobile, Ala 1850-51 

Cleveland, Wm Mobile, Ala 1865-66 

Clifford, George Pensacola, Fla 1856-57 

Clifford, Samuel Pensacola, Fla 1856-57 

Clinton, Lionel G New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Cloney, John New Orleans, La 1881-82 

Cobb, Joseph Columbus, Miss 1863-64 

Cobian, Jose Mexico City, Mex 1914-15 

Cobian, Joaquin New Orleans, La 1914-15 

Cochran, Alfred Glenville, Ala 1865-66 

Cochran, Henry Camden, Ala 1863-64 

Cochran, Henry Selma, Ala 1889-90 

Cochran, Thomas Camden, Ala 1865-66 

Cocke, Bowman St. Marys Parish, La 1858-59 

Coco, Albert Avoyelles, La 1889-90 

Coco, Charles Avoyelles, La 1889-90 

Coco, Earnest Moreauville, La 1872-73 

Coco, Edgar A Marksville, La 1924-25 

Coco, Jules Moreauville, La 1873-74 

Coco, Lawrence Mansura, La 1925-26 

Coco, Lysso Mansura, La 1924-25 

Cody, Dupree Montgomery, Ala 1920-21 

Cody, Raymond .West Palm Beach, Fla. 1919-20 

Coffey, James New Orleans, La 1875-76 

Cofino, Pedro W Guatemala, C. A 1908-09 

Coignet, Octave Bayou Lafourche, La 1893-94 

Coghlan, James J Tensaw, Ala 1913-14 

Cohen, Oscar L Mobile, Ala 1907-08 

Cole, Avery Natchez, Miss 1925-26 

Cole, Cecil C Mobile, Ala 1922-23 

Cole, Edwin A New Orleans, La 1910-11 

Colee, Stanley V St. Augustine, Fla 1918-19 

Coleman, Edmond Leesburgh, Va 1849-50 

Colgin, George New Iberia, La 1893-94 

Collins, Bernard B Atlanta, Ga 1925-26 

Collins, Joseph N New Orleans, La 1850-51 

Collins, Patrick Mobile, Ala 1891-92 

Collins, Thomas A Mobile, Ala 1916-17 

Collins, William New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Colomb, Allan J Donaldsonville, La 1907-08 

Coiomb, Arthur Ascension Parish, La 1856-57 

Colomb, John Havana, Cuba 1875-76 

Colsson, Edward Mobile, Ala 1881-82 

Colston, Pendelton Mobile, Ala 1880-81 

Colston, Semmes Mobile, Ala 1879-80 

Colvin, William Knoxville, Ala .-..1881-82 

Combel, George Mobile, Ala 1927-28 

Comeaux, Alphonse J Broussard, La 1905-06 

Communy, Peter New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Commyns, Joseph Pensacola, Fla 1850-51 

Compton, James Alexandria, La 1860-61 


Compton, Martin Rapides, La 1865-66 

Compton, Peter Alexandria, La 1860-61 

Conboy, John Mobile, Ala 1896-97 

Concannon, Jasper J Montegut, La 1906-07 

Condon, Bernard Knoxville, Tenn 1894-95 

Condon, Michael Knoxville, Tenn 1893-94 

Condon, Thomas Knoxville, Tenn 1892-93 

Conery, Edward New Orleans, La ..1858-59 

Conlon, W. F Augusta, Ga 1918-19 

Connell, Wm Bayou Sara, La 1866-67 

Connelly, John New Orleans, La 1849-50 

Connery, John C Chicago, 111 1923-24 

Conner, David Natchez, Miss 1866-67 

Conner, Lucas New Orleans, La 1908-09 

Conrad, Norman E Atlanta, Ga 1923-24 

Conroy, Paul P Clarksville, Tenn 1925-26 

Conroy, Charles C Clarksville, Tenn 1921-22 

Conway, John B St. James, La 1849-50 

Conway, John J Jackson, Miss 1905-06 

Conway, Thos Chatawa, Miss 1889-90 

Cooney, John F Augusta, Ga 1914-15 

Cooney, John P Huntsville, Ala. 1918-19 

Cooney, Thos. F Providence, R. I 1923-24 

Cooper, Alban Tuscaloosa, Ala 1858-59 

Cooper, George New Orleans, La 1863-64 

Cooper, Jos New Orleans, La 1880-81 

Cooper, Wm New Orleans, La 1871-72 

Corbett, Edward Fort Stockton, Tex 1882-83 

Corbett, Frank Fort Stockton, Tex 1880-81 

Corbin, Cecil G Yazoo City, Miss 1902-03 

Corbin, Henry Mobile, Ala 1880-81 

Corbin, John Mobile, Ala 1880-81 

Corbitt, Charles L Nashville, Tenn 1914-15 

Cordero, Adolfo J Guatemala, C. A 1916-17 

Cordova, Benjamin New Orleans, La 1898-99 

Cordovez, Henry Havana, Cuba 1879-80 

Cordovez, Jos Havana, Cuba 1878-79 

Coreil, Morelle Ville Platte, La 1919-20 

Corella, De Diodrio Tampico, Mex 1884-85 

Corner, Wm Pensacola. Fla 1893-94 

Cornell, Paul J Spring Hill, Ala 1923-24 

Cornet, J. Leo Washington, D. C 1918-19 

Cornu, Ernest New Orleans, La 184S-49 

Corral Del Gabriel New Orleans, La 1874-75 

Corral, Del John New Orleans, La 1874-75 

Corso, Frank Biloxi, Miss 1920-21 

Cosse, Louis Plaquemine, La 1890-91 

Cosio, Benjamin L Tampa, Fla 1917-18 

Cosio, Rudolph Tampa, Fla 1920-21 

Costa, Francisco Havana, Cuba 1880-S1 

Coste, Alfred New Orleans, La 1856-57 

Coste, Charles New Orleans, La 1866-67 

Coste. Martin New Orleans, La 1855-56 

Costello, Clarence A Chattanooga, Tenn 1898-99 


Costello, Charles R New Orleans, La 1919-20 

Costello, Christopher H Mobile, Ala 1907-08 

Costello, Eugene Chattanooga, Tenn 1899-00 

Costello, Henry M New York City, 1907-08 

Costello, John J Mobile, Ala 1913-14 

Costello, Maurice Dayton, O. 1928-29 

Costello, Raymond Chattanooga, Tenn 1900-01 

Cotter, Robert M Jacksonville, Fla 1914-15 

Cottingham, John Mobile, Ala 1863-64 

Cottingham, Wm Mobile, Ala 1863-64 

Cottrill, Edw Mobile, Ala 1866-67 

Coudroy, Adolphe Cypremont, La 1893-94 

Coughlan, John H Birmingham, Ala 1912-13 

Coughlan, Micheal Loreauville, La 1881-82 

Courtney, Charles E Mobile, Ala 1913-14 

Courtney, Jas. W Mobile, Ala 1913-14 

Courtney, Robert G Mobile, Ala 1917-18 

Cousin, Anatole New Orleans, La. 1849-50 

Cousin, Frank New Orleans, La 1849-50 

Cousine, Maxime Bonfuca, La 1857-58 

Couto, Joseph Mexico City 1850-51 

Covert, George Meridian, Miss 1887-88 

Couvillion, Ryan J Marksville, La 1925-26 

Cowery, Fred Brownsville, Tex 1886-87 

Cowles, Geo. T Mobile, Ala 1918-19 

Cowles, William F Mobile, Ala 1918-19 

Cowley, John Mobile, Ala 1879-80 

Cowley, Jno. R Mobile, Ala 1918-19 

Cowley, John R Toulminville, Ala 1923-24 

Cowley, Jas Toulminville, Ala 1885-86 

Cowley, Loyola T Mobile, Ala 1900-01 

Cowley, Stanislaus Mobile, Ala 1896-97 

Cowsley, Boyd New Orleans, La 1886-87 

Cox, Benjamin Mobile, Ala 1865-66 

Cox, Jas Columbus, Miss 1866-67 

Cox, Jas. E Mobile, Ala 1905-06 

Coyle, Augustus D Biloxi, Miss 1924-25 

Coyle, Chas. G New Orleans, La 1914-15 

Coyle, Wm. G New Orleans, La 1917-18 

Craft, Humphries Jackson, Miss 1895-96 

Craig, Doddridge H Houston, Tex 1899-00 

Crampton, Guy G Amherst, Mass 1899-00 

Crandell, Daniel B New Orleans, La 1885-86 

Crandell, James New Orleans, La 1885-86 

Crane, Geo New Orleans, La 1851-52 

Crane, Mill Judson New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Crane, Rene M New Orleans, La 1916-17 

Craven, Aloysius ..New Orleans, La 1919-20 

Craven, Thomas V New Orlean,s La , 1907-08 

Crawford, Geo Aberdeen, Miss 1863-64 

Crawford, Jos New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Creagh, Alexander Demopolis, Ala 1865-66 

Creagh, Thos Demopolis, Ala 1865-66 

Crenshaw, Blevins Marion, Ala 1896-97 


Crenshaw, Jas Marion, Ala 1896-97 

Crespo, Edward Mobile, Ala 1909-10 

Cristina, Micheal New Orleans, La 1895-96 

Croci, Angelo C Birmingham, Ala 1917-18 

Croft, Wm Enterprise, Miss 1858-59 

Crommelin, Thos Montgomery, Ala 1851-51 

Cromwell, Wm New Orleans, La 1864-65 

Cronin, Jas. J Montgomery, Ala 1918-19 

Cronin, John A Lawrence, Mass 1925-26 

Crook, Berney Bessemer, Ala 1910-11 

Cropper, Aurelius - Plaquemine, La 1858-59 

Cropper, Chas Plaquemine, La 1860-61 

Cropper, Edw Plaquemine, La 1859-60 

Cropper, Jos Plaquemine, La 1858-59 

Crothers, Richard .Matamoras, Mex 1866-67 

Crothers, Wm Matamoras, Mex 1866-67 

Crouch, John G. Columbia, S. C 1915-16 

Crowell, John W Galveston, Tex 1918-19 

Crowell, Ed. B Galveston, Tex 1912-13 

Crowley, Harold Jacksonville, Fla 1909-10 

Crutcher, John Pine Bluff, Ark 1922-23 

Cruzat, Chas Mobile, Ala 1847-48 

Cruzat, Henry New Orleans, La 1854-55 

Cruzat, Jose Cardenas, Cuba 1855-56 

Cuardras, Cristobal Santiago, Cuba 1916-17 

Cucullu, Louis New Orleans, La 1854-55 

Cucullu, Paul New Orleans, La .....1854-55 

Cuellar, Homel Mexico 1889-90 

Cullen, Edw Alexander, La 1894-95 

Cullen, Thos Mobile, Ala 1859-60 

Cummings, Gerard M New Orleans, La 1919-20 

Cummings, Maurice F Yazoo City, Miss 1907-08 

Cummings, Thos New Orleans, La 1850-51 

Cummings, William Tuscaloosa, Ala 1858-59 

Cummins, William Mobile, Ala 1927-28 

Cunningham, Charles Mobile, Ala 1877-78 

Cunningham, Francis J Atlanta, Ga 1918-19 

Cunningham, John Evergreen, Ala 1866-67 

Cunningham, Walter Mobile, Ala 1891-92 

Curell, Chas New Orleans, La 1848-49 

Curet, Eugene Bay St. Louis, Miss 1872-73 

Curren, Dennis A New Orleans, La 1913-14 

Curren, John G New Orleans, La 1925-26 

Curren, Wm. J New Orleans, La 1917-18 

Curie, Marshall D Ville Platte, La 1903-04 

Curry, George T Mobile, Ala 1906-07 

Custo, Jos. Mexico City, Mex 1850-51 

Cutter, Revenu New Orleans, La 1862-63 

Curtin, William P Iowa Park, Tex 1919-20 

Curtis, Arthur M New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Dabner, Wm Mt. Vernon, Ala 1863-64 

Dade, Franklin Mobile, Ala 1848-49 

Dade, Robert Mobile, Ala 1864-65 



Dabney, William Mt. Vernon, Ala 1863-64 

Dahm, Louis New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Daigle, Henry Houma, La 1893-94 

Daigle, Joachim Batno Rouge, La 1852-53 

Daigle, Omer Bayou Goula, La 1858-59 

Daily, James Mobile, Ala 1853-54 

Daily, James Mobile, Ala 1857-58 

Daily, John Mobile, Ala 1858-59 

Daily, Jos Mobile, Ala 1862-63 

Dalferes, Franklin Lockport, La 1871-72 

Dalferes, Jos Lockport, La 1871-72 

Dalferes, Peter Lockport, La 1871-82 

Daly, Christopher Macon, Ga 1897-98 

Daly, Henry F Macon, Ga 1912-13 

Daly, Jas. G Estabuchie, Miss 1912-13 

Daly, John J Atlanta, Ga 1917-18 

Daly, Jos. K Macon, Ga. 1905-06 

Daly, Michael Macon, Ga 1896-97 

Daly, Thos. S Macon, Ga 1905-06 

Daly, Wm. O Mobile, Ala 1896-97 

Dalzell, Robert Brownsville, Tex 1875-76 

Damare, Chas St. James, La 1850-51 

Damare, Eugene St. James, La 1851-52 

Damare, Felix St. James, La 1851-52 

Damour, Chas Macon, Ga 1863-64 

Damrick, Edward A Mobile, Ala 1917-18 

Danache, Carlos Matamoras, Mex 1852-53 

Danache, Henry Matamoras, Mex 1856-57 

Daniel, Leon W New Orleans, La 1904-05 

Daniels, Wm Victoria. Tex 1847-48 

Danjean, Louis J St. Charles, La 1888-89 

Danna, Anthony R Baton Rouge, La 1922-2E 

Danos, Albert J Patterson, La 1901-02 

Danos, Arthur J Thibodeaux, La 1907-08 

Danos, Arthur L Patterson, La 1919-20 

Danos, Jos Plaquemine, La 1893-94 

Dansereau, Henry Assumption, La 1856-57 

Dansereau, Savinien Assumption, La 1856-57 

Dant, John P Louisville, Ky 1906-07 

Darby, Adolph New Iberia, La 1860-61 

Darby, Geo New Orleans, La 1862-63 

Darby, Paul New Orleans, La 1862-63 

Darcy, Harold J New Orleans, La 1916-17 

Daret, Henry New Orleans, La 1854-55 

Darno, Paul New Orleans, La 1848-49 

Darragh, Albert Franklin, La 1898-99 

Darragh, Frederic Franklin, La 1901-02 

Darragh, James L Franklin, La 1894-95 

Darragh, Leonard Franklin, La .-.1898-99 

Darrington, Robert Gainstown, Ala 1849-50 

Daughdrill, Charles Mobile, Ala 1860-61 

Daughdril, George Mobile, Ala 1870-71 

Daughdrill, Henry Mobile, Ala 1860-61 

Daughdrill, James Mobile, Ala 1860-61 


Dauterive, Louis G Loreauville, La 1880-81 

Davenport, Geo Mobile, Ala 1857-58 

Davenport, Henry Mobile, Ala 1865-66 

Davenport, Noel Mobile, Ala 1860-61 

David, Arthur New Orleans, La 1858-59 

David, August New Orleans, La 1879-80 

Davidson, Allain G Plaquemine, La 1923-24 

Davidson, James S., Jr Alabama 1921-22 

Davis, Auguste New Orleans, La 1849-50 

Davis, Edward T Columbus, Ga 1902-03 

Davis, Frank Mobile, Ala 1857-58 

Davis, Geo New Orleans, La 1879-80 

Davis, John R , Mobile, Ala 1908-09 

Davis, John Mobile, Ala 1863-64 

Davis, Leo Mobile, Ala 1851-52 

Davis, M. Carlos Toulminville, Ala 1920-21 

Davis, Richard P Mobile, Ala 1898-99 

Davis, Thos. H Toulminville, Ala 1923-24 

Dawson, Chas Mobile, Ala 1863-64 

Dawson, Phillip Springhill, Ala 1863-64 

Dawson, Reginald Cahaba, Ala 1851-52 

Dawson, Samuel Springhill, Ala 1863-64 

Dawson, Wm Jacksonville, Fla 1912-13 

Day, Clarence F Ensley, Ala 1912-13 

Day, Claude M Washington, D. C 1922-23 

Day, Wm. H New Orleans, La 1914-15 

Dayries, Nemours Point Coupee, Ala 1873-74 

D'Albor, Felix J Patoutville, La 1905-06 

D'Albor, Jos Jeanerette, La 1919-20 

D'Antoni, Blase New Orleans, La 1917-18 

D'Antoni, Biaggio New Orleans, La 1917-18 

D'Antoni, Louis J New Orleans, La 1921-22 

D'Antoni, Salvador New Orleans, La 1918-19 

D'Aquin, Albert New Orleans, La 1848-49 

D'Aquin, Arthur New Orleans, La 1860-61 

D'Aquin, Edgar New Orleans, La 1848-49 

D'Aquin, George New Orleans, La 1847-48 

D'Aquin, J. Holliday New Orleans, La 1907-08 

D'Aquin, Jas New Orleans, La 1884-85 

D'Aquin, John New Orleans, La 1884-85 

D'Aquin, John J New Orleans, La 1917-18 

D'Aquin, Jules New Orleans, La 1890-91 

D'Aquin, Louis New Orleans, La 1878-79 

D'Aquin, Raoul New Orleans, La 1860-61 

D'Aquin, Richard New Orleans, La 1893-94 

Dean, James New Orleans, La 1893-94 

Dease, James Claiborne, Miss 1860-61 

Dease, Oliver Claiborne, Miss 1860-61 

Deasy Valentine Mobile, Ala 1878-79 

DeBardeleben, Caldwell Selma, Ala 1917-18 

Debautte, Louis St. John Baptiste, La 1894-95 

DeBlanc, Edgar New Orleans, La 1850-60 

DeBlanc, Jerome Liberty, Tex 1855-56 

DeBlanc, Oscar Liberty, Tex 1855-56 


DeBlanc, Rodolph New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Deburne, Jos New Orleans, La 1888-89 

DeBuys, Foster New Orleans, La 1883-84 

DeBuys, Lawrence R New Orleans, La 1920-21 

DeBuys, Lucien New Orleans, La 1848-49 

DeBuys, Roster New Orleans, La ...1883-84 

DeBuys, Wm. E New Orleans, La 1920-21 

Decker, Emile Rio Grande, Tex 1879-80 

Decker, Garcia Rio Grande, Tex 1883-84 

Decker, Geo Brownsville, Tex 1875-76 

Decker, Louis Brownsville, Tex 1882-83 

DeClouet, Chas St. Martinsville, La 1880-81 

Decoux, Hippolyte Point Coupee, Ala 1859-60 

Decuir, Adam M New Iberia, La 1892-93 

Decuir, Peter New Iberia, La 1891-92 

Deegan, John E Mobile, Ala 1894-95 

Deegan, Wm. L Mobile, Ala 1904-05 

Deeves, Wm New Orleans, La 1858-59 

DeGranvelle, Martin J Jeanerette, La 1905-06 

DeGruy, Gustave New Orleans, La 1867-68 

DeGruy, Horace New Orleans, La 1860-61 

DeGruy, Louis New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Degruy, Onesime New Orleans, La 1853-54 

DeHoff, Donald P Jacksonville, Fla 1921-22 

De Hoff, William J Jacksonville, Fla 1921-22 

Dejean, Albert New Orleans, La 1871-72 

Dejean, Carlos Havana, Cuba 1877-78 

Dejean, Wm Opelousas, La 1926-27 

Delahoussaye, Arthur A Franklin, La 1918-19 

Delahoussaye, Octave St. Mary's La 1851-52 

Delahoussaye, Roy E Franklin, La 1910-11 

Delahoussaye, St. Cyr St. Mary's, La 1851-52 

Delamar, Thos Enterprise, Miss 1863-64 

Delaney, Harold Key West, Fla 1908-09 

Delaroderie, Timoleon Baton Rouge, La 1855-56 

Delattes, Moses St. James, La 1850-51 

Delaune, Andrew C Thibodeaux, La 1908-09 

Delaune, Felix J Thibodeaux, La 1907-08 

Delaune, Irving A Beaumont, Tex 1909-10 

De Laureal, Robert T Broussard, La 1919-20 

Delavigne, Alfred New Orleans, La 1847-48 

Del Bondio, Chas New Orleans, La 1890-91 

De Leon, Hector Guatemala, C. A 1919-20 

DeLerno, Sylvester New Orleans, La 1872-73 

Delery, Edgar New Orleans, La 1856-57 

Delery, Geo New Orleans, La 1862-63 

Delery, Robert .New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Delgado, Eduardo Santa Clara, Cuba 1877-78 

Delhommer, Chas Plaquemine, La : 1891-92 

Del Corral, Ralph E New Orleans, La 1904-05 

Del Isle, Gaschet New Orleans, La 1856-57 

Del Rio, Justo Tobasco, Mex 1859-60 

De Lu Puente, Ricardo Havana, Cuba 1857-58 

Delia Torre, Raphael Havana, Cuba 1879-80 


Delmas, Milton A Moss Point, Miss 1925-26 

Delmas, Robert Moss Point, Miss 1920-21 

Delvaille, Emile New Orleans, La 1873-74 

Delvaille, Jules New Orleans, La 1873-74 

DeMexa, Francis Havana, Cuba 1848-49 

Demouy, Chas Mobile, Ala 1847-48 

Demouy, Frank Mobile, Ala 1869-70 

Dearing, Alexander Columbus, Miss 1871-72 

Demouy, Albert Mobile, Ala 1856-57 

Demouy, Franklin Mobile, Ala 1888-89 

Demouy, Louis Mobile, Ala 1851-52 

Demouy, Maximin Mobile, Ala 1851-52 

Demouy, Wm Mobile, Ala 1847-48 

Demouy, Wm Mobile, Ala 1881-82 

Dempsey, Harold A New Orleans, La 1919-20 

Dempsey, Harold M Mobile, Ala 1904-05 

Dempsey, Jos. G New Orleans, La 1915-16 

Dempsey, Melbourne G New Orleans, La 1915-16 

Denachoud, Edward Mobile, Ala 1866-67 

Deshon, Robert E Mobile, Ala 1923-24 

Denny, Walker Scranton, Miss 1889-90 

Denis, St. August C Tampa, Fla 1905-06 

Derbes, Soshene New Orleans, La 1858-59 

Derbes, Stanislaus New Orleans, La 1858-59 

DeRouen, Louis Ville Platte, La 1921-22 

DeRussy, Geo New Orleans, La 1858-59 

Deschappeles, Emanuel New Orleans, La 1877-78 

Deshon, Eduardo Nicaragua 1869-70 

Deshon, Robert E Chinadega, C. A 1908-09 

Desina, Andrew New Orleans, La 1895-96 

Des Prez, Wm Florence, Ala 1906-07 

Deubler, Henry New Orleans, La 1901-02 

Deubler, Peter New Orleans, La 1901-02 

Develle, Ernest New Orleans, La 1901-02 

DeVendell, Geo Spring Hill, Ala 1850-51 

Devereux, J. Chilton New Orleans, La 1883-84 

Devereux, Jos New Orleans, La 1891-92 

Devereux, Van Winkle New Orleans, La 1891-92 

Devine, Edward Mobile, Ala 1865-66 

Devinney, C. Calvin Montgtomery, Ala 1907-08 

Devron, Geo New Orleans, La 1901-02 

Dewees, Ladyard Montgtomery, Ala 1909-10 

DeWitt, Granville Mobile, Ala 1924-25 

De Young, Jos Warrenton, Ga 1901-02 

DeZavala, Thos San Antonio, Tex 1896-97 

D'Hebercourt, Anaclet New Orleans, La 1852-53 

Diano, Albert L New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Diard, Chas Mobile, Ala 1882-83 

Diaz, Andres Havana, Cuba 1873-74 

Diaz, De Leon Jose Mexico City, Mex 1893-94 

Diaz, Eladio J Cardenas, Cuba 1919-20 

Diaz, Francesco Havana, Cuba 1874-75 

Diaz, Joaquin Sagua La Grande, Cuba 1874-75 

Diaz, Jose Havana, Cuba 1876-77 



Diaz, Jos Havana, Cuba 1876-77 

Diaz, Juan Mexico City, Mex 1893-94 

Diaz, Justo P Havana, Cuba 1882-83 

Diaz, Leopoldo Havana, Cuba 1873-74 

Diaz, Marion Havana, Cuba 1899-00 

Diaz, M. Humbert Tampa, Fla 1906-07 

Diaz, Rafael E Mobile, Ala 1923-24 

Diaz, Theodoro P Pensacola, Fla 1914-15 

Diaz, Trovilan Havana, Cuba 1874-75 

Di Carlo, Anthony A .New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Dickinson, Frederick -Nombre De Dios, Panama ....1910-11 

Dickinson, Wm King George, Va 1865-66 

Dietlein, C. Harold New Iberia, La 1918-19 

Dietzen, John J Chattanooga, Tenn 1912-13 

Dillet, Gerard British Honduras 1883-84 

Dillon, John Shreveport, La 1889-90 

Dillon, Jos. H Abita Springs, La 1919-20 

Dillon, R. Glynn Memphis, Tenn 1914-15 

Dimitry, Dracos Jeanerette, La 1904-05 

Dimitry, Robert M New Orleans, La 1917-18 

Dimmock, Charles D -Augusta, Ga 1919-20 

Duncan, Jos. J Birmingham, Ala 1919-20 

DiDkler, Carling J Macon, Ga 1910-11 

Dinkier, Oscar Macon, Ga 1889-90 

Discon, Thos. P New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Dittman, Charles S New Orleans, La 1904-05 

Dobson, Clarke R Jefferson, La 1908-09 

Doherty, John Beaumont, Tex 1901-02 

Doiron, Albert Houma, La 1901-02 

Dolese, Alphonse F. Thibodeaux, La 1911-12 

Dolhonde, Edward New Orleans, La 1858-59 

Dolhonde, Forrester —New Orleans, La 1867-68 

Dolhonde, Leonce New Orleans, La 1856-57 

D'Olive, Madrick Orlando, Fla 1856-57 

D'Olive, Walter Alabama 1918-19 

Dolson, Benjamin Galveston, Tex 1908-09 

Dolson, David S Galveston, Tex 1912-13 

Dolson, James J Galveston, Tex 1907-08 

Dolson, John W Galveston, Tex 1912-13 

Dolson, Norris Galveston, Tex 1917-18 

Dominigue, Earl Lafayette, La 1923-24 

Dominiguez, Maximo Matamoras, Mex 1880-81 

Dominique, Jos Ascension Parish,, La 1856-57 

Donavan, Phillip New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Donavan, Hubert Kushla, Ala 1870-71 

Donde, Raoul Mexico City, Mex 1907-08 

Donegan, Pat. J New Orleans, La 1917-18 

Donelan, Daniel Savannah, Ga 1880-81 

Donoghue, Leonard A Miami, Fla - 1924-25 

Donovan, Francis Selma, Ala 1917-18 

Donovan, Thomas Vicksburg, Miss 1866-67 

Donnegan, Patrick .New Orleans, La 1917-18 

uooiey, ai. J Michigan City, Ind 1919-20 


Dooley, James Pensacola, Fla 1893-94 

Dooley, Michael Washington, D. C 1867-68 

Dorian, George Mobile, Ala 1900-01 

Dorman, Geo Mobile, Ala 1847-48 

Dorman, Jas Mobile, Ala 1847-48 

Dorn, J. Lambert Milledgeville, Ga 1915-16 

Dorn, John C Milledgeville, Ga 1922-23 

Dorn, L. Grant Milledgeville, Ga 1912-13 

Dorr, August J Augusta, Ga 1917-18 

Dorr, Lawrence Augusta, Ga 1884-85 

Dossmann, Andre Opelousas, La 1906-07 

Doughty, Eben W Augusta, Ga 1919-20 

Douglas, Carnot Mobile, Ala 1865-66 

Douglas, Hoffman A New Orleans, La 1905-06 

Douglas, Wm. P Mobile, Ala 1928-29 

Doussan, DeVilches New Orleans, La 1890-91 

Doussan, Edmond New Orleans, La 1880-81 

Doussan, Henry New Orleans, La 1847-48 

Doussan, Honore New Orleans, La 1847-48 

Doussan, Jos New Orleans, La 1885-86 

Doussan, Sidney Bay St. Louis, Miss 1890-91 

Dowe, Daniel Montgomery, Ala 1910-11 

Dowe, Flurrence A Montgomery, Ala 1907-08 

Dowe, J. Harold Montgomery, Ala 1907-08 

Dowe, William Spring Hill, Ala 1865-66 

Dowling, Benedict New Orleans, La 1894-95 

Dowling, Eugene New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Dowling, Francis Havana, Cuba 1848-49 

Dowling, John T New Orleans, La 1885-86 

Dowling, Joseph Havana, Cuba 1856-57 

Dowling, Michael Wesmeath, Ireland 1866-67 

Dowling, William Spring Hill, Ala 1864-65 

Doyal, Harrison - Ascension Parish, La 1852-53 

Doyal, Henry Ascension Parish, Li 1852-53 

Doyle, Isaac Mobile, Ala 1851-52 

Doyle, James Savannah, Ga 1862-63 

Doyle, Harwell James Mobile, Ala 1924-25 

Doyle, Robert W Torrington, Conn 192S-29 

Drago, A. Cecil Mobile, Ala 1909-10 

Drago, Robert L Mobile, Ala 1906-07 

Dragonas, Gerasimos Mobile, Ala 1912-13 

Dreaper, Edward B Mobile, Ala 1896-97 

Dreyfous, Alexander Natches, Miss 1892-93 

Drouet, Oscar New Orleans, La 1857-58 

Drouilhet, Paul E Galveston, Tex 1888-89 

Drouilhet, T. Sidney Palestitne, Texas 1891-92 

Drouihet, William '-alveston, Texas 1893-94 

Drouin, Adolphe Mansura, La 1891-92 

Drouin, Claver Mansura, La 1920-21 

Druhan, D. Ross Mobile, Ala 1911-12 

Drouin, George Mansura, La 1891-92 

Druhan, James R Mobile, Ala 1918-19 

Druhan, John J Mobile, Ala 1909-10 

Druhan, Jos. M Mobile, Ala 1914-15 


Drulian, Robert New Orleans, La 1858-59 

Druilhet, Edgar St. Joseph, La 1856-57 

Druilhet, Jules St. Joseph, La 1856-57 

Drummond, Thomas Demopolis, Ala 1851-52 

Duarte, Eulogio Merida Yucatan, Mex 1854-55 

Duarte, Joaquin Merida Yucatan, Mex 1865-66 

Dubos, Camille New Orleans, La 1857-58 

Dubos, Frederick New Orleans, La 1857-58 

Dubroca, Armand Baton Rouge, La 1851-52 

Dubroca, Edgar Baton Rouge, La 1849-50 

Dubroca, Jules Baton Rouge, La 1849-50 

Dubroca, Valerian Baton Rouge, La 1850-51 

Dubuisson, George W Opelousas, La 1906-07 

Dubuisson, Richard Opelousas, La 1918-19 

Ducayet, Henry New Orleans, La 1864-85 

Duchamp, Charles St. Martinsville, La 1890-91 

Duchamp, David St. Martinsville, La 1891-92 

Duchamp, Eugene A St. Martinsville, La 1901-02 

Duchamp, Francis St. Martinsville, La 1901-02 

Duchamp, Jos. H St. Martinsville, La 1898-99 

Duchozel, Joseph New Orleans, La 1850-51 

Duclozel, Oscar New Orleans, La 1848-49 

Duconge, Edgar New Orleans, La 1856-57 

Duconuce, Desire J Cottonport, La 1904-05 

Ducote, Benjamin Cottonport, La. ....1889-90 

Ducote, C. Heusman Marksville, La 1917-18 

Ducote, Gerard J - Cottonport, La 1925-26 

Ducote, Guy G Cottonport, La 1906-07 

Ducote, Joseph Cottonport, La 1889-90 

Ducote, Richard J Cottonport, La 1906-07 

Ducote, Warren P Cottonport, La 1891-92 

Ducore, Warren P Cottonport, La 1906-07 

Ducorneau, Adolphe - Natchitoches, La 1865-66 

Ducros, Louis .New Orleans, La. 1847-48 

Ducros, Rodolphe New Orleans, La 1849-50 

Duenas, Joseph Tabasco, Mex 1869-70 

Duenas, Jose Tobasco, Mex 1877-78 

Duff, Henry Spring Hill, Ala 1851-52 

Duffee, Joseph V Vera Cruz, Mex 1852-53 

Duffel, John Donaldsonville, La 1851-52 

Duffel, John Donaldsonville, La 1875-76 

Duffel, Victor Donaldsonville, La 1875-76 

Duffield, Henry Mobile, Ala 1858-59 

Duffoo, Guillerimo V Patterson, N. J 1923-24 

Duffy, George - Ireland 1850-51 

Duffy, Marvin Chicago, 111 1923-24 

Dufilho, August A New Orleans, La 1903-04 

Dufilho, Henry New Orleans, La 1863-64 

Dufilho, Marc New Orleans, La -....1899-00 

Dufour, Albert New Orleans, La 1875-76 

Dugas, Charles ..Paincourtville, La 1889-90 

Dugas, Elphege - Napoleanville, La 1869-70 

Dugas, Felix Assumption Parish, La 1860-70 

Dugas, Gaston J Sunset, La 1902-03 



Dugas, Henry Assumption, La 1873-74 

Dugas, Laury G Painscourtville, La 1915-16 

Dugas, Paul Donaldsonville, La 1860-61 

Dugas, Zenon J Sunset, La 1902-03 

Dugee, Auguste New Orleans, La 1856-57 

Dugan, Wm. F Winston-Salem, N. C 1905-06 

Duggan, Aloysius New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Duggan, James E Mobile, Ala 1906-07 

Duggan, John Lynchburg, Va 1863-64 

Duggan, Linus Baton Rouge, La 1886-87 

Duggan, Thomas New Orleans, La 1891-92 

Duggan, Thomas Baton Rouge, La 1882-83 

Dugue, George N ew Orleans, La 1856-57 

Duhon, Felicien St. James, La 1856-57 

Dukate, William K. M Biloxi, Miss 1925-26 

Dumas, Jose Havana, Cuba 1873-74 

Dumee, Edward Mobile, Ala 1851-52 

Du Mont, Charles London, England 1877-78 

Du Mont, Robert Mobile, Ala 1877-78 

Dumser, Adolphe New Orleans, La 1904-05 

Dunbar, Emerson New Orleans, La 1892-93 

Dunbar, Frank New Orleans, La 1884-85 

Dunbar, Foucher New Orleans, La 1891-92 

Dunbar, George Havana, Cuba 1884-85 

Dunbar, James New Orleans, La 1889-90 

Dunbar, William Jacksonville, Fla 1908-09 

Duncan, Chas Montgomery, Ala 1852-53 

Duncan, Chas. K., Jr Birmingham, Ala 1918-19 

Duncan, George -Montgomery, Ala. „ 1873-74 

Duncan, James Montgomery, Ala 1851-52 

Duncan, William New Orleans, La 1850-51 

Dunn, Jeremiah Augusta, Ga 1862-63 

Dunn, Walter T.. Jr Mobile, Ala 1928-29 

Dunn, William New Orleans, La 1895-96 

Dupas, J. James Paris, France 1903-04 

Dupas, James J Santago, Cuba 1905-06 

Dupas, Paul Galveston, Tex 1900-01 

Dupiere, Oscar New Orleans, La 1849-50 

Duperior, Douglas New Iberia, La 1878-79 

Duplanter, Alfred Manchae, La 1858-59 

Duplanter, Benjamin Baton Rouge, La 1858-59 

Duplantier, Edward New Orleans, La 1869-70 

Duplantier, Henry New Orleans, La 1869-70 

Duplantier, Michael New Orleans, La 1882-83 

Duplantier, Octave N ew Orleans, La 1847-48 

Duplat, Achille Mobile, Ala 1856-57 

Dupont, Emile W Houma, La 1900-01 

Dupre, Armand New Orleans, La 1869-70 

Dupre, Edward New Orleans, La 1892-93 

Dupre, Fernand New Orleans, La .' 1869-70 

Dupre, Henry New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Dyer, Isadore, -New Orleans, La 1926-27 

Dupre, Ralph New Orleans, La 1900-01 

Dupre, William - New Orleans, La 1885-86 



Dupuy, Arvellin Plaquemine, La 1860-61 

Dupuy, Louis Bay St. Louis, Miss 1887-88 

Dupuy, Thomas Iberville Parish, La 1863-64 

Duquesnay, Charles New Orleans, La 1848-49 

Duquesne, Pierre A New Orleans, La 1921-22 

Duran, Alberto Mobile, Ala 1913-14 

Duran, Armando F Mobile, Ala 1913-14 

Durel, Edmond New Orleans, La 1847-48 

Durel, Felix New Orleans, La 1847-48 

Durel, Leonce New Orleans, La 1847-48 

Durel, Medrick New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Durrive, Edward New Orleans, La 1848-49 

Dwyer, Thomas R New Orleans, La 1885-86 

Dyar, Donald Lee Mobile, Ala 1912-13 

Dyas, David S St. Louis, Mo 1911-12 

Dyas, Francis D St. Louis, Mo 1915-16 

Dyer, Isadore New Orleans, La 1926-27 

Dyson, Wynne A St. Benedict, La 1916-17 

Eager, W New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Earle, Thomas J Blacksher, Ala 1923-24 

Early, Charles Corinth, Miss 1880-81 

Eastin, Earl E St. Martinsville, La 1909-10 

Echeverria, Joseph Mexico City, Mex 1849-50 

Echeverria, Miguel Mexico City, Mex 1849-50 

Echezabal, Pedro Mexico City, Mex 1849-50 

Echeverria, Pedro Havana, Cuba 1899-00 

Eden, Charles Mobile, Ala 1922-23 

Edwards, Gross Meridian, Miss 1874-75 

Edwards, William Dublin, Ireland 1849-50 

Eichold, Hugo V Mobile, Ala 1905-06 

Eiswirth, John Coffeeville, Miss 1887-88 

Elder, Frank Baton Rouge, La 1863-64 

Elder, Herman New Orleans, La 1862-63 

Elliot, Edward Hinds Co., Miss 1876-77 

Elliot, Fillmore New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Elliot, John New Orleans, La 1849-50 

Elliot, Robert New Orleans, La 1913-14 

Elliot, Rufus Covington, La 1852-53 

Ellis, Frederick Mobile, Ala 1918-19 

Elmer, John Biloxi, Miss 1858-59 

Elmer, William Biloxi, Miss 1860-61 

Emrich, Arthur Columbus, Ga 1918-19 

Endom, Frederick Monroe, La 1902-03 

England, John E Mobile, Ala 1920-21 

Englehart, Alfred N Atlanta, Ga 1911-12 

Englehart, Edward Atlanta, Ga 1911-12 

Englemann, Henry D New Orleans, La 1905-06 

Erezuma, Adolfo Tabasco, Mex 1865-66 

Ermon, William New Orleans, La * 1872-73 

Ernest, Albert Mobile, Ala 1922-23 

Ernst, Frederick New Orleans, La 1894-95 

Earnest, Walter C, Jr Mobile, Ala 1924-25 

Escalante, Ermilo Merida Yucatan, Mex 1901-02 


Escalante, Ernesto Merida Yucatan, Mex 1899-00 

Escalante, Secundino Merida Yucatan, Mex 1905-06 

Escalante, Vinvente Merida Yucatan, Mex 1903-04 

Eslava, Arthur Mobile, Ala 1881-82 

Eslava, Charles Mobile, Ala 1861-62 

Eslinger, Henry Tampa, Fla 1903-04 

Esneault, Cecilien Donaldson, La 1871-72 

Espalla, Jos. Jr Mobile, Ala 1902-03 

Espinosa, Jose Merida Yucatan, Mex 1881-82 

Espinosa, Manuel Merida Yucatan, Mex 1881-82 

Espinosa, Miguel Merida Yucatan, Mex 1881-82 

Espinosa, Raphael Merida Yucatan, Mex 1881-82 

Esponda, Gustave A Comitan Chippias, Mex 1917-18 

Espriella de la Ricardo H Colon, Panama 1905-06 

Estrada, Ernesto Merida Yucatan, Mex 1901-02 

Etienne, Joseph Vera Cruz, Mex 1893-94 

Eustis, George New Orleans, La 1875-76 

Eustis, George F Birmingham, Ala 1914-15 

Evans, Benjamin —.Greensboro, Ala 1851-52 

Evans, Charles Spring Hill, Ala ..1859-60 

Evans, Randolph Mobile, Ala 1864-65 

Evans, Wayne Quitman, Miss 1865-66 

Ewing, David Jackson, Miss „ 1865-66 

Fabacher, Anthony E New Orleans, La 1913-14 

Fabacher, Aloysius New Orleans, La 1889-90 

Fabacher, Jacob A New Orleans, La 1896-97 

Fabacher, John B New Orleans, La 1913-14 

Fabacher, Jos. J New Orleans, La 1913-14 

Fabacher, Lawrence B New Orleans, La 1907-08 

Fabacher, Lawrence New Orleans, La 1902-03 

Fabel, Geo Montgomery, Ala 1853-54 

Fabel, Hamon Montgomery, Ala 1866-67 

Faget, Charles New Orleans, La 1866-67 

Faget, Charles New Orleans, La 1899-00 

Faget, John New Orleans, La 1899-00 

Faget, Louis New Orleans, La 1899-00 

Faget, Luke New Orleans, La 1903-04 

Faget, Louis New Orleans, La 1908-09 

Faget, Luke New Orleans, La 1905-06 

Faherty, Francis P Memphis, Tenn 1918-19 

Faherty, John M Memphis, Tenn 1918-19 

Faherty, Michael W Memphis, Tenn 1917-18 

Fahey, George New Orleans, La 1893-94 

Fahey, William New Orleans, La 1887-88 

Fahy, Bernard Rome, Ga 1901-02 

Fajardo, Arthur Guatemala, C. A 1924-25 

Falconer, Willis Waynesboro, Miss 1863-64 

Farley, Julien Mobile, Ala 1880-81 

Farley, Louis J Montgomery, Ala 1913-14 

Farley, Thos. A Montgomery, Ala 1918-19 

Farr, Edw. C Augusta, Ga 1919-20 

Farr, James S Augusta, Ga 1919-20 

Farrell, J. Glenn Natchez, Miss 1907-08 


Farrand, Charles Auburn, N. Y 1849-50 

Farrar, Charles New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Fatjo, Anthony New Orleans, La 1879-80 

Fatjo, Domingo New Orleans, La 1875-76 

Fatjo, John New Orleans, La 1870-71 

Favret, F. Clarence Pointe a la Hache, La 1912-13 

Faure, Adolphe Paris, France 1848-49 

Faure, Paul Paris, France 1848-49 

Fauria, William V Pensacola, Fla 1918-19 

Fay, Gerald Memphis, Tenn 1920-21 

Fay, Theodore St. Mary's La 1869-70 

Fazende, Albert New Orleans, La 1876-77 

Fazende, Dorsinos New Orleans, La 1851-52 

Flazende, Drusin New Orleans, La 1851-52 

Fazende, Edgar New Orleans, La 1851-52 

Fazende, Edmund New Orleans, La 1853-54 

Fazende, Henry New Orleans, La 1870-71 

Fazende, Leon New Orleans, La 1853-54 

Fazende, Lucian New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Fazende, Moriere New Orleans, La 1851-52 

Fazende, Numa New Orleans, La 1849-50 

Feahney, Le Roy New Orleans, La 1905-06 

Feaney, Charles New Orleans, La 1896-97 

Feeley, James Donaldsonville, La 1877-78 

Feiting, William New Orleans, La 1874-75 

Felis, Angelo E Mobile, Ala 1922-23 

Fennell, William Pensacola, Fla 1866-67 

Feore, John S Mobile, Ala 1919-20 

Feore, Patrick L Mobile, Ala 1920-21 

Feore, Walter W Pascagoula, Miss 1912-13 

Ferlita, Dominic Tampa, Fla 1910-11 

Fernandez, Andres Merida Yucatan, Mex 1867-68 

Fernandez, Fernand Assumption, La 1869-70 

Fernandez, Fernando Santa Clara, Cuba 1907-08 

Fernandez, James Mexico City, Mex 1891-92 

Fernendez, James Tampa, Fla 1902-03 

Fernandez, John Brownsville, Tex 1893-94 

Fernandez, Manuel Merida Yucatan, Mex 1903-04 

Fernandez, Michael Havana, Cuba 1906-07 

Fernandez, Oscar Key West, Fla 1898-99 

Ferrall, James Montgmoery, Ala 1912-13 

Ferrandou, Henry New Orleans, La 1877-78 

Ferrandou, Leo New Orleans, La 1879-80 

Ferrer, Antonio Cabellas, Spain 1850-51 

Ferrer, Louis Havana, Cuba 1874-75 

Ferriday, Charles New Orleans, La 1920-21 

Ferry, Albert St. James, La 1857-58 

Festorazzi, Angelo Mobile, Ala 1858-59 

Festorazzi, Angelo Mobile, Ala 1878-79 

Festorazzi, Angelo A Mobile, Ala * 1913-14 

Fichet, Alfred Mobile, Ala 1855-56 

Fichet, Edw -Mobile, Ala 1854-55 

Fields, Marius Houma, La 1889-90 

Fierros, Secundino Rio Grande, Tex 1883-84 



Finch, Albert F Toulminville, Ala 1917-18 

Finch, Gregory Mobile, Ala 1904-05 

Finch, Richard A Toulminville, Ala 1912-13 

Finch, Thomas W Toulminville, Ala 1918-19 

Fink, Frederick Savannah, Ga 1862-63 

Fiol, Antonio Havana, Cuba 1853-54 

Firment, Alaric G Marksville, La 1907-08 

Fisher, Charles Prattville, Ala 1891-92 

Fisher, John B New Orleans, La 1912-13 

Fisher, Frederick North Carolina 1863-64 

Fisher, William Prattville, Ala 1882-83 

Fitzgerald, Douglas E Selma, Ala 1909-10 

Fitzgerald, Edward Mobile, Ala 1886-87 

Fitzgibbons, J. Garrett Reynolds, Ga 1916-17 

Fitzpatrick, John W Philadelphia, Pa 1915-16 

Fitzwilliam, Thomas New Orleans, La 1885-86 

Flamion, Charles New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Flanagan, Frank New Orleans, La 1886-87 

Flanagan, John Chicago, 111 1900-01 

Flanagan, Thomas New Orleans, La 1886-87 

Flanagan, Walter J New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Flanigen, George J. Nashville, Tenn 1918-19 

Flanner, Thomas New Orleans, La 1867-68 

Flatauer, Adolph Apalachicola, Fla 1910-11 

Flautt, John A Sumner, Miss 1925-26 

Flautt, Henry B Sumner, Miss 1918-19 

Flautt, Robert A New Orleans, La 1897-98 

Flautt, Thomas J Sumner, Miss 1918-19 

Fleck, Henry Atlanta, Ga 1873-74 

Fleddermann, Harry T Havana, Cuba 1925-26 

Fleetwood, Eugene - Thibodeaux, La 1894-95 

Fleming, Martin C Meridian, Miss 1927-28 

Flood, Philip Savannah, Ga 1850-51 

Flood, Timothy Savannah, Ga 1850-51 

Flynn, Charles N Meehan Junction, Miss 1915-16 

Flynn, William Meehan Junction, Miss 1916-17 

Fogarty, Augustus K ..........Macon, Ga 1918-19 

Fogarty, Daniel Augusta, Ga 1882-83 

Foley, James New Orleans, La 1858-59 

Foley, Lawrence P Memphis, Tenn 1919-20 

Foley, Thomas Napoleanville, La 1852-53 

Foley, William Selma, Ala 1883-84 

Folley, James New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Follin, Charles Mobile Ala 1876-77 

Folse, Oscar Assumption, La 1872-73 

Fontenot, J. Y Opelousas, La 1925-26 

Fontenot, Paul Washington, La 1923-24 

Forcheimer, Leopold Mobile, Ala 1919-20 

Ford, Jas. I Pascagoula, Miss 1916-17 

Ford, Herbert D New Orleans, La 1922-23 

Ford, Thos. A Mobile, Ala 1923-24 

Fordney, Leandor Mobile, Ala 1858-59 

Forestier, Louis New Orleans, La 1847-48 

Forestier, Urban New Orleans, La 1847-48 



Forestier, Urban New Orleans, La 1869-70 

Foret, Laverin Thibodeaux, La 1893-94 

Foret, Louis Bayou Lafourche, La 1890-91 

Formento, William New Orleans, La 1886-87 

Forstall, Anatole New Orleans, La 1849-50 

Forstall, Edmond New Orleans, La 1864-65 

Forstall, Edward New Orleans, La 1869-70 

Forstall, Felix New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Forstall, George New Orleans, La 1860-61 

Forstall, Gustave New Orleans, La 1864-65 

Forstall, Octave New Orleans, La 1849-50 

Forstall, Oscar New Orleans, La 1849-50 

Forte, Santon J Lake Village, Ark 1922-23 

Fortier, Amedee New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Fortier, Emile St. James, La 1848-49 

Fortier, Eugene Charenton, La. 1923-24 

Fortier, Francis Jefferson, La 1852-53 

Fortier, George Iberville, La 1876-77 

Fortier, Joseph New Orleans, La 1849-50 

Fortun, Joaquin Havana, Cuba 1873-74 

Fosdick, Frederick New Orleans, La 1856-57 

Fossier, Albert New Orleans, La 1895-96 

Fossier, D'Hamecourt New Orleans, La 1905-06 

Fossier, Walter New Orleans, La 1898-99 

Foster, Charles B., Jr Biloxi, Miss 1922-23 

Foster, Charles J J3iloxi, Miss 1918-19 

Foster, Henry W Biloxi, Miss 1926-27 

Foster, James Mobile, Ala 1853-54 

Foster, Raymond Mobile, Ala 1910-11 

Foster, Thomas Mobile, Ala 1864-65 

Foster, Trenton Tuscaloosa, Ala 1862-63 

Foucher, Deween Augusta, Ga 1918-19 

Foulon, Eugene New Orleans, La 1849-50 

Fountain, John .Tuscaloosa, Ala 1863-64 

Fournet, J. Gilbert : Lake Charles, La 1923-24 

Fourton, Charles New Orleans, La 1871-72 

Fox, Bernard New Orleans, La 1854-55 

Fox, Jos Birmingham, Ala 1927-28 

Fox, Thomas H Birmingham, Ala 1917-18 

Fowley, Eugene l Baton Rouge, La 1856-57 

Fowley, Philip Baton Rouge, La 1856-57 

Foy, William E St. Augustine, Fla 1923-24 

Foy, Walter L Detroit, Mich 1918-19 

Francez, Aristide Carencro, La 1893-94 

Francez, Laennec Carencro, La 1894-95 

Francis, Frederick Jacksonville, Fla 1918-19 

Francis, John M New Orleans, La 1910-11 

Francis, William New Orleans, La 1867-68 

Franco, Manuel Merida Yucatan, Mex , 1917-18 

Frank, Philip Houston, Tex 1920-21 

Franklin, Albert Brownsville, Tex 1893-94 

Franklin, Hugh C Lehigh, Ala 1924-25 

Franklin, Joseph M Birmingham, Ala 1911-12 

Frederic, Carlos E Scranton, Miss 1905-06 


Frederic, Chas Mobile, Ala 1863-64 

Frederic, Emile W Scranton, Miss. 1905-06 

Frederic, Hermes A Scranton, Miss 1905-06 

Frederic, Solomon Scranton, Miss 1899-00 

Frederick, Francis Pascagoula, Miss 1917-18 

Frederick, William J Gulfport, Miss 1909-10 

Freeland, Marshall Lucedale, Miss 1918-19 

Freeland, John Moileb, Ala 1880-81 

Freeman, John Jackson, Tenn 1893-94 

Fremaux, Leon Baton Rouge, La 1860-61 

Fremont, Edward Campeche, Yucatan 1849-50 

Frenkel, Isaac Mobile, Ala 1879-80 

Frenkel, Julius West Point, Miss 1879-80 

Frenkel, Samuel .Mobile, Ala 1879-80 

Frenken, Bernard P Pocahunter, Ark 1922-23 

Freret, Armand New Orleans, La 1860-61 

Freret, Arthur New Orleans, La 1893-94 

Freret, George New Orleans, La 1862-63 

Freret, Jas New Orleans, La 1862-63 

Freret, John New Orleans, La 1848-49 

Frey, George New Orleans, La 1901-02 

Frey, Marcel New Orleans, La 1901-02 

Frick, Anthony Spring Hill, Ala 1861-62 

Frick, Ferdinand Spring Hill, Ala 1861-62 

Fricke, Charles Mobile, Ala 1870-71 

Fricke, Louis Spring Hill, Ala 1871-72 

Fries, Richard H .Birmingham, Ala 1872-73 

Frisch, Fred Mobile, Ala 1925-26 

Frohlichstein, Henry Mobile, Ala 1880-81 

Frohlichstein, Henry J Mobile, Ala 1906-07 

Frohlichstein, Herman Mobile, Ala 1880-81 

Frohlichstein, Sigismund San Diego, Calif 1889-90 

Fromherz, Fabian R New Orleans, La 1912-13 

Fucich, Vladimir New Orleans, La 1907-08 

Fuentes, Charles New Orleans, La 1856-57 

Fuentes, de Montbars ..New Orleans, La 1867-68 

Fuentes, de Oser New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Fulham, Henry New Orleans, La 1867-68 

Fuller, Robert J Mobile, Ala 1909-10 

Funiak, de William Q Montgomery, Ala 1913-14 

Fuselier, James St. Matinsville, La 1875-76 

Fuss, John J Macon, Ga 1918-19 

Fuss, Timothy H Macon, Ga 1919-20 

Gabard, Ernest Tehauntepec, Mex 1858-59 

Gaffney, John San Patricio, Tex 1859-60 

Gaffney, Michael San Patricio, Tex 1859-60 

Gagnet, Harold J New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Gaiennie, Francis St. James, La 1858-59 

Gaiennie, Gervais St. James, La 1847-48 

Gaiennie, Kenneth Lecompte, La 1901-02 

Gaines, Abner S Mobile, Ala 1847-48 

Gaines, Walter Meridian, Miss 1866-67 

Galan, Pedro G Mexico City, Mex 1922-23 



Galates, Nicholas Bonfouca, La 1857-58 

Gale, Edward Mobile, Ala 1857-58 

Gallagher, C. Stapleton Montgomery, Ala 1906-07 

Gallagher, David San Antonio, Tex 1891-92 

Gallagher, Edward San Antonio, Tex 1892-93 

Gallagher, Franklin Baton Rouge, La 1860-61 

Gallagher, James Little Rock, Ark 1896-97 

Gallagher, Jas. C Wichita Falls, Tex 1923-24 

Gallagher, Luke Augusta, Ga 1862-63 

Gallagher, William Mobile, Ala 1854-55 

Gallagher, Virgil Galveston, Tex 1891-92 

Galliand, George B ..New Iberia, La 1914-15 

Galliand, Maurice R New Iberia, La 1905-06 

Gallup, Benjamin Mobile, Ala 1870-71 

Gallup, Chas Mobile, Ala 1870-71 

Gambel, Chas. H New Orleans, La 1925-26 

Gamill, Paul Mississippi 1918-19 

Gamotis, Henry New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Gannon, Richard D New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Garabadino, John W Canton, Miss 1907-08 

Garber, Alexander Laneville, Ala 1895-96 

Garber, James I Laneville, Ala 1895-96 

Garber, James R Birmingham, Ala 1906-07 

Garcia, Arthur -New Orleans, La 1853-54 

Garcia, Raymunde R Mexico 1922-23 

Garcia, Eugene New Orleans, La 1872-73 

Garcia, Jose Havana, Cuba 1879-80 

Garcia, Juan Havana, Cuba 1878-79 

Garcia, Luis El Paso, Tex 1915-16 

Garcia, Marcos El Paso, Tex 1915-16 

Garcia, Rapheal Caibarien, Cuba 1900-01 

Gardanne, Aristide New Orleans, La 1860-61 

Gardere, Antonio New Orleans, La 1866-67 

Gardere, Arthur .New Orleans, La 1855-56 

Gardere, Edward New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Gardere, Gustave New Orleans, La 1867-68 

Gardien, Jos Linden, Ala 1882-83 

Gardiner, Wm Marksville, La 1903-04 

Gardner, Jas Montgomery, Ala 1901-02 

Garidel, Jos New Orleans, La. 1855-56 

Garibaldi, Pedro Merida Yucatan, Mex 1848-49 

Garland, Albert Opelousas, La 1904-05 

Garland, Henry Opelouses, La 1904-05 

Garretson, Chas Monroe, La 1886-87 

Garmandia, Francisco A Cuba 1922-23 

Gascon, Andrew New Orleans, La 1872-73 

Gasquet, Marshall New Orleans, La 1877-78 

Gassen, Antonio New Orleans, La 1853-54 

Gassie, William Baton Rouge, La : 1886-87 

Gatewood, Francis New Orleans, La 1854-55 

Gauche, Windield New Orleans, La 1873-74 

Gaudin, Louis Crowley, La 1923-24 

Gaude, Chas La Fourche, La 1859-60 

Gaudet, Chas St. James, La 1856-57 


Gaudet, Jos St. James, La 1858-59 

Gauclet, Theodore St. James, La 1869-70 

Gaughan, Thos Camden, Ark 1882-83 

Gauthier, Achille Matamoras, Mex 1856-57 

Gauthier, Bernard Matamoras, Mex 1855-56 

Gauthier, Chas. E Baton Rouge, La 1924-25 

Gauthier, Cleophas Moreauville, La 1871-72 

Gauthier, Luis Matamoras, Mex 1855-56 

Gayle, Edward Sewanee, Tenn 1869-70 

Geary, Leo P Mobile, Ala 1926-27 

Geegan, John J Mobile, Ala 1917-18 

Geisinger, Chas Mobile, Ala 1862-63 

Gelbke, Chas New Orleans, La 1866-67 

Gelpi, Aristide New Orleans, La 1876-77 

Gelpi, Pernand J New Orleans, La 1913-14 

Gelpi, Geo New Orleans, La 1876-77 

Gelpi, Geo New Orleans, La 1896-97 

Gelpi, Raoul New Orleans, La 1896-97 

Genella, Natal Vicksburg, Miss 1871-72 

Generes, Jos New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Generes, Leonce Dallas, Tex 1876-77 

Generes, Lewis New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Generes, Oliver New Orleans, La 1876-77 

Gentry, Theodore Montgomery, Ala 1919-20 

Gerard, Benjamin Bayou la Batre, Ala 1865-66 

Gerald, Nathan D Mobile, Ala 1922-23 

Gerodias, Oscar New Orleans, La 1870-71 

Gervais, Herman Victoria, Tex 1910-11 

Ghiglizza, Francis Tabasco, Mex 1859-60 

Gianelloni, S. J Burtville, La 1912-13 

Gianelloni, Lefebre L Burtville, La 1911-12 

Gianotti, Francis B Memphis, Tenn 1919-20 

Giard, Leo Danbury, Conn 1903-04 

Gibboney, James Mobile, Ala 1911-12 

Gibbons, Ashby T Tampa, Fla 1914-15 

Gibbons, Gundy Tampa, Fla 1911-12 

Gibbons, Henry C Tampa, Fla 1916-17 

Gibbons, Thos St. Louis, Mo 1892-93 

Gibbs, Barnett Yazoo City, Miss 1865-66 

Gicquel, Geo New Orleans, La 1869-70 

Gilbert, James Napoleonville, La 1922-23 

Gilbert, Philip H Napoleonville, La 1919-20 

Gilbert, Pierre J Napoleonville, La 1922-23 

Gildea, John C Browns, Ala 1922-23 

Gill, William Paris, Tex 1865-66 

Gillespie, James New Orleans, La 1854-55 

Gillespie, Jas Aberdeen, Miss 1874-75 

Gillespie, J. Francis Atlanta, Ga 1910-11 

Gillespie, Thos Mobile, Ala 1876-77 

Gillespie, Wm. New Orleans, La 1854-55 

Gillman, Carl Selma, Ala 1892-93 

Gilmore, Allen C Birmingham, Ala 1925-26 

Gilmore, Basil C Birmingham, Ala 1911-12 

Gilmore, John Birmingham, Ala 1910-11 



Gilmore, Harold Birmingham, Ala 1918-19 

Gingras, Jules C Alexandria, La 1925-26 

Giordano, Francis Point Michel, La 1880-81 

Giraud, Leonce New Orleans, La 1871-72 

Girod, Jos New Orleans, La 1853-54 

Giuli, Angelo Mobile, Ala 1899-00 

Glass, Arnold Birmingham, Ala 1889-90 

Glass, Harry New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Glass, Wm Mobile, Ala 1889-90 

Glaudot, Augustin New Orleans, La 1879-80 

Gleason, Louis Spring Hill, Ala 1863-64 

Gleason, Michael Spring Hill, Ala 1862-63 

Glennon, John Mobile, Ala 1864-65 

Glennon, John F Mobile, Ala 1890-91 

Glennon, James H Mobile, Ala 1893-94 

Glennon, James K Mobile, Ala 1862-63 

Glennon, James K., Jr Mobile, Ala 1919-20 

Glorious, Joseph New Orleans, La 1883-84 

Glover, Edwin A Demopolis, Ala 1847-48 

Glover, Geo. F New Orleans, La 1915-16 

Glover, Julian J Warrington, Fla 1926-27 

Glynn, Alfred Truxillo, Sp. Honduras 1905-06 

Glynn, Barrow G Colorado Springs, Colo 1917-18 

Godard, Jos Mobile, Ala 1875-76 

Godbery, Geo St. John Baptist, La 1874-75 

Godbery, Henry St. John Baptist, La 1874-75 

Godbery, Jas St. James, La 1849-50 

Godbery, Jas New Orleans, La 1883-84 

Godbery, Jos New Orleans, La 1883-84 

Godbery, Louis New Orleans, La 1883-84 

Godbold, Burwell Mobile, Ala 1864-65 

Godbold, George T Mobile, Ala 1922-23 

Godfrey, Alphonse Iberville Parish, La 1859-60 

Goette, Clarence Donaldsonville, La 1898-99 

Goggan, John Galveston, Tex 1892-93 

Goggan, Thos Galveston, Tex 1892-93 

Goicoechea, Juan Havana, Cuba 1900-01 

Goldman, Victor Victoria, Tex 1884-85 

Goldsmith, Henry Calhaun, Ala 1869-70 

Goldsmith, Louis New Orleans, La 1887-88 

Goldsmith, Maurice Dayton, Ala 1885-86 

Goldstuker, Jos Mobile, Ala 1877-78 

Golden, John P Texas 1918-19 

Goldwaithe, Joseph M Troy, Ala 1905-06 

Gomez, Armando C Caribarien, Cuba 1908-09 

Gomez, Edward Caribarien, Cuba 1910-11 

Gomez, Emile T Caribarien, Cuba 1910-11 

Gomez, Manuel Merida Yucatan, Mex 1906-07 

Gomez, Salvador Mexico City, Mex ......1879-80 

Gonsoulin, Adrain Loreauville, La 1893-94 

Gonsoulin, Alfred Jeanerette, La 1893-94 

Gonsoulin, Honore St. Martinville, La 1852-53 

Gonsoulin, Jos. S Levert, La 1919-20 

Gonsoulin, Silvio Loreauville, La 1894-95 


Gonzalez, Augustine Matamoras, Mex 1874-75 

Gonzalez, Evaristus Saltillo, Mex 1851-52 

Gonzalez, Gustivus Havana, Cuba 1884-85 

Gonzalez, Joseph Guatemala 1886-87 

Gonzalez, Juan Tampico, Mex 1884-85 

Gonzalez, Juan Saltillo, Mex 1851-52 

Gonzalez, Juan El Paso, Tex 1923-24 

Gonzalez, Manuel F Pensacola, Fla 1925-26 

Gonzalez, W. Bowen Pensacola, Fla 1907-08 

Goode, Mack Cottage Hill, Ala 1865-66 

Goode, Rhett Cottage Hill, Ala 1866-67 

Goodloe, Russell Mobile ,Ala 1920-21 

Gordon, Howard Springhill, Ala 1867-68 

Gosnell, Jas Apalachicola, Fla 1851-52 

Gosserand, Philibert False River, La 1879-80 

Gouaux, Leo Houma, La 1893-94 

Goubil, John Mobile, Ala 1857-58 

Gourvier, Alfred Iberville, La 1848-49 

Gourvier, Ernest Iberville, La 1848-49 

Gourrier, Paul Iberville, La 1849-50 

Gourrier, Samuel Iberville, La 1848-49 

Gottheil, Louis New Orleans, La 1854-55 

Grace, Albert Plaquemine, La 1891-92 

Grace, Fred J Baton Rouge, La 1920-21 

Grace, Henry Plaquemine, La 1891-92 

Grace, Thomas C Plaquemine, La 1906-07 

Graham, Geo Alexandria, La 1895-96 

Graham, Henry Porterville, Ala 1863-64 

Graham, Harry M New Orleans, La 1923-24 

Graham, L. W Memphis, Tenn 1927-28 

Graham, Micheal Barnwell, S. C 1863-64 

Graham, Wm Cuero, Tex 1896-97 

Graham, Thomas P New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Grailhe, Arthur Paris, France 1849-50 

Gramigna, Victor R Tampa, Fla 1926-27 

Granda, John Amatitlan, Guatemala 1911-12 

Granes, Antonio Vera Cruz, Mex 1903-04 

Granger, Hollis Mobile, Ala 1867-68 

Grant, Daneil Columbus, Ga 1861-62 

Grant, Henry Natchetoches, La 1869-70 

Graugnard, Adolph New Orleans, La 1874-75 

Graugnard, August Iberville, La 1859-60 

Graugnard, Julius Iberville, La 1859-60 

Gray, Herbert C Augusta, Ga 1916-17 

Gray, Geo. R Waynesboro, Miss 1916-17 

Gray, Wm Eatonton, Ga 1883-84 

Green, Charles Mobile, Ala 1856-57 

Green, Chas Mobile, Ala 1892-93 

Green, Joshua Jackson, Miss 1865-66 

Green, Vincent Mobile, Ala 1856-57 

Greenwood, Donnell Mobile, Ala 1919-20 

Greenwood, John Mobile, Ala 1898-99 

Greenwood, Vincent Mobile, Ala 1896-97 

Greenwood, Richard C Mobile, Ala 1923-24 


Greer, John Mobile, Ala 1862-63 

Grefer, Archibald J New Orleans, La 1910-11 

Grehan, Harold S , New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Gregory, Geo Mobile, Ala 1862-63 

Gregory, Denis, L Louisville, Ky 1907-08 

Greig, Chas Mobile, Ala 1863-64 

Gremillion, Cornelius Alexandria, La 1925-26 

Gremillion, Earl J Alexander, La 1928-29 

Gremillion, Herbert C Alexandria, La 1907-08 

Gremillion, Leon B., Jr Alexandria, La 1925-26 

Gremillion, Moore J Plaucheville, La 1912-13 

Gremillion, Rosney Marksville, Ala 1891-92 

Gremillion, Tobie M Markville, La 1917-18 

Gresham, Wm Memphis, Tenn 1866-67 

Grevemberg, Agricole St. Mary's, La 1851-52 

Griffin, Atlee F Evans, Ga 1919-20 

Griffin, Atwell Evans, Ga 1919-20 

Griffin, Hewitt Mississippi 1919-20 

Griffin, John S Evans, Ga 1919-20 

Griffin, Ingersoll Yazoo City, Miss 1919-20 

Griffin, Malcolm New Orleans, La 1917-18 

Griffis, Loyd J Beaumont, Miss 1917-18 

Griffith, Wm Glenville, Ala 1865-66 

Griffith, Robert L .Georgia 1919-20 

Griffon, Chas New Orleans, La 1864-65 

Grill, John Birmingham, Ala 1923-24 

Grillo, Francis Tampico, Mex 1884-85 

Grimsley, Elmer Atmore, Ala 1919-20 

Grinda, Romon Vera Cruz, Mex 1850-51 

Grisi, Enrique Mexico City, Mex 1917-18 

Grizzard, Kenneth Clarksville, Tenn 1917-18 

Grizzard, H. Western Clarksville, Tenn 1917-18 

Groetsch, Ewald H New Orleans, La 1916-17 

Groetsch, Julius W New Orleans, La 1916-17 

Groom, Winston F Mobile, Ala 1925-26 

Gros, Jos New Orleans, La 1851-52 

Grotz, Frederick Mobile, Ala 1882-83 

Grouchy, Alexander Baton Rouge, La 1884-85 

Grunewald, Clifford New Orleans, La 1875-76 

Grunewald, Lorenzo New Orleans, La 1883-84 

Grunewald, Louis New Orleans, La 1874-75 

Grunewald, Theodore New Orleans, La 1884-85 

Guerin, Victor New Orleans, La 1852-53 

Gueringer, Arthur , Mobile, Ala 1847-48 

Gueringer, Henry C Mobile, Ala 1853-54 

Gueringer, Jos Mobile, Ala 1862-63 

Gueringer, Louis Mobile, Ala 1847-48 

Gueringer, Victor New Orleans, La 1866-67 

Guerra, de la Jos. C Cuba : 1855-56 

Guerra, Julio J Tampa, Fla 1918-19 

Guerra, Louis V Tampa, Fla 1907-08 

Guggenheim, Emmanuel Mobile, Ala 1880-81 

Guidry, Doris .Mix, La 1917-18 

Guigou, Geo New Orleans, La 1890-91 


Guili, Angelo Mobile, Ala 1899-00 

Guillo, Ernest Havana, Cuba 1859-60 

Guillo, Nemesio Havana, Cuba 1857-58 

Guion, John Jackson, Miss 1865-66 

Gullette, Albert E New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Gulley, Bryant Tuscaloosa, Ala 1917-18 

Guiteras, John R New York City, N. Y 1915-16 

Guiteras, George Key West, Fla 1920-21 

Guiteras, Nestor B Key West, Fla 1914-15 

Gunter, William Benton, Ala 1866-67 

Gusman, Martin New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Gusman, Paul New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Gutierrez, August A Bocas del Toro, Panama 1909-10 

Gutierrez, Felipe Cienfuegos, Cuba 1902-03 

Gutierrez, Francis Manila, P. 1 1912-13 

Gutierrez, Gerard L Cienfuegos, Cuba 1910-11 

Gutierrez, Manuel New Orleans, La 1920-21 

Gutierrez, Norwin New Orleans, La 1920-21 

Guth, Oscar New Orleans, La 1855-56 

Guyon, Antonio Mexico City, Mex 1886-87 

Guyton, James M Galveston, Tex 1916-17 

Guzman, Wm Vera Cruz, Mex 1894-95 

Haas, Robert Mobile, Ala 1927-28 

Hackett, Patrick New Orleans, La 1858-59 

Hagan, Cyril T Chicago, 111 1922-23 

Haggerty, Edward New Orleans, La 1858-59 

Haggerty, Thomas New Orleans, La. 1859-60 

Hahn, Aaron N Columbus, Miss 1916-17 

Hahn, Albert J Mobile, Ala 1906-07 

Hahn, Anthenor Biloxi, Miss 1917-18 

Hails, Charles E Montgomery, Ala 1870-71 

Hails, Edward Montgomery, Ala 1912-13 

Hails, Thos Montgomery, Ala 1865-66 

Hails, Thomas J Montgomery, Ala 1912-13 

Hails, Troy D Montgomery, Ala 1901-02 

Hale, Hector Gulfport, Miss 1911-J2 

Hale, T. Percy Gulfport, Miss 1899-00 

Hale, Thomas P Gulfport, Miss 1907-08 

Hale, Thomas Gulfport, Miss 1919-20 

Hall, Alexander Mobile, Ala 1853-54 

Hall, Benjamin Mobile, Ala 1853-54 

Hall, Charles Baldwin Co., Ala 1858-59 

Hall, Gerald Baldwin Co., Ala 1867-68 

Hall, Herbert Bayou Goula, La 1866-67 

Hall, Joseph Baldwin Co., Ala 1858-59 

Hall, Joseph New Orleans, La 1890-91 

Hall, Robert Mobile, Ala 1847-48 

Hall, Sherwood Mobile, Ala 1862-63 

Hall, Thomas J —Tallahassee, Fla 1913-14 

Hall, Wm Mobile, Ala 1853-54 

Haller, Karl H West Palm Beach, Fla 1918-19 

Hallett, William Mobile, Ala 1871-72 

Halligan, John Savannah, Ga 1862-63 



Halloran, Bernard M Nashville, Term 1924-25 

Halphen, Alcide New Orleans, La 1849-50 

Halphen, Dusan New Orleans, La 1847-48 

Halphen, Michael New Orleans, La 1847-48 

Halphen, Oscar .New Orleans, La 1847-48 

Ham, George S Baton Rouge, La 1926-27 

Hamel, George Yazoo City, Miss 1893-94 

Hamel, Joseph Yazoo City, Miss 1903-04 

Hamel, Edward New Orleans, La 1892-93 

Hamer, Edward New Orleans, La 1882-83 

Hamilton, J. Percy Mobile, Ala 1906-07 

Hammond, Harry Kathwood, S. C 1920-21 

Hammond, Walter L .Robertsdale, Ala 1912-13 

Hanemann, Adolphe New Orleans, La 1855-56 

Hanemann, William New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Haney, Henry Jacksonville, Fla 1912-13 

Hanlein, Edward D Mobile, Ala 1924-25 

Hanlein, Frank Mobile, Ala 1890-91 

Hanlein, Francis J Mobile, Ala 1918-19 

Hanley, Frank L Church Point, La 1923-24 

Hanley, John W Aiken, S. C 1914-15 

Hanlon, James D Bayou Goula, La 1889-90 

Hanlon, John W Key West, Fla 1902-03 

Hanlon ,Philip S Bayou Goula, La —.1899-00 

Hanna, Charles New Orleans, La 1884-85 

Hanna, Swinford New Orleans, La 1883-84 

Hannie, Philip T Gulfport, Miss . 1917-18 

Hannon, Wm. C Mobile, Ala 1922-23 

Hansberry, William H. Jackson, Miss 1889-90 

Hanse, Raymond - Macon, Ga 1913-14 

Hanway, John C - Greenville, Miss 1901-02 

Harang, Edmond Larose, La 1902-03 

Hare, Thomas St. Mary's, La 1852-53 

Hardie, Charles F New Orleans, La 1919-20 

Hardie, Daniel E Miami, Fla 1917-18 

Hardy, Charles New Orleans, La 1893-94 

Hardy, John New Orleans, La 1897-98 

Hargis, R. W Greenville, Ala 1862-63 

Hargis, Whiting Pensacola, Fla 1886-87 

Hargrove, Sidney L Mobile, Ala 1925-26 

Harmon, Barrie H Montgomery, Ala 1913-14 

Harmon, Geo Montgomery, Ala 1918-19 

Harmon, Robert Montgomery, Ala 1918-19 

Harnan, William New Orleans, La 1880-81 

Harrigan, Chas. J Hattiesburg, Miss 1911-12 

Harrigan, Clarence C New Orleans, La 1919-20 

Harrigan, Raymond H Fulton, Ala 1906-07 

Harrigan, Wm. D Mobile, Ala 1922-23 

Harris, Aloysius Montgomery, Ala :... 1862-63 

Harris, Charles Mobile, Ala 1862-63 

Harris, Edmond New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Harris, G. Carlton Atlanta, Ga 1916-17 

Harris, Goodwyn H Marsfield, La 1919-20 

Harris, Newton H Marsfield, La 1919-20 


Harris, R. C Mobile, Ala 1924-25 

Harris, William Marsfield, La • 1919-20 

Harrison, Benjamin New Orleans, La 1866-67 

Harrison, Charles J Hattiesburg, Miss 1911-12 

Harrison, Daniel New Orleans, La 1866-67 

Harrison, Holt Addis, La 1918-19 

Harrison, Thos Patterson, La 1891-92 

Hart, Irvine Pass Christian, Miss 1867-68 

Hart, Edward New Orleans, La 1853-54 

Hart, Thos New Orleans, La 1882-83 

Hartnett, John Mobile, Ala 1850-51 

Hartnett, Carlo New Orleans, La. 1917-18 

Hartnett, Wm Mobile, Ala 1852-53 

Hartwell, Chas. O New Orleans, La 1916-17 

Hartwell, William New Orleans, La 1914-15 

Harty, Emmet L Greenville, Miss 1902-03 

Harty, Francis X Savannah, Ga 1919-20 

Harty, Joseph J Greenville, Miss t 1905-06 

Harty, Jos. E ^ Savannah, Ga 1918-19 

Harvey, Henry New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Harvey, Horace New Orleans, La 1877-78 

Harvey, Isaac ~ Enterprise, Ala 1858-59 

Harvey, J. B New Orleans, La 1926-27 

Harvey, Nicholas New Orleans, La 1858-59 

Harwell, Edward Claiborne, Ala 1856-57 

Hastie. Joshua Stockton, Ala 1850-51 

Hastings, John E Jacksonville, Fla 1912-13 

Hassell, Marion B Andalusia, Ala 1920-21 

Hassinger, Richard Birmingham, Ala 1919-20 

Haverty, Joseph J Atlanta, Ga „ 1913-14 

Hawkins, J. Orlando Louisiana 1923-24 

Hawthorn, Jas Pine Apple, Ala 1858-59 

Hay, Wm. A Mexico City, Mex 1885-86 

Haydon, Lewis Rapides, La 1874-75 

Hayes, Arthur H St. Louis, Mo 1926-27 

Hayes, Bernard Rapides, La 1874-75 

Hayes, Thos Rapides, La 1874-75 

Hays, John Mobile, Ala 1884-S5 

Hazelton, Franklin Spring Hill, Ala 1902-03 

Healey, Louis J New Orleans, La 1923-24 

Healey, Raymond J Jacksonville, Fla 1916-17 

Hearn, Olin C Crossville, Ala 1928-29 

Hearst, Jos. H Edgefield, S. C 1847-48 

Hebert, Alvin Plaquemine, La 1891-92 

Hebert, Amand Plaquemine, La 1858-59 

Hebert, Camille St. James, La 1849-50 

Hebert, Clarence Plaquemine, La 1890-91 

Hebert, C. S. Ducote New Orleans, La 1906-07 

Hebert, Lester H —New Roads, La 1918-19 

Hebert, Ernest Plaquemine, La 1856-57 

Hebert, Frank Plaquemine, La 1891-92 

Hebert, Jos Plaquemine, La 1859-60 

Hebert, Prudent H Lake Charles, La 1923-24 

Hebert, Seth Beaumont, Tex 1901-02 



Hebert, Warren New Orleans, La 1923-24 

Heichelheim, Hubert R Jennings, La 1918-19 

Heinemann, David -New Orleans, La 1868-69 

Heinemann, Edward New Orleans, La 1897-98 

Heineman, Sidney .... T New Orleans, La 1888-89 

Heinemann, Simon M New Orleans, La 1888-89 

Heins, Thomas E Birmingham, Ala 1887-88 

Helfrich, John New Orleans, La 1867-68 

Heller ,Henry B. Jr Savannah, Ga 1920-21 

Helluin, Edgar Napoleonville, La 1853-54 

Hemstreet, Frank S New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Henderson, Claude W Montgomery, Ala 1904-05 

Henderson, Jackson New Orleans, La 1875-76 

Henderson, Gerald M Portsmouth, 1926-27 

Henderson, T. John New Orleans, La 1872-73 

Henderson, John Washington, La 1910-11 

Henderson, Jas. E Enterprise, Ala 1918-19 

Henderson, William New Orleans, La 1882-83 

Henderson, William Washington, La 1910-11 

Hendree, Woodson Selma, Ala 1865-66 

Hendricks, Jas Elysian Fields, Tex 1867-68 

Henley, Jas Biloxi, Miss 1891-92 

Heno, Geo ..New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Henry, Albert New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Henry, Adolph Tuscaloosa, Ala 1847-48 

Henry, Jas .Augusta, Ga 1863-64 

Henry, James New Orleans, La 1881-82 

Henry, Thos Chickasaw, Ala 1872-73 

Herbert, Earnest J Jackson, Miss 1909-10 

Herman, Benito J Mobile. Ala 1918-19 

Hermann, Chas —Selma, Ala 1862-63 

Hermann, W. A., Jr Augusta, Ga 1926-27 

Hernandez, Antonio New Orleans, La 1858-59 

Hernandez, Chas h New Orleans, La 1869-70 

Hernandez, Jas New Orleans, La 1869-70 

Hernandez, Matias Mexico City, Mex 1889-90 

Hernandez, Raphael Havana, Cuba 1889-90 

Hernandez, Walter J New Orleans, La 1908-09 

Herndon, Thos Mobile, Ala 1882-83 

Heron, Edward Louisville, Ky 1866-67 

Herpin, Augustus Mobile, Ala 1856-57 

Herpin, Edward Mobile, Ala 1878-79 

Herpin, Emile Mobile, Ala 1883-84 

Herpin, Jos. E., Jr Mobile, Ala 1923-24 

Herrera, Gabriel Havana, Cuba 1880-81 

Herrera, Juan D Guatamala, C. A 1913-14 

Herron, Chas Pensacola, Fla 1856-57 

Herron, Ed. D. Jr Chattanooga, Tenn 1922-23 

Herron, Jas Chamberburg, Fa „...1849-50 

Hertz, Emile Uniontown, Ala. 1883-84 

Hertzog, Ambrose Dery, La. T. 1924-25 

Mertzog, Henry Natchitoches, La. 1852-53 

Hessee, Duke Mobile, Ala 1863-64 

Hestle, Ernest T Mobile, Ala 1917-18 



Huebach, Frederick Spring Hill, Ala 1872-73 

Heubach, Henry Spring Hill, Ala 1872-73 

Heusner, Karl Belise, Br. Honduras 1884-85 

Heusner, Karl W. Jr ...British Honduras 1923-24 

Hewes, Fred S Gulfport, Miss 1913-14 

Hewes, William G Gulfport, Miss 1925-26 

Hezeau, Louis, New Orleans, La 1848-49 

Hickey, Jas. Corpus Christi, Tex 1893-94 

Hickey, Lawrence P New Orleans, La 1910-11 

Hicks, Frank Atlanta, Ga 1920-21 

Higgins, Chas Meridan, Miss 1880-81 

Higgins, George Mobile, Ala 1866-67 

Higgins, John Meridan, Miss 1880-81 

Hill, Jas New Orleans, La 1882-83 

Hill, Walton H Montgomery, Ala 1900-01 

Hilleke, Edmund E Alabama 1920-21 

Hillery, John R New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Hilliard, Chas. H Pensacola, Fla 1919-20 

Hilton, Henry L Springhill, Ala 1877-78 

Hilzheim, Albert Jackson, Miss 1865-66 

Himel, Joel Labadieville, La 1873-74 

Hinicks, Anatole New Orleans, La 1854-55 

Hinicks, Edgar New Orleans, La 1855-56 

Hiriart, Paul Plaquemine, La 1856-57 

Hiriart, Sebastian Plaquemine, La 1902-03 

Hirshfeld, Henry Mobile, Ala 1869-70 

Hirshberg, Lee ..Mobile, Ala 1892-93 

Hoa, Albert New Orleans, La ....1856-57 

Hoa, Emanuel New Orleans, La 1847-18 

Hoerner, Julius F Vicksburg, Miss 1923-24 

Hofer, Lewis B Victoria, Tex 1913-14 

Hoffman, Beverly New Orleans, La 1902-03 

Hoffman, Constanzer Mobile, Ala 

Hoffman, George H Mobile, Ala 1914-15 

Hoffman, Robert G New Orleans, La 1892-93 

Hogan, Benjamin New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Hogan, George Savannah, Ga 1918-19 

Hogan, John Savannah, Ga. .:. 1862-63 

Hogan, John A -Tuscaloosa, Ala 1862-63 

Hogan, Louis W Mobile, Ala 1888-89 

Hohorst, Henry Lafayette, La 1879-80 

Holberg, Ferdinand Macon, Miss 1882-83 

Holberg, Jos. Macon, Miss 1881-82 

Holberg, Moses -Macon, Miss 1882-83 

Holbrook, Emmet L Mobile, Ala 1911-12 

Holbrook, Thomas L Mobile, Ala 1913-14 

Holcombe, Clayton Mobile, Ala 1851-52 

Holcombe, Milton Benton, Ala 1859-60 

Holcombe, Robert E Mobile, Ala 1919-20 

Holden, T. Cleary Hawthorne, Ala 1912-13 

Holland, Charles J Mobile, Ala 1905-06 

Holland, Henry Springhill, Ala 1869-70 

Hollander, Ferdinand New Orleans, La 1904-05 

Holliday, Edward R Atlanta, Ga 1920-21 



Holliday, James Atlanta, Ga 1918-19 

Holliday, Joseph .Atlanta, Ga 1920-21 

Hollingsworth, Harry Jacksonville, Fla 1919-20 

Hollman, Francis Mobile, Ala 1857-58 

Holloway, Emanuel H Macon, Ga 1918-19 

Holly, George Mobile, Ala 1850-51 

Holly, Robert Mobile, Ala 1850-51 

Holton, Charles .Algiers, La 1895-96 

Homer, Chas ...Mobile, Ala 1869-70 

Homer, Isaac Mobile, Ala 1869-70 

Homes, William Michaels Landing, Ala 1865-66 

Hooker, Allen Jackson, Miss 1864-65 

Hooper, John Mobile, Ala 1901-02 

Hopkins, Albert New Orleans, La 1866-67 

Hopkins, Charles New Orleans, La 1879-80 

Hopkins, Geo New Orleans, La 1867-68 

Hopkins, Hugh ..New Orleans, La 1869-70 

Horkan, Geo. A Augusta, Ga 1907-08 

Horkan, John Moultrie, Ga 1907-08 

Horkan, Thomas Augusta, Ga 1907-08 

Horkan, Thos. A Augusta, Ga 1915-16 

Horlock, Ralph L Gulfport, Miss 1906-07 

Home, A. Door Macon, Ga 1910-11 

Home, Chas. L Shreveport, La 1918-19 

Horrigan. John Mobile, Ala 1878-79 

Horst, Chas Mobile, Ala 1870-71 

Horst, Edward Mobile, Ala 1872-73 

Horst, Henry Mobile, Ala 1872-73 

Horst, Martin Mobile, Ala 1879-80 

Horton, John Springhill, Ala 1877-78 

Hosey, Hillman Pascagoula, Miss 1923-24 

Hountha, Joseph M New Orleans, La 1905-06 

Houssiere, Eugene P Jennings, La 1923-24 

Houssman, John Birmingham, Ala 1903-04 

Houston, Harry, Jr Springhill, Ala 1926-27 

Howard, Huntington C Natchez, Miss 1916-17 

Hoyt, Charles Mobile, Ala 1865-66 

Hoyt, Wait New Orleans, La 1851-52 

Hoyt, Wm Montgomery, Ala 1848-49 

Huber, Alphonse Mobile. Ala 1872-73; 

Huber, Louis Mobile, Ala 1873-74 

Hudson, Alexander Uniontown, Ala 1889-90 

Hudson, J. Manning New Orleans, La. 1907-08 

Huet, James S Toulminville, Ala 1927-28 

Huff, E. Frank Atlanta, Ga 1921-22 

Huggins, James Corinth, Miss 1890-91 

Hughes, Earle P Mobile, Ala 1917-18 

Hughes, Fred O Mobile. Ala 1926-27 

Hughes, Carol C Birmingham, Ala 1926-27 

Hughes, Howell Davis Co. Tex .*. 1867-68 

Hughes, John A. Jr Mobile, Ala 1926-27 

Hughes, John J Mobile, Ala 1917-18 

Hughes, Massie F Selma, Ala 1913-14 

Hughes, Patrick Natchez, Miss 1865-66 



Hughes, Patrick E Mobile, Ala 1919-20 

Hughes, Reece Davis County, Tex 1867-68 

Hughes, W. Foster Pascagoula, Miss 1914-15 

Hull, Edgar Spring Hill, Ala 1851-52 

Hulse, Albert Pensacola, Fla 1849-50 

Hulse, John Pensacola, Fla 1847-48 

Hulse, Robert Pensacola, Fla 1840-51 

Humes, Thomas Bolivar, Miss 1859-60 

Humphries, Collin Mobile, Ala 1864-65 

Humphries, Henry Mobile, Ala 1864-65 

Humphries, James Mobile, Ala 1869-70 

Humphreys, John St. John Baptist, La 1874-75 

Hunt, Thomas P Shreveport, La 1911-12 

Hunt, Walter K Biloxi, Miss 1928-29 

Hunter, John Alexandria, La 1896-97 

Hunter, Warren Selma, Ala 1903-04 

Huntington, Walter Natchez, Miss 1872-73 

Hurley, Joseph Macon, Ga 1890-91 

Hurst, Samuel Hillsboro, Miss . 1863-64 

Hurtel, Amedee Mobile, Ala 1849-50 

Hutchison, James St. Elmo, Ala 1871-72 

Hutchison, Miller R Mobile, Ala 1891-92 

Huss, Martin New Orleans, La 1891-92 

Hymel, Alfred Killona, La 1897-98 

Hymel, David Killona, La 1899-00 

Hymel, Octave St. James, La 1889-90 

Hyronemus, Francis A. Nashville, Tenn. 1917-18 

Imahorn, Albert Mobile, Ala 1912-13 

Impastato, Samuel A New Orleans, La 1919-20 

Inclan, Peter Havana, Cuba 1890-91 

Indest, Pointis E New Orleans, La 1910-11 

Ingalls, Wallace Costa Rica 1894-95 

Ingate, Clarence Mobile, Ala 1876-77 

Ingate, Colville Mobile, Ala 1876-77 

Ingate, Jacob Mobile, Ala 1881-82 

Ingate, Nicholas Mobile, Ala 1876-77 

Inge, Clifton C Mobile, Ala 1916-17 

Inge, Francis M Mobile, Ala 1898-99 

Ingersoll, Alfred Mobile, Ala 1898-99 

Ingersoll, Girard G Mobile, Ala 1889-90 

Ingersoll, Lionel St. Louis, Mo 1900-01 

Ingersoll, William Louisiana 1919-20 

Inglaman, Valentine Mobile, Ala 1860-61 

Ingraham, Hyer H Mobile, Ala 1881-82 

Innerarity, Albert Pensacola, Fla 1859-60 

Innerarity, John E Pensacola, Fla 1855-56 

Irby, Charles Wilcox Co., Ala 1869-70 

Iri, Juan Tabasco, Mex 1856-57 

Irvine, Francis E Pineville, La 1907-08 

Irvine, George R Mobile, Ala 1920-21 

Irving, George S Pluto, Miss 1906-07 

Irving, Lorenzo C Vicksburg, Miss 1887-88 

Irwin, Edward New Orleans, La 1893-94 



Irwin, William New Orleans, La 1893-94 

Isley, Charles Donaldsonville, La 1850-51 

Isley, John H Donaldsonville, La 1849-50 

Ituarte, Manuel Cuba 1918-19 

Ivulich, Dominic Mobile, Ala 1867-68 

Jackson, John E Tampa, Fla 1905-06 

Jackson, J. Marvin Orange Grove, Tex 1923-24 

Jacob, Jules New Orleans, La 1891-92 

Jacobson, Isidore G Mobile, Ala 1881-82 

Jacobson, Isidore J Meridian, Miss 1883-84 

Jacomino, Joseph New Orleans, La 1876-77 

Jaestremski, Eugene Baton Rouge, La 1886-87 

Jaham, de George New Orleans, La 1906-07 

Jamerson, Julian Sandersville, Ga 1902-03 

James, Lindsay Montgomery, Ala 1860-61 

Jamin, Charles New Orleans, La 1877-78 

Janes, Joseph Buena Vista, Ala 1910-11 

Janfroid, Charles New Orleans, La , 1870-71 

Jaquet, Alcee New Orleans, La 1860-61 

Jaquet, Stephen New Orleans, La 1860-61 

Jarreau, Jack New Orleans, La 1923-24 

Jarvis, Norborne Mobile, Ala 1919-20 

Jayne, Henry Mobile, Ala 1861-62 

Jeanin, Peter New Orleans, La 1849-50 

Jeffers, John New Orleans, La 1852-53 

Jefferies, Achilles Macon, Ga 1869-70 

Jefferies, William Thibodeaux, La 1850-51 

Jenkins, Felix Montgomery, Ala 1902-03 

Jett, Carl, E Mobile, Ala 1907-08 

Jett, Paul -Mobile, Ala 

Jiminez, Alberto Vera Cruz, Mex 1891-92 

Jiminez, Luis Jerez, Spain 1915-16 

Jiminez, Ramon Havana, Cuba 1876-77 

Joachim, B. F Ocean Springs, Miss 1927-28 

John, Albert New Orleans, La 1852-53 

Johnson, Edgar Mobile, Ala 1882-83 

Johnson, Ephrian Mobile, Ala 1857-58 

Johnson, D. Hayes Mobile, Ala 1912-13 

Johnson, J. Harvey Brookhaven, Miss 1914-15 

Johnson, J. Harrington Pensacola, Fla 1913-14 

Johnson, Sidney Point a la Hache, La 1881-82 

Johnson, Forrest J Pascagoula, Miss 1918-19 

Johnson, William J Pensacola, Fla 1918-19 

Johnson, John C Friers Point, Miss 1919-20 

Johnson, Young Eufaula, Ala 1865-66 

Johnston, Amos Jackson, Miss 1888-89 

Johnston, Arthur Jackson, Miss 1899-00 

Johnston, Elliott Springhill, Ala 1857-58 

Johnston, Floyd Mobile, Ala ,. 1870-71 

Johnston, Frank Mobile, Ala 1886-87 

Johnson, Wm. J Pensacola, Fla 1916-17 

Jones, Asa Aberdeen, Miss 1871-72 

Jones, Bradley Perry Co., Ala 1851-52 

Jones, Bush Aberdeen, Miss 1870-71 


Jones, Catesby R Selma, Ala 1913-14 

Jones, Charles New Orleans, La 1873-74 

Jones, David Mobile, Ala 1863-64 

Jones, Dennis Baton Rouge, La 1861-62 

Jones, Edward L Mobile, Ala 1927-28 

Jones, Edward T Demopolis, Ala 1863-64 

Jones, Francis V Eleanor, Ala 1918-19 

Jones, Hugh T Belle Helene, La 1905-06 

Jones, J. Carroll Chattanooga, Tenn 1923-24 

Jones, J. Harley Dothan, Ala 1920-21 

Jones, Marshall New Orleans, La 1855-56 

Jones, Robert T Century, Fla » 1923-24 

Jones, Robert Mobile, Ala 1866-67 

Jones, Roselius Aberdeen, Miss 1865-66 

Jorda, Armond New Orleans, La 1855-56 

Jorda, Augustin J New Orleans, La 1847-48 

Jorda, Eugene New Orleans, La 1848-49 

Jorda, Laronde D New Orleans, La 1848-49 

Jordan, James Mobile, Ala 1886-87 

Jordy, Albert New Orleans, La 1895-96 

Jordy, Christopher New Orleans, La 1895-96 

Jordy, Numa New Orleans, La 1895-96 

Jossen, John F Mobile, Ala 1897-98 

Joubert, Charles New Orleans, La 1887-88 

Juanez, Albaro J Merida Yucatan, Mex 1916-17 

Juanes, Fernando Merida Yucatan, Mex 1905-06 

Judice, Gustave Vermillionville, La. 1852-53 

Judice, Numa Vermillionville, La 1853-54 

Juge, George New Orleans, La 1901-02 

Juli, Godfrey P Grand Coteau, La 1922-23 

Julien, Armand St. James, La 1851-52 

Julien, Paul St. James, La 1850-51 

Julien, Victor St. James, La 1851-52 

Julienne, Louis Jackson, Miss 1852-53 

Jumonville, Albert New Orleans, La 1860-61 

Jumonville, Charles F New Orleans, La 1853-54 

Jumonville, Felix New Orleans, La 1860-61 

Jumonville, George New Orleans, La 1876-77 

Jumonville, John New Orleans, La 1897-98 

Junonville, Leonce Crowley, La 1904-05 

Jumonville, Walter Crowley, La 1902-03 

Junkin, Richard Natchez, Miss. .. 1918-19 

Kaiser, George L Natchez, Miss 1918-19 

Kaplan, Irving B Crowley, La 1906-07 

Karcher, William E Mobile, Ala 1918-19 

Karsch, Thomas H Memphis, Tenn 1919-20 

Kathman, George New Orleans, La 1860-61 

Kattahe, Dimity New Orleans, La 1857-58 

Kaver, Thomas Mobile, Ala 1884-85 

Kay, James Mobile, Ala 1852-53 

Kealey, William New Orleans, La 1850-51 

Kean, John H New Orleans, La 1851-52 

Keane, John P Jacksonville, Fla 1917-18 


Keane, Thomas Mobile, Ala 1865-66 

Keane, Thomas M Jacksonville, Fla 1912-13 

Kearney, Benjamin Mobile, Ala 1890-91 

Kearns, Clarence Lebanon, Ky 1895-96 

Kearns, Jos Mobile, Ala. 1867-68 

Kearns, Joseph Mobile, Ala 1890-91 

Kearns, Joseph W Lebanon, Ky 1905-06 

Kearns, George G Louisville, Ky 1911-12 

Kearns, P. Leo Lebanon, Ky 1900-01 

Kearns, William E Louisville, Ky 1911-12 

Keating, James New Orleans, La 1858-59 

Keating, John New Orleans, La 1857-58 

Keeffe, Lawrence Thibodeaux, La 1894-95 

Keeffe, Theobald New Orleans, La 1869-70 

Keeffe, Thomas New Orleans, La 1881-82 

Keeffe, Tone New Orleans, La 1871-72 

Keeffe, Wilson New Orleans, La 1869-70 

Keeling, William J Atlanta, Ga 1923-24 

Keen, Richard New Orleans, La 1904-05 

Keenan, Arthur J New Orleans, La 1917-18 

Keenan, Edward New Orleans, La 1879-80 

Keenan, John P Augusta, Ga 1919-20 

Keenan, William J Augusta, Ga 1919-20 

Keenan, William New Orleans, La 1890-91 

Keirnan, Brice Mobile, Ala. 1882-83 

Keirnard, William Port Gibson, Miss 1860-61 

Keith, Minor New York, N. Y 1915-16 

Keith, Nestor L. Ovalle San Jose, Costa, Rica 1905-06 

Kelleher, William J New Orleans, La 1922-23 

Keller, John L New Orleans, La 1916-17 

Kelley, John T Nashville, Tenn 1920-21 

Kelly, Andrew New Orleans, La 1872-73 

Kelly, Arthur J New Orleans, La 1917-18 

Kelly, Clement B Mobile, Ala 1918-19 

Kelly, Edward H Mobile, Ala 1918-19 

Kelly, Francis J -New Orleans, La 1912-13 

Kelly, Henry Mobile, Ala 1865-66 

Kelly, Henry W Montgomery, Ala 1906-07 

Kelly, Howard T Fernandina, Fla 1910-11 

Kelly, James Atlanta, Ga 1872-73 

Kelly, Jerome L Louisiana 1918-19 

Kelly, John F Mobile, Ala 1918-19 

Kelly, John J Augusta, Ga 1916-17 

Kelly, John J Nashville, Tenn 1922-23 

Kelly, John J Mobile, Ala 1901-02 

Kelly, John P New Orleans, La 1917-18 

Kelly, J. Shepard Chicago, 111 1920-21 

Kelly, Michael J Atlanta, Ga 1863-64 

Kelly, R. Glennon Nashville, Tenn : 1914-15 

Kelly, Samuel L Miami, Fla 1904-05 

Kelly, Thomas J Mobile, Ala 1903-04 

Kelly, Thomas F Memphis, Tenn 1911-12 

Kelly, Thomas Mobile, Ala 1903-04 

Kelly, T. J New Orleans, La 1912-13 


Kelly, William Brownsville, Tex 1889-90 

Kemp, Abner St. Helena, La 1865-66 

Kemp, Robert New Orleans, La 1848-49 

Kenedy, George M Laredo, Tex 1900-01 

Kenedy, Gregory Brownsville, Tex. 1869-70 

Kenedy, James Brownsville, Tex 1869-70 

Kenedy, John G Corpus Christi, Tex 1900-01 

Kenedy, John Corpus Christi, Tex 1872-73 

Kenedy, William Brownsville, Tex 1869-70 

Kennard, John J New Orleans, La 1901-02 

Kennedy, John A Algiers, La 1903-04 

Kennedy, Morgan ..New Orleans, La 1849-50 

Kennedy, Raymond E Boston, Mass 1925-26 

Kennedy, Stephen Mobile, Ala 1867-68 

Kennedy, Stringer New Orleans, La 1849-50 

Kennedy, William Macon, Ga 1868-67 

Kenny, Jas. P Mobile, Ala 1885-86 

Kenny, William Mobil,e Ala 1886-87 

Kent, Earle New Orleans. La 1925-26 

Keough, Arthur Pensacola, Fla 1861-62 

Keoughan, James A Mobile, Ala 1911-12 

Ker, Alcee New Orleans, La 1857-58 

Ker, Anatole New Orleans, La 1858-59 

Ker, Henry New Orleans, La 1870-71 

Ker, Robert New Orleans, La 1875-76 

Kern, Benjamin Yazoo City, Miss. 1900-01 

Kernion, Charles New Orleans, La 1876-77 

Kernion, Dangville New Orleans, La 1866-67 

Kernion, George New Orleans, La 1871-72 

Kershaw, George Washington Co., Miss 1865-66 

Kershaw, John Washington Co., Miss 1865-66 

Kershaw, Richard Washington Co., Miss 1865-66 

Keuper, Vincent P Trenton, N. J 1921-22 

Kevlin, C. Wallace Orange Walk, Honduras 1905-06 

Kevlin, Edw. J Orange Walk, Br. Honduras 1905-06 

Kevlin, Henry R Orange Walk, Br. Honduras 1905-06 

Key, Henry Thibodeaux, La 1852-53 

Key, Philip Thibodeaux, La 1852-53 

Key, Sewall Thibodeaux, La 1852-53 

Key, William Thibodeaux, La 1852-53 

Kilduff, Patrick Mobile, Ala 1851-52 

Kileen, Francis Galveston, Tex 1889-90 

Killeen, Thomas New Orleans, La 1920-21 

Killion, Frederick Mobile, Ala 1918-19 

King, Edward Monroe, Ala 1865-66 

King, George Mobile, Ala 1852-53 

King, H. Greenwood Mobile, Ala 1913-14 

King, Thomas Mount Pleasant, Ala 1866-67 

King, W. Homer Mobile, Ala 1906-07 

Kingsburgh. Robert Brownsville, Tex 1865-66 

Kirven, B. Edwards Jackson, Ala 1918-19 

Kirkwood, Joseph New Orleans, La 1887-88 

Kirn, Lawrence T New Orleans, La 1913-14 

Kizer, Thomas Mobile, Ala 1924-25 



Klaus, Julius Macon, Miss 1889-90 

Kleinpeter, Augustin Baton Rouge, La 1856-57 

Kleinpeter, Vincent I Grand Coteau, La 1919-20 

Kleinpeter, William Baton Rouge, La 1885-86 

Kling, Marion A Mobile, Ala 1923-24 

Kling, Wm Mobile, Ala 1887-88 

Klingman, Eli Houma, La 1899-00 

Klingman, Henry Montegut, La 1907-08 

Klingman, Maurice, E Goose Creek, Tex 1900-01 

Klos, John New Orleans, La 1872-73 

Klos, Walter Belle Helene, La 1897-98 

Klosky, Simon Mobile, Ala 1906-07 

Knapp, Jas Brookhaven, Miss 1865-66 

Knight, Victor Montgomery, Ala 1887-88 

Knobloch, Henry Thibodeaux, La 1854-55 

Knowles, Raymond Greenville, Miss 1862-63 

Knowlton, Chas Baton Rouge, La 1880-81 

Kock, Jas. A Belle Alliance, La 1912-13 

Koehler, Maxmillian St. Louis, Mo 1920-21 

Kohlman, Max Mobile, Ala 1897-98 

Kohn, Arthur New Orleans, La 1903-04 

Kohn, Frank M Montgomery, Ala 1884-85 

Kohn, Frank M Montgomery, Ala 1919-20 

Kohn, John P Montgomery, Ala 1882-83 

Kohn, John P Montgomery, Ala 1919-20 

Kohn, William ..Montgomery, Ala 1887-88 

Konstanzer, Hoffman K. A Mobile, Ala 1908-09 

Koontz, John New Orleans, La 1871-72 

Kopecky, Joseph H Halletsville, Tex 1914-15 

Korn, John B Galveston, Tex 1909-10 

Kosman, Frederick Memphis, Tenn 1917-18 

Kowalewshi, Richard Mobile, Ala 1858-59 

Krebs, Alexander Mobile, Ala 1871-72 

Krebs, Hubert Pascagoula, Miss 1863-64 

Krebs, Jerome Mobile, Ala 1871-72 

Krebs, Jos Pascagoula, Miss 1851-52 

Krebs, Louis Mobile, Ala 1847-48 

Krebs, Rene Mobile, Ala 1851-52 

Kroutinger, Alfred Mobile, Ala 1869-70 

Kuhn, Ferdinand E Highland Park, Mich 1912-13 

Kuntz, Albert New Orleans, La 1871-72 

Kuntz, Emile New Orleans, La 1876-77 

Kuphiam, Charles Pensacola, Fla 1884-85 

Kuppersmith, Ed. B Mobile, Ala 1924-25 

Labadie, Jules Thibodeaux, La 1854-55 

Labarre, George New Orleans, La 1860-61 

Labarthe, Alphonse New Orleans, La. 1865-66 

Labarthe, Numa Assumption Parish. La. -. 1852-53 

Labarthe, Philip Assumption Parish, La 1852-53 

Labbe, Duchamp St. Martinsville, La 1891-92 

Laborde, Cliffe E Marksville, La 1906-07 

Laborde H. Barclay Marksville, La 1906-07 

Labranche, Alcee New Orleans, La 1873-74 


Labranche, Leon St. Charles, La 1849-i>0 

Labranche, Lucien Jefferson Parish, La 1859-60 

Labranche, Paul New Orleans, La 1862-63 

Labranche, Raoul Jefferson Parish, La 1859-60 

Labranche, Raoul New Orleans, La 1864-65 

Labranche, Sidney New Orleans, La 1862-63 

Labry, Alexander Point Coupee, La 1859-60 

Lacayo, Charles Nicaraugua, C. A 1893-94 

Lacaze, George St/t John Baptiste, La 1871-72 

Lacaze, Gustave St. John Baptiste, La 1872-73 

Lachle, Francis Shreveport, La. 1913-14 

Lackey, Philip New York City 1859-60 

Lacombe, Howard .Opelousas, La 1898-99 

Lacour, Henry Liberty, Tex 1850-51 

Lacour, John Rapides, La 1869-70 

Ladd, Benjamin Mobile. Ala 1860-61 

Lafaye, Julian J New Orleans, La 1919-20 

Lafaye, Clifford New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Lafitte, Charles New Orleans, La 1864-65 

Lafitte, Earnest New Orleans, La 1864-65 

Lafitte, James Charleston, S. C 1858-59 

Lafitte, James Charleston, S. C 1858-59 

Lafitteau, Charles Savannah, Ga 1862-63 

Laffiteau, Edward Savannah, Ga 1862-63 

Lafontaine, Jules St. Mary's, La 1858-5^ 

Laforest, Alfred New Orleans, La. 1855-56 

Laforest, Edward -Savannah, Ga. 1862-63 

Laforest, Jules New Orleans, La 1857-58 

La Four, Parrin L Welsh, La 1925-26 

Lagarde, Eugene Anniston, Ala ..1920-21 

Lagarde, Ferdinand Thibodeaux, La. 1891-92 

Lagarde, Philip Thibodeaux, La 1891-92 

Lahaye, Joseph Leenville, La 1923-24 

Laignaux, Romin Point La Hache, La 1875-76 

Lallamant, Dominic Mobile, Ala 1860-61 

Lallamant, George Mobile, Ala 1860-61 

Lamarque, Pascal New Orleans, La 1895-96 

Lambert, Alexander New Orleans, La 1848-49 

Lambert, Antoninus New Orleans, La 1892-93 

Lambert, Charles New Orleans, La 1885-86 

Lambert, Clarence W Mobile, Ala 1918-19 

Lambert, John Natchez, Miss 1858-59 

Lambert, Lucien New Orleans, La 1848-49 

Lambert, Lucien Morse, La 1889-90 

Lambert, Roland New Orleans, La 1898-99 

Lambert, Walter New Orleans, La 1898-99 

Lamicq, Pedro Costa Rica 1903-04 

Lamothe, Adrien New Orleans, La 1869-70 

Lanata, Antonio New Orleans, La 1852-53 

Lanta, Albert New Orleans, La 1860-61 

Lanata, Sidney Biloxi, Miss 1896-97 

Lanaux, Alfred Plaquemine, La 1855-56 

Lanaux, Alfred New Orleans, La 1884-85 

Lanaux, Charles New Orleans, La 1871-72 



Lanaux, Davis New Orleans, La 1862-63 

Lanaux, Denis New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Lanaux, Earnest St. Charles, La 1847-48 

Lanaux, Florian New Orleans, La 1875-76 

Lanaux, George New Orleans, La 1872-73 

Lanaux, Peter New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Lanaux, Septine New Orleans, La 1862-63 

Lancaster, J. Marshall Chattanooga, Tenn 1912-13 

Landaiche, Nemour Carville, La 1920-21 

Landis, Joseph New Orleans, La 1849-50 

Landreaux, Charles New Orleans, La 1848-49 

Landreaux, George New Orleans, La 1848-49 

Landreaux, Robert New Orleans, La 1848-49 

Landry, Achille Donaldsonville, La 1873-74 

Landry, Albert Cote Gelee, La 1878-79 

Landry, Alfred Klotzville, La 1891-92 

Landry, Amedee New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Landry, Anthony New Iberia, La 1893-94 

Landry, Aristide Donaldsonville, La 1851-52 

Landry, Dewey P Lafayette, La 1911-12 

Landry, Gabriel New Iberia, La 1893-94 

Landry, Lazare Donaldsonville, La 1848-49 

Landry, Leon J New Iberia, La 1900-01 

Landry, Louis Donaldsonville, La 1848-49 

Landry, Mamime New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Landry, Octave Ascension Parish, La 1857-58 

Landry, Paul Bayou Goula, La 1891-92 

Landry, Paul T New Iberia, La 1903-04 

Landry, Stanislaus St. James, La 1850-51 

Landry, Supervielle Assumption, La 1869-70 

Landry, Theophile Iberville Parish, La 1859-60 

Landry, Ulysees New Iberia, La 1893-94 

Landry, Volney Iberville Parish, La 1859-60 

Lane, Marion Montgomery, Ala 1905-06 

Lanestosa, Frederico Tabasco, Mex 1877-78 

Langan, Emmet J Mobile, Ala 1912-13 

Langdon, Henry Mobile, Ala 1848-49 

Lange, Clarence J New Orleans, La 1911-12 

Lange, Florian New Orleans, La 1853-54 

Lange, George New Orleans, La 1902-03 

Lange, Horace New Orleans, La 1854-55 

Lange, Leopold New Orleans, La 1895-96 

Lange, Louis G New Orleans, La 1910-11 

Lange, Sidney A New Orleans, La 1907-08 

Lanham, Charles T Louisville, Ky 1916-17 

Lanier, Clark Montgomery, Ala 1865-66 

Lankford, George E Mobile, Ala 1925-26 

Lapeyre, George New Orleans, La 1877-78 

Lapeyre, Martial New Orleans, La ......1880-81 

Lappington, Milton Mobile, Ala 1921-22 

Lappington, G. L Pensacola, Fla 1915-16 

Laplace, Gesselly New Orleans, La 1912-13 

Lara, Juan Merida Yucatan, Mex. 1856-57 

Larasquiti, Julian Brownsville, Tex 1883-84 



Larkin, Thomas F Dayton, 1928-29 

Laroussini, Emile New Orleans, La 1870-71 

Laroussini, Hippolyte New Orleans, La 1858-59 

Larranga, Louis Charleston, S. C 1863-64 

Larrea, Albert L Havana, Cuba 1906-07 

Larrea, Anthona Havana, Cuba 1907-08 

Larrea, Ramon O Havana, Cuba 1905-06 

Larue, Emile F New Orleans, La 1905-06 

Larue, Felix New Orleans, La 1876-77 

Larue, Ferdinand L New Orleans, La 1900-01 

Larue, P. Destours New Orleans, La 1872-73 

Lasalle, Goldman Opelousas, La 1892-93 

Lasalle, Louis Pau, France 1854-55 

Lassabe, John Mobile, Ala 1867-68 

Lasseigne, George Laplace, La 1899-00 

Lasseigne, George A Laplace, La 1905-06 

Lastrapes, Leon Washington, La 1860-61 

Lastrapes, Leonce Opelousas, La 1860-61 

Latady, Robert D Daphne, Ala 1918-19 

Latham, Frank Meridian, Miss 1880-81 

Latham, Louis Meridian, Miss 1889-90 

Latour, Felix Vera Cruz, Mex 1891-92 

Latstetter, Eugene Clarksville, W. Va 1917-18 

Lauer. Gustave New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Laughlin, Frank New Iberia, La 1896-97 

Laughlin, Louis New Iberia, La 1897-98 

Laughlin, Sidney New Iberia, La 1898-99 

Laurans, Arthur Point Coupee, La 1857-58 

Laurents, Alfred L Laurents, La 1908-09 

Laurcey, Cornelius J Loreto, Fla 1917-18 

Laurope, Arthur New Roads, La 1920-21 

Lauve, Henry McC New York City (N. O. La.) .1923-24 

Lauve, Louis L. Jr., New York, City 1923-24 

Lauve, Norbert New Orleans, La 1858-59 

Lauvilebeauvre, John New Orleans, La. ... 1858-59 

Lave, Emile F New Orleans, La 1905-06 

Lavelle, Edward New Orleans, La 1866-67 

Laviada, Anthony Merida Yucatan, Tex 1905-06 

Lavigne, Hilaire Shreveport, La 1921-22 

Lavretta, J. Lawrence Mobile, Ala 1904-05 

Lavretta, Lawrence C Mobile, Ala 1870-71 

Law, George M St. Louis, Mo 1918-19 

Lawes, James Plaquemine, La 1860-61 

Lawler, John E Mobile, Ala 1926-27 

Lawler, William A New Orleans, La 1906-07 

Lawless, T. Clarence Milwaukee, Wis 1906-07 

Lawrence, Constantine Mobile, Ala 1866-67 

Lay, Daniel Paducah, Ky 1864-65 

Layton, Buxotn L New Orleans, La 1901-02 

Leache, Edward Bayou Goula, La 1904-05 

Leake. J?mes R St. Francisville, La 1925-26 

Leal, Felipe Merida Yucatan, Mex 1901-02 

Leal. J. Manuel Mexico City, Mex 1916-17 

Leathers, Dowling New Orleans, La 1875-76 


Leathers, Louis New Orleans, La 1873-74 

Leathers, Paul New Orleans, La 1875-76 

Lee, Cecil F Dade Ctiy, Fla 1927-28 

LeBaron, Alexander Mobile, Ala 1855-56 

LeBaron, Charles Pensacola, Fla 1862-63 

LeBaron, Charles Mobile, Ala 1880-81 

LeBaron, Gilbert A Mobile, Ala 1901-02 

LeBaron, Joseph Mobile, Ala 1847-48 

LeBaron, Joseph Mobile, Ala 1881-82 

LeBaron, Leonard Mobile, Ala 1823-24 

LeBaron, Thomas New Orleans, La 1876-77 

LeBaron, Thomas Mobile, Ala 1881-82 

LeBaron, Romer Spring Hill, Ala 1875-76 

LeBaron, William Mobile, Ala 1876-77 

LeBeau, Adolph New Orleans, La 1850-51 

LeBeau, Alcee New Orleans, La 1857-58 

LeBeau, Alexander Point Coupe, La 1860-61 

LeBeau, Edgar New Orleans, La 1848-49 

LeBeau, Edward J St. Louis, Mo 1905-06 

LeBanc, Andrew Napoleanville, La 1871-72 

LeBanc, Earnest, St. James, La 1859-60 

LeBanc, Eugene New Orleans, La 1848-49 

LeBanc, Genois St. James, La 1860-61 

LeBanc, Gustave Assumption Parish, La 1869-70 

LeBanc, Joseph Paincourtville, La 1892-93 

LeBanc, Jules New Orleans, La 1857-58 

LeBanc, Jules Iberville Parish, La 1866-67 

LeBanc, Nemour New Orleans, La 1864-65 

LeBanc, Nicholas Assumption Parish, La 1869-70 

LeBanc, Philip New Orleans, La 1892-93 

LeBanc, Taylor Iberville Parish, La 1865-66 

LeBlanc, Casimir Donaldsonville, La 1893-94 

LeBlanc, Henry Paincourtville, La 1889-90 

LeBoeuf, Elphege St. James, La 1852-53 

LeBoeuf, Fourcy New Orleans, La 1864-65 

LeBoeuf, Paul St. James, La 1858-59 

LeBorgne, Alfred New Orleans, La 1901-02 

LeBourgeois, Felix St. John Baptist, La 1874-75 

LeBourgeois, Joseph St. John Baptist, La 1874-75 

LeBourgeous, Paul New Iberia, La 1911-12 

LeBreton, Emile Jefferson, La 1848-49 

LeCarpentier, Joseph New Orleans, La 1856-57 

Leche, Edward New Orleans, La 1904-05 

Leche, Karl P Donaldsonville, La 1905-06 

Leche, Paul Donaldsonville, La 1870-71 

Ledon, Joseph Havana, Cuba 1891-92 

Ledoux, Alexander Point Coupee, La 1857-58 

Ledotix, Alexander New Orleans, La 1883-84 

Ledoux, Amaron New Orleans, La 1883-84 

Ledoux, Lucien Point Coupee, La ...1858-59 

Lee, Frank New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Lee, Fred F Columbus, Ga 1916-17 

Leefe, Frank New Orleans, La 1886-87 

LeFebvre, Charles W. Baton Rouge, La 1891-92 


Leferbvre, Henry C Puerto Cortes, Sp. Honduras 1909-10 

Lefebvre, John Mobile, Ala 1859-60 

Leftwich, Albert Assumption, La 1857-58 

Leftwich, Clarke Lynchburg, Va 1849-50 

Leftwich, John Assumption, La 1857-58 

Legardeur, Stephen New Orleans, La 1849-50 

Legendre, Earnest New Orleans, La 1847-48 

Legendre, Fabien St. John Baptist, La 1871-72 

Legendre, George New Orleans, La 1847-48 

Legier, John New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Legier, Louis Happy Jack P. O., La 1880-81 

Legier, Octave New Orleans, La 1857-58 

Legier, Rene New Orleans, La 1855-56 

Leigh, Norville R Mobile, Ala 1922-23 

Leinkauf, Herman Mobile, Ala 1877-78 

Lelong, Andrew New Orleans, La 1894-95 

Lelong, Antoninus New Orleans, La 1894-95 

Leloup, Edward Mobile, Ala 1855-56 

Lemarie, Jules L New Orleans, La 1887-88 

Lemoine, Hampton New Orleans, La 1895-96 

Lemoine, Leo Moreauville, La 1919-20 

Lemoine, Thomas A Moreauville, La 1914-15 

Lemeux, Francis J New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Lenzi, Louis T Memphis, Tenn 1919-20 

Leon, Lauro Tabasco, Mex 1856-57 

Leon de, Hector Guatemala 1919-20 

Leon, de Louis A Guatemala, C. A 1912-13 

Leon, Joseph A Tampa, F-la 1924-25 

Leonard, Adrian Thibedoaux, La 1850-51 

Leonard, Charles Galveston, Tex 1886-87 

Leonard, Franklin Galveston, Tex 1877-78 

Leonard, John T New Orleans, La 1903-04 

Leonard, Joseph P Galveston, Tex 1884-85 

Leonard, Theobald Pensacola, Fla 1867-68 

Leonville, Emile A New Orleans, La 1857-58 

Lepine, Oscar Thibodeaux, La 1850-51 

Leppich, Herman Vicksburg, Miss 1888-89 

Lepretre, John New Orleans, La 1858-59 

Leprince, Edward Havana, Cuba 1859-60 

Leprince, Emile Havana, Cuba 1859-60 

Lerio, Louis Mobile, Ala 1924-25 

Le Sassier, Henry A >iew Orleans, La 1915-16 

Lesesne, Joseph Mobile, Ala 1855-56 

Lesesne, Thomas Mobile, Ala 1855-56 

Leslie, Frank Bells Landing, Ala 1865-66 

Leslie, Wiliiam Bells Landing, Ala 1865-66 

Levasseur, Louis New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Levert, Alfred New Orleans, La 1888-89 

Levert, Amedee Iberville Parish, La 1859-60 

Levert, Amedee Iberville, La 1918-19 

Levert, Charles F Brusly, La 1918-19 

Levert, Eloi ..Baton Rouge, La 1887-88 

Levert, Emile Baton Rouge, La 1887-88 

Levert, Homer Baton Rouge, La 1886-87 


Levert, John B Biloxi, Miss 1926-27 

Levert, John B. Jr New Orleans, La 1893-94 

Levert, Lawrence St. Martinsville, La 1894-95 

Levert, Mark Baton Rouge, La 1886-87 

Levert, Mendes Baton Rouge, La 1886-87 

Levert, Octave Baton Rouge, La 1886-87 

Levert, Robert L New Orleans, La 1905-06 

Levis, Arthur New Orleans, La 1895-96 

Levis, Frank New Orleans, La 1890-91 

Levis, Walter New Orleans, La 1890-91 

Levron, Junius A Houma, La 1901-02 

Levy, Daniel L New Orleans, La 1917-18 

Levy, Erskine W. Memphis, Tenn 1918-19 

Levy, Frederick Richmond, Va 1864-65 

Levy, Warren A New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Lewis, Irwin New Iberia, La 1895-96 

Lewis, Jessie Beluah Landing, Miss 1860-61 

Ligon, Eugene St. Louis, Mo 1888-89 

Ligon, Millard G St. Louis, Mo 1895-96 

Lima, Edward R Guatemala 1914-15 

Lima, Joseph M Guatemala, C. A 1913-14 

Lima, Roberto F Cuba 1919-20 

Lindsey, Fred E Jackson, Miss 1913-14 

Lindsey, James A Jackson, Miss 1913-14 

Lions, Elmer L La Place, La 1915-16 

Lipari, Joseph New Orleans, La 1886-87 

Lipscomb, Abner Gay Hill, Tex 1856-57 

Lira, Manuel Matamoras, Mex 1869-70 

Lira, Vincent Matamoras, Mex 1870-71 

Lisso, Alexander New Orleans, La 1886-87 

Lisso, Paul Conchatta, La 1891-92 

Little, Charles Mobile, Ala 1867-68 

Little James Mobile, Ala 1867-68 

Livaudais, Adolphe Jefferson, La 1850-51 

Livingston, George New Orleans, La 1852-53 

Livingston, William O Palatka, Fla 1918-19 

Lobit, Henry New Orleans, La 1S48-49 

Lobrano, Emile New Orleans, La 1866-67 

Lemoine, Lawrence P Cottonport, La. 1928-29 

Levert, John B Biloxi, Miss 1926-27 

Livaudais, O. S New Orleans, La 1927-28 

Loez, Victor New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Loftis, Thomas Montrose, Ala 1877-78 

Logan, Bruce Dawes, Ala 1913-14 

Logan, Joseph E St. Charles, Ala 1849-50 

Logan, George J Fayette, Miss 1921-22 

Lomasto. Francisco - Tabasco, Mex 1858-59 

Lombardo, Frank A New Orleans, La 1917-18 

Lombillo, Diego Cardenas, Cuba ,..1879-8J 

Lombillo, Manuel Cardenas, Cuba 1875-76 

Lombillo, Pedro Cardenas, Cuba 1877-78 

Lompley, William A Mississippi 1862-63 

Long, B. F Memphis, Tenn 1925-26 

Long', Everette Grand Bay, Ala 1927-28 


Long, Leo J New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Long, Jeremiah Springhill, Ala 1851-52 

Long, Nicholas J New Orleans, La 1910-11 

Long, Samuel Selma, Ala 1882-83 

Long, Vandepool Springhill, Ala 1851-52 

Longly, Atwood Mobile, Ala 1864-65 

Longorio, Emilo Matamoras, Mex 1876-77 

Longorio, Francisco ..Matamoras, Mex 1862-53 

Longorio, Vidal Matamoras, Mex 1856-57 

Looney, Frank Shreveport, La 1922-23 

Looney, Fred L. Shreveport. La. 1923-24 

Lopez, Antonio Matamoras, Mex 1852-53 

Lopez, Bathomew Mobile, Ala 1855-56 

Lopez, Camille Cordoba, Mex 1911-12 

Lopez, Clifford A St. Augustine, Fla 1918-19 

Lopez, Frederico Havana, Cuba 1880-81 

Lopez, Fulgentius Havana, Cuba 1882-83 

Lopez, Julius M ...Biloxi, Miss 1919-20 

Lopez, Justus Havana, Cuba 1879-80 

Lopez, Lazard Biloxi, Miss 1890-91 

Lorenz, Charles New Orleans, La 1866-67 

Lott, Y. D. Jr Jackson, Miss 1923-24 

Loughborough, Nathan St. John Babtist, La 1851-52 

Louis, Joseph Beaumont, Tex 1901-02 

Louisell, Clifton M Mobile, Ala 1908-09 

Louisell, Cyril J Mobile, Ala . 1926-27 

Louque, Adrien -St. John Babtist, La 1858-59 

Louque, Charles New Orleans, La 1858-59 

Lourcey, Cornelius J St. Joe, Fla 1918-19 

Loving, William St. Augustine, Fla 1863-64 

Lowe, Paul Frederick, Md 1861-62 

Lowe. Samuel Montgomery, Ala 1856-57 

Lowe, Vivian Frederick, Md 1861-62 

Lowenstein, Aaron Mobile, Ala 1898-99 

Lowenstein, Henry C Mobile, Ala 1906-07 

Lowenstein, Leopold Mobile, Ala 1919-20 

Lowenstein, Sidney Mobile, Ala 1893-94 

Lowenstein, Victor Mobile, Ala 1891-92 

Lowery, Edward B New Orleans, La 1908-09 

Lucas, Alphonse Biloxi, Miss 1918-19 

Lucas, Alfred Mt. Meigs, Ala 1850-51 

Lucas, Robert Savannah, Ga 1927-28 

Lucas, William St. Thomas, Fla 1889-90 

Luckett, Fenton H Atlanta, Ga 1920-21 

Luckett, Oliver Canton, Miss 1854-55 

Luckett, Richard Canton, Miss 1854-55 

Luckett, Sherrod Canton, Miss 1854-55 

Luckett, Thomas Canton, Miss 1854-55 

Luckett, Winter B Washington, D. C 1923-24 

Lujan, Santos Guatemala, C. A 1915-16 

Lunny, John Mobile, Ala 1859-60 

Lurry, Hugh T Colfax, La 1925-26 

Lurry, Walter Colfax, La 1923-24 

Luther, Charles New Orleans, La 1897-98 


Luther, John W New Orleans, La 1892-93 

Lutz, Louis Algiers, La 1919-20 

Lutz, William Canton, Miss 1896-97 

Lyles, Clark .Dallas, Co., Ala 1865-66 

Lyles, John Dallas Co., Ala 1865-66 

Lynch, Carter W Chattanooga, Tenn 1912-13 

Lynch, James Atlanta, Ga 1872-73 

Lynch, James Atlanta, Ga 1882-83 

Lynch, John J Atlanta, Ga 1865-66 

Lynch, Thomas Mobile, Ala 1885-86 

Lynd, Earnest New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Lyon, Leroy Demopolis, Ala 1860-61 

Lyons, Alfred Mobile, Ala 1863-64 

Lyons, Cornelius Mobile, Ala 1857-58 

Lyons, Guy F Crowley, La 1923-24 

Lyons, Herbert Mobile, Ala 1893-94 

Lyons, James Houston, Tex 1895-96 

Lyons, John Mobile, Ala 1852-53 

Lyons, Joseph T Lebanon, Ky 1923-24 

Lyons, Lebaron Mobile, Ala 1884-85 

Lyons, Marcus Mobile, Ala 1854-55 

Lyons, Mark Mobile, Ala 1892-93 

Lyons, Michael Ireland 1848-49 

Lyons, Sidney , Mobile, Ala 1876-77 

Lytal, James T West Palm Beach, Fla 1919-20 

Macheo, John New Orleans, La 1886-87 

Mackin, James P Birmingham, Ala 1911-12 

Mackin, Louis Birmingham, Ala 1912-13 

Mackin, Paul F Birmingham, Ala 1911-12 

Mackin, Terence Birmingham, Ala 1927-28 

Mackinley, J. Allison Tampa, Fla 1916-17 

Macou, Henry New Orleans, La 1882-83 

Macy, Robert Bon Secour, Ala 1876-77 

Macy, Robert New Orleans, La 1847-48 

Mader, Francis Montgomery, Ala 1887-88 

Madigan, Joseph Mobile, Ala 1880-81 

Magee, Francis Pensacola, Fla 1858-59 

Magevney, Eugene Memphis, Tenn 1861-62 

Magevney, Michael Memphis, Tenn 1866-67 

Magi, James New Orleans, La 1875-76 

Magill, Richard V Greenville, S. C 1922-23 

Maginnis, Albert New Orleans, La 1851-52 

Maguire, Jaohn Montgomery, Ala 1865-66 

Maguire, Walter Mobile, Ala 1870-71 

Maher, Albert New Orleans, La 1851-52 

Maher, Joseph A Augusta, Ga 1919-20 

Maher, Richard J Algiers, La 1918-19 

Mahoney, John H Dublin, Ga ,.1914-15 

Mahoney, Vincent Dublin, Ga 1917-18 

Mahorner, Bernard T Mobile, Ala 1923-24 

Mahorner, James K Mobile, Ala 1917-18 

Mahorner, Howard R Mobile, Ala 1916-17 

Mahorner, Louis D Mobile, Ala 1923-24 


Mahorner, Matthias Macon, Miss 1889-90 

Mahorner, Matthias Mobile, Ala 1916-17 

Majcau, J. Hippolyte ..New Orleans, La 1888-89 

Major, Aminitas J New Roads, La 1918-19 

Major, Joseph H Oscar, La 1905-06 

Major, Leroy New Roads, La 1918-19 

Malarcher, Charles St. James, La 1858-59 

Malarcher, Jules St. James, La 1858-59 

Malhiot, Francis Paincourtville, La 1857-58 

Mallard, Paul New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Malloy, Joseph W Lake Charles, La 1922-23 

Malloy, Francis Mobile, Ala 1858-59 

Malone, James Macon, Ga : 1863-64 

Maloney, Paul New Orleans, La 1894-95 

Manade, Felix St. John Babtist, La. 1858-59 

Manade, Paul St. John Babtist, La 1858-59 

Manahan, Edmund D Aberdeen, Miss 1863-64 

Manahan, John J Mobile, Ala 1906-07 

Mandal, Franklin New Orleans, La 1874-75 

Mandal, Oluf New Orleans, La 1874-75 

Manent, Michael Algeciras, Spain 1859-60 

Manigan, Edward J Memphis, Tenn 1919-20 

Manigan, Emile New Orleans, La 1873-74 

Manigan, Henry New Orleans, La 1873-74 

Manigan, Peter E Memphis, Tenn 1919-20 

Manion, John E New Orleans, La.. 1918-19 

Manly, James Mobile, Ala 1858-59 

Mann, Wesley Galveston, Tex 1900-01 

Mannoccir, J. Earle Memphis, Tenn 1901-02 

Manser, Robert Mobile, Ala 1876-77 

Mante, Cosmas Rio Grande, Tex 1880-81 

Mante, Joseph Rio Grande, Tex 1877-78 

Manucy, Howard C St. Augustine, Fla 1918-19 

Marchesseau, George New Orleans, La 1866-67 

Marcos, Yzquierdo G Seville, Spain 1904-05 

Maresma, Joseph Cardenas, Cuba 1877-78 

Marigny, Mandeville New Orleans, La 1860-61 

Marin, Francis Havana, Cuba 1859-60 

Marin, H. Julius Havana, Cuba 1859-60 

Marine, E. F Patterson, La 1928-29 

Marion, Albert New Orleans, La 1883-84 

Marion, Etienne New Orleans, La 1875-76 

Marionneaux, Alvin Plaquemine, La 1891-92 

Marionneaux, Henry New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Markstein, Solomon Mobile, Ala 1854-55 

Martin, Joseph Clarksville, Tenn 1925-26 

Martin, Joseph H Clarksville, Tenn 1925-26 

Marquez, Antonio Mobile, Ala 1857-58 

Marquez, Crescendo Havana, Cuba 1858-59 

Marquez, Jose Matamoras, Mex 1875-76 

Marquez, Ricardo New Orleans, La 1866-67 

Marquez, Richard New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Marr, Constant Mt. Eagle, Tenn 1893-94 

Marrast, Henry Tuscaloosa, Ala 1848-49 


Marrast, John Mobile, Ala 1864-65 

Marrast, William Mobile, Ala 1864-65 

Marrero, Augustin St. Bernard, La 1871-72 

Marrero, Casmir New Orleans, La 1866-67 

Marrero, Frank St. Bernard, La 1870-71 

Marrero, Lucien New Orleans, La 1866-67 

Marsdouet, Philip .New Orleans, La. 1854-55 

Marston, Charles A Mobile, Ala 1918-19 

Marston, Herman Mobile, Ala 1922-23 

Marston, John Mobile, Ala 1849-50 

Marston, Samuel J Mobile, Ala 1916-17 

Martel, Alcide Franklin, La 1907-08 

Martel. Earl J Franklin, La 1922-23 

Martel, J. Sully Franklin, La 1907-08 

Martin, Alfred New Orleans, La 1881-82 

Martin, Andrew L Plaquemine, La 1910-11 

Martin, Claud C St. Martinsville, La 1896-97 

Martin, Charles J Plaquemine, La 1909-10 

Martin, Edmund Washington, La 1877-78 

Martin. Francis M Plaquemine, La 1909-10 

Martin, Francis P New York City, N. Y 1910-11 

Martin, Garrett New Orleans, La 1920-21 

Martin, James New Orleans, La 1853-54 

Martin, James St. Martinsville, La 1894-95 

Martin, John Laredo, Tex 1897-98 

Martin, Joseph H Clarksville, Tenn 1925-26 

Martin, Laurent New Orleans, La 1852-53 

Martin, Lawrence New Orleans, La 1878-79 

Martin, Robert L Mobile, Ala 1883-84 

Martin, Reece, Jr ...Montgomery, Ala 1915-16 

Martin, Thomas Point a la Hache, La 1881-82 

Martin, Valsin New Orleans, La 1851-52 

Martin, William P Clarksville, Tenn 1923-24 

Martinez, Albert New Orleans, La 1870-71 

Martinez, Edward New Orleans, La 1870-71 

Martinez, F. Onesimo Merida Yucatan, Mex 1905-06 

Martinez, Felipe Havana, Cuba 1873-74 

Martinez, Francisco Matamoras, Mex 1849-50 

Martinez, Frank -New Orleans, La 1870-71 

Martinez, Jesus M Randado, Tex 1885-86 

Martinez, John F Belle Helene, La 1899-00 

Martinez, Raphael Mobile, Ala 1895-96 

Marty, Miguel Bay St. Louis, Miss 1852-53 

Marure, Raymond Cordoba, Mex 1911-12 

Marx, Edward Mobile, Ala 1863-64 

Marx, Henry Demopolis, Ala 1892-93 

Marx, Jonas Georgia 1918-19 

Marx, Jacob Mobile, Ala 1869-70 

Marx, Julius Demopolis, Ala 1892-93 

Marx, Lee Tuscaloosa, Ala 1883-84 

Marye, Armand Avoyelles, La 1859-60 

Marye, Edward Avoyelles, La 1859-60 

Marye, Octave Avoyelles, La 1859-60 

Mascaro, William New Orleans, La 1851-52 


Masich, Anthony M New Orleans, La 1908-09 

Masich, Ralph F New Orleans, La 1908-09 

Mason, Sidney Lutcher, La 1915-16 

Maspero, Gaston New Orleans, La 1871-72 

Maspero, Louis ..New Orleans, La 1864-65 

Masses, Jose Manzanas, Cuba 1873-74 

Massicot, Eugene New Orleans, La 1870-71 

Massicot, Theodore New Orleans, La 1870-71 

Massip, Ramon Havana, Cuba 1876-77 

Masters, Michael N St. Augustine, Fla 1918-19 

Masterson, James Mobile, Ala 1858-59 

Matharan, William New Orleans, La .....1879-80 

Mather, James Baton Rouge, La .....1856-57 

Matheson, Alexander Wilcox Co., Ala 1865-66 

Matheu, Charles Guatemala, C. A 1909-10 

Mathis, Benedict R New York, N. Y 1915-16 

Mattei, Sylvester S Mobile, Ala 1918-1& 

Matthews, Joseph W Mobile, Ala 1918-19 

Matthews, Van A Wisconsin 1925-26 

Mauldin, Vinton Monroeville, Ala 1866-67 

Maumus, Arthur New Orleans, La 1895-96 

Marreau, Emile La Fourche, La 1849-50 

Maurer, Joseph I. Galveston, Tex 1922-23 

Mauri, Alfredo Havana, Cuba 1876-77 

Maurian, Charles New Orleans, La 1894-95 

Maurin, Edmond Donaldsonville, La „..1872-73 

Maurin, J. Nolan New Orleans, La „..1922-23 

Maurin, Victor Donaldsonville, La 1869-70 

Maury, Edward « Wahola, Miss 1866-67 

Maury, Franklin Springhill, Ala 1920-21 

Maury, Frank Wahola, Miss 1865-66 

Maury, Harvey J ..Springhill, Ala 1918-19 

Maury, Richard Wahola, Miss 1865-66 

Maury, Richard W Springhill, Ala 1922-23 

Maussent, Edward Macon, Ga 1861-62 

Mauret, Harold C New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Maxan, Nestor Brownsville, Tex 1852-53 

Maxent, Henry New Orleans, La 1860-61 

Maxent, Thomas New Orleans, La 1870-71 

Maxent, Thomas M New Orleans, La 1903-04 

May, Harold C Huntsville, Ala 1918-19 

May, J. Marion Huntsville, Ala 1918-19 

May, Sidney Greensboro, Ala 1855-56 

Mayer, Albert New Orleans, La 1889-90 

Mayer, Francis New Orleans, La 1889-90 

Mayer, George L Marksville, La 1907-08 

Mayer, Reyan E Marksville, La 1912-13 

Mazange, Mamerto Mobile, Ala 1851-52 

Mead, Jos. W Jacksonville, Fla 1915-16 

Meador, Alexander A Winchester, Miss 1912-13 

Meador, Benjamin Winchester, Miss 1902-03 

Meador, Joseph G Winchester, Miss 1906-07 

Meara, James F Macon, Ga 1862-63 

Medina, Manuel Merida, Yucatan, Mex 1905-06 



Mediendo, Francisco Matamoras, Mex 1865-66 

Meighan, Joseph C Birmingham, Ala 1911-12 

Meilleur, Alfred New Orleans. La 1887-88 

Melancon, Abel Breaux Bridge, La 1891-92 

Melancon, Amilcar Ascension Parish, La 1859-60 

Melancon, Constant Ascension Parish, La 1876-77 

Melancon, Ernest Donaldsonville, La 1850-51 

Melancon, Girard Donaldsonville, La 1860-61 

Melancon, Gustave Donaldsonville, La 18F0-81 

Melancon, Leo Reserve, La 1882-83 

Melancon, Oscar Assumption Parish, La 1870-71 

Melancon, Walter Breaux Bridge, La 1892-93 

Mellen, Grenville New Orleans, La 1902-03 

Mellen, William F New Orleans, La 1902-03 

Melton, John Richmond, Va 1857-58 

Mena, L. Edward Managua, Nicaragua 1911-12 

Menard, William New Orleans, La 1874-75 

Mendoza, Alexander Havana, Cuba 1877-78 

Mendoza, J. Manuel Key West, Fla 1911-12 

Mendiolea, Alfred Merida Yucatan, Mex 1906-07 

Mendiolea, Manuel Merida Yucatan, Mex 1906-07 

Mendoza, Alexander Havana, Cuba 1877-78 

Mendoza, Antonio Havana, Cuba 1877-78 

Mendoza, Charles New Orleans, La 1858-59 

Meninger, Julius C Galveston, Tex 1900-01 

Menocal, Aurelie Havana, Cuba 1879-80 

Menocal, Jose Havana, Cuba 1879-80 

Mercer, John Atlanta, Ga 1873-74 

Mercier, Justin New Orleans, La 1876-77 

Mercier, Robert New Orleans, La 1878-79 

Mercier, Sidney New Orleans, La 1864-65 

Mericq, Octave - St. James, La 1849-50 

Merilh, Edmond L New Orleans, La 1914-15 

Merriman, Jack Chicago, 111 1920-21 

Merz, Francis New Orleans, La 1906-07 

Mestayer, Aristide St. Martinsville, La 1852-53 

Mestayer, Clarence A Louisiana 1918-19 

Mestayer, Francis New Iberia, La 1878-79 

Mestayer, Gaston St. Martinsville, La 1852-53 

Mestayer, Jules Faussepoints, La 1860-61 

Metzger, Edward Mobile, Ala 1918-19 

Metzger, John C Mobile, Ala 1910-11 

Mevers, Roy C New Orleans, La 1911-12 

Meyer, Bernard New Orleans, La 1917-18 

Meyer, Bernard Augusta, Ga 1925-26 

Meyer, Edwin L Thibodeaux, La 1908-09 

Meyer, Emmet T Thibodeaux, La 1910-11 

Meyer, Francis A Thibodeaux, La 1906-07 

Meyer, Hunter Portland, Ala 1865-66 

Meyer, John Mobile, Ala .'...1870-71 

Meyer, John New Orleans, La 1858-59 

Meyer, Lloyd L Thibodeaux, La 1915-16 

Meyers, Bennett G New York City, N. Y 1924-25 

Meyers, Joseph A New York City, N. Y 1919-20 



Miazza, James F New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Michael, George Demopolis, Ala 1859-60 

Michaeloffsky Mobile, Ala 1856-57 

Michel, Benjamin A. New Orleans, La 1863-64 

Michel, George New Orleans, La 1887-88 

Michel, Henry New Orleans, La 1860-61 

Michel, Julien New Orleans, La . 1848-49 

Michel, Louis New Orleans, La 1883-84 

Michel, Prosper Houma, La 1859-60 

Michel, W. Harrison New Orleans, La 1863-64 

Michelena, Jose Havana, Cuba 1877-78 

Michie, Marcel La Cieba Sp. Hond., C. A 1923-24 

Mier, Jose Campeche Yucatan, Mex. 1881-82 

Miguel, Enrique Monterey, Mex 1883-84 

Miguel, Jose Campeche, Yuc 1881-82 

Milan, Earnest New Orleans, La 1913-14 

Milan, Ramon Merida, Yuc. Mex 1857-58 

Milburn, Richard Milburn, La 1903-04 

Mildstein, Jacob Sagua La Grande, Cuba 1870-71 

Miles, Edward Yazoo City, Mex 1870-71 

Miles, Theus N New Orleans, La 1863-64 

Miles, Thomas '. Mobile, Ala 1852-53 

Miles, William R New Orleans, La 1863-64 

Milhas, Fernand J New Orleans, La 1915-16 

Millaudon, Henry New Orleans, La 1856-57 

Millaudon, Leopold New Orleans, La 1856-57 

Miller, Edward New Orleans, La 1902-03 

Miller, Frederic W Mobile, Ala 1901-02 

Miller, John Enterprise, Ala 1866-67 

Miller, T. Leslie Orange Grove, Miss 1912-13 

Miller, William New Orleans, La 1902-03 

Miller, William A Belton, Tex 1907-08 

Millington, Francis Lexington, Ky 1867-68 

Mills, S. Dow Mobile, Ala 1874-75 

Milmo, Bernard Jeanerette, La 1894-95 

Miltenberger, James New Orleans, La 1854-55 

Milton, Adlai J New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Minge, William Mobile, Ala 1883-84 

Minen, Ignatio Mexico City, Mex 1853-54 

Minor, Alphonsus R New Orleans, La 1898-99 

Minor, Henry Ascension Parish, La 1851-52 

Minor, Phillip Ascension Parish, La 1851-52 

Minor, William Ascension Parish, La 1851-52 

Mioton, John New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Miranda, Albert N New Orleans, La 1908-09 

Mire, Trasimond St. James, La 1865-66 

Miselen, George Honduras 1924-25 

Mistric, Angelas Leonville, La 1902-03 

Mistric, Oscar Leonville, La 1902-03 

Mistrot, William ..Waco, Tex 1892-93 

Mitchel, Arthur New Orleans, La 1866-67 

Mitchel, Charles Buena Vista, Ala 1859-60 

Mitchell, Francis X Philadelphia, Pa 1887-88 

Mitchell, Howard A Minneapolis, Minn 1916-17 


Mitchell, John New Orleans, La 1866-67 

Mitchell, Joseph Scranton, Miss 1897-98 

Mitchell, William Philadelphia, Pa 1887-88 

Mobley, James Allentown, Ala 1865-66 

Mobley, John Allentown, Ala 1860-61 

Mock, John Albany, Ga 1894-95 

Moffat, Victor C Key West, Fla 1909-19 

Mollet, John Elm Bluff, Ala 1859-60 

Monaghan, J. Jos .Memphis, Tenn 1916-17 

Monohan, John J New Orleans, La 1907-08 

Moncla, Louis Marksville, La 1900-01 

Monnier, Henry Demopolis, Ala 1856-57 

Monning, Howard W Chattanooga, Tenn 1912-13 

Monning, Leo Chattnooga, Tenn, 1912-13 

Monning, Norbert G Chatanooga, Tenn 1912-13 

Monroe, John B West Palm Beach, Fla 1922-23 

Montague, Charles Columbia, S. C 1857-58 

Montalvo, Ignacio Cuba 1919-20 

Monteleon, Anthony New Orleans, La 1896-97 

Monteleon, Benjamin New Orleans, La 1902-03 

Montemayor, Enrique Tarraulipas, Mex 1919-20 

Montreuil, Joseph New Orleans, La 1850-51 

Moody, Carter Mobile, Ala 1865-66 

Moog, Isaac Mobile, Ala 1877-78 

Moore, Edward Port Gibson, Miss 1860-61 

Moore, Eugene Mobile, Ala 1863-64 

Moore, George M New Orleans, La 1884-85 

Moore, Jacob S Columbus, Miss 1887-88 

Moore, James T Perdue Hill, Ala 1902-03 

Moore, John „ Mobile, Ala 1866-67 

Moore, John P Mobile, Ala 1863-64 

Moore, John L Galveston, Tex 1908-09 

Moore, John T New Orleans, La 1884-85 

Moore, Joseph A Augusta, Ga 1918-19 

Moore. Stephen Galveston, Tex 1896-97 

Moore, Taylor Fort Gibson, Miss 1870-71 

Moore, William L Yazoo City, Miss 1919-20 

Moore, William L Perdue Hill, Ala 1904-05 

Morales, Edelmiro, Jr Key West, Fla 1922-23 

Moragne, Francis T Gadsden, Ala 1902-03 

Morales, Francis Havana, Cuba 1876-77 

Morales, Herman L New Orleans, La 1902-03 

Morales, Pablo Nueva Leon, Mex 1852-53 

Moran, Denis S Indianapolis, Ind 1908-09 

Moran, Edward New Orleans, La 1882-83 

Moran, Peter New Orleans, La 1882-83 

Moran, Raymond A Clarksville, Tenn 1916-17 

More, Serafin Havana, Cuba 1857-58 

Moreda, Estanislas Havana, Cuba 1903-04 

Moreda, Juan Havana, Cuba 1904-05 

Morel, Charles New Orleans, La 1866-67 

Moreno, Delio Merida Yucatan, Mex 1905-06 

Moreno, Diego Mexico City, Mex 1854-55 

Moreno, Enrique Tamaupilas, Mex 1919-20 


Moreno, Julio Opam, Mex 1855-56 

Moreno, Nicholas New Orleans, La 1852-53 

Moreno, Stephen Pensacola, Fla 1885-86 

Morere, Francis C New Orleans, La 1907-08 

Moresi, Louis R Jeanerette, La 1905-06 

Morgan, Alfred Point Coupee, La 1861-62 

Morgan. Charles F Hattiesburg, Miss 1916-17 

Morgan, Gibbs : Baton Rouge, La 1856-57 

Morgan. John M Columbus, Miss 1882-83 

Morgan, Judson A Columbus, Miss 1882-83 

Morgan, Leo. H New Orleans, La 1923-24 

Morphy, Albert J Mexico City, Mex , 1888-89 

Morphy, Edward New Orleans, La 1850-51 

Morphy, James W Mexico City 1888-89 

Morphy, Louis G Mexico City 1889-90 

Morphy, Paul New Orleans, La 1850-51 

Morrill, George P Mobile, Ala 1925-26 

Morrill, Justin P Mobile, Ala 1925-26 

Morris, Geo. B Tampa, Fla 1926-27 

Morrow, Russel West Point, Miss 1908-09 

Mortimer, Frank H New Orleans, La 1884-85 

Mortimer, Paul E. Jr New Orleans, La 1917-18 

Morvant, Charles Thibodeaux, La 1893-94 

Morvant, Leonce Thibodeaux, La. 1894-95 

Morvant, Walter Thibodeaux, La 1893-94 

Moses, Charles J Tampa, Fla 1910-11 

Moses, Eugene New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Moses, Joseph L Tampa, Fla 1909-10 

Moslander, James A Mobile, Ala 1918-19 

Mottet, Elmer Cedar Grove, La, 1920-21 

Moulton, John C Mobile, Ala 1916-17 

Moulton, Russel Mobile, Ala 1919-20 

Mountain, John Mobile, Ala 1865-66 

Mountain, Samuel Mobile, Ala 1862-63 

Mouton, Rousseau Selma, Ala 1853-54 

Moye, Marion A Sandersville, Ga 1910-11 

Mudge, Edward New Orleans, La 1861-62 

Mudge, George New Orleans, La 1861-62 

Mueller, Frederick Selma, Ala 1900-01 

Mulcahy, Patrick J Montgomery, Ala 1914-15 

Mulcahy, Joseph J Montgomery, Ala 1918-19 

Muldon, Henry Mobile, Ala 1852-53 

Muldon. James Mobile, Ala 1850-51 

Muldon, James Mobile, Ala 1879-80 

Muldowney, Owen B Macon, Ga 1910-11 

Mulherin, Augustus J Augusta, Ga 1918-19 

Mulherin, Butler Augusta, Ga 1919-20 

Mulherin, Hugh Augusta, Ga 1918-19 

Mulherin, Charles P Augusta, Ga 1887-88 

Mulherin, John Augusta, Ga 1885-86 

Mulherin, Joseph L Augusta, Ga 1887-88 

Mulherin, Joseph A Augusta, Ga 1922-23 

Mulherin, Louis Augusta, Ga 1918-19 

Mulherin, Philip Augusta, Ga 1918-19 



Mulherin, William Augusta, Ga 1885-86 

Mulherin, William A Augusta, Ga 1909-10 

Mullane, Phillip O'B Birmingham, Ala. 1918-19 

Mullarkey, Henry K Fernandino, Fla 1920-21 

Mullarky, Austin P Augusta, Ga 1882-83 

Mullarky, Joseph A. Jr Augusta, Ga 1922-23 

Mullarky, William Augusta, Ga 1897-98 

Mullen, Jos. M Selma, Ala 1916-17 

Muller, Edmond A Galveston, Tex 1898-99 

Muller, J. Sauter New Orleans, La e 1898-99 

Muller, Rene Galveston, Tex 1893-94 

Muller, Richard T Galveston, Tex 1896-97 

Mulloy, William .Nashville, Tenn 1922-23 

Mulqueeny, William .Holyoke, Mass. * 1923-24 

Mulvain, F. B Illinois 1925-26 

Mulvihill, Michael J Vicksburg, Miss 1918-19 

Munis, Carlos Vera Cruz, Mex 1853-54 

Munis, Guillermo .Vera Cruz, Mex 1854-55 

Munoz, Delfino J Belize, Br. Honduras 1908-09 

Munoz, Juan Havana, Cuba 1855-56 

Munson, Henry A Bertie, La 1906-07 

Mure, William Spring Hill, Ala 1874-75 

Murga, John Havana, Cuba 1871-72 

Murga, de Rafael Zuleta, Mex 1893-94 

Murnan, John Birmingham, Ala 1920-21 

Murphy, Edward A Atlanta, Ga 1923-24 

Murphy, Clarence J Atlanta, Ga 1924-25 

Murphy, Edward G Tsabela de Sagua, Cuba 1916-17 

Murphy, Jack Alabama 1922-23 

Murphy, James J. Jr Victoria, Tex 1926-27 

Murphy, Jeremiah D Augusta, Ga 1883-84 

Murphy, John I Florida 1924-25 

Murphy, John Atlanta, Ga 1892-93 

Murphy, Louis H Apalachicola, Fla 1912-13 

Murphy, Marcellus Bowling Green, Ky 1923-24 

Murphy, Nicholas New Orleans, La 1875-76 

Murphy, P. S Apalachicola, Fla 1912-13 

Murphy, Rene New Orleans, La 1881-82 

Murphy, Timothy Mobile, Ala 1853-54 

Murphy, William New Orleans, La 1855-56 

Murray, Edward L Mobile, Ala 1913-14 

Murray, Henry R Mobile, Ala 1898-99 

Murray, James Mobile, Ala 1915-16 

Murray, John A Mobile, Ala 1908-09 

Murray, Joseph Mobile, Ala 1905-06 

Murray, Lawrence G Columbus, Miss 1908-09 

Murray, Richard F Mobile, Ala 1910-11 

Murray, William Port Gibson, Miss 1860-61 

Muscat, Joseph O Mobile, Ala 1925-26 

Muse, George New Orleans, La * 1876-77 

Muse, Herbert Plaquemine, Fla 1860-61 

Musgrove, Anatole New Orleans, La 1881-82 

Musgrove, Edgar New Orleans, La 1881-82 

Musgrove, Robert New Orleans, La 1869-70 


Musgrove, Robert New Orleans, La 1883-84 

Mutti, Anthony Abita Springs, La 1899-00 

McAdam, Otis B Montgomery, Ala 1901-02 

McAdam, William A New York City, N. Y 1900-01 

McAdory, James Mobile, Ala 1862-63 

McAfee, John Mobile, Ala 1904-05 

McAuley, John ..Pensacola, Fla 1853-54 

McArdle, James Birmingham, Ala. 1885-86 

McAllister, Robert Mobile, Ala 1920-21 

McAttee, John H Mobile, Ala 1920-21 

McCafferty, John Mobile, Ala 1863-64 

McCaleb, Francis F New Orleans, La 1889-90 

McCaleb, Howard .E., Jr New Orleans, La 1880-81 

McCaleb, James New Orleans, La 1880-81 

McCaleb, Joseph New Orleans, La 1894-95 

McCaleb, Thomas W New Orleans, La 1882-83 

McCann, Albert Mobile, Ala 1851-52 

McCarron, Charles Mobile, Ala. 1864-65 

McCarron, John Mobile, Ala 1864-65 

McCarthy, Fergus Montgomery, Ala 1878-79 

McCarthy, William Montgomery, Ala 1871-72 

McCarthy, William B Gainesville, Fla 1913-14 

McCarthy, John Gainesville, Fla 1913-14 

McCarthy, John J Fairhope, Ala 1909-10 

McCarthy, John T Houston, Tex 1918-19 

McCarty, George S Sandersville. Ga 1898-99 

McCarty, Patrick Saundersville, Ga 1886-87 

McCarty, Thomas V Saundersville, Ga 1899-00 

McCarty, Walter Shreveport, La 1865-66 

McCarty, William E Florida 1919-20 

McClendon, Robert C Maringouin, La 1904-05 

McClure, Allen W New Orleans, La 1919-20 

McClellan, Joseph D New York 1922-23 

McClintock, Horatio Mobile, Ala 1855-56 

McConnico, Timothy Allanton, Ala 1865-66 

McCormick, John San Antonio, Tex 1894-95 

McCormick, Vivian Yazoo City, Miss 1900-01 

McCormick, Wm. D Mobile, Ala 1925-26 

McCoy, Delinger Mobile, Ala 1853-54 

McCoy, Henry Mobile, Ala 1853-54 

McCoy, Lewis Springhill, Ala 1851-52 

McCoy, Robert Mobile, Ala 1863-64 

McCracken, William H Mississippi 1922-23 

McCracken, Earl, Jr Louisiana 1922-23 

McCreary, John Macon, Ga 1881-82 

McCreary, William Evergreen, Ala 1867-68 

McCue, Charles C Mobile, Ala 1922-23 

McCue, Joseph Yonkers, N. Y 1872-73 

McCullough, James St. Charles, La 1890-91 

McCutchon, Samuel Pass Christian, Miss 1865-66 

McDaniel, D. Leslie Bessemer, Ala 1910-11 

McDermott. John P Mobile, Ala 1918-19 

McDonald, Charles S Mobile, Ala 1912-13 



McDonald, Daniel Mobile, Ala 1885-86 

McDonald, Joseph Palm Beach, Fla 1901-02 

McDonald, Thomas W Mobile, Ala 1899-00 

McDonald, William Mobile, Ala 1884-85 

McDonnell, Edward R Springhill, Ala 1883-84 

McDonnell, Francis Galveston, Tex 1859-60 

McDonnell, George Jackson, Miss 1897-98 

McDonnell, Henry Mobile, Ala 1891-92 

McDonnell, Glennon, Jr Mobile, Ala 1926-27 

McDonnell, Harry T Mobile, Ala 1923-24 

McDonnell, James Mobile, Ala 1877-78 

McDonnell, John Galveston, Tex 1871-72 

McDonnell, James A Mobile, Ala 1924-25 

McDonnell, John Mobile, Ala ! 1872-73 

McDonnell, John Springhill, Ala 1876-77 

McDonnell, Owen Mobile, Ala 1896-97 

McDonnell, Thomas H Mobile, Ala 1922-23 

McDonnell, William Mobile, Ala 1877-78 

McDonnell, Wm Mobile, Ala 1927-28 

McDonough, Pat. A Whistler, Ala 1926-27 

McDonough, Thomas M Montgomery, Ala 1906-07 

McDevitt, Bernard Mobile, Ala 1859-60 

McDevitt, James Mobile, Ala 1859-60 

McEnery, Harry E New Orleans, La 1918-19 

McEnery, Samuel D Washite Parish, La 1850-51 

McEnnis, Bernard Houston, Tex 1912-13 

McEvoy, Edward C Mobile, Ala 1923-24 

McEvoy, Emanuel T Mobile, Ala 1914-15 

McEvoy, James H Mobile, Ala 1919-20 

McEvoy, Hugh J Mobile, Ala 1919-20 

McEvoy, Owen P Mobile, Ala 1918-19 

McEvoy, Owen E Mobile, Ala 1914-15 

McEvoy, Robert M Mobile, Ala 1914-15 

McFeely, Michael New Orleans, La 1859-60 

McGee, Hal Houston, Tex 1912-13 

McGee, Ralph D Eunice, La 1928-29 

McGeever, Patrick Birmingham, Ala 1925-26 

McGinty, John New Orleans, La 1873-74 

McGonnigal, John Mobile, Ala 1856-57 

McGonnigal, Thomas Mobile, Ala 1856-57 

McGovern, Francis Mobile, Ala 1866-67 

McGovern, James New York City 1860-61 

McGowen, Reuben Mobile, Ala 1848-49 

McGrath, Charles New Orleans, La 1874-75 

McGrath, Edward L Mobile, Ala 1926-27 

McGrath, Harold J Mobile, Ala 1926-27 

McGrath, James Mobile, Ala 1878-79 

McGrath, John Brookhaven, Miss 1896-97 

McGrath, Martin Brookhaven, Miss 1884-85 

McGrath, Michael Mobile, Ala ......1865-66 

McGrath, Thomas J Brookhaven, Miss 1900-01 

McGraw, George F Tampa, Fla 1918-19 

McGuire, John E Birmingham, Ala 1920-21 

McGuire, James New Orleans, La 1866-67 


McGullion, James Mobile, Ala 1856-57 

McGuyre, William Mobile, Ala 1857-58 

McHardy, Alex F New Orleans, La 1900-01 

McHardy, Colin A New Orleans, La 1908-09 

McHardy, Donald L New Orleans, La 1916-17 

McHardy, George G New Orleans, La 1900-01 

McHrady, James New Orleans, La 1900-01 

McHardy, Joseph New Orleans, La 1902-03 

McHardy, Norman A New Orleans, La 1906-07 

McHardy, Robert G Sinclaire, La 1916-17 

McHardy, William C New Orleans, La 1900-01 

McHatton, Thomas H Macon, Ga 1901-02 

McHugh, John E Orvile, Ala 1918-19 

Mcintosh, Louis B New York, N. Y 1913-14 

Mclntyre, Cornelius P Montgomery, Ala 1888-89 

Mclntyre, George New Orleans, La 1876-77 

Mclntyre, George New Orleans, La ...1872-73 

Mclntyre, James D Montgomery, Ala 1908-09 

McKean, Harold G Point Clear, Ala 1915-16 

McKeever, William Mobile, Ala. 1869-70 

McKenna, Edmond P New Orleans, La 1911-12 

McKenna, Frank L Tyler, Tex 1915-16 

McKeon, Charles A Point Clear, Ala 1917-18 

McKeon, James New Orleans, La 1901-02 

McKeon, Joseph New Orleans, La 1894-95 

McKeown, Charles W Rockledge, Fla 1920-21 

McKinney, Alexander Merida Yucatan, Mex 1892-93 

McKinney, Emilio E Mexico City, Mex 1921-22 

McKinney, George Louisiana 1920-21 

McKinnon, Felix A Miami, Fla 1917-18 

McKitrick, Wallace Baton Rouge, La 1858-59 

McKnight, Matthew A Beaumont, Tex 1907-08 

McLean, Charles E ..Mobile, Ala 1904-05 

McLelland, George Mobile, Ala 1864-65 

McMahon, Edward New Orleans, La 1902-03 

McMahon, Richard D New Iberia, La 1904-05 

McMahon, Thomas J Mobile, Ala 1918-19 

McMahon, William Tangipahoa, La 1887-88 

McManus, Frank A Pennsylvania 1922-23 

McMaster, Carey E McComb, Miss 1904-05 

McMillan, Ellis O Bay Minette, Ala 1918-19 

McMillan, Henry Springhill, Ala 1863-64 

McMillan, Horace A Meridian, Miss 1915-16 

McMurray, Walter J Macon, Ga 1918-19 

McMullen, Wilbur J. D Bastrop, La 1925-26 

McMullan, William Bowling Green, Ky 1920-21 

McNamara, Daniel B Mobile, Ala 1906-07 

McNamara, Emmett Mobile, Ala 1916-17 

McNamee, John Ensley, Ala 1900-01 

McPhillips, Henry Mobile, Ala 1894-95 

McPhillips, H. Manning Mobile, Ala 1911-12 

McPhillips, James Mobile, Ala 1882-83 

McPhillips, Joseph Mobile, Ala 1895-96 

McPhillips, Julian B Mobile, Ala 1911-12 



McRae, LeRoy W Mobile, Ala 1926-27 

McRae, Louillier New Orleans, La 1851-52 

McRae, Walter Washington Co., Ala 1854-55 

McShane, John W New Orleans, La 1918-19 

McVoy, Alexander Powelton, Fla 1883-84 

Nail, L. Alton New Orleans, La 1910-11 

Nalty, Bernard Brookhaven, Miss 1924-25 

Nalty, Eugene A Brookhaven, Miss 1910-11 

Nalty, Martin Natchez, Miss 1864-65 

Nanne, Joseph San Salvador 1920-21 

Naquin, T. Joseph Thibodeaux, La 1891-92 

Narreau, Joseph E New Orleans, La 1908-09 

Navarette, Gustave Havana, Cuba 1878-79 

Neale, Millard F New York City 1911-12 

Nealis, Thomas Chattanooga, Tenn 1861-62 

Needham, Richard J Columbus, Ga 1908-09 

Neeley, Girard J. Mobile, Ala 1919-20 

Neely, Duggan T Mobile, Ala 1902-03 

Neely, John Mobile, Ala 1900-01 

Neely, Peter Mobile, Ala 1902-03 

Neely, Pierre Neely, Miss 1915-16 

Neff, Elmer Bruce Tampa, Fla 1919-20 

Nelson, Charles G Mobile, Ala 1910-11 

Nelson, Conrad V Fordoche, La 1910-11 

Nelson, Ed. B Selma, Ala 1915-16 

Nelson, John P Mobile, Ala 1902-03 

Nelson, James New Orleans, La 1885-86 

Nelson, Louis Mobile, Ala 1905-06 

Nelson, Marbel E. Bay Minette, Ala 1905-06 

Neuberger, Arthur C Mobile, Ala 1907-08 

Neuburger, Isidore B Coffeeville, Miss 1887-88 

Neuburger, Jos Coffeeville, Miss 1871-72 

Neuberger, Lawrence B Mobile, Ala 1907-08 

Neuberger, Samuel G Birmingham, Ala 1907-08 

Neuhoff, Henry Nashville, Tenn 1915-16 

Neuhoff, Lorenz Nashville, Tenn 1921-22 

Newcomb, Arthur J Kansas City, Mo 1908-09 

Newhouse, Gilbert Demopolis, Ala 1892-93 

Newsham, Edward L St. Francisville, La 1908-09 

Newsham, G. Dewey St. Francisville, La 1910-11 

Newsham, Joseph P St. Francisville, La 1908-09 

Newsham, Preston L Baton Rouge, La 1919-20 

Nicaud, Henry New Orleans, La 1857-58 

Nicaud, Wallace M New Orleans, La 1921-22 

Nice, Charles New Orleans, La 1851-52 

Nicholas, Reuben Springhill, Ala 1865-66 

Nichols, J. Kirwin Galveston, Tex 1916-17 

Nickols, John Yazoo City, Miss 1862-63 

Nicolini, Guiseppe New Orleans, La \ 1865-66 

Nicrosi, J. Michael Montgomery, Ala 1900-01 

Nicrosi, Peter M Montgomery, Ala 1901-02 

Nicrosi, William K Montgomery, Ala 1905-06 

Nieto, Arthur M Spanish Honduras 1924-25 


Niland, J. Emmett Houston, Tex 1911-12 

Nixon, John W Augusta, Ga 1910-11 

Nixon, William M Augusta, Ga 1910-11 

Nogueras, Charles C Havana, Cuba 1907-08 

Noiret, Charles New Orleans, La 1890-91 

Nolan, Richard New Orleans, La 1847-48 

Nores, E. Urbain Tampa, Fla 1918-19 

Norman, C. Hubert Pass Christian, Miss 1911-12 

Northrup, Guy Pass Christian, Miss 1888-89 

Northrup, Lucius Charleston, S. C 1851-52 

Norton, Thomas Mobile, Ala 1852-53 

Norville, Joseph H Mobile, Ala 1901-02 

Norville, Thomas P Mobile, Ala 1899-00 

Norville, William Mobile, Ala : 1901-02 

Nott, Amaury New Orleans, La 1857-58 

Nott, Edgar New Orleans, La 1856-57 

Nott, Stirling J New Orleans, La 1889-90 

Nott, William New Orleans, La 1856-57 

Nouvet, Peter New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Novel, Charles J Louisiana 1926-27 

Novella, Alberto G Guatemala, C. A 1922-23 

Novella, Enrique C Guatemala, C. A 1922-23 

Novelo, Alfonso Progresso, Mex. 1904-05 

Nuila, Charles Sam Pedro, Sp. Honduras ....1906-07 

Nunn, William New Orleans, La 1899-00 

Nunez, Peter Spain 1880-81 

Oberkirch, James Mobile, Ala 1918-19 

Obias, Amado Havana, Cuba 1900-01 

O'Brien, Archibald Montgomery, Ala 1889-90 

O'Brien, Benson A Birmingham, Ala 1911-12 

O'Brien, Douglas Earlington, Ky 1897-98 

O'Brien, Henry Pensacola, Fla 1854-55 

O'Brien, Joseph J Birmingham, Ala 1911-12 

O'Brien, John Indianola, Tex 1852-53 

O'Brien, John D New Orleans, La 1856-57 

O'Brien, John E Earlington, Ky 1899-00 

O'Brien, John M New Orleans, La 1882-83 

O'Brien, Joseph Montgomery, Ala 1887-88 

O'Brien, Michael Montgomery, Ala 1889-90 

O'Brien, William A Montgomery, Ala 1922-23 

O'Brien, William New Orleans, La 1859-60 

O'Brien, William Colon, Panama 1906-07 

O'Brien, William Mobile, Ala 1848-49 

O'Briozola, Enrique Chattanooga, Tenn 1890-91 

O'Briozola, Marcelino Havana, Cuba 1875-76 

O'Briozola, Pedro Havana, Cuba 1873-74 

O'Bryne, John H Augusta, Ga 1919-20 

O'Connell, Bernard M Havana, Cuba 1873-74 

O'Connell, Daniel Montgomery, Ala 1887-88 

O'Connell, H. Alvin Mobile, Ala 1906-07 

O'Connell, James Mobile, Ala 1889-90 

O'Connor, Charles Selma, Ala 1884-85 

O'Connor, Benson J Augusta, Ga 1926-27 



O'Connor, Claude M Mobile, Ala 1911-12 

O'Connor, Edward Macon, Ga 1892-93 

O'Connor, Gerald A Augusta, Ga 1918-19 

O'Connor, Harry J Augusta, Ga 1918-19 

O'Connor, John Augusta, Ga 1888-89 

O'Connor, John F Savannah, Ga 1862-G3 

O'Connor, Joseph Angua, Tex 1895-96 

O'Connor, Joseph J Augusta, Ga 1919-20 

O'Connor, Justin V Elmira, N. Y 1913-14 

O'Connor, Lawrence W Victoria, Tex 1904-05 

O'Connor, Miles J Washington, Ga 1918-19 

O'Connor, Patrick J Savannah, Ga 1905-06 

O'Connor, Patrick J Savannah, Ga 1918-19 

O'Connor, T. James Victoria, Tex 1904-05 

O'Connor, Thomas Birmingham, Ala 1872-73 

O'Connor, Thomas Anaqua, Tex 1895-96 

O'Connor, Thomas J Victoria, Tex 1905-06 

O'Connor, Thomas M Augusta, Ga 1906-07 

O'Connor, Thomas S Mobile, Ala 1924-25 

O'Connor, William J Victoria, Tex 1904-05 

Oden, Earnest H Laurel, Miss 1922-23 

O'Dena, Charles Atlanta, Ga 1862-63 

O'Donnell, Harold W Houston, Tex 1918-19 

O'Donohue, Thomas Augusta, Ga 1870-71 

O'Dowd, Edward C Augusta, Ga 1913-14 

O'Dowd, Louis J Augusta, Ga 1914-15 

O'Dowd, William M Augusta, Ga 1918-19 

O'Dwyer, Prank Montgomery, Ala 1870-71 

Oehmichen, Alphonse New Orleans, La 1867-68 

O'Plinn, John E Selma, Ala 1904-05 

Ogden, DeWees Mobile, Ala 1848-49 

Ogden, Henry D New Orleans, La 1922-23 

O'Grady, Dominic Mobile, Ala 1865-66 

O'Grady, John Mobile, Ala 1865-66 

O'Grady, Joseph M Chattanooga, Tenn 1912-13 

O'Hara, Michael New Orleans, La 1867-68 

O'Hara, Richard J Plataka, Fla 1905-06 

O'Keefe, Thomas Augusta, Ga 1852-53 

O'Kelly, Thomas Port Gibson, Miss 1860-61 

Oldham, Leslie M Jacksonville, Fla 1917-18 

Oldshue, P. William Aberdeen, Miss 1863-64 

O'Leary, Cornelius W New Orleans, La 1912-13 

O'Leary, James Pensacola, Fla 1888-89 

O'Leary, John P Vicksburg, Miss 1885-86 

O'Leary, Joseph L Montgomery, Ala 1901-02 

O'Leary, J. Pearce New Orleans, La 1911-12 

O'Leary, Richard Vicksburg, Miss 1885-86 

O'Leary, William J Pensacola, Fla 1887-88 

Oliva, Jose L Cuba 1918-19 

Oliver, Charles C Pensacola, Fla. 1913-14 

Oliver, Mack Montgomery, Ala 1867-68 

Oliver, Marshall N Mobile, Ala 1919-20 

Oliver, Stephen New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Oliver, Thomas Montgomery, Ala 1867-68 


Oliveria, A. Edwin New Orleans, La 1910-11 

Oliveros, Battolo Savannah, Ga 1875-76 

Olivier, Cesaire New Orleans, La 1864-65 

Olivier, Charles A Frozard, La 1903-04 

Olivier, Francis A Frozard, La 1903-04 

Olivier, Joseph V -Frozard, La 1864-65 

Olivier, Leo E Morgan City, La 1907-08 

Olivier, Maurice Cade, La 1896-97 

Olivier, Whitney J Lydia, La 1918-19 

Ollinger, Charles G Mobile, Ala 1911-12 

Ollinger, Ellis V Mobile, Ala 1922-23 

Ollinger, Rodney M Mobile, Ala 1912-13 

Olsen, Joseph T. Fort Morgan, Ala 1915-16 

O'Meara, John Mobile, Ala 1858-59 

O'Neil, Edward L Vicksburg, Miss 1908-09 

O'Neil, John Meridian, Miss 1918-19 

O'Neill, Alonzo Natchez, Miss 1907-08 

O'Neill, Bernard Natchez, Miss 1864-65 

O'Neill, Herbert Baldwin, Miss 1899-00 

O'Neill, Richard T Vicksburg, Miss 1904-05 

Onorato, Joseph L New Orleans, La 1883-84 

O'Reilly, Charles Mobile, Ala 1856-57 

O'Reilly, Hiram T Yazoo City, Miss 1912-13 

O'Reilly, Ignatius Mobile, Ala 1861-62 

O'Reilly, John Mobile. Ala 1855-56 

O'Reilly, William New Orleans, La 1919-20 

Orfila, Francis New Orleans, La 1908-09 

Oriol, John New Orleans, La 1872-73 

Oriol, Ramon New Orleans, La 1854-55 

Ortega, Adolfo D Managus, Nicaragua 1912-13 

Ortega, Pablo Havana, Cuba 1875-76 

Ortelli, John Mobile, Ala 1858-59 

Ortiz, Louis Laredo, Tex 1876-77 

Ortmann, A. Henry Mobile, Ala 1916-17 

O'Rourke, Daniel J Selma, Ala 1916-17 

O'Rourke, Francis J Chicago, 111 1905-06 

Orsi, Francis A Canton, Miss 1907-08 

Ory, Daniel Laplace, La 1899-00 

Ory, Joseph Laplace, La 1899-00 

O'Shee, Clarence J New Orleans, La 1915-16 

O'Shee, William Alexandria, La 1920-21 

Osio, Carlos Mexico City, Mex 1887-88 

O'Sullivan, Thomas A New Orleans, La 1894-95 

Otero, Juan Havana, Cuba 1871-72 

Otero, Rafael Merida Yucatan, Mex 1866-67 

Otero, Rafael B New Orleans, La 1883-84 

Otero, Sidney New Orleans, La 1894-95 

Otis, Albert New Orleans, La 1898-99 

Otis, Sidney New Orleans, La 1898-99 

Otto, John C New Orleans, La 1919-20 

Ovalle, Nestor Keith San Jose, Costa Rica, C. A. 1900-01 

Overby, W. Thomas Richland, Ga 1915-16 

Overton, Henry New Orleans, La 1873-74 

Owen, Calvin M Mobile, Ala 1880-81 



Owen, Herman Columbus, Miss 1908-09 

Owen, James T Whitecastle, La 1903-04 

Owens, Edward M Arcadia, Tex 1903-04 

Owens, George Galveston, Tex 1893-94 

Owens, Joseph R New Orleans, La 1910-11 

Owens, Richard Victoria, Tex 1876-77 

Ozella, Joseph Mobile, Ala 1925-26 

Pake, Lee Mobile, Ala 1877-78 

Palliser, Joseph Mobile, Ala 1870-71 

Palliser, Philip Mobile, Ala 1869-70 

Palms, Robert Lakeside, Tex 1892-93 

Pankey, Stephen Winona, Miss 1892-93 

Pardo, Mateo Tampa, Pla 1926-27 

Pardue, Charles * Springhill, Ala 1866-67 

Pardue, Sherman New Orleans, La. 1906-07 

Parent, Francis New Orleans, La 1856-57 

Parga, Jose Cornua, Spain 1864-65 

Parker, Marsena Battles Wharf, Ala 1880-81 

Parker, Robert M Jackson, Miss 1908-09 

Parker, Thomas Molino Mills, Fla. 1870-71 

Parslow, Frederick D Tampa, Fla 1906-07 

Parslow, Joseph G Tampa, Fla 1904-05 

Parslow, Paul I Tampa, Fla 1907-08 

Partridge, Frederick C Bladon Springs, Ala 1918-19 

Partridge, Thomas Bladon Springs, Ala., 1863-64 

Pascal, Jos New Orleans, La 1870-71 

Pascoe, William B Nevada City, Cal 1918-19 

Patrick, Robert Mobile, Ala 1849-50 

Patterson, Francis Seale, Ala 1920-21 

Patterson, Henry S Ft. Mitchell, Ala 1908-09 

Patterson, Jerome, A Oswichee, Ala 1883-84 

Patterson, Louis Oswichee, Ala 1884-85 

Patterson, Madison Ft. Mitchell, Ala 1910-11 

Patterson, William O Ft. Mitchell, Ala 1915-16 

Patout, Aristide Jeanerette, La 1883-84 

Patout, Gaston New Iberia, La 1900-01 

Patout, Henry New Iberia, La 1897-98 

Patout, Ory Patoutville, La 1896-97 

Patout, Oswell P Patoutville, La 1904-05 

Patout, Phillip Baldwin, La 1905-06 

Patout, Rivers P Patoutville, La 1886-87 

Patout, Sebastain S Patoutville, La 1904-05 

Patout, Sidney New Iberia, La 1897-98 

Patout, William Patoutville, La 1922-23 

Paty, Clarence L New Orleans, La 1908-09 

Pavy, James R Opelousas, La 1922-23 

Pearce, Charles Mobile, Ala 1909-10 

Pearson, Robert Mobile, Ala r... 1895-96 

Pease, Henry Savannah, Ga 1862-63 

Pecina, John Brownsville, Tex 1876-77 

Peck, Fred J Lafayette, La 1923-24 

Pecoul, Ferdinand St. Charles, La 1873-74 

Pedneau, Thomas A North Carolina 1922-23 


Peebles, Robert .Wilcox, Ala 1867-68 

Pell, George Egypt, Miss 1866-67 

Pell, Jefferson Egypt, Miss 1865-66 

Pelanne, Andrew New Orleans, La 1858-59 

Pellerin, Alexander St. Marys, La 1852-53 

Pellerin, Felix, Jr Breaux Bridge, La 1927-28 

Pemberton, John New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Pemberton, William New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Penalver, Jose Havana, Cuba 1876-77 

Pena, Mariano Piedad Cevadas, Mex 1872-73 

Peniche, Diego Merida Yucatan, Mex 1915-16 

Peniche, Efrain Merida Yucatan, Mex 1915-16 

Peniche, F. Adolpho Merida Yucatan, Mex 1915-16 

Penn Davidson New Orleans, La 1850-51 

Penney, William T New Orleans, La 1922-23 

Peon, Alonzo Merida Yucatan, Mex 1913-14 

Peon, Arturo Merida Yucatan, Mex 1853-54 

Peon, Arturo Merida Yucatan, Mex 1904-05 

Peon, Eduardo Merida Yucatan, Mex 1854-55 

Peon, Gonzalo Merida Yucatan, Mex 1866-67 

Peon, Ignacio Merida Yucatan, Mex 1856-57 

Peon, Ignatius ..Merida Yucatan, Mex 1913-14 

Peon, Joaquin Merida Yucatan, Mex 1907-08 

Peon, Joquin Merida Yucatan, Mex 1866-67 

Peon, Lorenzo Merida Yucatan, Mex 1853-54 

Peon Miguel Merida Yucatan, Mex 1854-55 

Peon, Peter Merida Yucatan, Mex 1911-12 

Peon, Miguel A Merida Yucatan, Mex 1916-17 

Pepin, Arnold New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Pepin, Earnest New Orleans, La 1873-74 

Pepper, Walter Mobile, Ala 1876-77 

Peralta, Ancarsis Tabasco, Mex 1854-55 

Percy, Felix New Orleans, La 1849-50 

Pereda, Jose Havana, Cuba 1872-73 

Perez, Alonso Manzanas, Cuba 1850-51 

Perez, Dario H Mobile, Ala 1884-85 

Perez, Francisco Havana, Cuba 1874-75 

Perez, Juan Havana, Cuba 1875-76 

Perez, Julius Mobile, Ala 1924-25 

Pere,z Louis E Mobile, Ala 1923-24 

Perez, Marcello Matamoras, Mex 1849-50 

Perez, Ramon Havana, Cuba 1875-76 

Perez, Suzanno Matamoras, Mex 1849-50 

Perez, Victor Mobile, Ala 1884-85 

Perrault, Armand Natchez, Miss 1856-57 

Perrault, Edward Natchez, Miss 1856-57 

Perrault, Samuel Natchez, Miss 1856-57 

Perrin, Emile New Orleans, La 1914-15 

Perrin, Reginald J New Orleans, La 1914-15 

Perrin, Vincent R New Orleans, La 1914-15 

Perrodin, Ferreol Opelousas, La 1860-61 

Perrodin, Jacques Opelousas, La 1886-87 

Perry, William Meridian, Miss 1928-29 

Perry, William S Mobile, Ala 1919-20 



Perryman, Samuel Enterprise, Miss 1866-67 

Perryman, Sidney Mobile, Ala 1870-71 

Pertuit, George St. James, La 1909-10 

Pertuit, Henry J St. James, La 1910-11 

Peter, Joseph Mobile, Ala 1863-64 

Peter, Philip Mobile, Ala 1867-68 

Peter, Victor New Orleans, La 1855-56 

Peters, Louis Mobile, Ala 1865-66 

Peters, Leonard El Paso, Tex 1922-23 

Peters, Thomas K St. Louis, Mo 1907-08 

Peterson, John Mobile, Ala 1861-62 

Peterson, Theodore T New Orleans, La 1916-17 

Petit, Edmund Charleston, S. C 1867-68 

Petit, Edward New Orleans, La 1858-59 

Petit, Victor New Orleans, La 1858-59 

Petitpain, Francis Brownsville, Tex 1881-82 

Petitpain, Louis Brownsville, Tex 1878-79 

Peterson, James L Pensacola, Fla 1882-83 

Petree, Eugene Pensacola, Fla 1918-19 

Petrovits, Stephen J Torrington, Conn 1925-26 

Pettier, Henry Bayou Goula, La 1866-67 

Peugnet, Amedee A St. Louis, Mo 1921-22 

Peychaud, Amadee New Orleans, La 1854-55 

Peychaud, Charles New Orleans, La 1848-49 

Peychaud, Henry New Orleans, La 1849-50 

Peyroux, Charles St. Charles, La 1858-59 

Pfau, Charles P. Springhill, Ala 1862-63 

Pfau, Philip Springhill, Ala 1871-72 

Pfeferle, Theodore Pensacola, Fla 1872-73 

Pffeiffer, John Pensacola, Fla 1875-76 

Pfister, Florance New Orleans, La 1902-03 

Pfister, Louis New Orleans, La 1898-99 

Pharis, Earle C Mobile, Ala 1918-19 

Phelan, James New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Phifer, Edw Mobile, Ala 1865-66 

Philips, Robert New Orleans, La 1881-82 

Philips, Tarleton P New Orleans, La 1902-03 

Phillippe, Antonio ..„ Mobile, Ala 1873-74 

Phillippi, Charles . 1879-80 

Phillips, Charles E Sherman, Tex 1926-27 

Phillips, Henry New Orleans, La 1857-58 

Phillips, Ralph R Torras, La 1911-12 

Piaggio, Enrico New Orleans, La 1852-53 

Piazza, Joseph L New Orleans, La 1922-23 

Picard, Achille St. Charles, La 1869-70 

Picard, Orfila St. Charles, La 1871-72 

Pichon, David Bonfouca, La 1858-59 

Pichon, Francis Bonfouca, La 1858-59 

Pichon, Hippolyte Bonfouca, La 1858-59 

Pichon, Joseph New Orleans, La : 1849-50 

Pie, Adrien Havana, Cuba 1856-57 

Piemas, Alfred New Orleans, La 1849-50 

Pierce, Charles J - Jacksonville, Fla 1912-13 

Pierotti, Leo Memphis, Tenn 1925-26 


Pierrotti, Harry Memphis, Tenn 1927-28 

Pierson, Clarence Alexandria, La 1920-21 

Pigeon, Rodolphe New Orleans, La 1866-67 

Pigeon, William New Orleans, La. 1866-67 

Pigott, Charles F Chicago, 111 1914-15 

Pillet, Julien Mobile, Ala 1852-53 

Pillichody, Albert Mobile, Ala 1876-77 

Pillichody, Henry Mobile, Ala 1876-77 

Pinkus, Alfonso Merida Yucatan, Mex 1905-06 

Pinkus, Joachim V Merida Yucatan, Mex 1918-19 

Pinero, Jose Matamoras, Mex 1876-77 

Pineyeo, Ricardo Havana, Cuba 1859-60 

Pinkerton, Max Souwilpa, Ala 1917-18 

Pino, Adolphe Havana, Cuba 1899-00 

Pino, Earnesto Havana, Cuba 1899-00 

Pino, Juan Havana, Cuba 1899-00 

Pintado, Anthony j Assumption, La 1869-70 

Pitot, Edward New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Pitot, Gustave New Orleans, La 1852-53 

Pitot, Jas New Orleans, La 1877-78 

Pitroff, John Mobile, Ala 1870-71 

Pitzini, Chas Mobile, Ala 1865-66 

Planche, Charles New Orleans, La 1872-73 

Planiol, Jaime Barcelona, Spain 1907-08 

Plassau, Adolphe New Orleans, La 1861-62 

Plassau, Alfred St. Charles, La 1871-72 

Plassau, Armand St. Charles, La 1871-72 

Plassau, Charles New Orleans, La 1860-61 

Plassau, Hippolyte St. Charles, La 1871-72 

Plassau, Raymond St. Charles, La 1871-72 

Platon, Eduardo V Valencia, Spain 1903-04 

Plauche, Byron Ville Platte, La 1922-23 

Plauche, Charles Marksville, La 1907-08 

Plauche, Kearns Ville Platte, La 1925-26 

Plauche, Lee Marksville, La 1907-08 

Pleasants, Edward F New Orleans, La 1882-83 

Poche, Charles St. James, La 1891-92 

Poche, Geo -St. James, La 1891-92 

Poche, Louis New Orleans, La 1881-82 

Poche, Marcel A New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Poche, Joseph New Orleans, La. ... 1881-82 

Poe, Raymond R Mobile, Ala 1918-19 

Poetz, Geo Mobile, Ala 1877-78 

Poetz, William Mobile, Ala 1879-80 

Poggi, Francis A Mobile, Ala 1923-24 

Poincy, Arthur New Orleans, La 1860-61 

Poincy, Benjamin New Orleans, La 1860-61 

Poincy, Edgar New Orleans, La 1870-71 

Poitvent, Eads Pearlington, Miss 1891-92 

Poitvent, John Pearlington, Miss 1891-92 

Poland, John Cincinnati, 1922-23 

Pollard, J. S Mobile, Ala 1882-83 

Pollock, Arthur Selma, Ala 1893-94 

Pollock, Geo New Orleans, La 1883-84 



Pollock, Jos Selma, Ala 1883-84 

Pollet, Camille J New Orleans, La 1914-15 

Pomar, Theodore St. Augustine, Fla 1917-18 

Pomeroy, John Mobile, Ala 1864-65 

Ponce, Armando Merida Yucatan, Mex 1918-19 

Ponce, Edward Merida Yucatan, Mex 1906-07 

Ponce, Gustavo Merida Yucatan, Mex 1918-19 

Ponce, Leopoldo C Merida, Mex 1908-09 

Pond, Edward P New Orleans, La 1919-20 

Ponder, Jabez J Mobile, Ala 1924-25 

Ponder, John H Mobile, Ala 1926-27 

Ponsetty, Gabriel New Orleans, La 1851-52 

Pontones, Ferdinand Mexico City, Mex 1891-92 

Pontones, Thos Mexico City, Mex 1891-92 

Poole, Thos Mobile, Ala 1869-70 

Pope, George B Bunkie, La 1925-26 

Popham, Guy H Peterboro, Ont. Canada 1918-19 

Porras, Alfred Mexico City, Mex 1888-89 

Porter, Grouze Victoria, Miss 1852-53 

Portier, Isidore Mobile, Ala 1862-63 

Porto, Henry Havana, Cuba 1859-60 

Porto, Mario Mobile, Ala 1897-98 

Porto, Raoul Mobile, Ala 1897-98 

Portocarrero, Nester A Colorado, Span. Honduras —.1907-08 

Porvers, Rufus Mobile, Ala 1858-59 

Posey, Jefferson Woodville, Miss 1856-57 

Posey, Leonard Opelousas, La 1869-70 

Posey, Lloyd Opelousas, La 1869-70 

Posey, Stanhope Woodville, Miss 1856-57 

Posey, Theophilus Opelousas, La 1874-75 

Potter, Odell Mobile, Ala 1914-15 

Potter, Henry Memphis, Tenn 1861-62 

Potter, Y. Thos Mobile, Ala 1907-08 

Potter, Walter E Mobile, Ala 1916-17 

Poujol, Eugene New Orleans, La 1873-74 

Powell, Charles Pineapple, Ala 1860-61 

Powell, Daniel Pineapple, Ala 1860-61 

Powell, John Bells Landing, Ala 1866-67 

Powell, Michael A Memphis, Tenn 1922-23 

Power, Jos. W Jacksonville, Fla 1914-15 

Powers, Edward Mobile, Ala 1899-00 

Prados, Jos Mobile, Ala 1859-60 

Prados, Rufus New Orleans, La 1902-03 

Prather, John R Jennings, La 1918-19 

Pratt, F. Donald Miami, Fla 1919-20 

Preciat, Jose Campeche, Yucatan 1860-61 

Preciat, Manuel Campeche, Yuc, Mex 1860-61 

Preciat, Rafael Campeche Yucatan, Mex 1860-61 

Preciat, Salvador Campeche, Yucatan, Mex 1860-61 

Prejean, Geo Donaldsonville, La 1897-98 

Prejean, Paul W Donaldsonville, La 1894-95 

Prejean, Wallace Donaldsonville, La 1897-98 

Presas, Jos New Orleans, La 1848-49 

Pressler, Charles A : Galveston, Tex 1922-23 



Price, Jerome Gadsden, Ala 1907-08 

Price, Jos. W British Honduras 1883-84 

Price, Mathew B Mobile, Ala 1912-13 

Price, Thos. F Mobile, Ala 1911-12 

Prieur, Philip New Orleans, La 1889-90 

Prince, F. Dorce Fausse Pointe, La 1860-61 

Pritchard, Cleveland Mobile, Ala 1853-54 

Pritchard, Ed. F Augusta, Ga 1862-63 

Pritchard, Geo Mobile, Ala 1862-63 

Pritchard, Louis Mobile, Ala 1864-65 

Pritchard, Smith Mobile, Ala 1865-66 

Proctor, Jos New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Proctor, F. Dorce Fausse Pointe, La 1860-61 

Proctor, Richard New Orleans, La 1864-65 

Proctor, Stephen New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Prohaska, Francis Morgan City, La 1907-08 

Prostdam, Jos Natitoches, La 1865-66 

Provest, Henry J New Orleans, La 1908-09 

Provosty, Albin A New Roads, La 1910-11 

Provosty, Francis N New Roads, La 1918-19 

Provosty, Ledoux New Roads, La 1910-11 

Provosty, Nugent F New Roads, La 1919-20 

Provosty, Olivier O New Roads, La 1918-19 

Prowell, Jas. C Columbus, Miss 1883-84 

Prud'homme, Louis Opelousas, La 1853-54 

Prud'homme, Michael Opelousas, La 1853-54 

Prud'homme, Ulysses Opelousas, La 1853-54 

Pryor, Hugh A New Orleans, La 1862-63 

Puder, Walter C Savannah, Ga 1913-14 

Pugh, Francis S Plaquemine, La 1918-19 

Pugh, John H Plaquemine, La 1918-19 

Pugh, John H Plaquemine, La 1926-27 

Pugh, Woodie O r Plaquemine, La 1925-26 

Puig, Francisco Palmira, Cuba 1916-17 

Pujol, Emille Baton Rouge, La 1885-86 

Pujol, Joachim New Orleans, La 1856-57 

Pujol, Juan New Orleans, La 1856-57 

Pullum, Guyton Chattanooga, Tenn 1890-91 

Purcell, Edward T. Jr Coral Gables, Fla 1928-29 

Purdue, Chas New Orleans, La 

Purdy, John Pensacola, Fla 1886-87 

Puri, Jose Havana, Cuba 1872-73 

Puri, Manuel Havana, Cuba 1872-73 

Puron, Francisco Havana, Cuba 1872-73 

Purves, John New Orleans, La 1851-52 

Purvis, Wm Springhill, Ala 1863-64 

Putman, Reding New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Quarles, John E New Orleans, La 1919-20 

Querbes, Randolph A Shreveport, La 1910-11 

Quere, Armand New Orleans, La 1855-56 

Quesgles, Jos. Natchez, Miss 1872-73 

Quesnel, Oscar New Orleans, La 1851-52 

Quill, James J ..Mobile, Ala 1894-95 



Quill, John H Mobile, Ala 1891-92 

Quina, A. L Greenville, Ala 1862-63 

Quina, Edw. G Pensacola, Fla 1892-93 

Quinlan, John New Orleans, La 1891-92 

Quinlivan, Raphael Mobile, Ala 1895-96 

Quinn, John Mobile, Ala 1856-57 

Quinn, John H Sandersville, Ga 1901-02 

Quinn, Matthew Mobile, Ala 1859-60 

Quintero, Julian Campeche Yucatan, Mex 1900-01 

Quintero, Raphael Campeche, Yucatan, Mex 1900-01 

Rabby, Gustave Mobile, Ala 1859-60 

Rabby, Octave Portersville, Ala 1859-60 

Rabby, Taylor Pottersville, Ala 1864-65 

Raby, Thomas Houma, La 1860-61 

Raby, Thomas C Napoleonville, La 1855-56 

Raccich, Joseph F Shreveport, La 1922-23 

Radillo, Roque Havana, Cuba 1874-75 

Rafield, Wm. W Mobile, Ala 1923-24 

Rainey, Louis E Columbus, Ga 1922-23 

Rainey, Robert A Columbus, Ga 1922-23 

Rainey, William B Columbus, Ga 1918-19 

Ragle, Edward Old Fort, N. C 1902-03 

Rakel, Herman Galveston, Tex 1875-76 

Ralston, David Macon, Ga 1865-66 

Ramirez, Carlos Havana, Cuba 1877-78 

Ramirez, Jose Bluefields, Nic 1875-76 

Ramirez, Luis Havana, Cuba 1874-75 

Ramirez, Ricardo .Havana, Cuba 1874-75 

Rand, William Dalls Co. Ala 1865-66 

Randall, Bruner J New Orleans, La 1881-82 

Randall, William New Orleans, La 1891-92 

Randall, Samuel H Wisconsin 1924-25 

Rankin, William E Chickasaw, Ala 1919-20 

Ransdell, John H Alexandria, La 1902-03 

Ransford, James Savannah, Ga 1918-19 

Ranson, Terrence St. John Babtist, La 1849-50 

Ransonet, Octave Fausse Point, La 1860-61 

Rapier, Henry A New Orleans, La 1901-02 

Rapier, James G Mobile, Ala 1899-00 

Rapier, John Mobile, Ala 1892-93 

Rapier, Paul Mobile, Ala 1888-89 

Rapier, Reginald Mobile, Ala 1892-93 

Rapp, Henry V Vicksburg, Miss 1888-89 

Ratchford, Hugh Mobile, Ala 1898-99 

Ratterman, George H Nashville, Tenn 1912-13 

Raucher, Henry Pensacola, Fla 1872-73 

Rault, Clements V New Orleans, La 1914-15 

Rawitch, William Tuscaloosa, Ala * 1872-73 

Ray J. Ender West Palm Beach, Fla 1912-13 

Ray J. Marvin Macon, Ga 1909-10 

Rayford, Henry Mobile, Ala 1865-66 

Raymond, Alfred Mobile, Ala 1855-56 

Raymond, Ernest New Orleans, La 1857-58 


Raymond, Henry Mobile, Ala 1847-48 

Rea, Edward New Orleans, La 1850-51 

Rea, James New Orleans, La 1850-51 

Rea, Thomas New Orleans, La 1850-51 

Rea, William New Orleans, La 1850-51 

Real Francisco Havana, Cuba 1875-76 

Reaney, Charles New Orleans, La 1893-94 

Reardon, Lawrence V Chicago, 111 1924-25 

Reboul, Lucien New Orleans, La 1857-58 

Reding, Henry Robertsdale, Ala 1913-14 

Reding, Tony Robertsdale, Ala 1917-18 

Redmond, Frank M Macon, Ga 1918-19 

Redmond, Thomas B Kellys, Ky 1918-19 

Reece, Berry T Yazoo City, Miss 1919-20 

Reed, Curtis Fruitdale, Ala 1918-19 

Reed, Edward New Orleans, La 1917-18 

Reed, Walter T Ville Platte, La 1911-12 

Reedy, Joseph Savannah, Ga 1862-63 

Reese, Dallas Mobile, Ala 1862-63 

Reilly, Daniel W Okolona, Miss 1915-16 

Reilly, Maurice New Orleans, La 1901-02 

Regan, Claude Houston, Tex 1922-23 

Regard, Tereol Mansura, La 1896-97 

Regel, Fernando Mexico City, Mex 1880-81 

Reggio, Paul B New Orleans, La 1902-03 

Regil, Alvaro De Merida Yucatan, Mex 1907-08 

Reguera, Pedro Tabasco, Mex 1870-71 

Reichard, Gustave Porto Rico 1857-58 

Reid, Roger D Vicksburg, Miss 1906-07 

Reid, Ronald J Pittsburg, Pa 1923-24 

Reid, William Savannah, Ga 1849-50 

Reilly, Christopher Oklona, Miss 1913-14 

Reilly, Daniel W Oklona, Miss 1915-16 

Reilly, Herman J Oklona, Miss 1910-11 

Reinecke, Oscar New Orleans, La 1847-48 

Reinheimer, Charles Jackson, Miss 1862-63 

Reinschmidt, Daniel, Jr Pensacola, Fla 1923-24 

Reiss, Gustave, M Mobile, Ala 1918-19 

Reiss, Norman J Mobile, Ala 1907-08 

Reiss, Oliver New Orleans, La 1893-94 

Renaud, Adolphe Mobile, Ala 1864-65 

Renoudelet, A. Jos New Iberia, La 1896-97 

Repetto, Edmund Campeche, Mex 1885-86 

Repetto, Francisco Laguns, Mex 1855-56 

Repetto, Juan Laguna, Mex 1856-57 

Repetto, Luis Laguna, Mex 1855-56 

Repp, William Baton Rouge, La 1865-66 

Resendes, Henry Serralco, Mex 1881-82 

Reuss, George Bauou Goula, Miss 1872-73 

Rexach, Francisco Havana, Cuba 1903-04 

Reyes, Callisto Havana, Cuba 1859-60 

Reyes, William St. Augustine, Fla 1918-19 

Reyes de los Ralph E New Orleans, La 1916-17 

Reyna, Miguel Matamoras, Mex 1858-59 



Reyna, Victorio Matamoras, Mex 1858-59 

Reynaud, George J Lutcher, La 1915-16 

Reynaud, Oscar Lutcher, La 1900-01 

Reynaud, Raoul F Lutcher, La 1900-01 

Reynaud, Raymond J Lutcher, La 1914-15 

Reynaud, Sidney L Lutcher, La 1914-15 

Reynes, Charles New Orleans, La 1878-79 

Reynes, Charles New Orleans, La 1853-54 

Reynes, Edward New Orleans, La 1850-51 

Reynes, Emile New Orleans, La 1896-97 

Reynoir, Arthur Biloxi, Miss 1848-49 

Reynoir, Thomas Vicksburg, Miss 1866-67 

Rhodes, Alfred Brashear City, La 1874-75 

Rhodes, Henry Brashear City, La 1874-75 

Rhodes, Joseph Atlanta, Ga 1890-91 

Riba, Antonio Mexico City, Mex 1850-51 

Riba, Jacinto Mexico City, Mex 1850-51 

Ricau, Aristide New Orleans, La 1854-55 

Rice, Albert Augusta, Ga 1925-26 

Rice, Henry New Orleans, La 1851-52 

Rice, John A New Orleans, La 1899-00 

Rice, Joseph New Orleans, La 1851-52 

Rice, Joseph New Orleans, La. 1892-93 

Rice, Matthew S Augusta, Ga 1915-16 

Rice, Patrick H., Jr Augusta, Ga 1919-20 

Rice, Walter New Orleans, La 1899-00 

Richard, C. Leo Mobile, Ala 1906-07 

Richard, Emile St. James, La 1865-66 

Richard, Earnest . v .....New Orleans, La 1851-52 

Richard, Louis St. Martinsville, La 1852-53 

Richard, Robert St. Martinsville, La 1851-52 

Richard, Raymond A Algiers, La. 1918-19 

Richardson, H. Eugene Coden, Ala 1906-07 

Richardson, John Monroe, La 1871-72 

Richardson, Joseph New Orleans, La 1886-87 

Richardson, Joseph S Gulfport, Miss 1907-08 

Richaud, George Houma, La 1922-23 

Richter, Louis, Jr Birmingham, Ala 1926-27 

Ricou, Clarence A Shreveport, La 1910-11 

Riddick, Jeff S Mississippi 1926-27 

Rieffel, Alphonse New Orleans, La 1847-48 

Ries, William J Memphis, Tenn 1925-26 

Riffel, Francis A New Orleans, La 1906-07 

Riffel, Stephen V New Orleans, La 1907-08 

Riley, James New Orleans, La 1851-52 

Rinson, Francisco Havana, Cuba 1922-23 

Rincon, Gallardo Jose Mexico City, Mex 1882-83 

Rincon, Gallardo Manuel Mexico City, Mex 1879-80 

Rincon, Gallardo P „..Mexico City, Mex ,. 1886-87 

Rios, Bonaventures Merida Yucatan, Mex 1903-04 

Rios, Manuel J Merida Yucatan, Mex. 1916-17 

Risser, Armando Merida, Mex 1917-18 

Rivard, Adrain A Camp Walton, Fla 1927-28 

Rivas, Bonaventura Saltillo, Mex 1851-52 


Rivas, Juan Saltillo, Mex 1851-52 

Rivas, Lawrence A Jacksonville, Fla 1913-14 

Rivas, Morales Merida Yucatan, Mex 1904-05 

Rivas, Othionel Nicaragua 1919-20 

Rivero, Jose Merida Yucatan, Mex 1916-17 

Rivero, Rafael Merida Yucatan, Mex 1916-17 

Rivers, Herbert J Pensacola, Fla 1916-17 

Rives, Henry Louisville, Miss 1870-71 

Rives, John B Macon, Miss 1907-08 

Rives, Jos Louisville, Miss 1873-74 

Rives, Robert Macon, Miss 1886-87 

Riviere, Alfred New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Riviere, Elpbege Iberville, La 1859-60 

Riviere, Eugene New Orleans, La 1875-76 

Rizk, Wadeeh Jacksonville, Fla 1920-21 

Roach, Benjamin New Orleans, La 1869-70 

Roach, Fred Jackson, Tenn 1925-26 

Roach, Henry Cleveland, 1919-20 

Roach, Stewart New Orleans, La 1866-67 

Roach, Waggaman Yazoo City, Miss 1873-74 

Robelot, Albert New Orleans, La 1855-56 

Robelot, Alphonse New Orleans, La 1851-52 

Robelot, Lionel New Orleans, La 1851-52 

Robert, Onesime Jefferson Parish, La 1857-58 

Robert, Oscar New Orleans, La 1852-53 

Roberts, Benjamin Yazoo City, Miss 1870-71 

Roberts, Frank Yazoo City, Miss 1869-70 

Roberts, Leroy N Mobile, Ala 1862-63 

Roberts, William R New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Robichaux, Alfred G Thibodeaux, La 1915-16 

Robin, James New Orleans, La 1888-89 

Robin, John New Orleans, La 1889-90 

Robin, Jules Opelousas, La 1877-78 

Robinson, George New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Robinson, John E Clarksville, Tenn 1916-17 

Robinson, Robert Mobile, Ala 1875-76 

Robinson, Walter New Orleans, aL 1873-74 

Roca, Joseph New Orleans, La 1866-67 

Roca, Manuel Merida Yucatan, Mex 1907-08 

Roch, Eugene Pensacola, Fla 1892-93 

Roche, John B Jacksonville, Fla 1908-09 

Roche, Jules New Orleans, La 1852-53 

Rochotsh, Israel Springhill, Ala 1883-84 

Rode, Charles St. Mary's, La 1893-94 

Roder, Frank C New Orleans, La 1916-17 

Rodgers, Marcus Montgomery, Ala 1866-67 

Rodrigue, Edward Assumption Parish, La 1871-72 

Rodrigue, Edward Paincourtville, La 1890-91 

Rodrigue, Edward A Paincourtville, La 1928-29 

Rodrigue, George P Paincourtville, La 1915-16 

Rodrigue, Louis Assumption Parish, La 1872-73 

Rodrigue, Xavier McCall, La 1918-19 

Rodriguez, Arthur Cuba 1922-23 

Rodriguez, Andres A Tampico, Mex 1884-85 



Rodriguez, Longino Cardenas, Cuba 1858-59 

Roe, Chester E Mobile, Ala 1918-19 

Roe, Jos. E Mobile, Ala 1918-19 

Roe, Joseph K Mobile, Ala 1913-14 

Roemer, Paul C Houston, Tex 1902-03 

Rogge, Wm. N Donaldsonville, La 1898-99 

Roland, Adolphe New Orleans, La 1856-57 

Roland, Andrew New Orleans, La 1855-56 

Rolling, Jas New Orleans, La 1899-00 

Roma, Horacio Belize, Br. Honduras 1881-82 

Roma, Miguel Belize, Br. Honduras 1881-82 

Roman, Alfred St. James, La 1865-66 

Roman, Arthur St. James, La 1848-49 

Roman, Arthur Thibodeaux, La 1855-56 

Roman, Henry St. James, La 1851-52 

Roman, Paul Jefferson Pt, La 1854-55 

Romer, Francis Cotage Hill, Ala 1851-52 

Romer, Wm Mobile, Ala 1856-57 

Romer, Clerphy Cades, Ala 1905-06 

Roque, Gonzalo Havana, Cuba 1877-78 

Ros, Richard . New Orleans, La 1898-99 

Rosado, Alvaro Merida Yucatan, Mex 1906-07 

Rosasco, Adrain Pinewood, Fla 1918-19 

Rosasco, Walter F Pinewood, Fla 1918-19 

Rosenbaum, Sidney .Meridian, Miss. 1887-88 

Rosenblatt, Wm. T Shreveport, La 1922-23 

Rosette, Chas Mobile, Ala 1874-75 

Rosell, Trent Mobile, Ala 1898-99 

Rosko, F. Oliver Pascagoula, Miss 1913-14 

Roth, C. Norville New Orleans, La 1913-14 

Roth, E. Walsh New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Rougier.Emilo Brownsville, Tex 1875-76 

Rougier, Jose Brownsville, Tex 1875-76 

Rougon, Adolph Chanal, La 1900-01 

Rougon, Anthony Oscar, La 1903-04 

Rougon, Arthur Chenal, La 1900-01 

Rougon, Frederick Oscar, La 1902-03 

Rougon, John B Chenal, La 1898-99 

Rougon, Isidore Chenal, La 1900-01 

Rougon, Vilas J Chenal, La 1898-99 

Rougon, Zachary Chenal, La 1899-98 

Rounds, Kenneth R Meehan Junction, Miss 1902-03 

Rouquette, Jas New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Rourke, John New Orleans, La 1858-59 

Rourke, John B Savannah, Ga 1923-24 

Rourke, Timothy Tuscaloosa, Ala 1857-58 

Rouse, Daniel Mobile, Ala 1871-72 

Rousell, Charles St. Johns Baptist, La 1949-50 

Roussel, Ferrel J Lutcher, La .,...1924-25 

Roussel, Geo St. John Baptist, La 1849-50 

Roussell, J. Scudday Patterson, La 1910-11 

Roussell, Louis A Patterson, La 1910-11 

Rousset, Geo New Orleans, La 1876-77 

Rousset, Paul New Orleans, La 1865-66 


Routh, Clarence Ashwood, La 1858-59 

Routh, Chas Ashwood, La 1858-59 

Routh, Octave Ashwood, La 1858-59 

Rovalo, Augustine Mexico City, Mex 1850-51 

Rovalo, Guillermo Mexico City, Mex 1850-51 

Rovalo, Jose Mexico City, Mex 1851-52 

Rowell, Thos. J Mobile, Ala 1919-20 

Roy, Arthur Royville, La 1878-79 

Roy, Curtis C Marksville, La 1907-08 

Roy, Charles Royville, La 1878-79 

Roy, Mark J Marksville, La 1924-25 

Roy, Tesea R Mansura, La 1926-27 

Royer, Jos. A Mobile, Ala 1917-18 

Roycroft, W. Chas Mobile, Ala 1906-07 

Rubira, Henry Mobile, Ala 1892-93 

Ruch, John New Orleans, La 1875-76 

Ruch, Wm New Orleans, La 1890-91 

Rudd, James C Memphis, Tenn 1925-26 

Ruhlman, Geo. J New Orleans, La 1914-15 

Ruiz, Oscar Guatemala, C. A 1914-15 

Ruiz, Arthur J Guatemala, C. A 1913-14 

Ruiz, Francisco Merida Yucatan, Mex 1866-67 

Ruiz, Ignatius Merida Yucatan, Mex 1867-68 

Ruiz, Jose Honduras 1919-20 

Ruiz, Lorenzo Havana, Cuba 1873-74 

Rupert, John Mobile, Ala 1863-64 

Rushing, Edward Marion, Miss „ 1858-59 

Rushing, Horace Marion, Miss 1863-64 

Rushing, Jas Mobile, Ala 1872-73 

Russell, Geo Mobile, Ala 1859-60 

Russell, Frederick W Mobile, Ala 1884-85 

Russell, David B Haynesville, Ala 1913-14 

Russell, Jas Mobile, Ala. ..., 1851-52 

Russell, Wm. J Owensboro, Ky 1915-16 

Ryan, Daniel Westlake, La 1890-91 

Ryan, Geo New Orleans, La 1871-72 

Ryan, .George W. Jr Russelville, Ky 1925-26 

Ryan, Jas Barnwell, S. C 1874-75 

Ryan, Jas Chattanooga, Tenn 1922-23 

Ryan, Jerome L Franklin, 111 1926-27 

Ryan, John Alexandria, La 1874-75 

Ryan, John H Chicago, 111 1899-00 

Ryan, Jos. M Lockport, 111 1899-00 

Ryan, Lawrence E Chicago, 111 1899-00 

Ryan, Lawrence T Macon, Ga 1920-21 

Ryan, Matthew Atlanta, Ga 1864-65 

Ryan, Michael Atlanta, Ga 1864-65 

Ryan, Thomas New Orleans, La 1851-52 

Ryan, William J New Orleans, La 1883-84 

Saaverio, Juan I Havana, Cuba 1900-01 

Sabatier, George False River, La 1879-80 

Sabatier, George Lafourche, La 1918-19 

Sabatier Joseph Lafourche, La 1882-83 



Sada, Frederick Satilo, Mex 1851-52 

Sada, Higino Satillo, Mex 1851-52 

Saenz, Raphael Guatemala, C. A 1913-14 

Saenz, Zacharias M Guatemala, C. A 1913-14 

Saez, Santiago Havana, Cuba 1876-77 

Saillot, Prosper Bonfouca, La 1859-60 

Salassi, Henry L New Orleans, La 1922-23 

Salaun, Beauregard J New Orleans, La 1898-99 

Salaun, Milton M New Orleans, La 1910-11 

Salaun, Walter New Orleans, La 1882-83 

Salazar, John D Mexico 1880-81 

Salazar, Jose Mexico City 1866-67 

Salazar, Jose F New Orleans, La 1904-05 

Salazar, Robert New Orleans, La 1904-05 

Salinas, Ascendio Zapato, Mex 1885-86 

Salvaggio, Anthony Beaumont, Tex 1902-03 

Samano, Joseph B Hildage, Tex 1912-13 

Sambola, Antonio New Orleans, La 1851-52 

Sambola, Joachim New Orleans, La 1851-52 

Sanchez, Alberto Manzanas, Cuba 1869-70 

Sanchez, Albert F Gretna, La 1905-06 

Sanchez, Earnesto Havana, Cuba 1920-21 

Sanchez, George New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Sanchez, Joseph Havana, Cuba 1847-48 

Sanchez, Joseph Laredo, Tex 1878-79 

Sanchez, Narcise Havana, Cuba 1875-76 

Sanchez, Raphael Havana, Cuba 1847-48 

Sanchez, Richardo Manzanas, Cuba 1869-70 

Sanders, Davis Mobile, Ala 1847-48 

Sanders, L. Moye Mobile, Ala 1922-23 

Sanderson, Lemuel Demopolis, Ala 1848-49 

Sandoz, Joseph K „ Opelousas, La 1907-08 

Sandoz, Robert Opelousas, La 1899-00 

Sandoz, Sidney Opelousas, La 1899-00 

Sands, C. Dorrance Mobile, Ala 1860-61 

Sands, Lee Mobile, Ala 1870-71 

Sands, William Mobile, Ala 1882-83 

Sanford, Thornton Baton Rouge, La 1895-96 

Sam Jorge, Jose Havana, Cuba 1876-77 

San, Roman Joachim Spain 1883-84 

Santamaria, Hernan Cuba 1918-19 

Santos, Dominge Havana, Cuba 1879-80 

Sapp, James E Eufala, Ala 1919-20 

Sapp, Woodruff L Eufaula, Ala 1917-18 

Sarasua, Joseph M Havana, Cuba 1881-82 

Sarphie, Joseph E Hattiesburg, Miss 1918-19 

Sarpy, Edward New Orleans, La 1907-08 

Sarpy, George New Orleans, La 1873-74 

Sarpy, Henry New Orleans, La 1893-94 

Sarpy, Lestang P New Orleans, La 1895-96 

Sarrazin, John Scranton, Miss 1902-03 

Sarrazin, Jules A New Orleans, La 1911-12 

Sarrazin, Leonard Pascagoula, Miss 1861-62 

Saul, Peter Indianapolis, Ind 1896-97 


Saunders, John Aberdeen, Miss 1864-65 

Saurage, Francis Bayou Goula, La 1892-93 

Sauri, Ricardo Belize, British Honduras 1854-55 

Savini, Charles A. New Orleans, La 1900-01 

Savoie, Clarence Donaldsonville, La 1894-95 

Savoie, Hepburn Donaldsonville, La 1894-95 

Savoie, Joseph Pointe a la Hache, La 1880-81 

Savoy, Leo Assumption, La 1874-75 

Savoy, Sabin Assumption, La 1869-70 

Sbisa, Robert Ocean Springs, Miss 1922-23 

Scarborough, Albert Brookhaven, Miss 1866-67 

Scarrett, Harry H Pensacola, Fla 1918-19 

Schatzman, Carling Macon, Ga 1905-06 

Schekler, Edward P New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Scheussler, Paul S Baton Rouge, La 1908-09 

Schilleci, Paschal A Bessemer, Ala 1926-27 

Schimf, William Mobile, Ala 1863-64 

Schimpf, Charles R. G Mobile, Ala 1905-06 

Schimpf, Fillman Mobile, Ala 1908-09 

Schlatre, Louis Iberville, La 1870-71 

Schlatre, Louis Plaquemine, La 1875-76 

Schler, Carl L Augusta, Ga 1918-19 

Schmidt, Andrew New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Schmidt, Charles E Ocean Springs, Miss 1919-20 

Schmidt, Francis A New Orleans, La 1884-85 

Schmidt, Harry Ocean Springs, Miss 1924-25 

Schmitt, John W Birmingham, Ala 1905-06 

Schmitt, William A Yazoo City, Miss 1905-06 

Schneider, Earl E. Laurel, Miss 1926-27 

Schneider, John Pearl River, La 1899-00 

Schneider, Joseph A Guadalajara, Mex. 1899-00 

Schneider, Mat. P Pearl River, La 1905-06 

Schneider, Reginald Beaumont, Tex 1920-21 

Schneider, William M Guadalajara, Mex 1900-01 

Schneider, Claude W Pearl City, La 1907-08 

Schoen, Philip F New Orleans, La 1909-10 

Schock, Nicholas Mobile, Ala 1867-68 

Schoen, Louis New Orleans, La 1897-98 

Schopp, Charles New Orleans, La 1897-98 

Schowalter, Edward R Point Clear, Ala 1910-11 

Schreck, Francisco Matamoras, Mex 1874-75 

Schroeder, William F Mobile, Ala 1863-64 

Schulze, Augustin Mexico City 1883-84 

Schumacher, Charles Pine Bluff, Ark 1875-76 

Schumacher, Philip New Orleans, La. 1880-81 

Schumacher, William Mobile, Ala 1863-64 

Schultz, William Tampico, Mex 1885-86 

Schwaemmle, John Mobile, Ala 1882-83 

Schwartz, Joseph O New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Schwartz, Max H Mobile, Ala 1925-26 

Schweers, E. Florian Augusta, Ga 1914-15 

Schweers, Florian Augusta, Ga 1914-15 

Schweers, Noel J Augusta, Ga 1914-15 

Schweers, Owen J Augusta, Ga 1918-19 



Schwegmann, George A., Jr New Orleans, La 1916-17 

Schwegmann, Leo B New Orleans, La 1916-17 

Schweitzer, John New Orleans, La 1882-83 

Schwing, George Bayou Boeuf, La 1849-50 

Sconyers, Charles A Mobile, Ala 1918-19 

Scott, Hadley V Mobile, Ala 1922-23 

Scott, James Galveston, Tex 1881-82 

Scott, John C Charlotteville, Va 1898-99 

Scott, Raymond Galveston, Tex 1890-91 

Scott, Richard Galveston, Tex 1891-92 

Scott, Walter San Antonio, Tex 1892-93 

Scriber, Charles New Orleans, La 1898-99 

Scully, James W Atlanta, Ga 1915-16 

Scuddy, James Thibodeaux, La 1854-55 

Seal, Florian Pass Christian, Miss 1863-64 

Seal, Marshall Pass Christian, Miss 1863-64 

Seaman, Henry New Orleans, La 1855-56 

Secor, Clarence Mobile, Ala 1863-64 

Segassie, Felicien New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Segueira, David Rama, Nicaragua 1893-94 

Segueira, George Rama, Nicaragua 1893-94 

Segueira, Louis Rama, Nicaragua 1893-94 

Segueira, Peter Rama, Nicaragua 1893-94 

Segura, Walter New Iberia, La 1893-94 

Semmes, Andrew Canton, Miss 1857-58 

Semmes, John Meridian, Miss 1865-66 

Semmes, Oliver Mobile, Ala 1851-52 

Semmes, Spencer Mobile, Ala 1849-50 

Semmes, Raphael T Canton, Miss 1916-17 

Semmes, Raphael Mobile, Ala 1865-66 

Semmes, Thos Canton, Miss 1860-61 

Semmes, Wm Canton, Miss 1865-66 

Sempere, Roch Oran, Algeria 1907-08 

Semple, Darrington Montgomery, Ala 1872-73 

Semple, Henry Montgomery, Ala 1864-65 

Semple, James Montgomery, Ala 1864-65 

Semple, Larenzo Montgomery, Ala 1873-74 

Sere, Darby New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Sere, Louis New Orleans, La 1862-63 

Sere, Roul New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Seuzeneau, Miguel Matamoras, Mex 1852-53 

Sevier, Elbert Pensacola, Fla 1865-66 

Sevier, James Selma, Ala 1869-70 

Sevilla, Adriano J New Orleans, La 1902-03 

Sevilla, Antonio E New Orleans, La 1902-03 

Sexton, Joseph P Chicago, 111 1909-10 

Shaffer, T. Alexander New Orleans, La 1902-03 

Shaffer, R. Conway New Orleans, La 1903-04 

Shanahan, John E Selma, Ala 1918-19 

Sharbrough, Wayne D Laurel, Miss .,..1914-15 

Sharp, Gerald Birmingham, Ala 1912-13 

Sharp, John Corinth, Miss 1890-91 

Sharp, Stanley J New Orleans, La 1922-23 

Shaw, Hobart ....Philadelphia, Pa 1847-48 


Shaw, Oliver A Boston, Mass 1847-48 

Shaw, Stephen Boston, Mass 1852-53 

Shea, John A Allston, Mass 1920-21 

Shea, Martin Quincy, 111 1899-00 

Shea, Thomas J Quincy, 111 1899-00 

Sheehan, Aloysius A Augusta, Ga 1909-10 

Sheehan, Edw Augusta, Ga 1904-05 

Sheehan, Frank Augusta, Ga 1918-19 

Sheehan, James Pensaeola, Fla 1891-92 

Sheehan, Michael G Sharon, Ga 1881-82 

Sheehan, Timothy Tuscaloosa, Ala 1866-67 

Sheehan, William Augusta, Ga 1918-19 

Shelby, Alphonso T Jackson, Miss 1913-14 

Shelton, James Mobile, Ala 1859-60 

Shelton, John Mobile, Ala 1859-60 

Shepard, G. Darwin New Orleans, La 1905-06 

Shepard, Thomas New Orleans, La 1904-05 

Shepard, St. Mark New Orleans, La 1906-07 

Shepard, Kenner St. James, La 1875-76 

Sheppard, Henry St. Andrew's Bay, Fla 1888-89 

Sheppard, Oscar St. Andrews Bay, Fla 1896-97 

Sherburne, Brusle A Plaquemine, La 1908-09 

Sheridan, Albert E Macon, Ga 1913-14 

Sheridan, Howard R Macon, Ga 1910-11 

Sheridan, Thos F Macon, Ga 1913-14 

Sherlock, John Savannah, Ga 1862-63 

Sherlock, Micheal Mobile, Ala 1862-63 

Sherman, Geo Pascagoula, Miss 1865-66 

Sherman, John Augusta, Ga 1918-19 

Sherwood, Jos Mobile, Ala 1863-64 

Shorter, Bertrand M New Iberia, La 1911-12 

Shugrue, John Mobile, Ala 1900-01 

Shirer, Irwin New Orleans 1918-19 

Sibley, Wilfred A Central America 1924-25 

Sibley, William New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Sierra, Jose Santiago, Cuba 1900-01 

Sierra, Lorenzo Matamoras, Mex 1883-84 

Sigarroa, Juan Havana, Cuba 1877-78 

Siguere, Chas Guatemala, C. A 1907-08 

Siguere, E. Albert Guatemala, C. A 1907-08 

Sigur, Oscar St. Mary, La 1869-70 

Sills, Joseph L Mobile, Ala 1925-26 

Silva, De Jose Havana, Cuba 1882-83 

Simmet, Leon H Tampa, Fla 1911-12 

Simmons, Jewell S Napoleanville, La 1920-21 

Simma, Baily W New Orleans, La 1885-86 

Simms, Barton New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Simms, Benjamin New Orleans, La 1866-67 

Simms, Geo Egypt, Miss 1867-68 

Simms, Lamartine Pointe Coupe, La 1861-62 

Simms, Philip New Orleans, La 1871-72 

Simon, Andrew Mobile, Ala 1859-60 

Simon, Carroll E St. Martinsville, La 1911-12 

Simon, Cornelius D New Orleans, La 1918-19 



Simon, Emille New Iberia, La 1895-96 

Simon, Edward J St. Martinsville, La 1923-24 

Simon, Henry Couchatta, La 1891-92 

Simon, Niel Crowley, La 1920-21 

Simon, Sidney B Mobile, Ala 1904-05 

Simoneaud, Adrien Paincourtville, La 1858-59 

Simpson, Howard W Xew Orleans, La 1917-18 

Simpson, Michael Montgomery, Ala 1919-20 

Simpson, Robert T ew Orleans, La 1917-18 

Simpson, Walter S ...-New Orleans, La 1922-23 

Sims, Francis Assumption, Parish La 1858-59 

Sims, Nicholas Napoleanville, La 1853-54 

Sims, William Napoleanville, La 1853-54 

Sitterle, Arthur Victoria, Tex 1913-14 

Skeffington, Wm. P Savannah, Ga 1927-28 

Skelly, Jos. P New Orleans, La 1902-03 

Skinner, Jos Mobile, Ala 1850-51 

Skinner, Stanford J Skinner, Miss 1907-08 

Skinner, Zell Lucedale, Miss 1920-21 

Slade, J. Bennett Toinette, Ala 1918-19 

Slatter, Hope Mobile, Ala 1851-52 

Slatter, Shadrach Mobile, Ala 1851-52 

Slattery, Paul T Shreveport, La 1910-11 

Slattery, William B Shreveport, La 1910-11 

Smart, Gordon Bunkie, La 1925-26 

Smee, Frank E Theodore, Ala 1923-24 

Smith, Andrew C Natchez, Miss 1914-15 

Smith, Arthur C Danbury, Conn 1803-04 

Smith, C. Carroll Canton, Miss 1889-90 

Smith, Chas Jackson, Miss 1861-62 

Smith, David Jackson, Miss 1851-52 

Smith, David Franklin, La 1899-00 

Smith, Dowling Mobile, Ala 1865-66 

Smith, Francis L New Orleans, La 1907-08 

Smith, Geo. P New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Smith, Gordon, Jr Mobile, Ala 1920-21 

Smith, Hamilton Baldwin Co., Ala 1870-71 

Smith, Herbert R Franklin, La 1899-00 

Smith, J. Roy Mobile, Ala 1914-15 

Smith, James Covington, La 1852-53 

Smith, Minor S Enterprise, Miss 1863-64 

Smith, Nicholas W Mobile, Ala 1927-28 

Smith, Oliver Mobile, Ala 1869-70 

Smith, Patrick H Beevile, Tex 1918-19 

Smith, Sidney .New Orleans, La 1878-79 

Smith, Russell D Mobile, Ala 1918-19 

Smith, Walter D Mobile, Ala 1885-86 

Smith, Walter J New Orleans, La 1886-87 

Smith, William .Tuscaloosa, Ala 1863-64 

Smith, Young Asheville, N. C 1817-18 

Smokey, Charles H Plawuemine, La 1899-00 

Snyder, William L Pensacola, Fla 1903-04 

Soccaras, Juan Havana, Cuba 1878-79 

Solart, Albert New Orleans, La 1876-77 


Solar, Alexander New Orleans, La 1869-70 

Solari, Babtist New Orleans, La 1869-70 

Solari, Charles New Orleans, La 1875-76 

Solari, Jules New Orleans, La 1869-70 

Solaun, Jos. R Manzanas, Cuba 1810-11 

Solaun, Michael A Manzanas, Cuba 1910-11 

Solberg, Herbert S Mobile, Ala 1918-19 

Solis, John I Guatemala, C. A 1913-14 

Solis, Frederic Key West, Fla 1894-95 

Solis, Joseph Merida Yucatan, Mex 1882-83 

Solis, Leander Plaquemine, La 1854-55 

Solorzano, Antonio Mexico 1852-53 

Somellan, Jose Sagua La Grande, Cuba 1876-77 

Sommers, John E Clarksdale, Miss 1927-28 

Soniat, Charles T New Orleans, La 1910-11 

Soniat, Dufossat New Orleans, La 1851-52 

Soniat, Edward New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Soniat, Felix P New Orleans, La 1917-18 

Soniat, G. Leon New Orleans, La 1905-06 

Soniat, Gustave New Orleans, La 1869-70 

Soniat, Guy J New Orleans, La 1915-16 

Soniat, Homer New Orleans, La 1851-52 

Soniat, Jos New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Soniat, G. Leon New Orleans, La 1905-06 

Soniat, Lucien I New Orleans, La 1916-17 

Soniat, Melancy C. New Orleans, La 1873-74 

Sossaman, Lucius C Washington, D. C 1918-19 

Soto, Alfredo Havana, Cuba 1877-78 

Soto, Augustino Queretaro, Mex 1851-52 

Soto, Martino Queretoto, Mex 1851-52 

Souchon, Marion Dr New Orleans, La 1883-84 

Soules, Alonso, G Tampico, Mex 1916-17 

Sowell, Charles J Brewton, Ala 1905-06 

Spann, Charles Washington, Tex 1853-54 

Spear, Charles Mobile, Ala 1893-94 

Spear, Isasc Mobile, Ala 1866-67 

Spengler, Albert Vicksburg, Miss 1888-89 

Spengler, Albert T Vicksburg, Miss 1914-15 

Spengler, Cooper Biloxi, Miss 1927-28 

Spengler, Lawson "Vicksburg, Miss 1908-09 

Spengler, Murray Raymond, Miss 1920-21 

Spengler, Seraphine Raymond, Miss 1919-20 

Spencer, Roy A Mobile, Ala 1914-15 

Spinks, Tobias B Foules, La 1919-20 

Spinner, Andrew Morgan City, La 1907-08 

Spottswood, Chase W Mobile, Ala 1900-01 

Spotswood, Geo. W Pensacola, Fla 1855-56 

Spotswood, Henry I Mobile, Ala 1900-01 

Spottswood, Chas. W Mississippi 

Spottswood, Leo Fairhope, Ala 1892-93 

Springer, Charles Columbus, Ga 1877-78 

Springer, Henry M Mobile, Ala 1918-19 

Stack, Jos New Orleans, La _ 1880-81 

Stack, Jos New Orleans, La 1859-60 



Stacey, John Shreveport, La 1878-79 

Staehle, John J New Orleans, La 1906-07 

Staehle, William .-. New Orleans, La 1900-01 

Staff, Edmond Camp Walton, Fla 1927-28 

Staff, Oliver Mobile, Ala 1858-59 

Stafford, David W Alexandria, La 1901-02 

Stafford, Duncan Alexandria, La 1896-97 

Stafford, George G ...Alexandria, La 1893-94 

Stafford, John D Alexandria, La 1894-95 

Stafford, Ralph M Alexandria, La 1907-08 

Stafford, Thomas J Alexandria, La 1897-98 

Stagg, Julius Whiteville, La 1891-92 

Stagg, Richard B Bayne, La 1922-23 

Stagg, Lamar Whiteville, La 1895-96 

Stagg, Marcellus Whiteville, La 1891-92 

Stallworth, Charles Evergreen, Ala 1867-68 

Stallworth, Goods Pineville, Ala 1866-67 

Stallworth, William Camden, Ark 1875-76 

St. Amand, George New Orleans, La 1877-78 

Stanard, Charles Mobile, Ala 1855-56 

Stanard, Gustave Mobile, Ala 1878-79 

Stanard, William Mobile, Ala 1855-56 

Staples, Camden K Alexandria, La 1917-18 

Stapleton, James C Daphne, Ala 1918-19 

Starke, S. Oliver Mobile, Ala 1918-19 

Starr, Tillman H Selma, Ala 1863-64 

Staub, August Spring Hill, Ala 1893-94 

Staub, Edwin J Spring Hill, Ala 1901-02 

Stauffer, Dick Taylor New Orleans, La 1901-02 

Stauffer, William A New Orleans, La 1911-12 

Stauter, Henry Mobile, Ala 1860-61 

Steckler, Atlee P New Orleans, La 1922-23 

Stockier, Lester New Orleans, La 1922-23 

Steel, Micheal Mobile, Ala 1866-67 

Stein, Herman Mobile, Ala 1872-73 

Stein, Louis Springhill, Ala 1862-63 

Stein, Maurice Mobile, Ala 1872-73 

Steinriede, Jos Yazoo City, Miss 1908-09 

Steinriede, William B Yazoo City, Miss 1918-19 

Stephens, Alden L New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Sterkx, Charles W Alexandria, La 1926-27 

Sterling, Louis St. Mary's La 1852-53 

Stetson, James Macon, Ga 1906-07 

Stevens, Henry _ New Orleans, La 1892-93 

Stevens, S. Breeze Chicago, 111 1890-91 

Steward, Alexander Chattanooga, Tenn 1912-13 

Stewart, Alec New Orleans, La 1851-52 

Stewart, Andrew Springhill, Ala 1861-62 

Stewart, Edward Jackson, La 1865-66 

Stewart, Edward Day Magnolia, Miss „ 1925-26 

Stewart, Francis Mobile, Ala 1856-57 

Stewart, George New Orleans, La 1849-50 

Stewart, Henry E Mobile, Ala 1909-10 

Stewart, James Mobile, Ala 1863-64 



Stewart, James Jackson, La 1866-67 

Stewart, James J New Orleans, La 1847-48 

Stewart, Raymond A Galveston, Tex 1907-08 

Stewart, Samuel B New Orleans, La 1851-52 

Stewart, Seymour A New Orleans, La 1847-48 

Stewart, William Jackson, La 1865-66 

Stewart, Yerger Jackson, Miss 1865-66 

St. John, Alexander P Mobile, Ala 1849-50 

St. John, Banajah .Mobile, Ala 1849-50 

St. Julien, L. Eugene Broussard, La 1925-26 

St. Just, De. Alfred New Orleans, La 1872-73 

St. Martin, Joseph V Donaldsonville, La 1893-94 

St. Martin, Thaddeus I Houma, La 1901-02 

St. Martin, Vital J Houma, La 1922-23 

Stock, Juan Tampico, Mex 1851-52 

Stockton, Charles New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Stodder, David Mobile, Ala 1863-64 

Stokes, Joseph Marengo Co., Ala 1871-72 

Stollenwerck, Amasa D Greensboro, Ala 1899-00 

Stone, Augustus Demopolis, Ala 1864-65 

Stone, Charles New Orleans, La 1858-59 

Stone, Emile New Orleans, La 1858-59 

Storen, William Charleston, S. C 1884-85 

Storen, William J Charleston, S. C 1911-12 

Stow, James Eufaula, Ala 1863-64 

St. Paul, George New Orleans, La 1879-80 

St. Paul, Henry New Orleans, La 1920-21 

St. Paul, John Mobile, Ala 1877-78 

St. Pierre, Joseph St. John Babtiste, La 1892-93 

St. Pierre, Valery St. John Babtiste, La 1893-94 

Straub, Augustus B Rousseville, Pa 1918-19 

Strauss, Berney L Mobile, Ala 1898-99 

Strauss, Charles Mobile, Ala 1892-93 

Strauss, Edward A Mobile, Ala 1911-12 

Strauss, Victor C Shiner, Tex 1918-19 

St. Raymond, Charles New Orleans, La 1922-23 

Street, Chas. T Laurel, Miss 1914-15 

Streiffer, L. Louis New Orleans, La 1910-11 

Stroeker, Arnold W Mobile, Ala 1924-25 

Strong, Charles Pensacola, Fla 1849-50 

Strong, Chase Pensacola, Fla 1849-50 

Strong, Henry Bladon Springs, Ala 1862-63 

Strong, Leverich Pensacola, Fla 1851-52 

Strong, Pope Monroe Co., Miss 1863-64 

Stroud, George New Orleans, La 1849-50 

Strouse, Charles Mobile, Ala 1877-78 

Strouse, Herman Tampa, Fla 1893-94 

Stuardi, Alexander Mobile, Ala 1847-48 

Stuardi, James Mobile, Ala 1847-48 

Stuart, Charles Mobile, Ala 1851-52 

Stuart, Francis Mobile, Ala 1858-59 

Sturdivant, Sidney J New York, N. Y 1903-04 

Sturn, Maxmillian _ Gainsville, Ala 1883-84 

Stutzer, Frederick Yonkers, N. Y 1894-95 



Stutzer, Louis New Orleans, La 1884-85 

Suarez, Aloysius Mexico City, Mex 1891-92 

Suarez, Carlos Japala, Mex 1851-52 

Suarez, Joaquin Mexico 1919-20 

Suarez, Jos New Orleans, La 1891-92 

Suarez, Jos. M Mexico, City, Mexico 1919-20 

Suarez, Phillip Merica Yucatan, Mexico 1906-07 

Suberbvielle, Henry New Iberia, La 1896-97 

Suderman, Adolph D Gelveston, Tex 1907-08 

Suderman, Charles W Gelveston, Texas 1907-08 

Suffich, Cornelius M Mobile, Ala 1922-23 

Sullivan, Christopher J Atlanta, Ga 1911-12 

Sullivan, Edmund New Orleans, La 1922-23 

Sullivan, Francis New Orleans, La 1892-93 

Sulivan, G. Nelson Huntington, Indiana 1918-19 

Sullivan, Joseph C Mobile, Ala 1927-28 

Sullivan, M. Frederick Atlanta, Ga 1914-15 

Sullivan, Martin P Pensacola, Fla 1918-19 

Sulivan, Patrick J New Orleans, La 

Sullivan, Michael Chatawa, Miss 1889-90 

Sulivan, Russel C Pensacola, Fla 1899-00 

Sulivan, Wm Meridian, Miss 1880-81 

Sully, Geo Covington, La 1866-67 

Supple, John W Bayou Goula, La 1888-89 

Supple, J. W Bayou Goula, La 1919-20 

Supple, Joseph M Bayou Goula, La 1902-03 

Supple, Richard J Bayou Goula, La 1919-20 

Surma, Henry Mobile, Ala 1859-60 

Sutter, Benjamin Montgomery, Ala 1870-71 

Sutter, Charles Montgomery, Ala 1870-71 

Swain, Jos Enterprise, Miss 1862-63 

Sweeny, Thos Toulminville, Ala 1879-80 

Sweetzer, Chas Spring Hill, Ala 1866-67 

Swoop, Jos New Orleans, La 1872-73 

Swords, William B Vicksburg, Miss 1880-81 

Tabry, Octave New Orleans, La 1866-67 

Taft, Eugene H Meridian, Miss 1916-17 

Taft, Hunter G Meridian, Miss 1916-17 

Tagle, Manuel L Mexico 1923-24 

Tait, Charles A New Orleans, La 1901-02 

Talbert, Robert Athens, Ala 1865-66 

Tally, Martin New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Tamayo, William Mobile, Ala 1922-23 

Tapley, John T Jackson, Miss 1911-12 

Tarafa, George -Isle of Pines, Cuba 1879-80 

Tarafa, Jose M Isle of Pines, Cuba 1883-84 

Tarafa, Nilo Havana, Cuba 1877-78 

Tarleton, Francis S Jeanerette, La 1907-08 

Tarleton, James Mobile, Ala '....1851-52 

Tarleton, John St. Mary's, La 1849-50 

Tarleton, Richard New Orleans, La 1861-62 

Tarleton, Robert L Cyremort, La 1891-92 

Tassin, Florian New Orleans, La 1897-98 


Tatum, Robert S Louisville, Tenn 1922-23 

Taylor, Charles Jackson, Miss 1865-66 

Taylor, Ben F Nashville, Tenn 1922-23 

Taylor, Blanton Mobile, Ala 1865-66 

Taylor, Charles Jackson, Miss 1865-66 

Taylor, Charles Moblie, Ala 1893-94 

Taylor, Henry New Orleans, La 1894-95 

Taylor, James Liberty, Ala 1865-66 

Taylor, Joseph Mobile, Ala 1851-52 

Taylor, Paul Lake Charles, La 1919-20 

Taylor, O. E. Jr Mobile, Ala 1924-23 

Taylor, William H Jackson, Miss 1862-63 

Tedesco, Jos. E Biloxi, Miss 1924-25 

Tehan, James .Montgomery, Ala 1876-77 

Teichert, Jefferson New Orleans, La. 1872-73 

Tero, Charles H New Orleans, La 1849-50 

Terrell, John New Orleans, La 1894-95 

Terreros, Alberto Mexico City, Mex 1887-88 

Terreros, Pedro Mexico City, Mex 1888-89 

Tete, Edgar Labadieville, La 1890-91 

Tete, Amedee Thibodeaux, La 1872-73 

Tew, Charles H New Orleans, La 1900-01 

Theard, Alfred New Orleans, La 1879-80 

Theard, Charles New Orleans, La 1874-75 

Theard, George New Orleans, La 1871-72 

Theard, Paul E New Orleans, La 1906-07 

Theobald, George Biloxi, Miss 1889-90 

Theobald, George D Vicksburg, Miss 1916-17 

Theobald, Louis R 1 .Vicksburg, Miss 1916-17 

Theriault, Louis ..— Houma, La 1902-03 

Theriot, Alexander Houma, La 1860-61 

Theriot, Aurelius Houma, La 1859-60 

Theriot, Harold A Morbihan, La 1917-18 

Theriot, Howard J Iberia Parish, Morihan, La. 1917-18 

Theriot, Taylor _.... Houma, La 1860-61 

Theurer, Theodore New Orleans, La 1850-51 

Thibaut, Augusta Donaldsonville, La 1875-76 

Thibaut, Carest C ~ Donaldsonville, La 1901-02 

Thibaut, John Donaldsonville, La 1875-76 

Thibaut, Louis New Orleans, La 1853-54 

Thibaut, Numa Donaldsonville, La 1876-77 

Thibodeaux, Batey Thibodeaux, La 1859-60 

Thibodeaux, Charles C - Belle Aliance, La 1923-24 

Thibodeaux, Edmund Bayou Lafourche, La 1891-92 

Thibodeaux, John Lafourche, La 1889-90 

Thibodeaux, Leusden Thibodeaux, La 1859-60 

Thomas, Andrew New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Thomas, Hal Mobile, Ala 1919-20 

Thomas, James W Wetumpka, Ala 1851-52 

Thomas, James Mobile, Ala 1919-20 

Thompson, Alvan Mobile, Ala 1922-23 

Thompson, Benjamin B Chattanooga, Tenn 1912-13 

Thompson, Charles M Opelousas, La 1905-06 

Thompson, George New York City 1860-61 



Thompson, Harry P Neuhart, Ark 1922-23 

Thompson, James New York City 1860-61 

Thompson, John W New Orleans, La 1916-17 

Thompson, Mordecai Mobile, Ala 1847-48 

Thompson, Waller Mobile, Ala 1847-48 

Thompson, William J Springhill, Ala 1904-05 

Thomas, Louis E New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Thrasher, Thos. R Springhill, Ala 1926-27 

Thrower, Fremont Mobile, Ala 1856-57 

Thrower, Henry Mobile, Ala 1856-57 

Thrower, Whitfield Mobile, Ala 1856-57 

Tiburcio, Francisco Alvarado, Mex 1879-80 

Tierman, Stanton A Salisbury, N. C 1893-94 

Tiernay, John Springhill, Ala 1865-66 

Tighe, Frank Louisville, Ky 1896-97 

Timberlake, William Aberdeen, Miss 1865-66 

Timothy, Chris S Chattanooga, Tenn 1911-12 

Timothy, Humphrey W Nashville, Tenn 1913-14 

Tircuit, Earnest New Orleans, La 1899-00 

Tobin, Augustus D Augusta, Ga 1918-19 

Tobin, F. Lyons \ugusta, Ga 1918-1 

Tobin, John Augusta, Ga 1904-05 

Toby, Thomas Macon, Ga 1865-66 

Toca, Octave New Orleans, La 1862-63 

Todd, George New Orleans, La . 1851-52 

Toffiez, William Iberville, La 1859-60 

Toland, Timothy Tampa, Fla 1903-04 

Toledano, Edgar New Orleans, La 1874-75 

Toledano, Oswald I New Orleans, La 1854-55 

Tomeny, Thomas J New Orleans, La 1917-18 

Tomlin, James D Lucedale, Miss 1918-19 

Tolon, Joseph Havana, Cuba 1856-57 

Toole, John W Montgomery, Ala 1884-85 

Toole, Peter I Montgomery, Ala 1865-66 

Toole, William J Montgomery, Ala 1888-89 

Toomey, John Mobile, Ala 1904-05 

Toomey, Thomas E Mobile, Ala 1905-06 

Tosche, Julian .....Springhill, Ala 1849-50 

Toraya, Francisco Havana, Cuba 1874-75 

Torayo, Jose Havana, Cuba 1876-77 

Torre, Adolfo Merida Yucatan, Mex 1865-66 

Torre, de la Charles Vera Cruz, Mex 1891-92 

Torre, de la Pedro Havana, Cuba 1876-77 

Torre, de la Rafael Havana, Cuba 1876-77 

Torre, Delia Thomas Charleston, S. C 1870-71 

Totsans, Alfredo Havana, Cuba 1877-78 

Touart, Anthony Mobile, Ala 1903-04 

Touart, Clarence N Summerville, Ala 1905-06 

Touart, Francis Mobile, Ala 1882-83 

Touart, Gabriel Mobile, Ala : 1881-82 

Touart, Hinton Mobile, Ala 1901-02 

Touart, James Mobile, Ala 1881-82 

Touart, Joseph Mobile, Ala 1853-54 

Touart, Louis Mobile, Ala 1851-52 


Touart, Maximin Mobile, Ala 1897-98 

Touart, Rupert C Mobile, Ala 1910-11 

Touart, Tisdale J Mobile, Ala 1895-96 

Toujan, Sidney H Houma, La 1897-98 

Toulme, Robert Bay St. Louis, Miss 1874-75 

Toulmin, John Mobile, Ala 1853-54 

Toulmin, Theodore Mobile, Ala 1862-63 

Toups, Henry O Ariel, La 1898-99 

Toups, Lawrence I Shrevier, La 1907-08 

Toups, Reynaud Shrevier, La 1922-23 

Toups, Thomas Bayou la Fourche, La 1892-93 

Tournado, Gustave New Orleans, La 1855-56 

Towney, Albert Marengo, Ala 1858-59 

Trahan, Edward Dorcyville, La 1888-89 

Trammell, John Jellico, Tenn 1917-18 

Trammel, Luther Jelico, Tenn 1917-18 

Trastoure, Eugene New Orleans, La 1848-49 

Trava, Efrain F Merida, Yucatan 1914-15 

Treanor, W. Edward Matamoras, Mex 1850-51 

Tregent, Eloi Havana, Cuba 1856-57 

Tremmell, J. Oliver Biloxi, Miss 1918-19 

Trepagnier, Aristide St. James, La 1851-52 

Trepagnier, Francis St. James, La 1851-52 

Trevino, Joseph Brownsville, Tex 1878-79 

Tricou, Hippolyte New Orleans, La 1847-48 

Trigo, Francis Bajados, Spain 1909-10 

Triolet, Earnest Manzanas, Cuba 1906-07 

Trolio, John Canton, Miss 1906-07 

Trosclair, Alfred J La Fourche, La 1869-70 

Trosclair, Emile Lafourche, La 1907-08 

Trosclair, Gaston Thibodeaux, La 1891-92 

Trosclair, Leonce Thibodeaux, La 1890-91 

Trosclair, Leonidas La Fourche. La 1870-71 

Trosclair, Octave Thibodeaux, La 1893-94 

Trotot, Anatole New Orleans, La 1870-71 

Troy, Cornelius Mobile, Ala 1875-76 

Troy, John Yazoo City, Miss 1863-64 

Troy, Thomas Montgomery, Ala 1872-73 

Trudeau, Henry E. Jr New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Truden, Henry New Orleans, La 1878-79 

Tucker, Mosley F Mobile, Ala 1863-64 

Tully, Francis New York, N. Y 1860-61 

Tuminello, Joseph A New Orleans, La 1912-13 

Turcotte, Arnand New Orleans, La 1874-75 

Turcotte, William New Orleans, La 1873-74 

Tureaud, Samuel St. James, La 1857-68 

Turner, Charles E Vinegar Bend, Ala 1912-13 

Turregano, A. Rothery Alexandria, La 1907-08 

Turregano, Paul J Alexandria, La 1904-05 

Turpen, John E Mobile, Ala 1916-17 

Tusson, John B St. James, La 1850-51 

Tuthill, Henry Springhill, Ala 1850-51 

Tutweiler, Millard N Mobile, Ala 1912-13 

Tyne, Thomas Nashville, Tenn 1913-14 



Twellmeyer, George Yazoo City, Miss 1888-89 

Tyne, William J Nashville, Tenn 1913-14 

Ulacia, Juan New Orleans, La 1914-15 

Ulacia, John Rodrigo, Cuba 1915-16 

Unruh, Geo. Jr Mobile, Ala 1918-19 

Unsworth, John E New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Upham, Howard K Mobile, Ala 1894-95 

Ureto, Earnesto Orbiza, Mex 1900-01 

Urioste, Jose Havana, Cuba 1849-50 

Urioste, Juan Havana, Cuba 1849-50 

Urrela, Julian E Guatemala City, C. A 1916-17 

Vaccaro, John Memphis, Tenn 1908-09 

Vaccaro, Joseph L New Orleans, La 1922-23 

Valdes, Bernadino Vera Cruz, Mex 1854-55 

Valdes, Celistine Belmonte, Spain 1858-59 

Valdes, Edward F Matazanas, Cuba 1906-07 

Valdes, Emilo New Orleans, La 1854-55 

Valdes, Ignacio Havana, Cuba 1874-75 

Valdes, Jose Havana, Cuba 1872-73 

Valdes, Leopoldo F Manzanas, Cuba 1903-04 

Valdes, Ramon New Orleans, La 1854-55 

Valdez, Eduardo Manzanas, Cuba 1903-04 

Valenta, Alouis Sweet Home, Tex 1924-25 

Valentine, William New Orleans, La 1852-53 

Valentino, Conrad Macon, G a 1873-74 

Valentino, John Macon, Ga 1871-72 

Valentino, John New Orleans, La 1904-05 

Valentino, Louis New Orleans 1904-05 

Valenzuela de William J New Orleans, La 1913-14 

Vales, Phillip Merida Yucatan, Mex 1906-07 

Valle, Adolfo Vera Cruz, Mex 1854-55 

Valle del Ignatius Havana, Cuba 1913-14 

Valle Del Louis Havana, Cuba 1912-13 

Valle, Luis Vera Cruz, Mex 1854-55 

Vails, Andrew New Orleans, La 1853-54 

Vails, Andrew P Brownsville, Tex 1884-85 

Vails, Bartholomew Brownsville, Tex 1877-78 

Vails, John .New Orleans, La 1853-54 

Vails, John A Brownsville, Tex 1881-82 

Vails, Pedro Brownsville, Tex 1874-75 

Vails, William P Brownsville, Tex 1888-89 

Van Antwerp, Goronwy Mobile, Ala 1897-98 

Van Antwerp, James Mobile, Ala 1897-98 

Van Antwerp, Sidney Springhill, Ala 1927-28 

Van Antwerp, Thomas C Mobile, Ala 1921-22 

Vance, William New Orleans, La , 1869-70 

Vanderford, Josiah Hattiesburg, Miss 1912-13 

Van Echop, George Pensacola, Fla 1879-80 

Van Fossen, Charles Mobile, Ala 1858-59 

Van Heuval, James M Mobile, Ala 1907-08 

Van Heuval, John W Mobile, Ala 1908-09 


Van Hoose, Alfred Columbus, Miss 1863-64 

Van Houten, William Jr Atlanta, Ga 1923-24 

Van Liew, Jerome R Mobile, Ala 1918-19 

Van Rooten, Caesar New Orleans, La 1855-56 

Van Rotten, Henry New Orleans, La 1858-59 

Varaldi, Adrien Lafourche, La 1857-58 

Vasquez, A. Francis Corozal, B. H 1909-10 

Vasquez, Louis Nueva Leon, Mex 1890-91 

Vasquez, Gustave S Corozal, B. H 1910-11 

Vaughan, Clifford New Wakefield, Ala. 1856-57 

Vaughan, Emmet New Wakefield, Ala 1856-57 

Vaughan, James F Mobile, Ala 1911-12 

Vaughan, Sanford New Wakefield, Ala 1857-58 

Vaught, Thomas L New Orleans, La 1899-00 

Vautrot, George Mobile, Ala 1866-67 

Vautrot, Gustave Mobile, Ala 1866-67 

Veazey, Leonard Jeanerette, La 1903-04 

Vedrines, Charles St. Martin, La 1861-62 

Vega, Benj. Clark Donaldsonville, La. 1926-27 

Vega Celestino C. Jr Tampa, Fla 1919-20 

Vega de la John Havana, Cuba 1878-79 

Vega, Sidney, Jr Donaldsonville, La 1920-21 

Velasco, Francisco Vera Cruz, Mex 1850-51 

Velasco, Ramon Vera Cruz, Mex 1851-52 

Velasquez, Pedro Havana, Cuba 1876-77 

Veltin, Arthur Opelousas, La 1906-07 

Ventosa, Enrique Havana, Cuba 1865-66 

Ventosa, Juan Havana, Cuba 1858-59 

Veraldi, Adrien Lafourche, La 1857-58 

Veraldi, Felicien Lafourche, La 1857-58 

Verdeja, Octave Cardenas, Cuba 1902-03 

Verdeja, Oscar Cardenas, Cuba 1902-03 

Vergne, Dela Charles New Orleans, La 1917-18 

Verrett, Nicholas Assumption, La 1877-78 

Viala, Philogene Donaldsonville, La 1852-53 

Viala, Theogene Donaldsonville, La 1852-53 

Viamonte, J. M Mexico City, Mex 1851-52 

Vickers, Francis La Fourche, La 1856-57 

Vickers, Michael J Mobile, Ala 1877-78 

Vickers, Nicholas L Mobile, Ala 1901-02 

Vidal, Vincent J Pensacola, Fla 1871-72 

Viduari, Judalcio Monterey, Mex 1869-70 

Vidmer, George Springhill, Ala 1849-50 

Vidmer, George Napoleanville, La 1855-56 

Vidmer, John Spring Hill, Ala 1849-50 

Vienne, Alfred St. John Babtiste, La 1847-48 

Vienne, Henry New Orleans, La 1856-57 

Vienne, James St. John Babtiste, La 1848-49 

Vienne, Louis New Orleans, La 1855-56 

Viesco, Rafael Mexico Ctiy, Mex 1851-52 

Vignaud, Valsin New Orleans, La 1848-49 

Viguere, Duke J Franklin, La 1910-11 

Viguere, John P Crawford, La 1906-07 

Vila, Vincent J New Orleans, La 1905-06 



Villaderde, Albert J Havana, Cuba 1905-06 

Villamil, Amado Havana, Cuba 1895-96 

Villamil, Domingo Havana, Cuba 1895-96 

Villamil, Emilio Havana, Cuba 1895-96 

Villamil, Jose Havana, Cuba 1900-01 

Villamil, Juan Havana, Cuba 1895-96 

Villamil, Luciano Havana, Cuba 1895-96 

Villars, Adolphe New Orleans, La 1862-63 

Villars, Albert New Orleans, La 1862-63 

Villars, Henry New Orleans, La 1897-98 

Villars, Paul New Orleans, La 1866-67 

Villavaso, August St. Charles, La 1847-48 

Villavaso, Alfred St. Charles, La 1849-50 

Villavaso, Charles New Orleans, La 1920-21 

Villavaso, Emile St. Charles, La 1847-48 

Villavaso, Francis New Orleans, La 1901-02 

Villavasso, Henry Mobile, Ala 1856-57 

Villavaso, Martin Mobile. Ala 1856-57 

Villavaso, Oswald New Orleans, La 1902-03 

Villaverde, Albert J Havana, Cuba 1905-06 

Villere, Alfred New Orleans, La 1847-48 

Villere, Alcee New Orleans, La 1847-48 

Villere, Cyril New Orleans, La 1847-48 

Villere, Earnest Mobile, Ala 1856-57 

Villere, Jules New Orleans, La 1881-82 

Villere, Leopold New Orleans. La 1849-50 

Villien, Lastie M Maurice, La 1918-19 

Villien, Opta F Maurice, La 1918-19 

Villiere, Paul Bay St. Louis, Miss 1922-23 

Vincent, William New Orleans, La 1876-77 

Vincent, William New Orleans, La 1899-00 

Vines, Antonio Valencia, Spain 1903-04 

Viscaya, Antonio Maramoras, Mex 1865-66 

Viscaya, Enrique Matamoras, Mex 1865-66 

Viscaya, Francis Laredo, Tex 1881-82 

Vives, Augustin Ascension Parish, La 1869-70 

Vizard, Anthony J New Orleans, La 1902-03 

Voisin, Joseph Plaquemine, La 1892-93 

Voorhies, Alexis St. Martinsville, La 1869-70 

Voorhies, Edward F Lafayette, La 1904-05 

Voorhies, Francis J New Iberia, La 1905-06 

Voorhies, Felix St. Martinsville, La 1853-54 

Voorhies, Kirby St. Martinsville, La 1901-02 

Voorhies, Robert M New Orleans, La 1919-20 

Voorhies, Sidney C New Iberia, La 1906-07 

Vredenburgh, Sidney New Orleans, La 1874-75 

Wacker, John C Springhill, Ala 1922-23 

Wade, Augustin Tabasco, Mex 1858-59 

Wagner, Louis Mobile, Ala 1878-79 

Wagar, Humphrey R Washington, D. C '. 1910-11 

Waggaman, Geo Jefferson, La 1861-62 

Wagner, Austin Mobile, Ala 1901-02 

Wagner, Edward C Mobile, Ala 1906-07 

Wagner, Hunter F Mobile, Ala 1906-07 


Wagner, J. Henry Mobile, Ala 1901-02 

Wagner, Joseph T Mobile, Ala 1905-06 

Wagner, Toxey J Mobile, Ala 1903-04 

Waguespack, Ferducy St. James, La 1882-83 

Waguspack, Walter J. Mt. Airy, La 1910-11 

Waldo, Edward New Orleans, La 1925-26 

Walet, Charles G Loreauville, La 1916-17 

Walet, Eugene New Orleans, La 1916-17 

Walet, Jos. H Loreauville, La 1918-19 

Walet, Louis J Loreauville, La 1919-20 

Walet, Perry H Loreauville, La 1907-08 

Walet, Walter Belle Place, La 1891-92 

Walker, Chas. A Jacksonville, Fla 1918-19 

Walker, Charles A Tampa, Fla 1913-14 

Walker, John Pine Bluff, Ark 1869-70 

Walker, Jos Pine Bluff, Ark 1817-18 

Walker, Percy B Lake Charles, La 1906-07 

Walker, Merriot Selma, Ala 1905-06 

Walker, Robert Pine Bluff, Ark 1876-77 

Walton, Stephen F. Key West, Fla 1918-19 

Wall, Charles Selma, Ala 1901-02 

Wall, Joseph Greenville, Miss 1904-05 

Wallace, Josephy New Orleans, La 1894-95 

Wallace, Richard McComb City, Miss 1901-02 

Walle, Louis New Orleans, La 1891-92 

Wallis, Henry Vermillionville, La 1853-54 

Walmsley, Carrol B New Orleans, La 1910-11 

Walmsley, Thomas S —New Orleans, La 1904-05 

Walmsely, William K New Orleans, La 1910-11 

Walsdorf, A. Stewart New Orleans, La. 1918-19 

Walsh, Charles Newburg, N. Y 1849-50 

Walsh, Charles J. Jr Memphis, Tenn 1920-21 

Walsh, Fenwick B Mobile, Ala 1917-18 

Walsh, George B Humbolt, Tenn 1922-23 

Walsh, James P New Orleans, La 1909-10 

Walsh, Jas. J Selma, Ala 1885-86 

Walsh, John P Mobile, Ala 1904-05 

Walsh, Joseph J Selma, Ala 1889-90 

Walsh, Jos. M Mobile, Ala 1927-28 

Walsh, Joseph M Mobile, Ala 1897-98 

Walsh, Jos. M Mobile, Ala 1898-99 

Walsh, Joseph R Memphis, Tenn 1918-19 

Walsh, Michael P August, Ga 1881-82 

Walsh, Richard Mobile, Ala 1891-92 

Walsh, Richard B Mobile, Ala 1914-15 

Walsh, R. Lucien Mobile, Ala 1902-03 

Walsh, Walter Mobile, Ala 1878-79 

Walsh, William Mobile, Ala 1901-02 

Walsley, Hughes New Orleans, La 1917-18 

Walter, Chas. G Loreauville, La 1916-17 

Walton, Stephen F Key West, Fla 1918-19 

Wambgans, Charles D Biloxi, Miss 1928-29 

Ward, Francis Mobile, Ala 1853-54 

Ward, Martin A Meridian, Miss 1928-29 


Waring, Alexander Mobile, Ala. (dead) 1847-48 

Waring, Frederick St. Louis, Mo 1863-64 

Warner, James New Orleans, La 1857-58 

Warren, Ira Brookhaven, Miss 1864-65 

Warren, Joplin J Montgomery, Ala 1910-11 

Warren, Rudolph Key West, Fla 1898-99 

Washington, Fred S Talladega, Ala 1849-50 

Wasson, Bruner E New Orleans, La 1909-10 

Waterman, Alfred L New Orleans, La 1887-88 

Waters, David Mobile, Ala 1851-52 

Watters, William Demopolis, Ala 1849-50 

Watters, Michael A Dublin, Ireland 1910-11 

Watts, Bernard M Houston, Tex 1919-20 

Watson, Julius Aberdeen, Ala 1866-67 

Watson, Joseph Mexico City, Mex 1891-92 

Weatherby, Clifton Springhill, Ala 1920-21 

Weatherby, John W Tenas Parish, La 1892-93 

Weatherby, Wallace Gulfport, Miss 1907-08 

Weatherby, Jos Springhill, Ala 1920-21 

Webb, Chaucy Brownsville, Tex 1854-55 

Webb, John C Demopolis, Ala 1923-24 

Weber, Peter Pass Christian, Miss 1919-20 

Webre, Edmund Thibodeaux, La 1909-10 

Webre, Henry Assumption, La 1869-70 

Weston, Henry M Bayou la Batre, Ala 1918-19 

Webre, E. Elmo Thibodeaux, La 1908-09 

Weeks, Alfred St. Mary's La 1865-66 

Weeks, David St. Mary's, La 1865-66 

Weems, Douglas, A Alexander, La 1903-04 

Weil, Isidore Battles, Ala 1895-96 

Weiss, Walter H Jackson, Tenn 1907-08 

Welder, Claud R Beeville, Tex 1915-16 

Welder, Edward Beeville, La 1920-21 

Welder, Frank A Victoria, Tex 1914-15 

Wells, Edmund W New Orleans, La 1918-19 

Welsh, Lawrence Lake Charles, La 1923-24 

Welsh, Bernard New Orleans, La 1899-00 

West, John H Placede, Tex 1912-13 

West, Oswin J Refugio, Tex 1888-89 

Whalton, William Key West, Fla 1847-48 

Wharton, Franklin New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Wharton, Lewis D New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Wheat, Anthony Pensacola, Fla 1920-21 

Whelan, James E New Orleans, La 1913-14 

Whelan, Charles Birmingham, Ala 1890-91 

Whelan, Charles Greensboro, Ala 1855-56 

Whelan, Andrew New Orleans, La 1920-21 

Whipple, Geo. A Chicago, 111 1901-02 

Whipple, Griswold Chicago, 111 1901-02 

Whipple, Webster J Brooklyn, N. Y *. 1901-02 

White, Albert, S. J Wood Park, La 1882-83 

White, Clinton L Bay Minette, Ala 1918-19 

White, James New Orleans, La 1852-53 

White, J. Maunsel Chattanooga, Tenn 1913-14 


White, John M Chattanooga, Tenn 1919-20 

White, Lincoln Chattanooga, Tenn 1924-25 

White, Mark Pensacola, Fla 1901-02 

White, Richard J Chattanooga, Tenn 1913-14 

White, Richard M Rossville, Ga 1919-20 

Whithers, Robert San Antonio, Tex „ 1884-85 

Whithers, William San Antonio, Tex 1884-85 

Whittington, Henry M Opelousas, La 1918-19 

Wicks, John Seguin, Tex 1866-67 

Wicks, Tandy Seguin, Tex 1866-67 

Wiezorefl, Thomas Fort Morgan, Ala 1920-21 

Wier, Peter Sherman, Ala 1877-78 

Wilcox, Elmer S Flatwood, Ala 1925-26 

Wilcox, Geo. H St. Francisville, La 1926-27 

Wilkie, Sylvester M Chicago, 111 1914-15 

Wilkins, Harry T Mobile, Ala 1924-25 

Wilkins, Charles E Baldwin Co., Ala 1862-63 

Wilkins, Calvin Mobile, Ala 1862-63 

Wilkinson, Charles Savannah, Ga 1918-19 

Wilkinson. George Yazoo City, Miss 1862-63 

Wilkinson, Zolliecoffer Greenville, Ala 1902-03 

Will, John B Lafayette, Ala 1849-50 

Will, William Lafayette, Ala 1850-51 

Willard, Charles Livingston, Guatemala 1912-13 

Willard, Richard Livingston, Guatemala 1912-13 

William, Elisee St. John Baptiste, La 1874-75 

Williams, Benton Crawford, Miss 1889-90 

Williams, Earl M Jacksonville, Fla. 1914-15 

Williams, Geo. A New Orleans, La 1914-15 

Williams, John Mobile, Ala 1859-60 

Williams, Richard D New Orleans, La 1874-75 

Williams, Thaddeus C - Mobile, Ala 1922-23 

Williams, Venancio New Orleans, La 1851-52 

Williams, Stanley C Mobile, Ala 1913-14 

Williamson, Claude E Atlanta, Ga 1909-10 

Williamson, George New Orleans, La 1870-71 

Williamson, James New Orleans, La 1859-60 

Williamson, Leo E West Palm Beach, Fla 1910-11 

Williamson, Paul A West Palm Beach, Fla 1912-13 

Williamson, Samuel Mobile, Ala 1864-65 

Williard, James Guatemala, C. A 1913-14 

Willoz, Aime New Orleans, La 1849-50 

Willoz, Alcide New Orleans, La 1850-51 

Willoz, August New Orleans, La 1850-51 

Willoz, Charles New Orleans, La 1850-51 

Willoz, C. Leon New Orleans, La 1851-52 

Wilson, Albert Mobile, Ala 1859-60 

Wilson, Burke Texas 1919-20 

Wilson, Charles Mobile, Ala 1857-58 

Wilson, Henry J Mobile, Ala 1912-13 

Wilson, James Pensacola, Fla 1849-50 

Wilson, James A Mobile, Ala 1908-09 

Wilson, John Pensacola, Fla 1847-48 

Wilson, LeRoy G Alexandria, La 1926-27 


Wilson, Madison Mobile, Ala 1864-65 

Wilson, Russel Milan, O 1895-96 

Wilson, William Pensacola, Fla 1847-48 

Wiltz, Alcime New Orleans, La 1847-48 

Wiltz, Gaston J New Orleans, La 1887-88 

Wiltz, Thomas New Orleans, La 1884-85 

Wink, John New Orleans, La 1924-25 

Wink, Jos. C Biloxi, Miss 1928-29 

Winling, Frank W - New Orleans, La 1916-17 

Winling, Harold J New Orleans, La 1916-17 

Winn, Charles Marengo Co., Ala 1865-66 

Winn, Geo. B New Orleans, La 1916-17 

Winters, John A Springhill, Ala 1923-24 

Wintersmith, James Louisville, Ky 1864-65 

Wintersmith, John Louisville, Ky 1864-65 

Wintzell, Oliver Theidire, Ala 1923-24 

Witherell, Carl Chicago, 111 1902-03 

Witherell, Robert Chicago, 111 1902-03 

Wofford, Wm St. Mary's La 1858-59 

Wofford, Jos St. Mary's, La 1858-59 

Wogan, John i New Orleans, La 1874-75 

Wogan, John Al New Orleans, La 1906-07 

Wogan, Victor, Jr New Orleans, La 1923-24 

Wohmer, Clarence Canton, Miss 1908-09 

Wohmer, Michael M Canton, Miss „ 1908-09 

Wolfart, Ger New Orleans, La 1865-66 

Wolkart, Louis New Orleans, La 1866-67 

Womark, John .....St. Helena, La 1865-66 

Wood, Arthur A Mobile, Ala 1922-23 

Wood, J. Bernard Texas 1922-23 

Wood, Francis P Victoria, Tex 1912-13 

Wood, James B New Orleans, La 1920-21 

Wood, Julian Trist New Orleans, La 1880-81 

Woodlief, Wm New Orleans, La 1861-62 

Woody, Nelson S New Orleans, La 1902-03 

Woolf, Wm Dayton, Ala 1865-66 

Woulfe, Maurice New Orleans, La 1909-10 

Wratten, Geo. C Montgomery, Ala 1922-23 

Wright, Roland Crowley, La 1918-19 

Wullf, Henry Mobile, Ala 1853-54 

Wonderlich, Ed. K New Orleans, La 1911-12 

Wurslow, Edwin C Houma, La 1923-24 

Xenes, Francis Havana, Cuba 1860-61 

Xiques, Ramon Havana, Cuba 1855-56 

Yancey, Benjamin Montgomery, Ala 1851-52 

Yarbrough, Harry L Columbus, Ga 1917-18 

Ybarra, Felipe Tampico, Mex .-...1852-53 

Yeend, Thomas A Mobile, Ala 1922-23 

Yerger, James Lake Village, Ark 1920-21 

Yniestra, James Mobile, Ala 1873-74 

Yoste, Loyola X Vicksburg, Miss 1919-20 


Youd, Arthur R. J Warrington, Fla 1919-20 

Young, Blenk Covington, La 1922-23 

Young, Francis L Greensboro, N. C 1922-23 

Young, Rex Corpus Christi, Tex 1926-27 

Youree, Charles S Shreveport, La 1911-12 

Yturralde, Juan Havana, Cuba 1872-73 

Yuille, John C. B New Orleans, La 1897-98 

Zabalza, Carlos Guatemala, C. A 1919-20 

Zabalza, Jose Guatemala, C. A 1919-20 

Zapata, Manuel Tabasco, Mex 1869-70 

Zapf, Jos West Palm Beach, Fla 1904-05 

Zeagler, Paul C Andalusia, Ala 1919-20 

Zerangue, Eric B Melville, La 1905-06 

Zeringue, Edmund New Orleans, La 1854-55 

Zeringue, Fortune Jefferson, La 1847-48 

Zeringue, Michel Jefferson, La 1848-49 

Ziegler, Alfred New Orleans, La 1909-10 

Ziegler, Charles New Orleans, La 1876-77 

Ziegler, Frank New Orleans, La 1876-77 

Ziegler, Ferdinand New Orleans, La 1877-78 

Ziegler, Gordon New Orleans, La 1912-13 

Ziegler, Harold F New Orleans, La 1916-17 

Zieman, Alphonse Mobile, Ala 1903-04 

Zieman, Francis Mobile, Ala 1895-96 

Zieman, Leo Mobile, Ala 1893-94 

Zieman, Leo A Mobile, Ala 1918-19 

Zieman, Stephen A Mobile, Ala 1913-14 

Zimmer, Edmond Spring Hill, Ala 1901-02 

Zoelly, Jacob New Orleans, La 1869-70 

Zuluaga, Joaquin Campeche, Yuc 1854-55 

Zuntz, William New York, N. Y „ 1847-48 





We are unable to give a complete list of students who 
attended Spring Hill College during the first year of its 
existence, as the records have been lost; the following are 
the names of the students who were awarded prizes at 
the first annual commencement which took place De- 
cember 21, 1831: 

J. Barkley, Pensacola 
M. Bellido, Mexico 
A. Beyelle, Philadelphia 
A. Beyle, Philadelphia 

D. Brickell, New Orleans 
A. Brusle, New Orleans 
F. Butaud, Philadelphia 
C. Chaudron, Mobile 

P. Chaudron, Mobile 
A. Collins, Pensacola 
F. Connolly, New Orleans 
M. Cruzat, Pensacola 
M. DaCosta, Pensacola 
P. DeLaRua, Pensacola 
W. DePeyster,New Orleans 

E. Everett, Mobile 

H. Garridel, New Orleans 
P. Garrow, Mobile 
L. Gates, New York 

A. Judson, Mobile 
J. Krebs, Mobile 

E. Lacoste, New Orleans 
A- Lanaux, New Orleans 
G. Lanaux, New Orleans 
T. Lanaux, New Orleans 
H. LeBoeuf, Lafourche 
Z. Leroy, Philadelphia 

B. Lipscomb, Mobile 
J. Lipscomb, Mobile 
D. Lumpkin, Mobile 
N. Lyon, Mobile 

A. Meslier, Mobile 

B. Mitchell, Cahawba 
M. Mitchell, Cahawba 
L. Moore, Claiborne 
M. Peire, New Orleans 
W. Pope, Mobile 

A- Tankersly, Mobile 



Abbett, Wm C Knoxville, Tenn 1926-27 

Allen, John M Palm Beach, Fla 1928-29 

Andrew, Sterling L. St. Augustine, Fla 1926-27 

Arends, Jos. N. Jr Maiden, Mo 1923-24 

Austin, Francis X McComb, Miss 1927-28 

Auby, O'Donnell Mobile, Ala 1924-25 

Barras, Lawrence Grand Coteau, La 1923-24 

Barry ,Patier Jr Plaquemine, La 1927-28 

Bary, James C Beaumont, Tex 1925-26 

Bingham, Peter Mobile, Ala 1929-29 

Bishop, Roy A Mobile, Ala 1928- 

Black, Temple H New Orleans, La 1927-28 

Boasberg, Louis M New Orleans, La 1926-27 

Boehler, Wm Orlando, Fla 1927-28 

Boesch, Felix E New Orleans, La 1928- 

Boutries, Eugene Wm Mobile, Ala 1925-26 

Boylan, Gerald Springhill, Ala 1924-25 

Braniff, Geo. T Mexico City, Mex 1924-25 

Braswell, Bruce Springhill, Ala 1927-28 

Braswell, Maxwell H Springhill, Ala 1923-24 

Bridges, Bernard W Miami, Fla 1925-26 

Broussard, Frederick D Baton Rouge, La 1926-27 

Brown, Jos. A Montgomery, Ala 1925-26 

Brown, Richard Jacksonville, Fla 1927-28 

Burke, Thos Houston, Tex 1927-28 

Burns, Geo.B Mobile, Ala 1928-29 

Burth, Jos Springhill, Ala 1924-25 

Campos, Humberto Merida, Yucatan 1927-28 

Cane, Wm. F Mobile, Ala 1927-28 

Carmorache, Wm. J Crowley, La 1925-26 

Carpie, Roberto Guatemala, C. A 1927-28 

Castell, James B New Orleans, La 1928-29 

Chambliss, James L Mobile, Ala 1928-29 

Clark, Albert A New Orleans, La 1927-28 

Clements, Charles R Nashville, Tenn 1924-25 

Clements, Robert M Nashville, Tenn 1925-26 

Coleman, James W Knoxville, Tenn 1926-27 

Collins, James M Summit, Miss 1926-27 

Comati, Nicholas C Tampa, Fla 1926-27 

Contreras, Casper Jr Havana, Cuba 1926-27 

Danna Francis A Baton Rouge, La 1926-27 

Dawson, Ralph P. Jr Coral Gables, Fla 1928-29 

Dempsey, James Mobile, Ala 1924-25 

De Neefer, Robert E Mobile, Ala 1923-24 

Derbes, Arthur J New Orleans, La 1927-28 

Dillon, Jos. F Savannah, Ga 1928-29 

Douville, Howard E Mobile, Ala 1925-26 


Doyle, Lawrence Houston, Tex 1926-27 

Durrance, Jos. F Miami, Fla 1926-27 

Eells, Byron W. Jr Port St. Joe., Fla 1928-29 

Enriquez, Fernando Havana, Cuba 1927-28 

Espat, Abdala British Honduras 1928-29 

Fernandez, Alvaro Grand Coteau, La 1925-26 

Fobes, Frank J Spring Hill, Ala 1924-25 

Fobes, Robert Spring Hill, Ala 1924-25 

Fourcade, Lucien New Orleans, La 1924-25 

Friedhoff, Anton F Mobile, Ala 1925-26 

Gibbens, James H Angola, La 1927-28 

Gibbens, Louis Angola, La. 1927-28 

Gibbens, N Angola, La 1926-27 

Glennon, John F Mobile, Ala 1926-27 

Goss, Edward F ...Grand Coteau, La 1926-27 

Grace, Michael R Knoxville, Tenn 1923-24 

Gray, John R Natchitoches, La 1928-29 

Grefer, Frederick C . New Orleans, La 1927-28 

Greenwood, James A Mobile, Ala 1924-25 

Hannie, F Mobile, Ala 1927-28 

Hamkins, Luther C Mobile, Ala 1927-28 

Henshaw, Harold Lake Charles, La 1928-29 

Hinchey, Geo Mobile, Ala 1926-27 

Hudoff, Leo H Mobile, Ala 1925-26 

De La Huerta, Rafael O Mexico City, Mex 1925-26 

Hughes, David H New Orleans, La 1926-27 

Ipina, Octavio C St. Luis Potosi, Mex 1926-27 

Jackson, James M Sour Lake, Tex 1928- 

Johnson, Fred B Pensacola, Fla 1927-28 

Jordy, Jules J New Orleans, La 1926-27 

Kearns, Aubrey B Mobile, Ala 1926-27 

Kelly, Herbert J Savannah, Ga 1928-29 

Kelly, Richard Pensacol^, Fla 1928-29 

Kelly, Matthew Jacksonville, Fla 1927-23 

Kenny, Bert F Nashville, Tenn 1925-26 

Kling, Frank Mobile, Ala 1924-25 

Lamey, John Al Mobile, Ala 1925-26 

Lancaster, Ralph Mandeville, La 1926-27 

Landry, Cyril J Lake Charles, La '. 1926-27 

Larach, George Honduras, C. A 1926-27 

Larach, Peter Honduras, C. A 1926-27 

Lange, J. W Grand Coteau, La 1923-24 

Laubenthal, Gerald Mobile, Ala 1926-27 


Lecompte, R. A New Orleans, La 1927-28 

Licata, Jos. A New York, N. Y 1925-26 

Long, James Knoxville, Tenn 1925-26 

Mackin, Terence, Jr Birmingham, Ala 1926-27 

Mares, Jos. E New Orleans, La 1923-24 

Marx, Jack Jacksonville, Fla 1925-26 

Maury, Lewis H Springhill, Ala 1923-24 

Montx, Geo. D Montgomery, Ala 1925-26 

Moorman, James W Mobile, Ala 1926-27 

Murillok, Andres New Orleans, La 1927-28 

Muscat, Vincent P Mobile, Ala 1925-26 

McCorvey, Donald L Macon, La 1927-28 

McCort, John Chicago, 111 1923-24 

McDonnell, James O Mobile, Ala 1924-25 

McDonnell, Walsh Mobile, Ala 1924-25 

McPhillips, Henry A Mobile, Ala 1924-25 

McPhillips, Jos. A Mobile, Ala 1924-25 

Nacol, Thomas Eunice, La 1926-27 

Nalty, Wm. H. Jr HamomJ 1 , La 1927-28 

Neal, John E Tampa, Fla 1927-28 

Nickelson, Rube Pensacola, Fla 1927-28 

O'Connor, Geo New York, N. Y 1927-28 

Olivares, Claudio Havana, Cuba 1927-28 

O'Neal, Edward Mobile, Ala 1926-27 

Pennell, Roderio Irvington, Ala 1927-28 

Peraza, Ruben Biloxi, Miss 1927-28 

Percy, James S Thibodeaux, La 1925-26 

Ponder, Ellis C Mobile, Ala 1927-28 

Prendergast, Hamilton Baltimore, Md 1927-28 

Purcell, Edward J Coral Gables, Fla 1926-27 

Quinlivan, James R. Jr Mobile, Ala 1923-24 

Reynalds, Richard H Weston, W. Va 1926-27 

Rivoire, Geo. V Breaux Bridge, La 1927-28 

Robinson, Robert Mobile, Ala 1926-27 

Rodriquez, Jose Monterey, Mex 1926-27 

Rogero, Elmo J. Jr Glrand Coteau, La 1925-26 

Rousseau, Jean F Pass Christian, Miss 1926-27 

Ruhlman, Bert J New Orleans, La 1925-26 

Ryan, Felix E Miami, Fla 1926-27 

Sanchez, Pedro Antonio 3anta Clara, Cuba 1927-28 

Schwing, John E Grand Coteau, La 1926-27 

Shannon, Charles V Mobile, Ala 1926-27 

Schmidt, Coyle T Missisippi City, Miss 1926-27 

Schmidt, Louis Missisippi City, Mis 1926-27 



Scott, Jos M Lexington, Ky 1925-26 

Settoon, Wm. B New Orleans, La 1928-29 

Sliman, Camille New Orleans, La 1926-27 

Sliman, Kahl New Orleans, La 1926-27 

Smith Jos. E Natchez, Miss 1924-25 

Stanley, Junius Mobile, Ala 1924-25 

Stuardi, Jas. E Mobile, Ala 1924-25 

Thorton, Woody, Jr Mobile, Ala 1924-25 

Tomer, Ben Mobile, Ala 1925-26 

Turpen, Fred W Mobile, Ala 1923-24 

Villarreal, Isaure Monte Rey, Mex 1927-28 

Vicellio, Chas. T Lake Charles, La 1924-25 

Voorhies, Birney F New Orleans, La 1927-28 

Wagner, Louis Springhill, Ala 1927-28 

Wall, Patout Zachary, La 1927-28 

Welch, Fulton J Hattisburg, Miss 1927-28 

Wheadonk, Thos. C Alexandria, La 1925-26 

Wilkins, John O Mobile, Ala 1924-25 

Wilkins, William A New Orleans, La 1926-27 

Wilkinson, Callie J Tampa, Fla 1925-26 

Wilson, Jack Mobile, Ala 1927-28 

Wood, Delaney Mobile, Ala 1924-25 

Zieman, T. Troy Mobile, Ala 1926-27 


COLLEGE FROM 1847 TO 1930. 


Alabama 1,458 

Arkansas 14 

California 3 

Colorado 2 

Connecticut 4 

District of Columbia 6 

Florida 238 

Georgia 244 

Illinois 35 

Indiana 4 

Kentucky 28 

Louisiana 2,500 

Maryland 4 

Massachusetts 8 

Michigan 3 

Minnesota 1 

Mississippi 396 

Missouri 20 

New Jersey 3 

New York 30 

North Carolina 7 

Ohio 8 

Pennsylvania 13 

Rhode Island 2 

South Carolina 18 




Washington ... 
West Virginia 






Algeria 1 

British Honduras 15 


Central America 

Costa Rica 
















Mexico 279 



Philippine Islands 

Porto Rico 

San Salvador 








Spanish Honduras 17 

Total 410 

vt hfl 



Total Number of Students from the 

United States 5,367 

Total Number of Students from Foreign 

Countries 410 

Total Attendance 5,777